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Some characters are not allowed in folder and file names. These characters are the following: *: < >? / \ | “” . Also, folder or file names cannot start or end with a point.


OneDrive is free online storage integrated into Microsoft 365. It saves office documents in the cloud, open them or modify them from any of the devices you use. OneDrive acts as a hard drive, it is possible to add any type of documents to access it wherever you are. Sharing and collaboration are simple thanks to OneDrive.

  • online storage of 1 TB (including a maximum of 30,000,000 files);
  • Downloading files with a size of up to 10 GB;
  • Access to files from a web interface, a mobile application or an Office application;
  • Synchronization of files on a workstation or any other device in order to access it offline;
  • file sharing, as well as access control to them.
  • Quick access: OneDrive

OneDrive is also accessible by the application launcher, once connected to the Microsoft 365 interface.

Synchronization of files

It is possible to synchronize your files stored in OneDrive on your workstation. To do this, you must download the new generation synchronization customer for OneDrive to the following address: https: //

This synchronization client is installed by default on Windows 10. For other operating systems, be sure to download the new version of the customer offered above.

Microsoft offers documentation according to your operating system, in order to install and configure the new generation synchronization customer for OneDrive on your workstation:


Loading files and folders

File loading on OneDrive

Two options are possible:

1 re option

In the menu bar, select Load and choose Files Or Case In the drop -down menu (see image below).

  • Files: Select one or more files to load and click on Open. It is possible to use the multiple selection: Ctrl + click or uppercase + click
  • Folder: Select the folder and click on Import

2nd option

Slide one or more files or a folder to the browser window from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

File management

ONEDRIVE file management

From the Windows file explorer or the Mac Finder (if synchronization is activated)

Manage your files like any other files and changes will be synchronized to Office 365.

From a web browser

  1. Select one or more files and/or folders.
    • By clicking in the left left column.
    • Using CTRL + CLIC or CALLUE + CLICK on the line containing a file or a folder (not on the file name).
  2. Select an action.
    • Using the toolbar which appears at the top of the page to select the action to be performed.
    • Using the menu Display actions represented by three points one above the other.

File sharing

Share files on OneDrive

  1. Select the file or folder.
  2. Select Share in the menu bar, in the menu Display actions or click on the icon Share On the same line as the file or folder.
  3. Select who will have access.
    • Anyone with the link: everyone with the link will have access to it.
    • People in Usherbrooke with the link: anyone with a CIP and having the link will have access to it.
    • People who already have access: anyone already having access and having the link will have access to it.
    • Specific people: only the people you select and have the link will have access.
  4. Check or not Authorize the modification To activate modification or consultation mode only.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Add an email address or select the people you want to share the document and enter a message.
  7. Click Send. An email will be sent to selected persons.

It is also possible to copy the link and send it yourself by email.

File search

Search for files on OneDrive

Enter the text to be sought in the research field.

Office Online

Online Office Suite

The Office suite is available online.

  • To create a new file: click in the menu bar on New And select the application of the desired Office suite.
  • To modify a file created from the Office suite (ex. Word, Excel): Click on the file name so that it opens in the online version or in the menu Display actions, Select Open and then Browser Or APPLY OPEN, Depending on if you want to open the file in the online version or in the full version (if it is installed on your workstation).

OneDrive for Microsoft 365 groups

If you are a member or owner of Microsoft 365 groups, they will appear at the bottom of the left menu. Select one of these groups to manage the files in the same way as you would for your personal OneDrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to do not send attachments as OneDrive files from Microsoft 365?

Preferences for attachments on OneDrive

Microsoft 365 allows one or more files to be attached to an email as a oneedrive file. This means that email recipients will be able to see the latest modifications made to real -time files. However, these recipients must have a Microsoft 365 account to have access to the files available on OneDrive.

It is possible to choose your preferences as to how files must be attached to an email. To always send the attached files as copies:

  • Select the gear icon located in the navigation menu at the top right.
  • Click on Mail and select from the left menu Mail> Options of attachments> Preferences for attachments.
  • For each option, select Always reach them as copies.
  • Click on the button Save.

