New RENAULT 4L Electric: It is preparing its comeback, Renault 4 (2025) and if it was the real replacement for Twingo?

Renault 4 (2025) and if it was the real replacement for Twingo

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New RENAULT 4L Electric: It is preparing its comeback

Renault is preparing to revive the iconic 4L of its ashes. Auto-Moto reveals its almost-define design, through an exclusive illustration.

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In this year 2021, The 4L already famous its sixty spring. And Renault intends to multiply the events, in the coming months, in order to ride the nostalgic wave that the city car arouses. An unwavering love rating that pushed the design teams to revive the icon, through a new concept car.

A 4L concept car

It is probably this study that leaked, through documents published by Self -employment. We discover the features of the one who could make her world premiere during the edition of the Munich Automobile Fair, to be held next September. If the little chip adopts SUV codes, We clearly identify his grandmother through the treatment of her grille, the wings, or the rear amount.

Pure electric

But the revolution will especially take place in its bowels, since the new Renault 4L will present itself as A 100% electric model. Like, unveiled last January, the future R4 of modern times should benefit fromAn evolution of the CMF-B platform of the Clio to master its production costs.

The Future. Twingo, in the end ?

As for its final name, we already know that The name “4ever” has just been deposited at the National Institute of Intellectual Property. But the latter could be confined to the concept car scheduled this fall. The future 4L, although the filiation with its ancestor seems obvious, could simply renew the patronym Twingo. Because, despite the announced death of the current model, as we know it, Renault has indeed confirmed that this name would survive it, in another form. With this 4L SUV, it is all found.

New Renault 4L price

Foreseen by 2024/2025, This revival of the 4L will be keen to remain popular with the general public. So he will have to treat his price grid, with A basic rate that will probably not exceed the € 20,000.
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Renault 4 (2025) and if it was the real replacement for Twingo ?

  • 1/11In 2025, the Renault 4 will complete the electric R5. This new 4L will also be 100% watted
  • 2/11The future 4L of 2025 will have a long length of 4.16 m fairly close to that of the first generation of the Renault Captur (4.12 m)
  • 3/11If the future R5 will be manufactured in Douai (59), the new 4L will be released from the Maubeuge factory (59)
  • 4/11The 4ever Trophype prototype was the star of the World Cup in the fall of 2022 in Paris
  • 5/11This concept because emphasizes the adventurous side of the R4
  • 6/11The series version of the Renault 4 expected in 2025 will be a lower SUV perched
  • 7/11The Renault 4th Trophy pays homage to the 4L Trophy the orienteering in the desert
  • 8/11The electric Renault 5 will bet on personalization to increase the addition
  • 9/11The basic version of the electric Renault 5 will take up the torch of the R5 L of 1972, but especially that of the electric Twingo with a similar price around € 24,000
  • 10/11The RENAULT 5 Electric Alpine Spirit will be the most upscale variant in the range and will make the union with Alpine 5
  • 11/11The Alpine 5 will be the entry level of the Dream Garage and will benefit from the Renault Mégane E-Tech electromotor 220 hp

Renault 4L electric: here is a first overview of this future adventurer

After the R5 Prototype, the diamond manufacturer is preparing another electric car, which this time will pay tribute to the Renault 4 (also called 4L). This will be officially revealed during the Paris World Cup in the form of a concept car.

Would Renault be nostalgic ? Without a doubt. In January 2021, the firm raised the veil on its R5 prototype, a modernized and especially electric version of its Renault 5 of the 1970s. A concept that will then give birth to A series model, expected in 2024. More recently, two other creations have emerged, the R5 Diamant as well as the R5 Turbo 3rd, presented as part of the festivities for the 50th anniversary of the iconic city car.

An electric Renault 4 in preparation

But Renault does not intend to stop there. In May 2021, the manufacturer had filed a patent for a car very strongly resembling a modern reinterpretation of the R4. A few months later, a teaser was revealed, showing the front face of a concept inspired by the famous little French car. What put the fans in suspense. But they then quickly disillusioned. And for good reason, no new car on the horizon, but an amazing quadricopter straight out of a science fiction film. A designer delirium baptized Air4 with a very limited interest.

Hard blow for enthusiasts, who should however resume a little hope of seeing a modernized version of the star of the 1960s arrive. Indeed, the diamond brand has just published a press release, announcing the revelation during the Paris World Cup of a new concept, paying tribute to the legendary Renault 4.

According to the first images, it will take the form of an electric crossover, which will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Solidarity Raid 4L Trophy. For the time being, only two photos have been published, showing the front and profile car. The opportunity to glimpse your silhouette, close to the original version although many changes seem to be made. The ground clearance is obviously raised, while the light signature is now LED.

Shared below

Of course, it will still be necessary to show a little patience before knowing everything about the style and the technical characteristics of this concept, whose name has not yet been revealed. Nevertheless, the noise of corridors already evoke a CMF-BEV platform shared with the future electric renault 5 standard. This should also be declined in an Alpine version gave at hormones. It remains to be seen whether this will also be the case for this future R4. We can already imagine a small survivoric electric SUV !

Renault 4 Proto

Renault 4 Proto 3

Renault 4 Proto 2

The serial version from this concept could then emerge in 2024 or 2025, for a price revolving around 25,000 euros. Thus, she would compete with the future Volkswagen ID.2, as well as with the electric city car currently under development at Skoda. According to Argus, Renault’s new creation will be assembled within the Maubeuge factory, in the north of France. A van version should also see the light of day later, probably the following year. Come to the Paris World Cup from 17 to 23 October next To find out more, while the boss of the brand, Luca de Meo, will hold a press conference there.

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