Orange fiber fiber error: check power supply and connections, 4 months without fixed internet: how orange made me stand for nothing

4 months without a fixed internet: how orange made me look at nothing

The Internet box may be directly connected to the fiber optic without going through the small intermediate case. In this case, the customer undoubtedly has a Connection with a fiber adapter. This adapter is normally firmly stuck in the Orange Internet box.

Check the power supply and connections of the fiber box of its Livebox Orange

Livebox Orange Check connections

Livebox Orange Livebox Error Code

Livebox power error

Customers with an orange fiber optic internet box may encounter connection problems. These can arrive with the optical case, or during a direct connection. There are then different types of checks to be put in place to ensure that its internet box is well connected, from start to finish.

The main thing to remember to check the connection of its fiber optic livebox:

  • Two types of configurations exist, with or without fiber optic housing.
  • In both cases, it is recommended to check all connections in the event of a problem.
  • Otherwise, it will remain to contact Orange customer service.
  • How to properly check the connections of the Orange Optical Fiber Box ?
  • Check the insertion of the fiber adapter in the livebox
  • I checked my cables but my connection still does not work: what to do ?

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Depending on the version of the Orange Internet box owned by customers, it may be asking to check whether the power supply and the fiber housing connections are properly set up. Here’s how to do the best possible way.

How to properly check the connections of the Orange Optical Fiber Box ?

Customers subscribing to an Orange fiber optic internet box have a Intermediate housing between the Internet box and the wall optical intake. A bad connection of this small case can prevent the proper functioning of the Internet connection, or even the absence of connection.

  • In the event of a problem, check that the optical cable (late white cable) between the fiber housing and the wall optical socket is well based on both sides. Above all, you have to check that The cable is well connected to the fiber housing itself. The customer is indeed not supposed to disconnect this cable from the wall optical socket.
  • Once done, check that The lights for the power supply and fiber of the Internet box are well lit. These two seers are on the fiber housing, front front. If this is not the case, you must check the fiber housing supply and reveal that the optical cable is in place.
  • After that, make sure that The Ethernet cable (RJ45 cord) is properly connected on both sides. Do not hesitate to disconnect and then reconnect the two ends to confirm that everything is fine.

On the Internet box, the Ethernet cable must be in the port accompanied by the “fiber” indication. If the cable turns out to be plugged in, you have to look at the two seers just above this port.

  • The yellow light and the green light together indicate that the connection to the fiber optic works.
  • If there is only the green light of lit, it is that the connection is not made. It is therefore necessary to check the connection of the internet box to the fiber box.
  • In the event that no light is on, it is advisable to dismiss the cables, or to contact Orange Customer Service.

Change Wi-Fi password

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Check the insertion of the fiber adapter in the livebox

The Internet box may be directly connected to the fiber optic without going through the small intermediate case. In this case, the customer undoubtedly has a Connection with a fiber adapter. This adapter is normally firmly stuck in the Orange Internet box.

Problem d

There is a procedure to follow in order to check the connections of its Orange Optic Internet Optic Box.

In the event of a problem, this optical cable must therefore be in place on both sides, both in the wall optical and in the fiber adapter. It is also recommended to ensure that the fiber adapter itself is in its location, under the inscription “fiber” at the back of the Livebox. Finally, check that all the lights are well lit.

Optical cable: a precious and fragile element

You have to be very careful when handling the optical cable. The latter is indeed very fragile, since it is composed of a brittle material. It should therefore not bend it, in order to avoid breaking it. In case of breakage, the internet signal will no longer be issued at all.

I checked my cables but my connection still does not work: what to do ?

If everything is well connected, It remains to check the other catches of the Internet box itself. It is also possible to try to restart the latter to better relaunch it. This solves the most common minor problems.

To restart its Orange Internet box, several solutions are possible.

  • Press the Reset button at the back of the Internet box (Livebox Play).
  • Press the Internet box on/off button. In the stop position, it reveals a small orange line. Set ten seconds and press the button a second time to restart the Internet box (Livebox 4).
  • Disconnect the sector outlet of your Livebox Orange, wait 10 seconds, and reconnect the Internet box.

If the restart of the internet box and the verification of the connections give nothing, it only remains Contact Customer Service. It is not recommended to alter the internet box by yourself, as it could worsen the problem. If the Internet box displays an error message, it must be sent to Orange customer service.

4 months without a fixed internet: how orange made me look at nothing

After my move, I subscribed a fiber subscription to Orange. Here is the story of 4 months of adventures.

Internet has become one of the essential needs of our daily life, in the same way as water or electricity. And for the most connected of us, going back to ADSL is no longer possible either. It is partly for this reason that connection to the Fiber network was one of the essential criteria that I had set myself in 2021 when I looked for a new apartment. I did not think that it would lead me to live an adventure with the orange after -sales service.


