New car of € 13,000 at € 16,000: all the models found until -44%, photos – the last new cars at less than 15,000 euros

Photos – The latest new cars at less than 15,000 euros

The period is not frankly ideal for motorists. Between rampant inflation, the increase in fuel prices and the explosion of prices for new and used vehicles, many will favor public transport or cycling. But if you ever had to buy a new car, know that now the slightest model is negotiated at more than € 10,000 .

All new cars for a price between € 13,000 and € 16,000

New car of 13000? � 16000?

If your car budget is between € 13,000 and € 16,000, you are in terms of the third price range for a new car. The automotive market is divided into ten pricing slices and after those located under 10,000 euros and then the 13,000 euros, we find this price range. On the Kidioui cars comparator, we invite you to see all the new models that fall into it thanks to a discount of dealer or automotive agent.

For example, for a discounted rate of € 14,000, you can target a new generalist city car among French automotive brands (Renault, Peugeot, Citroën) but also foreign (Fiat, Opel, Ford, Volkswagen, etc.). With € 15,000 in your pocket, you can even consider the upper category, that is to say crossover or urban SUV. Inspired by 4×4, this automotive segment has experienced immense success in recent years.

You will understand, the models present in this rate of 13,000 euros at 16,000 euros are numerous. Simply because it is a budget that becomes comfortable to ride in new. With 30% discounts, a new car of € 13,000 to € 16,000 can correspond to a catalog price of around 20,000 euros, well beyond the low cost or the small car reserved for the city. Follow the guide to find out exactly which new vehicle to buy.

All versatile city dwellers

Volkswagen Polo

For a rate of € 13,000 to € 16,000, a included car delivery, you can first target all new city cars. Whether it is a general car model like the Renault Clio or Access Premium like the Volkswagen Polo. These versatile vehicles which measure approximately 4 meters are sufficiently spacious, comfortable and powerful (90hp at 120hp under the hood) to be used in town or travel, on the highway in particular.

Some models such as the Peugeot 208, the Toyota Yaris or the Seat Ibiza bet on their look while others like the Ford Fiesta, the Kia Rio, the Opel Corsa or the Citroën C3 capitalize on their practical aspects and their standard equipment. A price around € 14,000 allows you to obtain a new vehicle in high -end finish and petrol engine, such as an intense TCE clio or a 208 Puretech look, sometimes even in automatic transmission (EAT, EDC, Dualogic, etc.).

Unless you are looking for a diesel engine. In this case, for the same amount, it will rather be a mid -range level, of type C3 feel BlueHDI or Fiesta TDCI. Most of the time, these new cars benefit from a rich endowment with bizone air conditioning, the rear view camera, the GPS touch screen, the alloy rims, the wipers and automatic lights, the electrically folding mirrors, etc.

The entry of urban crossover

Renault Captur

Nevertheless, if your budget is rather in the upper part of this price range € 13,000 -16,000 €, you can also change segment. Indeed, the price of a small crossover falls to € 15,000 with the reduction of a car merchant. You probably know: all cars in this category represent the big fashion of the moment. Each car manufacturer now offers at least a small new SUV in its offer. In France, the national trio is embodied by the Peugeot 2008, Citroën C3 Aircross and Renault Captur. But the Nissan Juke, Fiat 500x, Ford Ecosport or Opel Crossland X are also popular.

Barely longer than city cars (between 4.10 m and 4.20 m), these models are higher and benefit from a muscular design. This involves athletic lines, aluminum bumper, roof bars or large rims. However, they do not pretend to do all terrain and are well planned to circulate solely on bitumen. This is why they only embark two motorcycles (4×2 or 2WD).

A price under 16,000 euros generally concerns a small new crossover in basic version. It will not be over -equipped or in BVA as a city car but will at least include manual air conditioning, speed limiting regulator, fog lights and the USB Bluetooth Radio reader. Let us quote for example the Captur Zen DCI or the 500x Urban Multijet. Finally, if you like this kind of little SUV but that it lacks space, the essential Dacia Duster, comfort or prestige is also included in this price range, in petrol or diesel (SCE and Blue DCI). Being over 4.30 m, this compact low-cost SUV offers better habitability and upper chest volume.

Other price slices to consult:

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Photos – The latest new cars at less than 15,000 euros

The period is not frankly ideal for motorists. Between rampant inflation, the increase in fuel prices and the explosion of prices for new and used vehicles, many will favor public transport or cycling. But if you ever had to buy a new car, know that now the slightest model is negotiated at more than € 10,000 .

Here is a workforce review of the few vehicles still available at less than € 15,000, from the cheapest Dacia Sandero to the Dacia Spring (€ 15,800 with bonus) via some Asians and European.

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New cars: 5 models for less than 15,000 euros

New cars: 5 models for less than 15,000 euros

The pricing of new cars has increased considerably in recent years, like the increase in fuel prices. How to buy a new car and not too expensive ? What are the options available at these prices ? We present to you 5 cars at less than 15,000 euros.

Today in France, national edition of Parisian, has published A study presenting the cheapest cars today. This study starts from the observation of theIncrease in car prices.Guillaume Longeon, Automobile specialist in Deloitte, specifies that “the average price of a transaction was established around 28,000/30,000 euros five years ago. […] We went to 40,000 euros “today. But why the cars have increased so much ?

Questioned by Today in France, The spokesperson for the automotive platform (PFA), François Roudier, explains that “the prices of new vehicles have inflated by about 20 % in 2022, especially because of increased cost of raw materials“”. This increase therefore increases car pricesstill affordable a few years ago.

Cars at less than 15,000 euros with few options

Our colleagues journalists have therefore established A list of five cars not exceeding the significant bar of 15,000 euros. This price would correspond to “A little less than an annual net minimum wage” As Mathieu Pelloli points out. These cars would therefore be Accessible to the middle class.

Nevertheless, these cars obviously do not include All the options that car models presented can offer. Mathieu Pelloli specifies that you will have, for this price section, “A rolling car, European security standards of course, but With the cheapest finishes“”. For some, only one choice of color is available for this price.

A dealer in Hauts-de-Seine even talks that “these small city dwellers where manufacturers do little margin, are endangered“”.

Video of the day

Discover in our slideshow below this selection of five cars and their price.