Norton antivirus review: does the security suite deserve its place as better antivirus?, Norton review (2023): Read our test before buying it

Norton review (2023): Read our test before buying it

We also find Norton on iPhone (and iPad), provided you have a device equipped with the iOS 12 operating system or a more recent version. It is reminded that no antivirus is able to scan Apple smartphones looking for malware given the limitations of iOS.

Norton antivirus review: does the security suite deserve its place as better antivirus ?

Norton antivirus review

Very popular in the world of antivirus, Norton is in the list of the most effective and robust solutions to protect your computer against cyberrencies and strengthen your life online. Elected best choice by the UFC association, Norton’s fame is no longer to do again. And it is not without reason ! Whoever positions himself in the world top 3 in terms of popularity has been proven many times in tests of the main laboratories. Such as AV-Test or even AV-comparatives. Nevertheless, despite its popular offer for its simplicity, efficiency, functionality and ergonomics, antivirus continues to be up to ? Discover our opinion on Norton Antivirus.



  • Brand : NORTON
  • Language : French
  • Compatible OS: Microsoft, Mac and Android

Required configuration

  • Windows 7 or subsequent version
  • CPU 1 GHz
  • 2 go ram minimum
  • 300 MB of free space
  • Mac OS X 10.10.x (yosemite) or subsequent version
  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 or Xeon
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 300 MB of free space
  • Android 8.0 / Coloros 7.1 or later
  • 50 MB of free space

iPhone or iPad

  • iPhone or iPad under iOS 13 and subsequent

Good to know :

Due to Apple restrictions, Norton is not allowed to scan the presence of viruses and malware on iOS devices,

Norton antivirus review: an all-in-one solution

While threats and viruses are now swarming on the canvas to the great lady of users, antivirus software publishers are constantly making changes and innovations to their solution to block in an ever more relevant way the different types of threats. This is the case of Norton, the antivirus suite offered by the Nortonliflock publisher (formerly Symantec). Malware, Zero-day feat, ransomware, crypto-jacking… Norton intends to Protect your machine anytime, Without even that you see his presence.

If the solution has not always been favored because of its significant impact on the system, Norton has evolved well and is now a clean table with its Norton 360 offer. An all-in-one offer that has convinced both users and laboratories by its Protection performance and his lightness. Significant assets that we were able to confirm in this opinion on Norton Antivirus.

In a market now saturated with antivirus software, very better than each other, Norton is for us a sure value. Not only was its Norton 360 offer specially designed with the latest safety technologies in order to guarantee you robust and real -time antivirus protection against existing and emerging cyber threats.But, the security suite puts ingenious features at your service to meet all your needs. Here is what Norton offers:

À la carte analyzes

To meet all requirements, Norton offers 3 antivirus analysis options:

  • Quick Scan: This feature allows you to scan the files presenting the most risks in your computer. Such as temporary files, running processes and system files.
  • Complete analysis : allows you to inspect from top to bottom each partition of your computer and external discs.
  • The personalized scan : this analysis only inspects the specified files and folders

Note that for even faster analyzes, the antivirus provides you with Norton Insight. This feature allows you to analyze your entire system in 3 minutes Top chrono. Once the scan is finished, it signals the suspicious files on which it will be necessary to do a special analysis. It also marks known as reliable files to allow you to recognize them more easily. Norton Insight is one of the features that we have particularly liked in this opinion on Norton Antivirus.

Impressive detection rates

If Norton is still in the top 3 of the best PC antivirus In the overall ruling of Av-test and comparative av, it is because the security suite continues to prove the efficiency of its engine in the tests of the two laboratories. And it is not without reason since Norton uses a large repertoire of constantly updated malware, heuristic analysis and the machine learning To detect malware and prevent them from infiltrating devices.

Among other things, in the latest test of AV-Test, Norton carried out a 100% score For the detection of Zero-Day threats and emerging threats. The safety suite also displays impressive offline detection rates. According to the results of Av-comparative tests, Norton passes The 80% mark For offline detection. A difficult score to equal when you know that the best antivirus on the market combs 60%. Find our Top best antivirus

However, the number of false positive. In his latest benchmark, Av-Test notes a too aggressive proactive module.

An advanced firewall

Norton provides you with firewall advanced that protects you from attempts at network intrusions. This firewall offers ultra-effective protection against ARP and DNS usurpation. It is also infallible against SSL attacks such as “Man-in-the-Middle”. The icing on the cake: the Norton firewall provides you with many personalization options.

