News Canal: Films, series and documentaries to see in streaming in September 2023-Les Numériques, 66-5 ”: should we watch the new channel series?

66-5 ”: Should we watch the new channel judicial series

This article has been updated with the latest additions of films and series in the CANAL+ catalog and the MyCanal platform, especially The freed And American Carnage.

News CANAL+: Movies, series and documentaries to see in streaming in September 2023

Canal+ (and its MyCanal streaming platform) enriches its catalog of new films, series and documentaries in September 2023. Here is the full list.

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Update | 09/14/2023 at 10:16

This article has been updated with the latest additions of films and series in the CANAL+ catalog and the MyCanal platform, especially The freed And American Carnage.

The holidays are over, but don’t panic: Canal+ (and its MyCanal streaming platform) is there to cheer you up for this school year with new films, series and documentaries in its catalog in September 2023. What allow the encrypted chain to compete with its Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video rivals.

Before listing the new features of September 2023, here is as usual our recommendations of the month.

Canal+ launches on September 1st its new Canal+ Boxal Office and Canal+ Cinema channels (s)

Canal+ strengthens its offer of films with the launch of two new dedicated channels, this Friday, September 1, 2023: Canal+ Box-Officer.

The Canal+ series of the month


Young business lawyer in a prestigious Parisian cabinet, Roxane sees her life turned upside down when her husband, partner of the cabinet, is accused of rape. Brought back in spite of herself in the city of her childhood, she will try to rebuild herself as a penalist lawyer at the Bobigny court.

Created by Anne Landois (The promise, Gear), and carried by Alice Isaaz (Notre Dame, the share of fire), this series in eight episodes promises to be a dive into the mysteries of the judicial world via the intimate portrait of a neophyte lawyer. Promising. From September 18 on Canal+ and the MyCanal platform.

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The Canal+ film of the month

The Batman

For the past two years, a young Batman has been walking the streets of Gotham City and breathing fear among city criminals. With his rare allies, he tries to do justice in a corrupt city. But a psychopath killer named Riddler unleashes his murderous madness on the elites of Gotham, with a lot of puzzles and cryptic clues.

This last adaptation dated from the Black Knight is a great success. A little visual gem with a sticky and neat atmosphere, inspired by David Fincher’s cinema, The Batman offers a brilliant – and unprecedented rereading in the cinema – of the hero of Bob Kane and Bill Finger. We will forgive him for a small soft belly, and we will prefer to retain an amazing Robert Pattinson, who stands out as a new obviousness in the role. From September 14 on Canal+ and the MyCanal platform.

  • Watch the film’s trailer:

What new films, series and documentaries see on Canal+ in September 2023 ?

This list will be updated over the weeks.


  • The Changeling – Apple TV+ series – September 8
  • The Morning Show – Season 3 – Apple TV+ series – September 13
  • 66.5 – September 18
  • Mayans – Season 5 – September 20
  • Narrow – Season 3 – September 25
  • Teheran – Apple TV+ series – September 28
  • Flora and Son – Apple TV+ series – September 29


  • Mayday – September 1st
  • Polisher – September 1st
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – September 1st
  • The immensit at – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 2
  • Banzai – September 2
  • Möbius – September 3
  • The Banshees of Inisherin – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 3
  • Crazy, stupid, love – September 4
  • Mine – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 4
  • Saint omer – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 5
  • What binds us – September 5
  • Babylon – September 5
  • The Social Network – September 6
  • The Woman King – September 6
  • For France – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 6
  • Hulk – September 7
  • The Son – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 7
  • The Artist – September 8
  • The time of secrets – September 8
  • Bones and all – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 8
  • New York 1997 – September 9
  • The torrent – September 9
  • Scream VI – September 9
  • The Whale – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 9
  • Thesilenceofthelambs – September 10
  • Malavita – September 11th
  • Shrek 4, he was an end – September 12
  • She Said – September 12
  • Pain and glory – September 13
  • The Batman – September 14
  • Looper – September 15
  • Asterix & Obélix: the Middle Empire – September 15
  • The eight mountains – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 16
  • Storm – September 16
  • Maria Dream – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 17
  • All the beauty and blood shed – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 18
  • Defense to land – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 19
  • Thor: Love and Thunder – September 19
  • Amsterdam – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 20
  • Jack Mimoun and the secrets of Val Verde – September 20
  • Masquerade – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 21
  • Ticket to Paradise – September 21
  • Gasoline Alley – September 21
  • The worst – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 22
  • 2 – September 22
  • Square women – September 23
  • Top Gun: Maverick – September 23
  • LOCK OUT – September 24
  • The little piaf – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 24
  • Baby sitting – September 25
  • The Nocebo Effect – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 25
  • My crime – September 26
  • I am the abyss – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 26
  • The extraordinary adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec – September 26
  • The good times – September 27
  • 65: the land before – September 27
  • Black Adam – September 28
  • Terminator Genysis – September 28
  • Innocent – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 28
  • A secret – September 29
  • The menu – September 29
  • My appointments with Léo – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 29
  • Dead for a dollar – September 30
  • American Carnage – Canal+ Cinema (s) – September 30
  • The freed – September 30


  • Dupont naturally – September 2
  • Alexia, an icon was born – Documentary series – September 10
  • It will be fine, Dadju – Documentary series – September 13
  • OM, in the eyes of mine – September 17
  • Ben Mazué: Paradise Tour – Show – September 18
  • Bérengère Krief: Love – Show – September 27

“66-5”: should we watch the new channel judicial series+ ?

