Orange flow test: ADSL or fiber flows of your Livebox, Orange flow test | Check your Internet connection

Orange debit test: how to test your internet connection (ADSL / fiber)

To test the ADSL, VDSL or fiber flow of your line, the orange supplier recommends the use of our online test . Just select a site hosted by an orange server and then validate. To overseas, same procedure on the NPERF .

Orange flow test: test the fiber and ADSL performance of its livebox

Debit test: what you need to know at Orange

The Orange Internet box flow test measures three values ::

  • The downhill flow.
  • The amount of speed.
  • Latency.

The actual flow of a connection may vary depending on ::

  • Internet access technology.
  • Using a cable or Wi-Fi.
  • What is the orange debit test ?
  • How to carry out a flow test with an orange internet box ?
  • How to read your flow test with the orange box ?
  • What are the flows usually available with Internet boxes ?
  • What are the possible flows with ADSL, VDSL, fiber and 4G boxes ?
  • What are the flows offered by Orange with its livebox ?
  • What are the average flows observed by Orange subscribers ?
  • What to do in case of bad speed with my orange box ?
  • Check the proper functioning of the Internet box
  • Restart your livebox in the event of a connection problem
  • Bad internet connection: can I terminate my free orange box subscription ?

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Orange is the leading internet access provider in France. It owes its dominant position both to its seniority and to the reputation of quality of its offers and its services. It currently has two Internet box subscriptions that operate with ADSL, VDSL and optical fiber. In addition to this, Orange also has a 4G box subscription for people who only have access to a poor quality ADSL.

The quality of service precisely, in terms of internet access, can be very simply measured. It is enough to do an online flow test. Mapetitebox offers you to carry out this test here, but also to give you all the information necessary to read the results of such a test.

What is the orange debit test ?

The orange flow test is a quick and fast operation that allows you to Measure three values: downward speed (download), the rate amount (upload) and latency, Or ping. Here’s how to perform an orange flow test and how to read it.

Test the flow of its Internet connection

To know the performance of your Orange Internet box concretely, you have to do an internet debit test.

How to carry out a flow test with an orange internet box ?

To carry out an orange flow test, just Click on “Launch the test”, on the speedtest below. However, for the test to be as reliable as possible, follow some recommendations.

  • First, make sure that no active item in the background uses Internet connection. Streaming, download or VOD services can use Internet connection and therefore distort the test itself.
  • Then you have to make a difference between a cable connection and Wi-Fi connection. The first will always be faster and effective. In addition, all Wi-Fi connections are not equal. The most recent standards (Wi-Fi 6) are much faster.

Orange flow test

There are some simple tips to apply in order to carry out your orange flow test under optimal conditions.

  • In the case of Wi-Fi, make sure that there are as few obstacles as possible between the Internet box and the computer used for the flow test.
  • Possibly, Close the unnecessary tabs of your browser, even if the impact of the latter is more negligible.

How to read your flow test with the orange box ?

At the end of the flow test, Several information is displayed ::

  • The reception flow indicates the connection speed of the connection. This information is expressed in MB/s. The higher the value, the good it is;
  • The shipping in sending expresses the remoteness speed. It is generally lower than the download speed and is also expressed in MB/s. The higher the value, the good it is;
  • latency, or ping, it’s the time that makes information to make a return trip Between the computer and the server to answer. It is expressed in milliseconds. The lower this value, the more good it is.

The distance at which the test server is found to a strong influence on the result. Also, the nearest server is used. However, In certain uses, the served servers can be more distant, which may explain differences in ping For example between this test and an online game.

Mobile flow quality

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What are the flows usually available with Internet boxes ?

Test conditions are not the only elements that can influence the results obtained. The first factor to take into account is the connection mode used. According to the subscription subscribed, You can have ADSL, VDSL or fiber optics. In some cases, we can even take advantage of a 4G box subscription, which therefore takes advantage of the operator’s mobile network network. What are the flows that Orange offers according to each of these Internet access technologies ?

What are the possible flows with ADSL, VDSL, fiber and 4G boxes ?

In terms of flow with an offer, We must clearly distinguish the real flow observed and the theoretical flow. The latter is the flow that the connection mode can offer in ideal circumstances: short line, in excellent condition and without any disturbance. Theoretical flows are not the same for all offers.

  • In ADSL (line of more than 1 km), The maximum flow rate of an internet connection is 15 Mb/s for download, or even 20 Mb/s in the best conditions, and 2 Mb/s in remitzers. THE ping is generally 50 to 60 milliseconds.
  • In VDSL2 (lines of less than 1 km), The theoretical maximum flow rate is 100 Mb/s in download with the best conditions, and 15 Mb/s in Tu ping from 40 to 50 milliseconds.
  • With optical fiber, Theoretical flows are extremely high, literally neighboring the speed of light. In France, most offers announce 1 GB/s at most, sometimes up to 10 GB/s, for a ping less than 10 milliseconds.
  • The 4G network Allows you to take advantage of a connection up to 300 Mb/s for download, and 50 Mb/s in Tu ping from 30 to 50 milliseconds at most.