In addition, with Norton, you can also define access restrictions for all programs on your PC and traffic restrictions For all integrated Windows programs. Note that the firewall automatically monitors a list of 136 unusual protocols used by malware to detect any suspicious activities. Norton also has its own white list of popular programs so that they are not blocked by the firewall.

A secure web browser extension

To secure your digital activities as much as possible, Norton provides you with a secure web browser extension, Norton Safe Web. This offers to scan websites to guarantee the safety of your connection on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. This extension also makes it possible to detect a dangerous site.

Norton antivirus review: additional features

In addition to basic features to protect your device, Norton also offers additional features. To know :

  • A password manager
  • A parental control
  • A cloud backup for computers
  • A private virtual network (VPN) Unlimited
  • Safecam to protect the webcam
  • Identity theft protection
  • Dark web monitoring
  • The alert and restoration option of the Lifelock identity


If we remember the bad reputation that Norton has dragged with for many years, the sequel now stands out with his almost invisible impact On the performance of devices. In his latest test, Av-Test has absolutely nothing to blame the antivirus. And on this point, our opinion on Norton Antivirus is also very positive.

In addition, Norton presents itself today as one of the best solutions for gamers. Not only, the solution offers a patented mode, Game Optimizer which consumes even fewer resources. But, the solution also knows how to limit notifications to allow you to take full advantage of your gaming experience.


Although Norton has not reinforced his interface a lot, the solution remains particularly still remains as successful overall and particularly pleasant to use. You will find on the welcome everything you need for an easy handling of the software. The features are also explained to clear and concise so that you can quickly understand how they work.

What we like less: intrusive pubs that encourage you to buy modules and other products.

Conclusion on Norton Antivirus review

Despite some drawbacks, Norton is to date one of the best all-in-one security solutions to protect your computer. And all this with a minimal impact On machine performance. Additional functionalities of the security suite also convinced us and reinforce our opinion on Norton Antivirus.

Norton review (2023): Read our test before buying it

Norton is an antivirus whose reputation is well established. For years, it has been betting effective solutions to protect many devices in the face of external threats. It is among the heavyweights on the market thanks to its experience acquired over the last decades.

To allow you to learn more about this antivirus, Our opinion on Norton will highlight the different offers that exist as well as their characteristics, their advantages as well as their price. The most popular solution in the range is called “Norton 360”. We will come below more in depth on each of the possibilities which are made available by the publisher.


Simple to use antivirus

100 % warranty against virus

Dark Web protection

Offer : -80% and 3 devices

Norton Antivirus Plus
Our opinion : The most intuitive antivirus on the market

Norton antivirus presentation

Norton is one of the best known antivirus in the world. He landed in the United States in the late 1980s to make a place of choice that he has not left since his inception. In 2023, it had millions of users around the world.

If Norton is also known, it is also because his antivirus is pre-installed on many computers to purchase, which allows the public to benefit from a trial period to test the tool. This is also the case for his McAfee counterpart that we find on many devices.

Norton was founded by a man by the name of Peter Tippett then he was sold in Symantec in 1992 before resuming the name attributed to him today. Note that, for its part, Symantec now bears the name of Nortonliflock. During the summer of 2021, the American group said it had reached an agreement that allowed the redemption of its competitor Avast for several billion dollars.

The purpose of this redemption is to merge the skills of Norton and Avast to create a single giant antivirus on the market, all to take even more space in the face of competition. It is possible that the redemption is finalized during the year 2022 or 2023, after which it will certainly be necessary to wait to see the concrete changes of this merger. It is likely that the two brands remain.

Pending a possible fusion of antivirus, Norton remains excellent in his field. It relies on an effective, but also complete tool in terms of software and characteristics. Norton 360 remains one of the undeniable on the market, he is regularly rewarded with titles awarded by AV-Test or AV-comparative, the two independent test companies that examine all the security products.

What are the devices compatible with Norton ?

Before starting our opinion on Norton software, it should be remembered that antivirus is compatible with many devices. Obviously, this is one of the big advantages of this solution, because it is not only limited to Windows computers, it also works with Mac or smartphones and Android and iOS tablets under certain conditions.


As we have said, Norton is compatible with computers with Windows, to take advantage of the antivirus, you must have a device with the operating system 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, 10 or a higher version.


It is also possible to obtain the Norton antivirus on a Mac computer, provided you have the macOS 10 operating system.15.X (Catalina) or a later version. It should be added that certain features like Safe Cam, Cloud backup and Norton Family (parental control) are not compatible with Apple computers. On Mac, there is great competition with Bitdefender and especially Intego. If you are looking for all the alternatives to a Norton, it’s here.


On smartphone, you can also take advantage of Norton. You just have to have a phone or tablet with the Android 6 bone or subsequent versions.


