NIO: the Chinese electric automobile conquering the world, Introduction: The All-Electric Nio ES8

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Carbon fiber bodywork, digital dashboard with four screens, sensors, radars and camera, but also autonomous driving system, equip this electric sports car. We will also count luxurious and comfortable seats with an interior lined with leather. In limited edition, the NIO EP9 is available at a price of 13.8 million euros.

Nio car

Founded in 2014, Nio is a brand specializing in the design and development of electric cars. The brand is positioned on the world market as the direct competitor of the American brand You’re here. Offering 100% electric cars, the manufacturer is known to make electric sports cars. Since 2017, the brand has introduced new models of electric, luxurious and elegant SUVs.

At the head of this project is William Li, President of Bitauto and Nextev. Startup Nextev, formerly called China Racing Formula E Team, has the habit of participating in the Formula E electricity championship with their first model, the NIO EP.

After the launch of the brand, several European, Chinese and American companies have invested in the manufacturer. Among them, especially, Tence, Temasek, Baidu, Sequoia or Lenovo And TPG. In October 2018, it was the British company Baillie Gifford who acquired more than 11% of the shares.

The majority of manufacturer’s targets remain the Chinese market. But the automaker is already launched on the international market by positioning itself on the American and European continents. The brand is exported to the United States and Europe, via subsidiaries in San Jose, Munich and London.

The main subsidiaries of the brand

Nio’s general seat is in Shanghai in the Shanghai Automobile Innovation Park. The Global Headquarters mainly deals with the design, manufacture and industrialization of vehicles. All sales, marketing and customer relations operations are also centered in Shanghai.

At the heart of Silicon Valley, the American subsidiary of San Jose is responsible for the development of brand technologies and software. The subsidiary in Munich focuses only on vehicle designs while the London subsidiary ensures the performance of the program. London is also the headquarters of the Formula E Team which deals with the marketing, management and development of the supercar.

Nio electric car models

With autonomous manufacturing, Nio offers models of electric cars for the general public.

The Nio EP9

First model of the brand, Nio EP9 is an electric supercar. This is the model that has been talked about both local and internationally. For good, it is the fastest electric car in the world and has already broken more than five records on the Formula E tracks. Launched in 2016, the sports car combines comfort and speed with a Formula 1 racing car look.

There Nio EP9 has four electric motors located on each wheel. Each engine delivers a power of 335 hp. And achieves acceleration up to 100 km/h in 2.7 seconds, up to 300 km/h in 15.9 seconds. The vehicle also has a maximum speed of 313 km/h and a range of 427 km when 45 minutes are enough to load the battery.

Carbon fiber bodywork, digital dashboard with four screens, sensors, radars and camera, but also autonomous driving system, equip this electric sports car. We will also count luxurious and comfortable seats with an interior lined with leather. In limited edition, the NIO EP9 is available at a price of 13.8 million euros.

Nio es8

Launched in December 2017, the Nio es8 is considered the largest Chinese SUV. This general public model exists in two versions: 6 and 7 places. It is a family equipped with a 100kWh battery. With a maximum power of 653 hp., The vehicle incorporates two all -wheel drive engines. Acceleration can reach 100km/h in just 4.9 seconds.

The new range of Nio es8 can reach up to 580km of autonomy and has several high -tech components, namely a connected dashboard, at the cutting edge of technology and futuristic design. More dynamic and rational, this model is built on order and tailor-made.

Nio es6

THE Nio es6 is a 5 -seater electric SUV model. In a real mobile life, this general public vehicle incorporates two engines, including one at the front and another at the rear. In total, the vehicle delivers a power of 544 hp. For an acceleration of 0-100km/h in 4.7 seconds. Incorporating the best high -tech features with the dynamism of sports seats, this electric car brings the maximum comfort.

Carbon fiber and aluminum fiber body, the leather interior, the SUV has been designed to offer the maximum resistance. With a range that can cover 610km, the SUV is equipped with two 70kWh and 84 kWh batteries. In May 2020, this model allowed the manufacturer to win the title of “Best of Best” in the Brand Automotive competition.

Nio EC6

It is also a model intended for the general public. Nio EC6 is the cut version of the ES6 SUV. In a lighter model, the SUV has two electric motors that deliver a cumulative power of 544 hp. The electric car is also characterized by its panoramic aerial view which maximizes the power of natural light.

With a fluid, athletic, but also sculptural silhouette, this SUV is ready to roll up to 614 km, duration of its autonomy. In addition, this model incorporates an ES8 battery with a power of 10kWh. The new models in this range offer a more sophisticated design and extra comfortable finishes.

Eve concept car

There Nio Eve is a concept car concept that offers monocorps and autonomous electric vehicles. It was presented at the South by Southwest 2017, the Austin Music Festival, Texas.

Brand services

In addition to the construction of electric cars, the main activity of the brand, Nio also designs technological and innovative solutions for Improve the comfort of daily life. Thus, the brand offers Nio House (Center dedicated to users) and Nio power (charging and battery access service) for its users and customers.

