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Why is the new Nissan X-Trail Electrique an ecological aberration

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Nissan X-Trail e-4orce: regenerated

ESSAY. The fourth generation of the Japanese SUV is offered with an original hybrid engine using a 3-cylinder at variable compression rate.

As on Qashqai, the Nissan X-Trail E-Power system canton 3 cylinders Turbo Essence has a gender role

By Jean-Lou Colin

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The Japanese manufacturer, which has already started to electrify its range, does not call into question the transition to all-electric. But, considering that it will take time to adapt the infrastructure and the production of electricity to the planet, it offers a transition solution with a hybrid configuration like no other. Recently appeared on the Qashqai, its e-power system, if it associates well electric and thermal motor, reverse the roles. Here, it is the first that drives the wheels, while the second, confined to that of generator, is content to provide electricity to the first via a small lithium-ion battery of 2.1 kWh housed under the driver’s seat. In practice, this X-Trail thus has everything of an electric car, but which would be freed from the problems of recharge and autonomy which constitute its main drawbacks.

Nissan X-Trail © Nissan

In practice, in its e-Power version, the system combines a 1.5-liter fuel-cylinder supercharged at variable compression rate with an alternating current synchronous electric motor placed on the front axle. The new X-Trail adds to him an unprecedented e-4orce version with a second electric motor housed this time on the rear axle. Power then goes from 204 to only 213 hp, but it is especially the couple who is gratified from 195 nm additional. The Nissan SUV then becomes a real 4 x 4, capable, as we checked during this test, spectacular crossings. It also recovers an interesting 1,800 kg traction capacity, against only 670 kg for the two -wheel drive version. This e-Force is also reserved for the possibility of accommodating two additional passengers thanks to foldable folding strapontins available (900 euros). Quite narrow and not easy to access, despite the sliding bench, these places are however to be reserved for children.

Nissan X-Trail © Nissan

Electured driving

If the cabin takes up the presentation and the rewarding and ergonomic dashboard of the new Qashqai, it takes advantage of more generous dimensions to offer a habitability more related to its family vocation. With 4.68 m, it is 22 cm longer than its youngest, and also 2 cm wider and 10 cm higher. The capacity of its trunk (575/1 396 liters in 5 -seater version) remains however, significantly lower, for example, that of a Peugeot 5008 (780/1 940 liters), yet shorter of 4 cm.

Nissan X-Trail © Sebastien Mauroy

At the wheel, we logically find the sensations specific to the operation of an electric vehicle. Taking advantage of the absence of mechanical noise and vibrations, exempt from clutch and gearbox, driving is particularly fluid and relaxing. This is particularly true in town where the dominant position adds to the serenity of developments. A fortiori if we select the all -electric EV mode, which nevertheless allows you to travel only two kilometers. The e-pedal is another appreciable function since, with a pressure on a button, it allows you to slow down almost until the stop by simply relieving the accelerator, without having to touch the brake pedal. Just as pleasant are the accelerations which, despite a weight which borders on the 2 tonnes for this 7 -seater version, prove to be particularly vigorous. The 0 to 100 km/h is thus swallowed in 7.0 sec, or 2.2 sec of better than what is capable of a Peugeot 5008 HDI 180 hp, however significantly lighter.

On the road, the performances enter a little in the row to leave the beautiful role to the comfort that provides significant suspensions and a particularly low sound level. Finally, as long as the accelerator is not too much. By what the heat engine, as if it were associated with a CVT box, starts to mill then copiously, which quickly becomes tiring on a mountain road. If the behavior makes it the beautiful part of stability, the machine, despite its weight and generous wheelbase, nevertheless displays a pleasant handling on a winding road. On a varied course, mixing road, highway and mountain, average consumption during our test in Slovenia, came out at 7.5 l/100 km. Not reversing but enough to ensure a range of more than 700 km that would make any electric car dream.

A unique proposal

Nissan X-Trail © Nissan

Combining hybrid, 4 x 4 and 7 places, the X-Trail E-4ORCE constitutes a unique proposal in the genre. Provided, it is true, to put the price. In its most upscale Tekna+ finish, that of our test model, it is indeed displayed at 56,000 euros. At this price, we benefit, it is true from particularly rich and refined equipment, with large 12.3 -inch connected central screen, adaptive cruise control, level 2 autonomous driving (propilot), 360 degree camera, display High head, electric tailgate, panoramic sunroof, bose audio system, quilted leather upholstery, 20 inch rims, etc. That said, offered with four finish levels (ACENTA, N-connecta, Tekna and Tekna+), the e-4ORCE is accessible from 45,000 euros in ACENTA 5-seater version. The first price of the E-Power version is 42,700 euros.