After checking well that my apartment was eligible for fiber, I therefore planned my move for January 18, 2022 and called Orange on January 11 in order to transfer my subscription to my new accommodation and take advantage of it to request a possible commercial gesture After 7 years of loyalty on the fixed and almost as much on mobile at Sosh. A period during which I never had anything to reproach either the ISP or the operator, both on the quality of the service and that of the after -sales service.

First surprise, I came across a rather unpleasant and haughty person who quickly explained me with disdain that as a former customer I could obviously not take advantage of the promotional offers displayed on the Internet and planned for new customers. Either, I didn’t expect so much, and after discussion I get a discount of 10 euros per month for a year, it’s already a first step.

To verify my eligibility, I give not only my address, but also the identifier of the fiber optics which is already in my living room (the optical end point, or PTO). Suffice to say that it is difficult to do more precise. An important point for the rest of the adventures.

When I give the date of my move, I am almost burning to do it only a week in advance. “” It takes a minimum of two weeks »». At that moment, this is not a big problem for me, I tell myself that I can do without the internet for a week (if I had known …) and I squeeze my teeth when he tells me that the first date Available is finally in three weeks. This is my fault, I should have done it earlier, so I accept my fate.

The culmination of the discussion finally arrived when the operator offered me an additional price drop if I did not take the TV decoder of the offer. This seems very enticing for someone like me who had already unplugged his decoder, but knowing the Orange offers by heart at that time, I tell him that I am waiting for ” at least “A speed descending of the order of the Gigabit and that a package with 400 or 500 Mb/s, even at this price, does not interest me. There follows a Kafkai discussion where he explains with animosity that Orange does not offer a gigabit offer, but that it is 500 Mb/s or 2 Gb/s … even if the flow is limited to 1 GB/ s per device.

In short, I squeeze my teeth and finally finalize my registration for a livebox up fiber offer.

The meeting waltz

A few days after my move, I therefore receive my new livebox and find that the building number of my address is not the right one. Surprised, I contact Orange to tell them the error, recalls my exact address, as well as the number of the socket which is in my living room. I am explained to me that this is not really an error and that the address indicated is that of the pooling point (PM), because yes, in my residence, the connection closet of the 6 buildings is in the same place, in a building that is not the one where I live. But after all, after giving the number of my connection twice, what can go wrong ?

So I’m waiting for D -Day the technician supposed to come and connect me to the fiber ” Between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m »». At 11 am, I am surprised to have no news. At 1 p.m., I abandon the idea of ​​seeing him arrive. I check all day on my orange and me application if an indication explains this absence, but the time of appointment does not change. It is only the next day that I see the niche modified without more indication for the following week.

A human or calendar problem can happen, but at this time I find very disappointing on the part of the first operator in France to the after -sales service deemed to miss communication. Never mind, so I’m waiting for a week to see my appointment once again canceled at the last moment then postponed two weeks later. A dance that will then become my new routine for 4 months, giving me the impression of living the myth of Sisyphus.

“This is Free’s fault”

Obviously, from the second appointment canceled, I contacted the after-sales service which then explained the problem to me: ” It’s because of free »». Although I have subscribed to an orange offer, the ILIAD FAI is actually my building operator, the one who took care of fiber to my house and it is therefore necessary that free provides Orange to Orange Optical road information to practice connection. It will be the excuse that will be given to me throughout my journey.

On this point, I must admit that the specialist advisor who was attributed to me as a privileged contact for any question linked to my move was of exemplary calm in the face of my annoyance-always very polite, remember when that happens to you that the people with whom you communicate are generally for nothing – and always very complete in his answers to my often very technical questions.

During this period, I took the opportunity to ask a friend, a connection technician at Orange, if he could do something for me. I should have been wary of when he explained not to find the number of my PTO in his files.

“You are not eligible …”

May 11, 4 months to day after my subscription, after yet another meeting canceled at the last moment, I therefore call the Orange advisor herself disappointed who asks me for the third time the number of my PTO. Through the handset I intend to get it back on its keyboard before telling myself that … I am not eligible for orange fiber, but that they can offer me an ADSL offer.

According to Orange, arguing of an exclusivity of the building operator, only two buildings would already be opened by Free to competition for connection, including the one where the pooling point appeared on my address originally, problem that I had reported in January. According to the arcep nevertheless, there is no exclusivity for the building operator, it is therefore a choice of orange.

So this is how, only ten days later, I ended up with a functional freebox in my living room and a certain aversion to Orange which could have known from January 11, when I indicated the number of my PTO, that I ‘was not eligible for their offer.

Postwriting in store

After all these twists and turns, I thought the story is over, until I brought back my 4G key loaned for the occasion in the store and which has particularly been to me (which will be the subject of another article )). Again, the experience was not up to my expectations, since the person who came to welcome me at the entrance to the shop could not help me, because the line was already terminated. So I waited 40 minutes, seeing people who arrived after me being taken care of before me, so that, in the end, the person who had received me originally returned to me and … recovers the dong in question in just a few minutes.

In all, Orange will have made me lose 4 months and 40 minutes ..