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Véligo Rental: bicycle rental service

– preparing the bicycle according to your options

Veligo Rental at the CCEJR

For all those who are tempted by the electric bike, and who need a trial period before adopting it forever ! Residents of between Juine and Reede can benefit from Véligo Rental for their daily trips in Île-de-France. This service includes the rental of an electric assistance bike and its maintenance, for 40 euros per month maximum, with a possible support for employers up to 50 %.

Véligo Rental is much more than a service, it is a lifestyle for the inhabitants of the South Essonne who want to move in peace and without polluting. Proposed by Île-de-France Mobilités as part of the development plan for the use of cycling in daily journeys, he offers a long -term rental service with assistance and allows you to discover the use of electric assistance bikes.

To subscribe, simply Registering on this email address is protected against spammeurs robots. You must activate the JavaScript to view it. or on the site Veligo-Location.Fr To rent the bike for a period of six months at a price of 40 euros per month, including:

– The loan of a high -end bicycle made in France

– standard equipment

– preparing the bicycle according to your options

– a preventive maintenance visit and its management

– resumption of bicycle at the end of the subscription.

For you if you are in one of the following situations, it’s € 20 per month:

  • Student, apprentice or young in integration under 26 years old
  • Non-imposed person over 65
  • Job seeker beneficiary of ASS
  • Beneficiary of the CMU-C
  • Beneficiary of the allowance for disabled adults
  • Holder of an imagine R pass, amethyst package or Solidarity Transport pricing

The inhabitants of between Juine and Reede have the opportunity to come and seek their bicycle at the headquarters of the community of communes between Juine and Régerin: 2 rue des Beêtres Pourpres 91580 etréchy.

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Véligo Rental: bicycle rental service

The Ile -de -France residents have had of the largest long -term electric bicycle (VAE) bicycle (VAE) in the world since September 2019. The objective is to encourage the use of cycling, especially for home-work trips.

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The Véligo Rental bicycle rental service is what ?

Véligo Rental is a long-term bicycle rental service set up by Île-de-France Mobilités.

It offers the possibility of renting a bicycle for a defined period and allows all Ile -de -France residents of Discover the use of cycling for their daily trips, Whether for home-work trips or for example to reach a station.

The bicycle benefits from many equipment in order to make it a reliable, efficient and pleasant bike: front lighting, basket, secure braking or even anti -theft. Accessories are also available as an option (bag, helmet, baby carrier) in order to adapt to everyone’s needs.

Find all the answers to your questions here:

20,000 VAE and 500 Cargos bikes

The Véligo Rental Service Account 20,000 Electric Assistance Bikes (VAE), and 500 Cargos bikes with Electric Assistance (VCAE).

Cargos bikes, which can transport up to a hundred kg, are intended for families who wish to replace their cars and transport their children. 3 cargo bicycle models are available: twin, extended and scooter. 500 additional cargo bikes will be rented in the summer of 2023.

How much does the Véligo Rental service cost ?

The VAE is offered to Ile-de-France residents for a long-term rental of 6 months (+ 3 optional months), at a rate of 40 €/month, which can be reduced to 20 €/month thanks to the care of the employer. This price includes bicycle rental, but also a maintenance revision ! The cargo bike is offered for a rental period of 1 to 3 months at a price of € 80/month (reduced rate at 40 €/month).
Once your order is confirmed, you can remove your bike in one of the 300 withdrawal points available in Île-de-France.

To book your Véligo Location, it’s here:

Use Véligo Rental, to move to Île-de-France with electric bikes

Purchasing assistance for different types of bikes

To encourage the tilting of Ile-de-France to bicycle, Île-de-France Mobilités has set up purchase aid for several types of bikes: electric bike, cargo bike with or without electrical assistance, folding bike with or without electrical assistance, and suitable bike.

The Véligo Rental contract

Announced in June 2017, Île-de-France Mobilités appointed Fluow (La Poste / Transdev / Velogik / Cyclez group) in November 2018, for the implementation and operation of this public service. The public service delegation contract relates to a period of 6 years from September 2019 for a total budget of 111 million euros. The current contract ends on August 31, 2025.

The success of Véligo Rental encourages to amplify the policy of provision of bikes. Thus, Île-de-France Mobilités is already thinking about the following.

The procedure for the renewal of the public service contract for the provision, the maintenance-maintenance and the operation of a public service of long-term rental in the Ile-de-France region will soon be launched. Several issues have been identified:

Ensure a successful transition between the two contracts without cuts for Ile -de -France residents

Increase the number of bikes from 20,000 to 40,000

Diversify the types of bikes to touch new audiences:

– Electric assistance bikes

– Cargos bikes for families

– Utility cargo bikes for professionals

– Bikes adapted to specific needs

Create bicycle houses at the station or station districts with:

– Information on all Île-de-France Mobilités bicycle services

– Personalized advice for choosing your rental bike

– bikes for short -term rentals,

– repair

– Animations around cycling with partners

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