In general, the price of this new X-Trail therefore appears at the very least 5,000 euros higher than that of the Peugeot 5008. Which of course pushes to ask the question of the relevance of its concept. Because, if the model is indisputably petri of qualities, comfortable and pleasant to drive, it does not make a big difference in terms of CO emissions2 Compared to a 5008 equivalent: 152 g for the high -end version enected, against 154 g to a Peugeot 2.0 Blue HDI 180 Eat8. We then want to say to ourselves: “All that for that ! »»

Nissan X-Trail © Nissan


– Sweetness and vigor of the electric

– No recharge problem

– Unique proposal in the genre


– Consumption and any emissions

– Limited electric operation

– High load noisy engine

Under the hood of the X-Trail E-4ORCE

Thermal generator: 3 turbo cylinders

Displacement: 1,497 cm 3

Power: 158 hp at 4,600 rpm

Couple: 250 Nm from 2,400 to 4,400 rpm

Electric motors: 2 alternating current synchron

Maximum power: 213 hp

Maxi torque: 330 nm (av) + 195 nm (ar)

Battery: Lithium-ion 2.1 kWh

Transmission: on four wheels

Box: automatic 1 ratio

Dimensions (l/l/h): 4,680 × 1 840 × 1,720 mm

Chest (5/7 PL.): 575/485 liters

Weight: 1,883 kg (8.84 kg/hp)

Speed: 180 km/h

Consumption: 6.3 l

CO shows2 : from 143 g (penalty 400 €)

Price: from € 45,000 (7 seats + € 900)

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Why is the new Nissan X-Trail Electrique an ecological aberration ?

Nissan X-Trail

We thought that electric cars with a generator-like the BMW i3 Rex or the brand new Audi RS Q e-tron E2-were going to go to the hatch. But that was without counting on Nissan and his e-power system that arrived in Europe this year with the Qashqai. The Japanese manufacturer has just lifted the veil on its new X-Trail SUV, the fourth generation. And unfortunately, it always works on petrol, while being electric.

Impossible to recharge the battery without petrol

Indeed, the new Nissan X-Trail is actually more a hybrid car than electric. As the site has summarized very well Clean automotive, The E-Power system is an exotic hybrid architecture. The car can be qualified as electric since the engines are electric and fueled in energy by a very small battery (1.8 kWh on the X-Trail). But this is recharged by … a petrol engine ! Impossible to recharge it via a socket.

Nissan X-Trail

What is the point ? Nissan highlights ” The sensations of 100 % electric driving without recharging constraint »». A way to admit in a word that the manufacturer has lagged behind the 100 % electric car ? It is possible, while the Nissan Ariyra, the first “real” electric car in the range, has just arrived and did not leave us indifferent during our road test.

Nissan shades the electric car

Too bad therefore to overshadow the 100 % electric offer with this kind of hybrid system, not at all suitable for fighting global warming, under the cover of ease of use. Especially since the midfielder is going really very quickly, with for example the announcement of an electric car with 1,000 km of autonomy for 2023 or the fast recharging which will increase to 10 minutes next year and 5 minutes in the years to come.

Nissan also shows a little bad faith, since one of the advantages of the electric car is precisely, in everyday use, not to need to refuel at the station station. Just park at home (provided you have a home grip), plug your car, and go about your business.

Nissan X-Trail: an interesting crossover that is thirsty

It is all the more unfortunate that the new Nissan X-Trail is a really interesting vehicle. It is indeed a crossover capable of accommodating seven passengers in its cabin. The offer of seven -seater electric cars is rare, especially because of the Tesla Model Y in the 7 -seater version that is long overdue.

But as shown in the figures put forward by Nissan in its press release, the X-Trail requires between 5.8 and 6.7 liters of gasoline to cover 100 km, depending on the mixed WLTP cycle. It is therefore definitely not an electric car.

A rechargeable hybrid X-Trail would have had more interest in the planet, with actual consumption that could have revolved around 4.5 liters per 100 km, provided of course to recharge it regularly. But Nissan does not seem to appreciate recharging, unlike the European Union which precisely wants that the users of rechargeable hybrids pass more often to the terminal. Before the hybrids go to the hatch in the long term.

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New Nissan X Trail E Power – The pleasure of electric without recharging

After the Qashqai, it is the turn of the new generation of the X-Trail to be equipped with E-Power technology: the vehicle is driven only by the electric motor and the heat engine has only the role of the ‘feed. What to offer the pleasure of an electric driving without having the disadvantage of recharging and going on a family adventure always further. The film directed by Jan Wentz (Quad) in line with the films Juke Hybrid and Qashqai takes up advertising rhetoric “who said that” to reveal all the assets of the new X-Trail on all terrains.

director Jan Wentz
Director of Photography Ekkehart Pollack
production Quad Productions / Quad Group
producer Martin Coulais
agency Nissanunited
creative director Philippe Rachel – Carl Harborg
Creative Producer Benoît Duchemin
customer Nissan
production director Béatrice Chevrin
production director Aymeric Mosser
Film production coordination Laure Launay
Production assistant Maud Follea
casting Julia Todorow
stylist Nuria Dura
decorator Pablo Tregebov-Poza
photography directors agent Kinou | Cinematographer Agency
storyboarder Konrad Eyferth
editor Walter Mauriot
post-production The Mill
music Onuka – Zenit