Rarely achievable theoretical results figures

Please note, the theoretical flows described above are only rarely achievable. This statement is particularly true with regard to ADSL, VDSL or 4G. Regarding optical fiber, it is not uncommon to find internet boxes that deliver the same speed as that announced by the Internet service provider.

What are the flows offered by Orange with its livebox ?

The speeds accessible with Orange depend above all on the subscription subscribed by the subscriber, but also on the available access technology. In the case of an ADSL, VDSL or 4G internet box, the flow is constrained by the technology itself. With optical fiber, it is the operator who limits the flows to ensure constant fluidity in the network.

The flows offered by Orange with its Internet box subscriptions are as follows ::

  • Livebox and Livebox Up Adsl : up to 15 Mb/s for download, and 1 Mb/s in gathering;
  • Livebox and Livebox Up VDSL2 : up to 50 Mb/s for download on the lines of less than 1 km, and 8 Mb/s in gatter;
  • Fiber Livebox : a connection up to 400 Mb/s for download as in remitzers;
  • Livebox Up Fiber : up to 2 Gb/s for download, but not more than 1 GB/s per device, and 600 Mb/s in remitzers;
  • 4G box : up to 150 Mb/s for download.

Orange announces any ping On his offers. However, we must expect the ping A means observed for each technology, the operator does not really have an influence on this element which can vary for many reasons, such as the distance from the server or the clipping of the line.

4G Box as a last resort

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What are the average flows observed by Orange subscribers ?

All types of connections combined, Orange is the fastest internet service provider on the market With 100 Mb/s, in front of Free (93.45 Mb/s), Bouygues Telecom (88.33 Mb/s) and SFR (86.07 MB/S). However, these data mix the fees of the ADSL, VDSL and fiber optics. It is more interesting to look at all the separate performance in several categories.

In high speed (ADSL and VDSL less than 30 Mb/s)) ::

  • 7.65 Mb/s of download debit (download);
  • 0.54 Mb/s in Téléversation (upload);
  • 53.97 milliseconds of ping.

In very high speed (VDSL> 30 Mb/s and optical fiber) ::

  • 177.63 Mb/s of downward flow;
  • 121.57 mb/s of cut debit;
  • 15.08 milliseconds of ping.

With optical fiber (FTTH, end -to -end fiber) ::

  • 364.75 Mb/s in average descending flow;
  • 247.24 Mb/s;
  • 11.26 milliseconds of ping.

With the 4G mobile network ::

  • 57 Mb/s of average descending flow;
  • 13 Mb/s of average amount debit;
  • 45.23 milliseconds of ping AVERAGE.

Figures to contextualize

All these figures are only averages. We must not forget to take into account certain information, such as the fact that the flows offered by Orange offers vary from one subscription to another. Orange is also the only ISP present in many rural areas where the ADSL does not exceed 2 Mb/s. These are also figures for the first half of 2019.

What to do in case of bad speed with my orange box ?

Despite the promises, Real flow rates can be more or less below the promises of Internet access providers. These differences can be caused by many elements. For example, a WiFi flow test may only indicate 200 or 300 Mb/s of flow, when a cable connection will be around 1 GB/s. The box can also be poorly connected, or a breakdown may be short. Here are some precautions to take to improve the flows of your internet box.

Check the proper functioning of the Internet box

One of the first reflexes to have when a connection problem is manifested, it is Check that the Internet box is working properly. If it displays an error message or if a service is indicated as unavailable, you must refer to the operator for more information. If everything seems to work, you have to:

  • Check the cable connection connecting the Internet box to the computer;
  • Check the cable connection connecting the internet box to the fiber optic or ADSL socket;
  • Make sure the Internet box is not connected to a multipleist.

If everything is connected as it should, the subscriber can try to restart his equipment.

Change Wi-Fi password

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Restart your livebox in the event of a connection problem

Restarting your internet box and / or decoder allows you to Adjust the vast majority of minor failures. This method has many advantages: it is fast because it does not take more than a few minutes; It is simple and it does not require contact the operator’s customer service.

Reboot its livebox

In the event of a connection problem, it is advisable to restart your Orange Internet box.

To effectively restart its orange equipment, it is necessary ::

  • Turn off or disconnect your TV decoder;
  • Turn off or unplug your internet box;
  • wait for about 10 seconds;
  • turn on or reconnect your internet box;
  • turn on or reconnect your TV decoder.

It then takes a few moments to the equipment to be perfectly functional. As soon as anything is relaunched, it is possible to test your internet connection flow again. It would be better carry out several tests In order to be assured of the real quality of its connection.

Advice from mySmallBox

If the restart of the Internet box has not resolved the problem, it is always possible to reset the latter. There are several solutions for this, but the easiest way is to press the button for several seconds reset Located at the back of the box. A pin or a pen may be necessary to reach the button.

Bad internet connection: can I terminate my free orange box subscription ?