Eighteen years after “gears”, Canal+ plunges viewers into the world of French justice. A series written again by Anne Landois and carried by the young Alice Isaaz.

Posted on 09/18/2023 at 07:00

–> -> Alice Isaaz embodies with conviction Roxane, the young lawyer of 66-5

Reading time: 5 min

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    The closet cops ! Welcome to the not so felled world of business lawyers ! Here is the invitation that seems to send us the first minutes of 66-5, The new channel+ series whose two episodes are broadcast this evening Monday, September 18. The encrypted chain, which has long marked TV fiction, policewoman, this time, plunges us into the daily life of Roxane, a beginner business lawyer, whose life will suddenly switch to her husband’s arrest, this time. A man a priori above all suspicion. Rhythm, well -drawn heroes, abused clichés … Canal+ has lost none of its talent and proven itself in the judicial series.

    Roxane (Alice Isaaz) is 32 years old. This impatient and ambitious business lawyer is promised to a bright future. But the varnish of this idyllic painting will suddenly crack, the day when his colleague and husband is accused of rape by a former trainee of the cabinet. Roxane finds himself taking doubts and gently, as if to protect himself from the violence of the present moment, will turn to his past, that we are drawn with mini-flash-back-backs.

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    66-5, The answer to L.627

    And here she is back in Bobigny, in Seine-Saint-Denis, in the city where she grew up, hanging out in Jasmine’s apartment (Naila Arzoune), her best friend, who grows tomatoes on the roof of her her building. To rub the criminal to defend the boyfriend of the latter. To try to restore dialogue with his mother and little sister slightly retarded from a tragedy of adolescence. To reluctantly reconnect with Bilal (Raphaël Acloque), a small thug with dark motivations.

    66-5, In reference to the article of law which guarantees the professional secrecy of the lawyer, seems to offer a response to L.627 by Bertrand Tavernier, reference of the police film released in 1992. The series recounts a homecoming: that of a young lawyer who will be partly reconciled with everything to which she had turned her back, intoxicated with revenge and success and forever bruised by an event of her adolescence.

    At the pen: the screenwriter Anne Landois, ex-Madame Gear. This time, no cops on the horizon even if their presence is always felt. It is to justice, to its dysfunctions, its failures and its small successes that 66-5 is interested. The camera walks the courtrooms, the visiting rooms, the elegant offices of the business betting … and makes the big gap by gradually immersing us in the life of the city and its rules well.

    66-5, Another vision of the city

    With his life not so gloomy, not so sordid. “There was no question of falling into the clichés in gray and black of the city which no one can go out. Here we live normally, almost as in a village, we settle outside to chat with neighbors, ”explains Danielle Arbid, one of the two directors in the series. She insists: Many scenes take place in the sun, the facades are colored and come to break with the usual blue and cold filters. “During the tracking, we went to ten cities, and if in two or three of them we did not always feel very safe, all the others were rather welcoming,” she says with force conviction.

    It’s true : 66-5, Without being revolutionary, plays with shots to better explode them. And takes us nervously in the wake of a “fighter” as likes to define Alice Isaaz, her interpreter (seen in Notre-Dame, the share of fire on Netflix or in the cinema in Mademoiselle de Joncquières of Emmanuel Mouret). “After having succeeded in extricating from her environment, she makes an inversely just as chaotic path,” analyzes at the Fiction de la fiction de la Rochelle that which is almost all the plans of the series.

    “It is a sacred responsibility to wear a series on his shoulders but it is also very exciting,” says, the look hidden behind dark glasses, the 32 -year -old actress, while her little black poodle tries to climb on his knees. Especially since unlike B.R.I Who, last year, called on Emmanuelle Devos or Vincent Elbaz to consolidate her cast, here, no veterans to support a team made up of the majority of young actors.

    Roxane is therefore invited into the list, which continues to lie down, new TV heroines – led by Morgane Alvaro, the main character of Hpi – increasingly prized by producers. “But unlike many others, insists Keren Ben Rafael, she is not defined by her woman condition. She has no family yet and she is not represented as a daily heroine. She has her own journey and does not look like the usual female characters. »»

    66-5, A series of women ?

    A good additional point to give to these eight episodes that come out of the whole archibattus of TV fiction, offering us a portrait of a lawyer halfway between the independent Joséphine Karlsson played by Audrey Fleurot in Gear and the experienced fliquette embodied by Sofia Essaïdi in The promise (another creation, for TF1 this time, of Anne Landois). A refusal to brush expected portraits which also affects the other characters in the series like that of Jasmine. “What interested me in her is that she lives in the city, that she is happy. But above all that she goes against the idea that wants to have accomplished something extraordinary in the first sense of the word, to have the feeling of having succeeded in her life, ”analyzes Naila Arzoune who ready with conviction his features.

    In counterpoint of these strong portraits, men find themselves much less spoiled by the scenario and are not lucky, they are spared from the clichés. Between the violent husband, the small seductive thug and the crooked lawyer, the male gent, as convincing as it is, has trouble arouse empathy.

    And if 66-5 was a series of women ? A main actress, a chief screenwriter, two directors … Not all agree on the term but they readily recognize that their journey in a very masculine environment certainly tacitly brought them closer.