Microsoft OneDrive reviews (test 2023): The best integration in Windows and Office, OneDrive: Price, Reviews & Subscription to the Cloud Subscription

OneDrive Reviews, Price & Info on cloud storage offers published by Microsoft

In terms of prices, Microsoft offers several formulas for OneDrive. A personal formula and a business formula. So how much one costs one drive ?

Microsoft OneDrive reviews (test 2023): the best integration in Windows and Office

OneDrive is both one of the most famous and unloved cloud storage services on the market. It must be said that its native integration into Windows can be similar to both quality and defect: any user of the Microsoft operating system has easily access, but the various pop-up windows calling for a subscription to OneDrive can also have the gift of annoying. Anyway, OneDrive remains a very good cloud storage service, also with good compatibility with the Office 365 suite, which makes it a tool of choice as part of collaborative work. So, despite its flaws, and thanks to its qualities, one has something to establish itself as a viable alternative in September 2023 ?

In an ever more competitive market, OneDrive could certainly have been one of the most dominant players in the field of cloud storage services. It must be said that the service has many things for him: it is offered by default to all Windows users, which makes him an undeniable advertisement, it allows the integration of the Office 365 suite with total synchronization which makes it a the most interesting collaborative tools on the market. However, despite all these non-negligible advantages, OneDrive is still struggling to slide among market juggers, alongside Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud or Mega.

Suffice to say that it is not enough to be a veteran in an area to certainly remain one of its most serious actors, and OneDrive seems to have understood it. Thus, in this year 2023, the cloud storage supplier made a lot of large -scale changes, including a total overhaul of his interface, with what Microsoft ended up calling “New Onedrive”. This upgrade affects both the visuals of the application as to the functionalities offered by OneDrive, allowing a much more pleasant experience on a daily basis, in a professional, personal or student setting (and that’s good, since it’s back to school).

Despite these recent additions which were much necessary, ONEDRIVE has something to tickle competition in September 2023 ? We return to the main qualities and defects of the service.

  • Presentation of Microsoft OneDrive
  • Is there a free offer at Microsoft OneDrive ?
  • File synchronization
  • Sharing and collaboration
  • How Microsoft OneDrive fits into work tools ?
  • Media management
  • The different offers offered by Microsoft OneDrive
  • Data security and confidentiality
  • Assistance and user support
  • Conclusion

Notice, price & info on cloud storage offers published by Microsoft .

ONEDRIVE online storage service is distinguished from competition by its Extremely advanced integration into the Microsoft ecosystem. It is found on Windows 10, which activates it on system and default user folders as soon as a Microsoft account is connected. The same goes for the Office 365 online office automation suite, which is supplied by default with a generous OneDrive space.

Synchronization of documents above all

OneDrive may be a “drive”, its default operation is more turned towards backup than remote storage. Most of the time, it works transparently with software and operating systems to securely record documents, files and sensitive data day after day. There are many computers to use it without even knowing it. It constitutes A great backup solution For the Windows 10 operating system: this is its main advantage in front of competitors like Dropbox and Google Drive. Thanks to him, it could not be easier to Store your photos, videos, music and personal documents On servers of the American company Microsoft safely.

Classic mobile and software applications

Mobile (Andoid, iOS) and Desktop (macOS) applications are however offered with, in this case, more classic operation. They allowAccess content in the cloud And to carry out multiple actions there: deletion, modification addition, secure sharing via a link ..

OneDrive is also accessible via mobile applications and web browsers

On these devices, The handling is natural And the tool behaves as we might hope with any competitor network disc. Share a file, a note or display an image could not be easier to use and ergonomic.

A mastered price for Microsoft customers

If we omit the very limited free subscription, the only paying OneDrive subscription offers only a limited interest in view of its ridiculously low storage volume. To enjoy a cloud space worthy of the name, Better to turn to Microsoft 365 subscriptions, more generous and associated with the online Office suite. For a reasonable cost, they also offer unlimited access to Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Skype. But that implies that you have the useful, be as a student, or professional. If not your case, We recommend a more traditional drive offer, Like that proposed by PCloud. The cloud storage volume is generally doubled at equivalent prices, with which more is multiple unpublished features intended to facilitate everyday life. We will finally note that in the event of a problem, The support is limited to the documentation sheets Accessible on the Microsoft site. It is indeed difficult to obtain an answer to specific questions that you may meet.

Last update on March 15, 2021

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May 28, 2021 ★ ★★★★ Respond attention, OneDrive caused me enormous worries ! I bought the solution to 2 EUR but it deletes files on other disks and disorganizes all your folders ! A m…. nameless !

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How well costs OneDrive – Price ?

In terms of prices, Microsoft offers several formulas for OneDrive. A personal formula and a business formula. So how much one costs one drive ?

�� Discover the tips and tricks on one drive !

How much is personal one drive ?

For a personal drive you have up to 5GB offered, then you can complete your storage space with different offers. For 2 € per month you can have up to 100 GB. Otherwise you can benefit from an Office 365 staff account. Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription service that brings together current office, communication and online collaboration applications. Very simple use, this solution is compatible with your existing computer equipment. Everything is supported by robust security, reliability and control you need to manage your business. All for € 69 per year. With this one you will benefit from 1 TB of storage, the Office suite, Dela Possibility of use on several PC/Mac, tablets and smartphones, including Windows, iOS and Android and many other features. If you are several, you can for 99 € per office 365 family with 6 TB in total and the possibility of being up to 6 users !

ONE DRIVE Business offers

ONEDRIVE ENTREPRISE offers are available in 3 possible plans, the first, ONEDRIVE ENTREPRISE PLAN 1, is the ideal solution for companies that need a file sharing service and OneDrive storage space for € 4.20 HT per user per month without office software included you will have 1 to one user storage to user.

The second, OneDrive Entreprise Plan 2, an ideal solution for companies that need a file sharing service and a OneDrive storage space thanks to its advanced safety and compliance features. It is € 8.40 per user per month you will have unlimited storage space.

Finally for € 10.50 excl. Tax per month per user, there is the Office 365 Business Premium offer. The most complete solution ideal, for companies that need professional quality messaging, office software and services such as OneDrive.