Oqee: Free enriches its Freebox Revolution offer, Oqee by Free: The Streaming Platform for Freebox subscribers |

Oqee by free: a complete TV offer for Freebox subscribers

For benefit from the application on your Apple TV, you’ll need :

Oqee: Free enriches its Freebox Revolution offer

Available since March 2022 on mobility and on compatible supports for Freebox Revolution subscribers, Oqee announces this July 7 an enrichment. If 10 hours of recording have so far been included in the cloud for Freebox Revolution/Revolution packages with TV by Canal, the operator now allows 40 hours of recording.

What save more programs at home in multi-TV (Player or Apple TV) but also on other supports such as Samsung, Fire TV or even Android and iPhone smartphones and smartphones. For those who have exceeded the quota, they will always be charged monthly 0.02 €/hour exceeded. So you have to think about sorting.

By way of comparison, Freebox Pop and Delta Pop subscribers have 100 hours of recording via OQEE. The Free TV interface provides access to 220 channels included (280 for Revolution and Delta subscribers via TV by Canal), but also to the control of the Direct, at the Start Over, at the Replays and at Oqee Ciné.

Oqee by free: a complete TV offer for Freebox subscribers

In the Digital Age, Triple Play offers (Internet + fixed television + television) are increasingly please consumers. Free has been able to adapt to deal with competition by developing a TV streaming service available only for its subscribers: Oqee by free. To complete its TV offer, the Internet service provider released its own streaming platform in March 2023: Oqee Ciné. How to access these services ? What catalog of content offers this platform ? How much does it cost ? Choose.com details you everything there is to know about OQEE in this article.

Streaming Oqee Free

Posted on 03/30/2023 | Updated on 06/16/2023 | by Vanessa Rollot

Oqee by free: what is it ?

Free operator streaming service has been baptized: Oqee, But this name was not chosen by chance. Indeed, this acronym refers to the values ​​of the Internet operator: O For “wherever you want”, q for “when you want” and the 2 “e” of “free”.

Oqee by free is a complete TV offer made available to free subscribers. The operator’s customers with a subscription Freebox Delta, Mini 4K, Revolution or Freebox Pop can access their programs from their box interface or directly from a mobile device. Oqee therefore allows you to access all your programs wherever you are. The Internet access provider offers you the possibility of viewing your programs on various supports such as:

  • Apple TV ;
  • Android TV (except Player Mini 4K);
  • Smartphone and tablet (Application available on Android and iOS);
  • Samsung TV ;
  • computer (via Browser).

Thanks to Oqee by Free, the Internet operator box customers can benefit from many audiovisual content and multiple features. The application also allows a Unlimited access to the VOD content catalog.

But that’s not all, Free has set up a system ofpersonalized assistance If you encounter difficulties or dysfunction (see paragraph: how the TV OQEE by free service works ?)).

How the tv oqee by free service works ?

Capable of managing several profiles at a time, the application Oqee by free is very easy to use. So you can Create personalized access for each member of your home. To configure a user profile, you must:

  1. Make the “Settings” menu for the application screen for you;
  2. Select “profiles”;
  3. Click on “Add”.

Once these steps have been made, you will only have to Customize your profile. This function not only allows OQEE to make personalized recommendations according to your preferences, but also to exploit all of the resources offered by Free without interfering with the configuration of other members of your family family.

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What does the OQEE platform offer ?

The Oqee by Free service is Available for download on ::

This streaming platform allows its subscribers to benefit from a Very wide choice of content. Thanks to the OQEE by Free application, you can take advantage of programs such as:

  • there Tnt live ;
  • until 98 Replay services ;
  • until 579 television channels, including 220 inclusive ;
  • 25 video platforms on demand, including Oqee Ciné;
  • until 52 Freebox TV packs.

You will understand, Free has not skimped on the means to make available to its customers a complete offer of audiovisual content.

If you wish, you can subscribe to paid channels on oqee by free. These are easily recognizable thanks to the padlock. Let’s see the steps to be done to subscribe to one of them:

  1. Go to the OQEE website;
  2. Choose the channel for which you want to subscribe via the “Channels” tab.

You can now enjoy your new channel !