We also find Norton on iPhone (and iPad), provided you have a device equipped with the iOS 12 operating system or a more recent version. It is reminded that no antivirus is able to scan Apple smartphones looking for malware given the limitations of iOS.

What are the features of Norton ?

Norton offers a very complete antivirus, as we have said. Indeed, the Norton 360 solution exceeds its role of simple antivirus to display many features dedicated to computers and smartphones with which it is compatible. Here is the detail of all its characteristics.

  • An antivirus against malware, spyware and ransomware
  • A firewall
  • A password manager
  • A VPN
  • A school mode
  • A parental control tool
  • A Dark Web Monitoring tool
  • A cloud backup tool (for PC)
  • A Safecam tool (for PC)

Before starting to detail all the features of this antivirus, it should be noted that they are not necessarily included in all subscriptions. This is the case with parental control options, school mode, and Dark web monitoring that is only found with Norton 360 Deluxe and Norton 360 Premium formulas. We will make a summary thereafter to allow you to make an enlightened choice.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that Norton 360 includes a 100% protection promise against viruses. If your device is infected with a virus that the software and the teams cannot eliminate, you are reimbursed in full on the cost of the antivirus, it is a good proof of the confidence given to the company in its product.

The first tool that we find is antivirus, its goal is to protect your web browsing and your data on your machine. To do this, the software is focusing on advanced technology. It is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to limit all external threats while securing your personal data. There is an excellent success rate for discovery and protection against Zero-Day faults.

Then there is a firewall that completes the objective of the Norton antivirus to secure your online navigation. Its purpose is to monitor outgoing network traffic and entering your computer and blocking the elements that may seem suspicious. This avoids monitoring as well as access to your data.

The password manager, otherwise called Norton Password Manager allows you to store all your passwords in a cloud -free backup center in the cloud. So, you can easily access it rather than have to remember them all, knowing that you can also generate complex passwords. This is a great advantage of the Norton 360 solution, because few antivirus offer such an option on the market.

Besides, it is the same for the VPN (a little limited) included with Norton 360. Among the competitors of the company, this is often an option for which you have to pay an supplement every month or every year, which is not the case with this antivirus. Its interest lies in the fact that it ensures protection and encryption to ensure online confidentiality even when you use a public or shared Wi-Fi network. In the same way, it can also virtually modify your IP address to situate you virtually in another country and, for example, access the American catalog of Netflix from France.

The Norton 360 antivirus school mode is also a peculiarity specific to antivirus. This option makes it possible to manage your child’s internet connection when he is in distance learning so that he remains concentrated, because he still needs it to take his lessons. To do this, the tool detects full screen mode and also optimizes notifications so that it is not disturbed by external distractions.

Regarding Dark Web Monitoring, this is a functionality that is looking for your email address on the Dark Web and you warn in case of detection. This can be very useful, because this data is often the cause of phishing emails or other data flight techniques.

The cloud backup option, available on Windows only, allows you to make cloud backups on a regular basis so that you can access your data – even if your computer is the target of a ransomware or Another external threat.

Finally, the Safecam tool, available only on Windows too, is a protection against spyware which allows you to block unauthorized access to the webcam of your computer.

Norton prices

We said it above in our opinion on Norton, there are several offers for Norton 360. As you will understand, this remains a paid antivirus in any case. Overall, they include the same features – with a few differences that we will mention below. What changes is above all the number of devices you can protect with each formula, here is the detail of the prices.

  • Antivirus Plus: 34.99 euros per year for 1 device
  • Norton 360 Standard: 74.99 euros per year for 1 device
  • Norton 360 Deluxe: 94.99 euros per year for 5 aircraft
  • Norton 360 Premium: 104.99 euros per year for 10 devices

Currently, Norton offers offers on his 360 antivirus. If you arrive at the right time on its official website, you have the opportunity to save size, here are the current prices.

  • Antivirus Plus: 9.99 euros for one year for 1 device
  • Norton 360 Standard: 24.99 euros for one year for 1 device
  • Norton 360 Deluxe: 34.99 euros for one year for 5 aircraft
  • Norton 360 Premium: 39.99 euros for one year for 10 devices

NORTON antivirus price

Which offer to choose with Norton ?

Now that we have seen the prices in our opinion on Norton, we must mention in more detail all the features included with each formula.

