OpenOffice for Mac – Download it for free from uptodown, Top 10 text processing for Mac in 2023 (free and paid)

Top 10 text processing for Mac in 2023 (free and paid)

This is the most popular word processor for Mac to date; Microsoft has already proven its competence for a long time. They have the possibility of innovating applications and tools for which they have a reason why they already have a version for 2019. Thanks to the continuous innovation of MS Word with its extensive abilities, you can use it that you are simply creating a simple letter until you can even use it as a reporting material because it has graphics and a graphic representation capacity.

Open Office

Open Office.Org is the sequence of open source essential productivity par excellence and the free alternative to famous programs like Apple IWork and Microsoft Office.

Open Office.Org includes word processing software (Writer), a formula page (Formula), a database assistant (Database), a tool for the creation of slideshow (presentation) and another for schematic representations (Drawing).

Open Office.Org finally arrives at us in a native version for Mac, which explains the uselessness of executing the X11 server (only available for Mac OS X Intel for the moment).

Even if OpenOffice.Org does not automatically perform the guide which allows you to select the type of document of your choice, you can access the different applications from the corresponding menu: text document, calculation sheet, presentation, database or drawing.

In addition, it is compatible with the main Microsoft Office file formats, which is why you can use OpenOffice to open PPS or PPERPOINT PPT files on Mac or Word Documents in Doc format.

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For Mac OS X 10.4 or later, including Leopard. If your computer processor is PPC, click here to download an appropriate version of your computer.

Top 10 text processing for Mac in 2023 (free and paid)

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The majority of the reasons why people buy a machine, whether Windows or Mac, it is because work or school, you could be confused to choose from many options. And that’s why we have the list of the best Word processing for Mac To guide you. There are paid applications and some can be downloaded for free. We will also show its characteristics and advantages and all you have to do is select what is best for your needs

Part 1. Best paid text processing for Mac

MS Word 2019

This is the most popular word processor for Mac to date; Microsoft has already proven its competence for a long time. They have the possibility of innovating applications and tools for which they have a reason why they already have a version for 2019. Thanks to the continuous innovation of MS Word with its extensive abilities, you can use it that you are simply creating a simple letter until you can even use it as a reporting material because it has graphics and a graphic representation capacity.

One of his latest updates is that he has smart look -ups in a way that he is connected to the Internet. For example, you read a document and there are words that are jargon for you, you can select these words or expressions and better understand via internet which word can make for you automatically. In addition, the 2019 package includes a translator in which it can translate different languages, and you can customize the texts according to the appearance of your screen. The coolest thing is that since Microsoft has already launched Microsoft Office 365, you can access and work on your files via a web browser even if you are in your iOS version.

MS Word 2019

The cost range can range from 6.$ 99 / per month or 69.$ 99 / per year, the MS Home and Student package with PowerPoint and Excel can cost 149.00 $ / per year, although we strongly recommend that you get Microsoft Office 365.

IA Writer

If you are passionate about writing or if the nature of your work mainly concerns writing, you may like this word processor for mac application. This was launched in 2010 and was created for iPad, then they launched the next versions also included with Windows, Mac and Android, the most recent application is already the third generation published and had about three updates.

It will allow you to focus on what you write because of some of its features when you start writing the toolbar or the menu bars will disappear even if it seems very minimalist since its objective is that you like to write. The background of the application is light gray in color, with a simple line and a cursor. Also has the ability to do color coding when you use adjectives, names, verbs and adverbs and conjunctions.

It can cost you 29.$ 99, but this is a single payment.


This is another minimalist word processing tool, its main characteristic is its use of Markdown to help you create friendly content for the Internet, some of the advertisements can be crossed references, tables and low notes page. Other features include full screen, Handoff and Split View. It can also be connected to your iCloud storage directly to save your files using their application.

Word processor for mac byword

This word processing tool for Mac also works as an old typewriter in which the text scrolls each time you write it makes you see the passage you type. He has a link with WordPress, Blogger, Evernote and Tumblr in which everything you write can be published directly.

It’s more affordable and you can get it for 10.$ 99, if your works are mainly online, it could be a good deal for you.


If you write novels or scenarios, whether you also make blogs, you may like this word processor for Mac application, people who are in the same sector use Scrivener. About 7 years ago, they launched it for free with paid upgrades, then it succeeded, which is why they joined the application and made a paid application of it. It contains many models that you can use, that you choose to write short stories, poetry and scenarios. It also helps you organize your writings because it has a collection of your documents and sub-documents, it also has resources for your research.

Scrivener has a double -screen option, in which you can write on one of the screens and the other screen can be your sources or your references. You can make a summary for recordings as well as include keywords and other metadata. Another table allows you to include references and another allows you to take an overview of an archive directly and come back later, in case you need it.

When you are ready, the culmination of the compilation facilitates the grouping of all the archives and sub-fans of a company prepared for printing or price, including for the group of electronic books Kindle. There is also an iOS rendering, so you can do it quickly.

You can get this word processor application for Mac for 45.00 $.


In case Scrivener is too much for your writing needs, Ulysses offers a less difficult alternative. It associates components of IA Writer, for example, Markdown support and uninterrupted writing, with a library of records like that of Scrivener. In addition, it has an iOS application, which allows you to switch effectively between iOS and macOS when you write a document.

Although in Scrivener, you create another file for each document you make. Ulysses works somewhat unexpectedly. Its interface resembles the Finder of MacOS and, similar to the Finder, it gives access to each of your documents, but from the interior of the application. You can automatically adjust the screen brightness from its integrated shade pallets, for example. Ulysses has a typewriter that looks at the mode like those of Byword and Ia Writer and also has a partial screen like that of Scrivener.