It is possible to modify your preferences at any time.

These preferences can only be changed if you have one OneDrive storage space.

How to share a oneedrive file for an unlimited period?

ONEDRIVE file sharing for an unlimited period

Using the option Share a OneDrive file, A link will be sent to the people to whom the file must be shared. However, this link will only be valid for seven days. In order to share a file for an unlimited period, you must:

  1. Select the file to share.
  2. Click on the icon representing a I surrounded located at the top right.
  3. In the information window on the right, click on the link Change authorizations.
  4. Click on Add people.
  5. Fill the form according to the access to be allocated and clicked on the button Share.

How to be notified when a document I have shared is changed?

Notification on onedrive when a file is modified

It is possible to define an alert to be notified of changes made in a document. Here’s how to proceed:

  • In the OneDrive application, at the bottom of the left menu, click on Return to the classic OneDrive experience.
  • Click on the gear icon at the top right. The panel Settings appears.
  • Activate the parameter Ribbon.
  • Select the document for which you wish to define an alert.
  • Click on the tab Files up.
  • A toolbar is displayed, click on Warn me (icon of a bell) and select Define an alert on this document.
  • Fill out the form according to the alert you want to receive and click OK.

To modify or delete an already created alert, select Manage my alerts from the button Warn me.

Can I share files safely with university external people?

If the person does not have an office service 365, here are the steps they will have to follow to access the files:

  • Click from its email box on the shared link to access the files. A “checking your identity” window will appear.
  • Enter your email address (that used when sharing files) and click on Following. A “Enter a verification code” window will appear.
  • A new email is then sent to its email box with an verification code (if the email is not in the reception box, check in the spam).
  • Enter the code received by email and click on Check.

Can I recover deleted files in OneDrive?

Deleted folders or files are moved to the basket and accessible in it for 60 days. Subsequently, they will be moved to a secondary basket for another 30 -day period.

To recover a folder or a deleted file:

  • Select Basket In the left menu of OneDrive.
  • A window appears, displaying the deleted elements.
  • Check the folder or file to recover and click on the button Restore selection.
  • If the folder or file you want to recover cannot be there, click on the link secondary basket at the bottom of the window. The recovery procedure is the same as that mentioned in the previous step.

Changes made to a file seem to be lost. What to do to recover them?

History of versions of documents in OneDrive

Check synchronization

The changes are probably not lost, it is possibly a synchronization problem. By working on an accessible OneDrive file from a personal device, the content of the file is then downloaded locally from this device. It is therefore necessary to ensure that synchronization of the file has been executed properly, in order to access the updated content from another device or online. To do this, it is obviously necessary that the device is connected to the Internet.

In the event that synchronization has failed, it is then necessary to return to the original place where the modifications were made to find the desired content.

To know how to recognize the different statutes of a file in the file explorer of your computer, consult Learn more about the ONEDRIVE files feature.

Version history

It is also possible to have access to the history of a file and thus be able to restore an old version of it. Obviously, the content must have been synchronized to appear in the history.

To access the history of a file from online OneDrive:

  1. Select the file.
  2. Click on Version history In the top menu.
  3. A window is displayed with the list of the latest versions of the file. To restore a version:
    1. Select the desired version.
    2. Click on .
    3. Select Restore.

    Are there rules concerning the designation of folders and files?

    Some characters are not allowed in folder and file names. These characters are the following: *: < >? / \ | “” . Also, folder or file names cannot start or end with a point.

    Will my OneDrive storage space still be accessible once graduate?

    No, you will no longer have access to your OneDrive storage space, once a graduate. Your files stored in OneDrive will however be kept for a minimum period of 30 days as a result of your diploma to allow you to make a copy of these. An email will be sent to you when the exact date of withdrawal of your access to OneDrive will be known. Report: Visit the site

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