Problem or breakdown on the orange network: what to do? | September 2023, orange breakdown: subscribers no longer have a network, what happens?

Orange breakdown: subscribers no longer have a network, what happens

You are an orange customer and have been the victim of several Internet/mobile network failures consecutive ? The service offered by Orange did not satisfy you ?
You can make a online complaint request ::

Problem or breakdown on the orange network: what to do ? | September 2023


Orange breakdown

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You are an orange customer and are victims of breakdowns on the internet and/or mobile network of this operator ? You do not know what are the causes of the problem and how to solve it quickly ? Do not panic ! In this article, we will guide you to the different steps to follow in the event of a prolonged network failure to solve your problem. If he persists, requests for compensation for prejudice are possible in the case of certain special situations.


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  • The essential
  • The first essential step is to ensure that it is not a Panne in progress on the orange network.
  • THE Mobile/Internet Orange network info service allows you to detect current Internet incidents at your home.
  • THE Guaranteed 24h Service made available by the operator allows you to find an internet connection in less than 24 hours.
  • Some compensation requests can be carried out with the operator, in some specific case.

Disruptions of the Orange network: is it a national incident ?

Orange offers you the possibility of consulting its national incident info service, allowing Know the breakdowns in real time which affect the operation of its Internet and Mobile services. You can access this address: https: //

If Orange is actually affected by a breakdown, a recovery date will most often be communicated to you. To access this service, it is necessary that you connect to your Orange customer area. Meet in Assistance, Then in the tab Incident info And check that no incident is declared on your Orange mobile and Internet services.

Two options are available to you :

A national incident is reported at the operator. In this case, you will have to wait for its final recovery. For more information, you can also contact Orange.

Your internet or mobile network failure is not linked to a national incident ? Then follow them steps in the rest of this article.

You encounter an internet/mobile connection problem ? Arcep has implemented the service I lace the arcep to report the dysfunctions encountered linked to your mobile or fixed operator and receive help and advice.

Orange mobile network failure

If you meet a breakdown of the internet connection of your accommodation, consult the game directly Orange Internet network breakdown.

Mobile breakdown

If your mobile problem is not linked to a national incident, Orange invites you to check the network coverage at the address of your choice Using the service mobile network info. To do this, simply connect to the Orange site> Mobile assistance > National incident info > Mobile network info. Then indicate the type of phone used and your address, then validate. The mobile network info allows you to know, by introducing your location, your level of network coverage and the quality of its operation.

If you are in the event that Orange has a good level of mobile network coverage, it can then be either a national incident (previous part), or a problem of configuring your mobile.

In the event that Orange’s mobile network coverage is not good, move in a better covered area or change operator to obtain better network coverage. Arcep has set up a card to find out which operators the network coverage is the best: https: // www.Monreseaumobile.Fr/

Orange 200 GB connection sharing When subscribing to an Orange Internet offer, Orange customers can take advantage of the “connection sharing” service, this option is useful in the event of a breakdown, because it allows users to maintain their internet connections thanks at the orange wifi.

Orange Internet network breakdown

In case you meet a breakdown on your internet/fixed line network, Orange allows you to consult its real time Internet and fixed networks service to detect current Internet incidents at your home (telephone cables, broadband equipment. )). Domestic installation problems are not taken into account.

To do this, simply connect to the Orange site in the game Internet and fixed networks. Then enter your fixed orange phone number then validate. If Orange detects an internet incident near you, consult the info page regularly to obtain more information and know the time to restore your Internet line.

No detected incident: Orange troubleshooting

No network incident has been detected so far ? You still do not have a satisfactory internet connection, your Livebox is often disconnected ? To resolve these different breakdowns, Orange offers you the self-deputy service 24h guaranteed, To make a quick diagnosis of your malfunction and find your internet connection within 24 hours. This service is available by default for Orange customers with an Open, Livebox offer, a mobile plan or let’s go.

To access the online internet breakdown service or from the Orange application and I must go to the section Test and help your services, Then identify with your Orange email account identifiers of the line to test. To launch the test, you will have to indicate the different breakdowns among those offered to you. Depending on the problem observed after a first diagnosis of your breakdown, Orange offers you a Solution adapted to your needs. You can continue to browse the internet via the 4G network, for example, while waiting for your livebox breakdown.

Problem with your Livebox Orange

If your Internet network failure is linked to a malfunction of your Livebox, Orange offers immediate exchange. To exchange your equipment, simply contact Orange Customer Service.

Internet connection problem

Your equipment works perfectly, but your internet connection remains defective ? Orange offers you 2 solutions within 24 hours. Do not hesitate to test them before going to the following steps.

