Package B and you: Cheap offer, without b & you, B & You opinion in 2023: what we think of Low Cost mobile offers from Bouygues Telecom

B & You in 2023: What we think of Low Cost mobile offers from Bouygues Telecom

We note for example the addition of 5G for 3 euros more per month, the addition of a second issue via the ON/OFF option or the Norton 360 protection for 5 euros more per month.

B & YOU packages: Bouygues Télécom offers without obligation

B & You (or Bandyou) Brand 100% Web created by Bouygues Telecom in 2011 and completely integrated into the range of packages of the mobile operator Bouygues Telecom since the end of 2014.

  • Promotions: A connected package with 130GB from 5G to 15.99 € per month or 200GB at 17.€ 99 (5G is directly included in these two offers). Other limited series, the mini unlimited package with 5GB at the price of 4.99 € without duration and the 40GB mobile plan at € 9.99/month

B & You logo

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Concretely, the B & YOU packages without a duration commitment are accessible via the Internet on the Bouygues Telecom site but also in the stores of this operator. To get a little more into the details, the range of B & YOU packages brings together 3 offers without a valid duration of duration on the large Bouygues Telecom network (3G, 4G and 4G+) with unlimited calls, from 100MB to 50GB of data for the internet part mobile . Mobile packages that meet the needs of all and at low prices !

That contains a B & YOU mobile plan ?

The formulas B & You (B and you) offered by the operator Bouygues Telecom excluding promotions are available without commitment from 4.99 € per month. The range includes 3 mobile plans with unlimited calls and internet volumes between 100MB and 50GB per month depending on the offer selected. Find all the details and the right reasons to choose a B & You of Bouygues Telecom package, to keep your number you will need above all to ask your RIO code from your current operator.

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B and you: presentation of the formulas

You call but occasionally surf on the web with your smartphone, the unlimited package at 4.€ 99 per month is the most economical formula in this mobile operator. This offer brings together unlimited calls, sms and unlimited MMS to metropolitan France and unlimited SMS to the DOM. For the biggest consumers of Mobile Internet Bouygues Telecom offers other B & You offers from 9.99 € per month with data envelopes of 5GB, 40GB, 130 GB or 200GB per month in 4G.

Mobile phone plan Price per month Internet in France Network Calls SMS/MMS
100 MB € 9.99 100 MB 4G Unlimited Unlimited
20 GB € 19.99 20 GB 4G Unlimited Unlimited
40 GB € 9.99 40 GB 4G Unlimited Unlimited
50 GB € 24.99 50 GB 4G Unlimited Unlimited
130 GB € 24.99 130 GB 5g Unlimited Unlimited
130 GB 5G € 15.99 130 GB 5g Unlimited Unlimited
200 GB 5G € 19.99 200 GB 5g Unlimited Unlimited

Surf without speed reduction beyond your internet envelope included !

In most competing offers, beyond the authorized volume, the flow is reduced or blocked. The operator Bouygues Telecom leaves you the choice to block uses (B & YOU package at 10 GB or less), to continue surfing in reduced speed or to continue surfing at high speed by paying the additional MO from 0.01 €. You can change mode according to your needs for free from your customer area.

For more serenity, you automatically receive alert SMS:
-A 1st SMS when resetting your Internet consumption
-A 2nd SMS when you have reached 80% of your Internet consumption
-A 3rd SMS when you used all of your internet envelope

You can also follow your Internet consumption at any time from your customer area. Just select the line concerned and then go to the “Conso” synthesis section.

Regarding the B and YOU 5GB package in 4G included, beyond the authorized volume, you continue to navigate in 3G/4G without speed reduction by paying 0.05 €/MB in France within the limit of 500MB/month (or 25 €). Beyond you will continue to surf at reduced speed without additional cost. To control your consumption, you can freely activate the blocking option in your customer area. It will be active immediately.

For 40 GB and 130GB packages, beyond the authorized volume you continue to surf in 3G/4G without speed reduction by paying € 0.01/MB in France and 0.06 €/MB in Europe/DOM (60 € in Europe/DOM.) Within the limit of 1GB/month or € 10 in mainland France. You will then receive an SMS offering to continue surfing without speed reduction or buy a recharge. To master your consumption, you can also free and at any time go down reduced speed without additional cost in your customer area.

What services in addition with the B & YOU plans ?

Access B.TV which allows you to access more than 70 channels is included with B & YOU packages, the Internet connections necessary for the use of this application are deducted from the internet envelope.
The World and You service is included with B & YOU 20GB and more offers, and allows you to take advantage of unlimited calls and SMS from the whole world to metropolitan France in Wi-Fi (via the application). Also available in 3G/4 G in Europe, DOM, United States and Canada.
You surf on a quality 4G network, Bouygues Telecom currently covers 96% of the population in 4G and wishes to cover 99% by the end of 2018. You can also Complete your B and you package with one or more options To build the package that looks like you. B & you non -binding packages can be terminated at any time at no cost.

Are there promotions currently ?

Many advantages are available only by passing via the Bouygues Telecom site, the SIM card is for example invoiced € 10 without the purchase of mobile via the Internet against 25 € in store or telephone. This operator regularly offers promotional offers with special B & You series. Currently, you can take advantage of Special B & YOU series With 40GB at 4.€ 99, ​​but also new 5G formulas with 130GB and 200GB at 15 respectively.99 € and 19.99 € per month without duration condition.

