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Nio es8

The ES8 SUV is a 100 % electric car. It has two electric motors of 240 kW each for a maximum power of 650 hp. This engine is powerful and resists extreme temperatures. They are economical, and powered by a 70 kWh battery for a distance of 355 km.

Nio es8 premium

Announced at the end of 2022, the NIO ES8 Prime is an “improved” version of the NIO ES8: 6 -seater electric SUV having a total power of 631 horsepower, a torque of 850 Nm and fell on 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds. This model has three batteries, from 75 kWh, 100 kWh and 150 kWh. Note the 500 kW fast load compatibility (up to 12 minutes for a full load) or the management of the new battery exchange system.

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The Nio conference, which took place on Christmas Eve, was an opportunity to make many announcements. You undoubtedly find the choice of the date of announcement, however it is common that the Chinese brands organize their annual conferences at the end of the year.

In addition to the 500 kW charging station, which promises an entire load in 12 minutes, but also from a new battery exchange system on the highway, the car manufacturer took advantage of the event to unveil a new EC7 coupe and a refreshment of the ES8. Here, we are interested in the overhaul of the ES8 called ES8 Prime.

Nio ES8 (ET2) of second generation

ES8 is already one of the emblematic models of nio. This is a large 6 to 7 -seater SUV which was marketed in 2018, in China and 2021, in Norway.

Nio therefore took advantage of its event to reveal a refreshment of the ES8 SUV. The latter will therefore have three battery capacities, from 75 kWh (465 km in CLTC cycle), 100 kWh (605 km) and 150 kWh (900 km).

This new ES8 NT2 is a large car 5.1 meters long (5,099 mm length x 1,989 mm in width x 1,750 mm high and the wheelbase of 3,070 mm).

With these dimensions, we are faced with a concurrent SUV of the Volvo Ex90 or the Tesla Model X. With a weight of 2,560 kg, it is indeed a heavy goods vehicle. One wonders if the legislators will start to set limits in the weight of cars.

We remain skeptical: electric SUVs are more greedy than a sedan. It is not always only a question of weight or technological choice of motorization. It is also simply the application of physics. With a larger frontal area, an SUV will consume more, it will therefore impact autonomy (especially on the highway). We would prefer a return of family breaks.

On the power side, it is SUV in all -wheel drive with two engines (180 kW and 300 kW) of 480 kW (631 hp) for a torque of 850 nm. This SUV is able to perform 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds. It’s not too much to transport so much weight.

The interior was redone

The ES8 Prime, the high -end version, includes a HUD with a 16.8 -inch display area and a new user interface, as well as an improved panocinema digital cockpit with an surround sound system 7.1.4, a cumulative power of 2,230 watts with 23 speakers.

Other novelties of the ES8 Prime, a 10.2 -inch digital dashboard (1,920 × 532 pixels) and an infotainment system with touch screen, with an Amoled slab, 12.8 inch (1,728 × 1 888 pixels).

As you can imagine with all this paraphernalia, the interior has been redone. The dashboard, the central console and the steering wheel have a more refined design in the new model. Nio has invisibly integrated ventilation mouths and ambient lighting in its new SUV.

While the first generation of ES8 was available in six and seven -seater versions, ES8 2023 is strictly a six places. Everything was done to raise the SUV upmarket, with a front passenger seat which incorporates 22 electrical settings, including one “zero gravity” position (120 ° tilt) accessible with a single key. The rear central console includes two quick retractable wireless charging pads (40 watts) and a refrigerator.

The Nio ES8 An improved security and assistance system, thanks to an ultra long -range Lidar sensor and the Nvidia Orin chip, which is part of its suite of “super sensory” sensors Aquila.

In addition to this Lidar sensor, Aquila includes seven 8 -megapixel HD cameras, four 3 megapixel panoramic view cameras, an advanced driver’s surveillance system, five millimeter wave radars, twelve ultrasonic sensors as well as V2X technology (” Vehicle-toe-Everthing ”, communication between several vehicles, the cloud and the road infrastructure).

Let’s finish with the price, which is undoubtedly a weight argument for Nio:

  • 75 kWh: 528,000 yuan (approx. 72,000 euros)
  • 100 kWh: 586,000 yuan (approx. 80,000 euros)
  • 150 kWh (signature edition): 638,000 yuan (approx. 89,000 euros)
  • Without battery (Baas): 458,000 yuan (approx. 62,500 euros)

For the moment announced only in China, it is very likely to see this SUV arrive in Europe (announced for the second part of 2023), because the first generation Y is already marketed. Nio also targets the American market, which would be logical given the dimensions of this SUV.

Nio es8

Nio es8

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Large 100 % electric SUV of Chinese origin, the NIO ES8 has been available since 2021 in Europe where its marketing started in Norway.


Measuring more than 5 meters long, ES8 is a large 100 % electric SUV. Available in 6 and 7 -seater versions, it is positioned as one of the main competitors of the Tesla Model X.