If a subscriber is not satisfied with the service offered by his Internet access provider, He is free to terminate his subscription at any time, Even if he is still engaged with his operator. However, the termination results in costs that are higher if you terminate before the end of its subscription. With Orange, the termination fees are € 49 + the coming monthly payments of the commitment period.

However, under certain conditions, the subscriber may terminate his subscription at no cost ::

  • If the operator fails to provide the service correctly;
  • If the operator changes the terms of the contract;
  • in the event of unemployment of the subscriber;
  • If the subscriber is in over -indebtedness;
  • in case of hospitalization;
  • in the event of a move abroad;
  • Any legitimate reason provided for by the subscription contract.

Contact Orange Customer Service in the event of a connection problem

In the event that the simplest operations do not allow to operate your connection to the Internet again, contact Orange Customer Service. For this, the subscriber has several solutions. If he can consult the FAQ online, he can also ask for help from an online advisor, via the cat accessible from the customer area. It is also possible to research solutions on forums. Operators’ advisers are sometimes active on these. Finally, for a direct connection with an orange advisor, it is necessary call 3900.

Orange debit test: how to test your internet connection (ADSL / fiber)

You have an orange livebox and you find that your connection is not optimized ? It is true that eligibility at good VDSL speed or optical fiber depends on your location. This can also vary depending on your network, supplier, server or even your device (the flow is not identical on your smartphone, computer or other technology). It’s still more pleasant to sail quickly, to have a good download speed and little latency. Rest assured, we explain here how to perform a Orange flow test and improve your connection. Your 4G or 5G package will appreciate.

Orange fiber

How to perform the orange flow test ?

Before testing your line

To verify that your line is not congested, be sure to follow these tips before measuring the flow from your Orange operator:

  • Connect your computer using an Ethernet cable to optimize the signal
  • Turn off your TV decoder to obtain a reliable result, because it uses bandwidth
  • Disconnect all your smartphones from your WiFi network, and close all applications on your computer to properly focus the connection on the test

Thanks to all this, you should obtain an unavailable result of your connection speed, as well as a minimized latency. The flow is measured in Mbps (Megabit per second). As a reminder, 1 Mbps means 1 million bits per second.

Interpretation of the results: the ascending and descending speed

Whether for a fiber optical fiber or adsl speed test, the procedure is the same. It is important to differentiate the ascending speed and the downward speed:

  • THE download (descendant) is the most important. This is the one that will indicate your network download speed to your device;
  • THE upload (ascendant) performs the opposite path. It gives you an idea of ​​the speed of transmission of your folders, photos, attachments or other, outwards.

To test the ADSL, VDSL or fiber flow of your line, the orange supplier recommends the use of our online test . Just select a site hosted by an orange server and then validate. To overseas, same procedure on the NPERF .

What performance to expect from your orange box ?

In ADSL technology, Livebox does not matter. You can hope for a varying descending speed Between 1 and 15 Mb/s and an upward speed less than 1 Mb/s . If you subscribe to an ADSL offer, Orange will provide you with a livebox 4.

With fiber technology, you can reach speeds widely surpassing ADSL and VDSL. Orange offers a fiber flow that can go as far as up to 2 Gb/s in descending speed and up to 600 Mb/s in upward flow. Note that this connection speed will be available if you subscribe to the Livebox Up Fiber or Livebox Max Fiber offer. In case you subscribe to the basic fiber Livebox offer, your Livebox 5 will go to 300 Mb/s In Upload and Download. You will find a summary table of the various flows below.

Offer Downspout Ascending flow Material Price
ADSL Between 1 and 15 Mb/s Less than 1mb/s Livebox 4 € 22.99/month for 12 months
then € 41.99/month.
Fiber Livebox Up to 500 Mb/s 300 Mb/s Livebox 5 € 29.99/month for 12 months
then € 49.99/month.
Livebox Up Fiber Up to 300 Mb/s Up to 300 Mb/s Livebox 6 € 34.99/month for 12 months
then € 54.99/month.

Some tips for increasing your internet speed

  • Try positioning your livebox in the middle of your home (open location);
  • Check your fiber eligibility according to your location in order to make a request;
  • Opt for 5 GHz WIFI frequency band.

You should now be able to improve your Internet debit and stop putting your 4G test with hard test.

What is the flow of orange fiber ?

Fiber still benefits from many improvements today. Before stranded at 1 Gbits/s, Orange has doubled its performance and today its fiber can climb up to 2 Gbits/s. This flow is available with the Livebox 6 and you can benefit from it with Livebox Up offers or the Open Up pack.

What is the correct flow for fiber ?

If you are in fiber and are around 100 Mb/Ps, it’s just above the French average. Of course, these figures are not engraved in marble to the extent or access to fiber is democratized. It also depends on your geographic location and your internet subscription.

I have orange fiber but my flow is slow: why ?

If Orange has installed the fiber to you but the flow test is not satisfactory, this can be explained in several ways. Your equipment may not be suitable. Also check the connections, the number of people connected to the same box or if your computer’s network card has limits.