Maximum development for the brand

Recording almost 4,000 vehicles issued in August, its maximum production capacity, the NIO brand has just reached a new record in the history of its sales. The manufacturer does not intend to stop there since he plans to conquer the European market in 2021. From the first half of 2021, the brand intends to market its electric cars with its Battery AS A Service or Baass offer, launched in August 2020. This offer allows users to buy a car without battery, at a reduced price, but also to be able to rent a battery thanks to the service. Rental of the rechargeable, scalable and replaceable battery will be in the form of a subscription to the service. It should be noted that this practice is already very common in China, on electric cars. In addition, the brand also wants to extend its market to other American countries and the rest of the world from 2022.

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Introduction: The All-Electric Nio ES8

Introduction: The All-Electric Nio ES8

Beneath an Untypically Blue Sky in Beijing, Nio Founder and Chairman William Li Launched the Company’s First All-Electric Road Car-The ES8-In Front of 10,000 Fans and Soon-To-Be Owners as part of Nio Day in China’s Capital City on december 16.

Following on from the Radical 2016 Ep9 Hypercar – Which Smashed the Lap Record at Germany’s Nurburgring Last Year with a time of 6:45.9S – The ES8 is the Company’s Latest Model in the Form of An All -Electric and Autoomous Ready SUV.

Capable of Going from 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in Just 4.4-Seconds and Travelling 355km on Single Charge, the ES8 will go head-to-head with the likes of Tesla’s Model X when it launches in Mainland China in 2018. It’s impressive performance Creddentials Stem from Nio’s Involvely in the FIA ​​Formula e Championships, where its race team – LED by Team Main Gerry Hughes – Test and Develop the Latest Electric Technology on the City Streets. “For Us, in Terms of the Brake Management System, The E-Motor Design and the Aerodynamics, We accumulate a lot of know-How from the formula e team, Which Helps Us for the Mass-Production Cars,” Says Li. “This is all about building overall capability [for nio].””

Making use of Nio’s New Network of ‘Houses’ – Think Along The Lines of A Standard Dealership and Service Center Only With A Library, Creche, Coffee Shop and Hot -Desking Center – Li Aims to Sell, Service and Recharge The Es8s from these centers All Around China and Eventually, The World. With these facilities available for all nio customers, the houses form of li’s great plan of ushering in “Auto Industry 3.0, “WHERE THE CAR – AND ALL THAT GOES With It – Work in Harmony With The Owners’ Lifestyle.

Central to all this is nio power – The Company’s New Charging Experience That Allows The Es8’s Battery to Be Swedpad in Three minutes. Championing Battery Swapping Over Conventional Plug-In Rechaging (which is also available on the es8 through home and street charrs) is a step away from the steadfast belief in plug-in charging held by most. But for li, it’s all about swapping the Car’s Battery for a pre-prepared, Fully-Champed Cell at Over 1,100 Power Swap Stations All Over Mainland China. Presenting his solution live on internship, li stod by and watchd as the es8 parked itself in the station and performed a successful battery swap within three minutes. It’s autoomous capability is the HandiWork of Nio Pilot – The Marque’s Advanced Driver -Assistance System – Which Relies On 23 Sensors Dotted Around the Car and Mobileye Eyeq4 Technology, Making It The First Car to Sport the New System.

But of course, no high-tech car launch is complete without some nifty in-car gadgetry. Rounding The Evening Off in True Tech Entrepreneur Fashion, Li Intaced the Audience To Nomi-Nio’s Voice-Activated Artificially Intelligent Dashboard Companion. In A Similar Way to Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, Nomi Lining to Voices Requests But is also capable of acting independently. On too an air quality quality check or a weather reading, for example, nomi will activate the air filter or automatically close the panoramic glass sunroof should it forecast heavy pollution or rain. On Top of that, Nomi is Capable of Turning Up the Radio, Playing Your Favourite Song and Tooking A Selfie For You – Heck, The Little Dashboard Critter is Even Able to Show Emotions Through Its Two Digital Eyes. Cute gold slightly creepy? Perhaps It’s Too Early To Tell.

With all that on board, the nio es8 is no small car. With Seven, Full-Leather Seats and a Trick ‘Lounge Seat’ option that aims to replicate a “First-Class Cabin” for the Front Passenger, The ES8 is a full-Sized Premium SUV to Rival the All-Electric Tesla Model X and Plug-in Hybrid Range Rover. Destined for nio houses in nine of China’s Major Cities in 2018, ES8 will be priced from RMB 448,000 to RMB 548,000 for one of the 10,000 Founder’s Edition Models.

With a New Car Coming and 12 Formula E Races Left to Battle for the Championship Title, It’s Looking Like A Busy Year for the Latest Name in All-Electric Mobility.

See Nio’s Formula E Team In Action at the 2018 Marrakesh e-Prix.