Configured in all -wheel drive, the ES8 has two electric motors. Placed at the front, the first develops 160 kW while the second, integrated into the rear axle, accumulates 240 kW. Combined, these two engines offer up to 400 kw of power and 725 Nm of torque. What authorize 200 km/h maximum speed and a 0 to 100 km/h shot in 4.9 seconds.

Nio ES8 electric SUV

Battery and autonomy

The electric SUV is offered in two battery configurations:

  • 75 kWh With a range of 375 km in WLTP cycle
  • 100 kWh For a range of WLTP 500 km

On the recharging side, the information communicated by the manufacturer is not clear. In charge of fast DC, it would be possible to climb up to 120 kW of power. On AC, performance has not been indicated.

Note that Nio is distinguished from his competitors by his battery exchanges stations. Very widespread in China, they will be gradually deployed in Europe, starting with Norway.

Marketing and prices

For the time being reserved for the only Norwegian market, the ES8 is marketed there from 519,000 NOK in its basic configuration, the equivalent of € 53,000.

Its date of marketing in France has not yet been announced.

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Nio es8



The essentials to remember from this new technology

The new Chinese car manufacturer Nio is now renowned on the SUV electric cars market. After the very foggy exit of the “zero” supercar and the SUV ES8 Founders Edition, the manufacturer has just presented the new ES8 model, a powerful intelligent electric SUV. A big adventurer that displays an ultra -modern mobile living space. This new model is a real technological revolution. Focus on the performance of the ES8 6 -seater electric SUV. Read more

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Presentation of the 6 -seater electric SUV ES8

To accompany you in the purchase of your 6 -seater electric SUV ES8 vehicle, it is important that you have beforehand, all the useful information, and relating to its manufacture. Vehicle manufacturing information

The SUV ES8 electric car is entering the Chinese market in 2017. The model presented by the Chinese manufacturer Nio at that time was the ES8 7 -seater SUV. The ES8 6 -seater SUV is manufactured in China and marketed since March 2019. This model is unique of its kind and stands out from all other ES8 models manufactured and marketed by the NIO brand.

Why this new SUV ES8 model

The Nio brand has once again bet on comfort, elegance and simplified driving by putting on the market, the ES8 6 -seater electric SUV. This car displays a sleek design, although having a physiognomy that does not move away from the SUV ES8 Founders Edition. The manufacturer’s primary goal was to offer lovers of electric cars, a luxurious, comfortable and intelligent vehicle.

The stylistic signature of the car is imposing both outside and inside. This model immerses you in the world of artificial intelligence, because equipped with a nomi intelligent assistant who does everything for you (window opening, entertainment, taking photos, etc.)). In addition, Nio wanted to reduce the length of the previous model for a much more compact model (less than 5 m), while providing you with more dynamism and comfort on the road thanks to its cameras (05), radars (05) and sensors (12) that facilitate your driving. How much does it cost ?

The ES8 6 -seater electric SUV is sold, in China, from 456,000 yuan, or around € 60,000, a little more expensive than the previous model. Unfortunately, you cannot find this model outside China, whether in used or new nio ES8 6 SUV, because it is sold only on the local market.

Competing models

It must be said that the ES8 electric SUV remains the direct competitor of the Tesla Model X. Tesla is a Chinese leader in automotive manufacturing. It offers three SUV models of Tesla Model X (Great Autonomy, Performance and Performance Ludicrous), with an acceleration which reaches 0-100 km in 4.9 s (for the high performance model), 3.7 S (for Model X Performance) and 3 S (for Model X Performance Ludicrous). The maximum speed is the same for the three models (250 km/h).

The different engines of the ES8 SUV

The ES8 SUV is a 100 % electric car. It has two electric motors of 240 kW each for a maximum power of 650 hp. This engine is powerful and resists extreme temperatures. They are economical, and powered by a 70 kWh battery for a distance of 355 km.

SUV ES8 equipment

Nio has put in the reach of Chinese motorists, a variant of the SUV: the SUV ES8 Founders Edition. This is in fact the basic model of the ES8 SUV. This entry -level model has two engines with a range of 222 km NEDC. The dashboard and part of the doors are leather, and the front seats are massing, ventilated and adjustable electrically. The vehicle is easy to drive and lowers high speed.

The used or new SUV ES8 is an ultra -comfortable car. She is quite impressive in terms of equipment. You will benefit from a unique choice, including as equipment:

  • Nomi artificial intelligence system
  • Massage front seat, heating, ventilated and electrically adjustable
  • 10 ’’ touch control screen
  • Armrests on the first and second row of siege
  • Electric lighthouse and LED
  • Integrated nio pilot system
  • Foldable footrest in the front passenger seat
  • Interchangeable battery
  • 17 ’’ wheels
  • 5 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and 5 outdoor radars


The new 6 -seater version SUV is perfectly suitable for drivers who want to have a comfortable and intelligent vehicle. Thanks to this 100 %model, you can tame all types of road without headache. Its high -tech equipment makes all the particularity of this electric 4×4, and offers you a unique driving experience.