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24 -hour insurance

Exclusions from the Orange mobile insurance, however, you will not be supported if your Orange mobile plan or your SOSH mobile plan does not demonstrate any use within 30 days preceding the sinister.

Orange mobile insurance: how to ensure your laptop ?

Orange offers mobile 24 hours insurance to protect your devices as well as your accessories against breakage, flight and oxidation. Find out what are the conditions for taking advantage of the Orange mobile insurance, what is its price and how to take out or to terminate your mobile orange insurance contract.

You want to take out insurance for your Orange mobile ?
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Orange mobile packages
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  • The essential
  • Orange offers a 24 -hour mobile insurance which covers mobiles and tablets against breakage, theft and oxidation.
  • Orange mobile insurance costs Between € 1.99/month and € 16.99/month Depending on the value of your device.
  • You can declare a claim to your mobile orange insurance, by calling the 3900 or from your Client area.

Orange mobile insurance: against what am I covered ?

Orange smartphone

L’Orange mobile insurance supports :

  • The mobile phone you use with your Orange mobile plan, whether you bought it from Orange or not,
  • The tablet with orange SIM card, purchased from Orange or not,
  • Accessories (bag, case, shell, protective film, charger, battery, power supply, memory card, etc.) who have undergone the same disaster, if they were purchased from Orange (they will be reimbursed up to 100 € maximum).

Your devices or accessories are provided against:

  • there broken (accidental, clumsiness or negligence),
  • L’oxidation (accidental, clumsiness or negligence),
  • THE flight (by aggression, break -in, by clandestine introduction, rescue or shooting).

Orange undertakes to replace your mobile or tablet at no cost in a 24 -hour deadline, in the limit of 2 claims per year. In the event of theft, any fraudulent connections or communications passed in the last 48 hours will also be reimbursed.

Exclusions from the Orange mobile insurance, however, you will not be supported if your Orange mobile plan or your SOSH mobile plan does not demonstrate any use within 30 days preceding the sinister.

How much is the orange mobile insurance ?

Orange mobile insurance costs Between € 1.99/month and € 16.99/month (the 1st month is offered by Orange) depending on the value of your smartphone or tablet.

The table below informs you of the monthly price of Orange mobile insurance according to your mobile as well as the amount of the reimbursement ceiling in the event of a claim.

Price of mobile orange insurance according to its mobile device

Smartphone costs less than 100 € Smartphone between € 101 and 250 € Smartphone between 251 € and 400 € Smartphone between 401 € and 800 € Smartphone between 401 € and 800 €
Orange mobile insurance price € 1.99/month € 5.99/month € 7.99/month € 12.99/month € 16.99/month
Commitment 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Franchise 25 € 40 € 60 € 80 € 100 €

Make sure you have subscribed to the right insurance according to the price of your mobile, especially if you change your smartphone in the meantime. If your coverage does not correspond to the value of your smartphone, Orange may not be able to replace your device.

Orange mobile insurance: how to subscribe ?

Orange mobile packages
Unlimited calls
Unlimited SMS
Internet 4G

You can subscribe in three different ways:

  • by phone at 3900,
  • on the website Orange or Sosh,
  • in one of the Orange stores.

There is also a 24-hour multi-production orange insurance which protects all the devices from your home for € 24.99/month with commitment of 12 months.

This insurance covers you against breakage, theft and oxidation. It replaces your device or compensates you within 24 hours and within the annual limit of € 2,000. Multi-production 24 hours insurance also supports connected objects and accessories purchased from Orange, which have suffered the disaster, up to € 100.

You can take out this orange insurance in the same way, by phone, via the Internet or in Orange store.

SOSH customers can also take advantage of theOrange mobile insurance.

How to declare a claim to Orange mobile insurance ?

Orange sinister

You can declare a claim at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The declaration can be made by phone at 3900 or by internet on your Orange customer area or SOSH customer area.

Orange will replace your device if this is possible or will assign compensation up to the value of your phone or tablet. Replacement of the device is done with a nine -reconditioned mobile.

Your new device will be delivered in a Relay point In mainland France, the next day at the latest at 1 p.m. if your declaration was made before 5 p.m. With regard to Corsica and the DOM, the delay is 72 hours.

What to do in case of breakage or oxidation ?

Before declaring your claim, follow these few steps:

  1. Do not try to repair yourself or have your mobile or tablet repaired, at the risk of no longer being covered,
  2. Disable the location of your mobile device,
  3. Find the IMEI number on your phone or tablet to communicate it to your Orange mobile insurance,
  4. declare the claim by calling Orange customer service to 3900 or by going to your Orange customer area.

What to do in case of theft ?

In the same way, here is the procedure to follow when you undergo a flight:

  1. Hang your mobile line from your customer area, by calling the 0 800 100 740 or by contacting SOSH or Orange customer service at 3900,
  2. file a complaint with a police station or a gendarmerie,
  3. Communicate the IMEI number of your mobile,
  4. Declare the flight to 3900 or directly on your customer area.

Applecare insurance for iPhone holders

Good news for owners of iphones, Apple insurance named Applecare is included in 24 -hour orange insurance.

Thus, in the event of a claim you can declare it in your Orange customer area and it will then be possible to you alternative to replacement in 24 hours, to benefit from repairs coming directly from Apple experts either by making an appointment in Apple Store or ( Apple approved services), either by sending your iPhone to Apple repair center.You also have access to Apple technical assistance And can therefore contact an Applecare advisor on the site Getsupport. Apple. com or by phone at 08 05 54 00 03.

Applecare also provides assistance on all questions of use of iOS, iCloud and Apple applications and also guarantees the replacement of the telephone battery if it is at less than 80% of its maximum original capacity.

Orange mobile insurance termination: what are the steps ?

You can do your Orange mobile insurance termination, Without proof, once the 12 -month commitment period is completed. From the end of the first year of subscription, you can terminate at any time, on your customer area or via the Orange and I application.

If you want Refit your mobile orange insurance Before the end of the first year of engagement, you will have to pay all the remaining monthly payments. However, no fees will be applied in the event of Orange mobile insurance termination:

  • to a fact not supported by orange mobile insurance (loss of its mobile for example),
  • loss of job,
  • to a move abroad,
  • increased tariff or modification of your insurance contract,
  • to the prolonged hospitalization of the subscriber,
  • On the death of the subscriber.

You also benefit from a 21 -day withdrawal period after subscription of your contract if you change your mind.

To terminate your insurance option:

  1. Go to your customer area,
  2. click on Contracts and options,
  3. select Manage your offer and options,
  4. Choose the option Insurance,
  5. click on Terminate then on Confirm the termination.

In the event of termination of your mobile package, or your Orange Open offer, the termination of your mobile orange insurance is automatic.

Orange is not the only operator to offer mobile insurance: there is also Bouygues mobile insurance and SFR mobile insurance to protect your smartphone or tablet.

Updated on 03/29/2023

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24 -hour insurance

Hello everyone I explain my problem to you I have now been at Orange for over 1 years and I have taken over 24 hours for my iPhone 13 (breakage insurance). I declared a claim on March 27 which was accepted and received the new phone the next day 28 Mar except that surprise in the exchange that was planned it was not the right phone an old Samsung who was in the box so I refused the package seen with insurance by phone and since that time that is impossible for them to send me a phone because apparently the package has been delivered. Except that I still had the broken phone. I saw with the customer service who tells me that he is investigating the delivery service and that I have a 20 -working period to come back to me I wanted to know if it was legal to make me wait As long as I pay a 24 -hour insurance service? Because I have no impact on delivery and it is not my concern and because of me so I do not see why they cannot send another phone?

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