Internet connection sharing

In case of internet failure, you can benefit from 200 GB/month of the Internet Immediately credited on mobile plans (Orange, Sosh or Let’s Go) of your choice during 2 months. Up to 5 household packages can benefit. You keep your Internet uses from your smartphone. This service is valid in mainland France for Open and Livebox private customers with a livebox for rental.

You want to take out an orange package ?

Airbox 4G loan

In the event of a breakdown greater than 24 hours, Orange lends you For 2 months the 4G airbox With 200GB/month of data, for 2 months at most. This case allows you to connect up to 10 equipment in your accommodation, In order to temporarily find your Internet connection.

Orange wifi hotspot

This solution is no longer offered by Orange, the Hotspot networks being less and less used.

Wifi hotspot

To take advantage of the Orange mobile internet again, connect your phone to the Operator wifi. To do this, you must be Orange customer.

To benefit from some of these services, simply contact Orange customer service or go directly to store.

If your breakdown persists, Orange offers you the possibility of being put in contact with an advisor for a complete diagnosis of your breakdown or request the intervention of a technician at your home. Depending on the defect identified by it, it is possible that Orange invoices you the intervention.

Extended internet failure: compensation for the customer

Network failure compensation: how to benefit from it ?

An internet/mobile network failure can be restrictive for certain customers, especially when they are dragged. According to Article L121-20-3 of the Consumer Code, Internet access providers (ISP) have a results requirement and must then have to fault, compensate their subscribers for the damage that the failure caused them.

This obligation applies both when the services are directly exercised by the access provider, here Orange, but also when the operator uses a service provider to do this. An operator performing his services via a service provider is therefore just as responsible if a network incident occurs on his line and is required to pay compensation.

Regarding Orange, according to its general conditions, the operator has 15 working days to restore the breakdown problems that would have intervened. Beyond that, he will have to compensate the subscriber to the Price of the Price of his Internet/Mobile subscription.

Network breakdown: how to request it ?

You are an orange customer and have been the victim of several Internet/mobile network failures consecutive ? The service offered by Orange did not satisfy you ?
You can make a online complaint request ::

Contact Orange

By sending an email to orange service

By contacting an advisor via the orange cat

To access it, you must connect with your identifiers on your Orange customer area and go to the section complaint.

If the answer provided by Orange is not satisfactory, you can then call on a mediator, to settle your dispute amicably. In the event of a conflict with your telephone operator or your internet access provider, you can enter the electronic communications mediator On the dedicated site.

Internet and mobile subscription

You want to change operator ?

Orange breakdown: subscribers no longer have a network, what happens ?

Since this Wednesday morning, orange subscribers have been suffering. Number of services are inaccessible like email services, orange TV and calls. Some are even deprived of internet connection. According to the operator, a power supply problem is responsible.

Orange breakdown

Update March 17 3:44 p.m.: Orange is again concerned with a breakdown, at the same time as SFR and Bouygues Telecom. We are expecting information.

Update March 17 3.30 p.m.: The orange failure is resolved, but a new breakdown is currently touching SFR, Bouygues, Prixtel and Red subscribers.

Update March 16 10:00 am: This Thursday morning, some users still fail to access their mailbox, according to testimonies published on social networks and reports on Down DETECTOR. “Customers could still meet some disruptions to access their emails this Wednesday evening (mainly on smartphone). The situation has been nominal since 11 p.m. and remains stable at the start of the day. These services will remain under reinforced vigilance throughout the day ”, Indicates an orange spokesperson, contacted by Tom’s Guide.

Update March 15 at 2:30 p.m.: Orange ensures that TV services work again. On the other hand, “Access to Orange messaging is always disrupted. The emails sent and received during this incident will be gradually issued as soon as the services resumes ”, promises the operator.

Update March 15 11:00 p.m : On social networks, users deplore the blocking of their mailbox which extends on Wednesday evening. The service is struggling to recover in certain homes and affected customers fulminate.

Orange is far from being the king of breakdowns. But the operator is not immune to a major dysfunction. On Wednesday, March 15, Orange subscribers rushed on social networks to report the failure of mail services (webmail and application), TV and calls to the service service. Users say they had internet connection cuts, some even fail to make calls and send SMS. The regions of Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux or even Lille have been affected.

Orange Mail TV breakdown

Wednesday evening, reports on Down Detector indicated that the breakdown was still alive among some users. It was the mail services that continued to dysfunction.“Since 7:19 am this morning I have not received emails, it’s been 14 hours of breakdown and interruption of the service !! Explanations please ?» Moves Joëlle Bayard on Twitter. Customers still affected criticize the communication of the operator who elected the persistence of the breakdown.

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