How to join the operator Bouygues Telecom ?

Bouygues Telecom welcomes you in 550 physical shops near you or by phone. Future customers can obtain information by calling on 3106 or even enjoying offers exclusively web via the operator’s site directly.
A Bouygues Telecom advisor can also respond for free by cat. However, it will not be able to provide technical assistance or process a request for mobile or fixed termination.
Bouygues Telecom subscribers have a “customer area” mobile application to access their account. Customer service can be reached by phone at 614 from mobile or 1064 from a fixed position for packages and Bbox.
Online assistance and the forum are useful for answering a question, solving a problem related to your mobile, declaring the loss of your mobile, monitoring your line ..

Bouygues Telecom subscribers rewarded “Nosclientsdabord”

Bouygues Telecom attaches particular importance to its customers, with as a slogan “Our customers first”, Bouygues Telecom is trying to differentiate itself from its competitors. Commercial offers, products and services usually reserved for new customers are also applied to subscribers at the operator. Bouygues Telecom customers take advantage of developments without having to claim it and this without additional cost. Since November 2014, more than 6 million customers have automatically benefited from the advantages of new packages, without overcharging and without re -engagement. 4G+ for example is automatically integrated into customers’ packages as it deployed.

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B & You in 2023: What we think of Low Cost mobile offers from Bouygues Telecom

B & You logo

B & You represents the Low Cost brand and without commitment by Bouygues Telecom. The latter, unlike Sosh, only offers mobile plans unlike Sosh and Red which have fiber and adsl offers.

Average descending speed 55 Mb/s
Average amount rate 13 Mb/s
4G population coverage 99%
4G Territory coverage 95%

The packages of the moment at Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom

B & YOU mobile package
130 GB 5G

Bouygues Telecom

B & YOU mobile package
40 GB

Bouygues Telecom

B & YOU mobile package
5 GB

Who is the operator B & You ?

B & You was born on July 18, 2011 and represents Bouygues Telecom’s response to the arrival of Free on the telecoms market. The service has arrived head on in front of SOSH at Orange and Red at SFR.

Its primary objective was therefore to offer new packages at low prices and without obligation, so that Bouygues Telecom customers have an option that can compete with the aggressive free prices. At the end of 2014, B & You disappeared as a full -fledged brand, and then became a range of mobile packages without commitment attached to the parent company Bouygues Telecom.

Like many mobile plans without a commitment linked to a large brand, B & You does not have specific physical stores. It is however possible to subscribe to B & YOU plans in Bouygues Telecom shops. Customer service is the same as for Bouygues Telecom customers and is carried out by phone or direct cat with an advisor.

B & YOU: Mobile offers that bet on special series

B & You offers non -binding packages including unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, Europe and Dom. Calls are also unlimited to international fixed numbers in 120 different destinations, for example Africa, Asia and America.

On the price side, the so -called “offers” Special series »Limited in time constitute the heart of the range with mobile packages with a very advantageous data/price ratio, especially if we compare to the usual mobile packages from Bouygues often more expensive and with commitment up to 12 months, even without a mobile in roaming. Remember to visit our page to be the first to be the first to know if a new special series is underway at the operator.

The only disadvantage of B & You concerns valid data abroad: divide at least two the data included in your package. For example, for a 200 GB package at 15.99 euros per month, you have “only” 25 GB abroad while a similar package at Bouygues will be more of the order of 80 GB for A similar package. This is an element to take into account if you plan to travel abroad. There are also no options to go further than in Europe, unlike Free or Red which offer the possibility of using part of your mobile data in the USA, Canada and even sometimes in Asia.

Note also that all B & You plans can be accompanied by the purchase of a smartphone. The majority of state -of -the -art manufacturers and phones are offered, some of which with a promotion.

If B & You does not offer fiber and ADSL offers unlike its competitors – no doubt to give way to the operator’s Bbox offers – mobile packages offer some paid options that can make the difference, especially for people using their exclusively their mobile.

We note for example the addition of 5G for 3 euros more per month, the addition of a second issue via the ON/OFF option or the Norton 360 protection for 5 euros more per month.

The second best network in France

One of the main advantages of B & YOU plans is mainly in its network. The offer benefits the same network of antennas as Bouygues Telecom customers. The latter is often cited as the second best network in France on the cover and surface, just behind that of Orange according to Arcep and significantly at the same level as SFR on 4G.

The operator’s 4G national coverage is provided by more than 72,000 antennas spread across the mainland and delivering all possible frequencies. On the 5g side, the operator is placed in second place, behind Orange, concerning the 3.5 GHz sites.

Operators 700 MHz (B28) 800 MHz (B20) 1800 MHz (B3) 2100 MHz (B1) 2600 MHz (B7)
Orange 13,480 27,768 21,840 16,057 12,270
SFR 6 404 24 028 16 296 12,619 10,130
Bouygues Telecom 10 604 24 188 16,375 11 356 10,088
Free 23 611 0 19,432 5 986 18,798

Note, however, that, according to ARCEP, Bouygues has lost its place of number two of mobile networks in rural areas and little dense for the benefit of SFR and especially free. It is all the more unfortunate that he had a real advance on this point in recent years. This is a criterion to take into account if you live in these areas or municipalities. In this case, we will always advise to check the network coverage near you,

The best packages of the moment

If B & You did not convince you, you can consult the best mobile packages of the moment thanks to our comparator.