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10 free VPN extensions for chrome

In addition, with this VPN, the software is multiplateform. To have a high -speed quality connection, VPN Proxy Veepn has developed a network of four thousand units which are spread over more than fifty sites.

Download a VPN proxy extension for Google Chrome

A vpx vpx extension for browser that protects your connection whatever happens.

  • Use it on any device on which you can use Google Chrome
  • Make your IP by connecting to servers in different countries
  • Go around the Internet restrictions
  • Navigate cookie pop-ups without cookie pop-up blocker

No hesitation with the guarantee satisfied or reimbursed 30 days

A VPN is an investment, but it is without risk thanks to our generous reimbursement policy. Just subscribe to the package of your choice. If your first month does not convince you that Surfshark VPN is the best VPN for Chrome, you can request a refund during these 30 days.

How to configure VPN on Google Chrome ?

1. Download the Chrome VPN

2. Add the VPN for Google Chrome

Access Chrome Web Store and click “Add to Chrome”.

3. Connect you to the Chrome VPN server

Identify yourself and connect to a server.

Secure your Chrome browser and access an open internet

The Surfshark VPN Surfn Extension for Chrome is more than simply increasing your online confidentiality. It also gives you access to the world online. It doesn’t matter if blockages are imposed by the government, the Internet access provider (ISP), your school or your workplace. You can bypass these blockages with a VPN proxy extension for the Chrome browser.

Hide your IP address

Hide your IP address

Sites can save what you do online by following your IP address (Internet Protocol). This address also allows you to identify you. Install a Chrome VPN extension to replace your real IP address with the IP of a VPN server.

Do not worry about journalization

Do not worry about journalization

A paid and quality VPN like Surfhark works in a strict non-journalization policy. He also has servers that would be empty if someone was trying to grab them. In addition, unlike free VPNs, a paying VPN allows you to enjoy an unlimited bandwidth for all your devices.

Get around local firewalls

Get around local firewalls

When a school, a student residence, a workplace or another similar internet connection provider blocks your access, they use fairly simple methods. Using a VPN proxy extension for Google Chrome can help you get around them, and many others.

Consult censored websites

Consult censored websites

Some countries prevent search engines from accessing websites like Facebook and Instagram. However, even via a VPN for Chrome, a reliable VPN connection can bypass these restrictions and allow censored sites to access.

Surfshark advises against the use of a VPN in a manner likely to break the conditions of use of other service providers.

Take advantage of the best of technology with a VPN proxy extension for Google Chrome

Say goodbye to cookies

Say goodbye to cookies

Thanks to our cookie blocker, you will never have to accept cookies again. Forget consent requests or banners masking content and access your favorite sites without interruption.

Be alerted to sites of sites

Be alerted to sites of sites

Activate warnings relating to the security of a site and be informed of any incident and infringement of the pages you consult. Nothing is hidden from you because the safety warning window indicates the exact date and the information that the pirates exposed during the offense.

Try to spot any drop in speed

Try to spot any drop in speed

The distance to the server influences your speed. With the more than 3,200 surfhark servers (some with 10 gbit/s ports) in more than 3,200 countries, you will always find a nearby server. You can also choose to automatically connect to the fastest server.

Free Surfhark VP VPN

There is no free VPN. Every VPN is a service that needs money to work. Free VPNs generally obtain it by other means, as by bombing annoying advertisements or by selling your data. Here is why you should choose a high -end VPN rather than a free:

No newspaper

High-end VPNs have strict non-journalization policies and are less likely to hide anything on this subject since they do not need to sell user data for their funding.

Modern Protocols

Research and development have a cost. High -end VPN developers offer a subscription model that provides a regular flow of funds for such projects.

Unlimited data

Free VPNs often limit your speed or data to encourage you to buy the Premium version. Since you already pay for a high -end VPN, they do not impose such limits.

Favor security

The maintenance of a secure and modern VPN network requires a lot of money, which high -end VPNs have thanks to their subscription model.

Thousands of servers

This is not only a question of the number of servers, there is also talk of the number of different countries in which the servers are located. High -end VPNs and Surfshark have more servers on more locations.

Good speeds

The constant flow of money from subscriptions improves the server infrastructure as well as having more servers to reduce congestion.

10 free VPN extensions for chrome

VPN extensions are recognized to secure and guarantee better confidentiality of research carried out online. We have selected some of the best VPN extensions for Google Chrome.


Expressvpn Chrome

ExpressVPN offers a set of features aimed at strengthening online security and confidentiality. In 2023, it allows you to secure your internet connection, encrypt your personal data and hide your location, while being able to be controlled directly from your Google Chrome browser thanks to a single click.