Word processor for Mac Ulysses

Although this word processor for the Mac application has just had minimal updates since its launch, but improved with new capacities for each update.

The cost is 4.$ 99 / per month or 39.$ 99 / per year.


The Mac has some decent scripting applications; However, the default decision has always been the final project. One fifth of the cost of the final project, Slugline has a bonus to offer. It is intensely centered on the composition and use of the keyboard, instead of using a mouse, to design your content.

In this sense, for example, type a name and it is displayed in capital letters, as well as the content designed for scripts. You can start another scene by composing int. or on the other hand extreme. Also, Slugline knows that you are going to compose an activity. The organization also uses the keyboard, a reference chip on each side emphasizes the content, two and the content is reinforced. You can insert notes in the content, make traces and hide, instead of eraseing the duplicate pieces.

Slugline records are spared in the form of raw content, so you can delete them on a word processor at any stage. In addition, when you are ready to send, you adapt a PDF to share or print.

The cost of this word processor for the Mac application is 39.$ 99.


This is a good application in case you need to write blog entries on your Mac and submit them directly on the web. It has the advantage of looking closely at an advanced Mac application because of its plan and is also accessible for iOS with the help of Handoff. You can use blogo with self-facilitated websites or, just like with blogger and medium. This helps Markdown to compose and modify, however, you can also work in rich content. If you wish, anyway, you can use HTML mode online.

There is a fundamental image editorial manager in which works and the preview allows you to perceive what your article will look like when you present it on your blog. You can plan publications and an increase in the program facilitates the inclusion of web content publications. The essential restitution, which is all that many customers will need, is free. A professional form based on membership is also accessible, and includes the support of many web journals and protruding facts such as the adjustment of drafts with Evernote and the management of remarks.

Its cost is also minimal, you can get it for 2.$ 99 / per month or 24.$ 49 / per year.

Part 2. Best free text processing for Mac

LibreOffice Writer

This word processing tool for Mac offers Microsoft Office features. You can use it in almost all the document files you may need, as .Docx and .doc, that’s what makes them more accessible.

Assistants allow you to immediately configure notifications and letters. It also has style and formatting tools. What is cool, it has a prediction text function, it makes suggestions as you enter. Its tools can also help you create indexes and tables of materials for long writing. Its website also contains a model available for download if you want to add tools to this writer, you can simply visit their website.

LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice does not manage to clean Office 2019 and have no similar strengths to allow you to effectively take an archive photo on an iOS gadget just like your Mac. Anyway, as a free application, it is roughly a good application to use.

Google Documents

Google was the spearhead of the electronic application technique for work, so you can take your work at any time and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. It is a good alternative to take a photo of documents on your own, the main advantage being that you can extract them anywhere where you are connected to your Google account, whether on your own mac, an iOS or N gadget ‘I matter where. You are approaching an internet browser.

Several users can also access the document since you can share it with them, but of course, you must allow access to a particular user. It is anything but an instrument that we would decide to write as a method to share thoughts, make recordings and reports, write recordings or share content used by various people in a group – State, standard duplicate for Stories on a site, or articles on a blog – it’s magnificent, especially since staying informed of the latest news is so natural.


Each innovation, the goal is to give your writing an extraordinary aspect because it has been linked to giving you incredible composition instruments. The most recent form, notwithstanding, is undoubtedly an exceptionally capable composition application. Just like helps for advances, for example, Force Touch and Split View on MacBook. The pages make the exchange between macOS and iOS as simple as possible. The use of iCloud as a recording capacity implies that you can photograph them wherever you have a Mac, an iOS gadget or access to an internet browser.

Anyway, what separates pages from others is his help for handoff, which means that you do not need to save and close a report on a gadget before moving on. There are many improvements to the pages in late forms, the one that has not changed is their powerful models very easy to use. They made it more accessible thanks to the possibility of inserting images from your photo library or any location on your Mac. You can also customize color games or fonts in the model.

Word processing for Mac pages

Pages is a complete and current word processing tool for Mac, which makes it really good is actually free.

Part 3. Bonus tips: how to manage your disorderly word documents

If you work on many items, documents or projects, it is always possible that you have many drafts and some of the unusable files that you tend to forget to clean your storage. Especially when you write or work on such bulky documents, this can take up space on your storage.

When the performance of your system slows down, this may affect the interesting functionality of the writing application you use, say that the predictive text may not work due to a slow computer. It is always better to have imymac powermymac practical to help you get rid of the large files you no longer need.

How to use imymac powermymac

  1. Visit our IMYMAC then download and launch imymac powermymac
  2. On the left side of the screen, select Master Scan or large and old files
  3. Press scan then it will display all the files that are the basket on your system, then select the ones you want to delete
  4. At the bottom right of the screen, click the Clean button
  5. It will display the quantity of storage that has been cleaned and the remaining storage of your Mac

Delete Word documents in disorder

Part 4. Conclusion

It is indeed always important to have a word processor for Mac, and it is better to wonder first if it will cost you or if it is free. If your nature of work is writing, it is very good to invest in large writing platforms that could really help you and work as an assistant, but if you just need simple documents, you can get free.

Evaluation: 4.7/5 (based on 59 evaluation)

Apple pages

Apple pages

Pages is the word processing tool designed by Apple for iPhone, iPad and Mac. It is an alternative to Microsoft Word.

With pages, you have 70 models designed by Apple to instantly create reports, digital books, CV, cards, posters and much more. You can import and modify Microsoft Word documents and text files, but also create interactive books in EPUB format and publish them on Apple Books to make them available to purchase or download. You can also add mathematical equations with latex or mathml rating.

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