Antivirus Plus

  • Price: 9.99 euros for one year
  • Apparatus concerned: 1 Windows or Mac computer
  • An antivirus against malware, spyware and ransomware
  • A firewall
  • A password manager
  • A cloud backup tool (for PC) up to 2 GB

NORTON 360 Standard

  • Price: 24.99 euros for one year
  • Apparatus concerned: 1 computer (windows or mac) or 1 smartphone (Android or iOS)
  • An antivirus against malware, spyware and ransomware
  • A firewall
  • A password manager
  • A VPN
  • A cloud backup tool (for PC) up to 10 GB
  • A Safecam tool (for PC)

Norton 360 Deluxe

  • Price: 34.99 euros for one year
  • Apparatus concerned: up to 5 aircraft (Windows or Mac and Android or iOS smartphones)
  • An antivirus against malware, spyware and ransomware
  • A firewall
  • A password manager
  • A VPN
  • A school mode
  • A parental control tool
  • A Dark Web Monitoring tool
  • A cloud backup tool (for PC) up to 50 GB
  • A Safecam tool (for PC)

Norton 360 Premium

  • Price: 39.99 euros for one year
  • Apparatus concerned: up to 10 devices (Windows or Mac and Android or iOS smartphones)
  • An antivirus against malware, spyware and ransomware
  • A firewall
  • A password manager
  • A VPN
  • A school mode
  • A parental control tool
  • A Dark Web Monitoring tool
  • A cloud backup tool (for PC) up to 75 GB
  • A Safecam tool (for PC)

In our eyes, the Norton 360 Deluxe offer is the most relevant of the comparison because it includes all premium features in addition to the antivirus. This is the case with the school mode, the parental control tool, but also safecam and dark web monitoring. This is the perfect compromise in terms of value for money. It obviously reminds of the alternative at Bitdefender called Bitdefender Total Security.

If you live with the family, it is clearly the Norton 360 Premium formula that must be chosen, because it allows you to protect 10 devices – and not 5 as with the Norton 360 Deluxe formula. With such a security subscription, you are sure to protect the devices from the whole household – whether computers or smartphone.

Why choose an antivirus like Norton ?

Norton offers an easy -to -use antivirus. You have to start by downloading it, knowing that you are entitled to a 30 -day trial period that allows you to test the antivirus for free before you want to continue using it.

As soon as you open the software after downloading, all features are activated by default, that is to say protection against real-time threats and the firewall. You just have to launch the quick search for viruses from the security category present on the dashboard. You also have the choice with a further analysis that it may be interesting to launch during the first use.

Then the best is to launch the VPN included with the Norton antivirus. This one is easily found from the dashboard, it ensures a safe connection.

For parental control, you have the possibility of creating a profile per child in order to control the online activity of these. Once again, the tool is easy and simply used, you can apply a level of restriction according to the age of each, for example. More generally, the Norton 360 antivirus has the merit of simply and easily used, you do not need to be an IT expert to install it and then configure it as you see fit later.

Norton 360 has other qualities, the fact of which includes the famous 100% protection guarantee against viruses, few competitors are able to do the same – in addition to the famous McAfee antivirus, also renowned for its total suite Protection. Likewise, installation and use do not slow down your machine.

When the Norton 360 antivirus is active, it runs in the background without bothering you. This quality is also recognized by the various reports of independent test companies with test and av-comparative. Moreover, the latter recognizes the quality of this solution by evoking its very minor impact on the start of applications, which ensures the right ratio between the performance of your device and safety.

In conclusion, what is our opinion on Norton ?

It’s time to finish our opinion on Norton. For us, the Norton 360 solution is excellent – first for the qualities of protection against viruses. The IT security specialist will guarantee the detection and removal of 100% of viruses, failing which he reimburses users. It’s a great promise. In addition, the solution that is among the best antivirus on the market covers both Windows and Mac computers and Android or iOS smartphones (and tablets) (and tablets).

Overall, Norton 360 can boast of including many tools in addition to his antivirus, like a firewall, a password manager, a cloud backup tool, D ‘A parental control tool, safecam or Dark web monitoring. Above all, we appreciate the fact that he has a VPN (certainly a little too limited to our taste), because most of the other actors present in segment add it in addition to their basic solution.

As we have said, the most relevant formula in our eyes is Norton 360 Deluxe, because it allows the protection of 5 different devices thanks to multi-platform accounting, you can therefore secure all your devices with one and the same tool that is easily managed and used. For a home, we logically recommend the use of the Norton 360 Premium formula which rises to 10 devices. With these two offers, you are sure to benefit from the most premium features of the safety expert.

IT attacks for companies and individuals are increasingly frequent over time, the best option is to protect its devices. With such a tool, you largely minimize the risk of theft of personal or banking data. In addition, these offers are the perfect opportunity to look at the question of protection while passing the course to browse the web more serenely.