Among the specific features are the webrtc blocking that protects your privacy by preventing websites from knowing your real IP address and location. In addition, ExpressVPN masks your location by modifying chrome geolocation data so that it corresponds to the IP address of the VPN location to which you are connected.

Customer support is very caring and listening to users. In addition, the management is multilingual. With Express VPN, you enjoy unique access to Lightway. You benefit from the safety of reliability and speed when you browse the internet.


Cyberghostvpn Chrome

The Cyberghost VPN Chrome extension allows you to navigate the Internet safely and confidentially thanks to its military encryption which makes it impossible to read your traffic, even by your ISP or your government. It masks your IP address by replacing it with that of a server located in another country, allowing you to bypass censorship and preserve your anonymity.

Cyberghost also offers servers optimized for streaming in order to avoid interruptions when watching videos, as well as servers dedicated to P2P for secure download of files. The Kill Switch functionality automatically cuts your connection in the event of VPN failure in order to protect yourself against data leaks. The extension is easy to use and offers essential tools to browse the web confidentially.


Surfhark Chrome

Surfshark is a light VPN proxy extension that allows you to enjoy unlimited internet confidentiality. Thanks to this extension you can:

  • Unlock the sites of your choice,
  • Hide your IP address,
  • usurp your location,
  • Select the sites on which you want to access the VPN,
  • Stop trackers and malware.

Surfshark, more than 3,200 secure debit servers in nearly 65 different countries. With this VPN, cookie pop-ups are blocked and your privacy is secure.


Protonvpn Chrome

Protonvpn is a VPN service that emphasizes user confidentiality and safety. The free chrome extension allows you to encrypt your data from start to finish before it is sent to the VPN server, thus preventing any intrusion. In addition, Protonvpn has a strict non-journalization policy, keeping any data on your online activity.

The extension is easy to install and use, just one click to connect. It gives access to high-speed servers in more than 50 countries, making it possible to unlock geo-restricted content and bypass censorship. Although free, the extension has limited features, existing paid formulas to take advantage of all VPN capabilities. Protonvpn seeks above all to offer confidentiality and security to users, thanks to its robust encryption and its non-journalization policy.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield Chrome

The VPN Hotspot Shield allows you to surf without restriction. With this VPN, you can access all the news of your choice with a single click. The tests carried out by Speedtest classified this VPN as the fastest VPN in the world. It has a webrtc blocker that prevents various websites from knowing your real IP address.

The geo-erect content can also be unlocked so that you can access websites as well as different messaging applications that are previously inaccessible to you.

Pure VPN Proxy

Purevpn chrome

Purevpn Proxy is a virtual private network (VPN) which has a series of applications for:

  • Fixed computers,
  • Mobile computers,
  • TV,
  • proxy extensions as well as all other types of browsers.

With this extension, you can keep all your information away from prying eyes. In addition, you have the possibility of watching series and films in one click and at a high speed.



The Browsec VPN extension not only protects the Google Chrome browser, but also to have unlimited access to all websites on the Internet. With this extension, you have:

  • Virtual locations,
  • An IP changer,
  • Unlimited access to videos, books, games and music.

This VPN crypt traffic so that your personal online layers are not disclosed. Unlimited access results in the fact that Browsec erases all the different geographic restrictions and unlocks all the content of your choice. If these contents are declared inaccessible in your region and you need it, you just have to hide your IP address and modify your country.

VPN Proxy Veepn

Veepn Chrome

Veepn is a free VPN service. VPN proxy which ensures the safety and confidentiality of its users on the Internet. This VPN in particular is characterized by:

  • Over 2,500 servers around the world,
  • Software and fun applications,
  • An automatic configuration,
  • Unique encryption protocols,
  • A firm non-registration policy.

In addition, with this VPN, the software is multiplateform. To have a high -speed quality connection, VPN Proxy Veepn has developed a network of four thousand units which are spread over more than fifty sites.

Urban Free VPN Proxy

Urbanvpn Chrome

By choosing Urban VPN, you opt for quality and safety. This software is completely free. By opting for this VPN, you have the possibility to encrypt your traffic and hide your IP address.

With Urban Free VPN Proxy, you can easily unlock the websites of your choice and define the different geolocations that are normally restricted. Content creators can also use this VPN to easily download and disseminate content on social networks.

Hola VPN

Hola Chrome

Hola extension works independently. This extension does not encourage download. The latter is completely functional since it does not require an additional download. As for the free version, it unlocks several websites for a fairly limited period.

This VPN still requires a proxy server. He also uses journalization data as well as sensitive or private information which may be necessary to access the features of the VPN.