Oqee cinema: what is and how to access it ?

Like Netflix, Free has chosen to offer a service Avod (Advertising video on as) for his subscribers. This means that the Oqee Ciné platform is entirely funded by advertising broadcast during your program.

Oqee Ciné offers you a Rich and varied catalog of films and series available when and where you wish. The platform offers you both recent American series as well as youth films or even French comedies.

For Access the OQEE Ciné content catalog, you have to :

  1. Go to the “Oqee by Free” application;
  2. Access the “VOD” tab;
  3. Click on the “Our Services” section;
  4. Access “Oqee cinema”.

Be careful, to be able to take advantage of it, You must be subscribed to the TV option whose price is € 1.99 per month. In addition, all the equipment is not yet compatible, but a deployment is planned on the Freebox Mini 4K and the Samsung Smart TV.

What are the features of the OQEE by free streaming platform ?

The Oqee by Free application incorporates many features for high quality service:

  • Live TV and services in replay. You have access to the many television channels and associated replay services;
  • Direct control. With this function, you can pause or go back to the program you look at (if the chain is eligible for this functionality);
  • Resumption of direct. You resume where you stopped even on another medium;
  • digital recording. Program your recording or launch it live even remotely. (you benefit from 10 hours of recording included with the Freebox Revolution offer. The price is 0.02 €/h/month beyond);
  • start-over. This function allows you to resume a program from the start without having recorded it;
  • chromecast. Launch and control your programs from your Android Mobile OQEE application directly on your television;
  • TV guide. Find the program grid to see the entire TV program over the next 2 weeks;
  • personalized interface. It allows you to benefit from programs that suit you with the recommendations;
  • 5 simultaneous devices. Each family member can take advantage of their favorite programs.

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Calculate your savings

For know the number of hours of recording that remains, Go to the “Settings” menu, “Subscription and codes” section, then “your recording consumption”. You will see a gauge appearing that will allow you to assess the remaining quantity.

How to download and install the OQEE application ?

For Free subscribers, the Oqee by Free application is already installed on the POP Player (Free Decoder).

If you also want Take advantage of the application on your smartphone or tablet, simply :

  1. Download the OQEE by Free application on Android or iOS;
  2. Connect with your Freebox identifier;
  3. Create your oqee profile and enjoy your programs !

For Take advantage of the application on your Samsung TV, you have to :

  1. Connect your television to the Freebox;
  2. Download the “OQEE by Free” application from the “APP” tab of your Samsung TV;
  3. Launch the application (the connection is done automatically).

For benefit from the application on your Apple TV, you’ll need :

  1. Download the “Oqee by Free” application from App Store;
  2. Launch the application on Apple TV, an authentication screen will appear;
  3. Select the “Connect” button (you will then be automatically recognized by the “Oqee by Free” application), a new screen will appear;
  4. Choosing the oqee by free profile with which you want to navigate on oqee by free, you are now connected !

Who can take advantage of oqee and at what price ?

The only condition to benefit from the full OQEE by Free TV offer is to have an internet subscription with the free access provider. Whether you are subscribed to the Freebox Pop, Delta, Revolution or Mini 4K offer, you can benefit from this streaming service. On the other hand, the offer is not Not available for subscribers to the Freebox Delta S Since the latter is one of the Dual Play offers (Internet + telephone) and therefore does not include television services.

The application is available for the following Internet subscriptions ::

  • Freebox Revolution at € 19.99/month for 1 year, then € 44.99/month with a 1 year commitment;
  • Freebox Pop at € 29.99/month for 1 year, then € 39.99/month without obligation;
  • Freebox Delta at € 39.99/month for 1 year, then € 49.99/month without obligation.

What to do in the event of a problem with the OQEE TV service ?

As with all applications, it may happen that TV related services encounter difficulties or dysfunctions. But Free thought of everything ! The Internet service provider has set up a assistance In order to adjust the breakdowns as quickly as possible.

Here are the means put in place by the operator:

  • Online assistance accessible from the operator’s website;
  • a community aid forum;
  • Telephone assistance at 3244, 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 0h (free call from a free line).

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