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How to buy the vehicle of your dreams at the best price

To finish this classification of the cheapest cars in 2022, we return to the manufacturer Dacia to examine the Dacia Sandero. Designated as a “Versatile city car”, The Sandero has an interior design and storage that makes it comfortable and practical. It is therefore perfect for town trips, but also for family family getaway. And in addition, the Dacia Sandero Essence 1.0 SCE 65 CH ESSENTIES only costs 10,490 €. The cheapest car is she !

Top 10 cheapest cars on the market in 2022

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In times that buy, buying a new car is not necessarily the best idea that we can have. Between the increase in fuel price And the inflation that makes vehicle prices jump, more and more French people simply do not have the means to afford the car of their dreams. Fortunately, it is still possible to find new vehicles at affordable prices. Here is our ranking of the cheapest cars on the market in 2022.

  • 10- Dacia Duster
  • 9- Suzuki Ignis
  • 8- Peugeot 108
  • 7- Mitsubishi Space Star
  • 6- Citroën C1
  • 5- Dacia Spring Electric
  • 4- Fiat Panda
  • 3- Hyundai i10
  • 2- Kia Picanto
  • 1- Dacia Sandero

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10- Dacia Duster

Dacia Duster

THE Dacia Duster is a SUV particularly suitable for people looking for a car for family use, which can be used for all types of driving. Usable in the city as well as in the countryside, the Duster is undoubtedly the flagship model of the Romanian manufacturer belonging since 1999 to the Renault group. The cheapest finish of Dacia Duster is the model Eco-G 100 hp LPG for a starting price of 14,990 €.

9- Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki Ignis

We continue in the SUV category with the Suzuki Ignis, The Japanese manufacturer’s “ultra compact urban SUV”. Perfectly adapted to city driving, the Suzuki Ignis has a spacious cabin, many storage and a trunk with a capacity of 267 to 501 liters. Its cheapest finish is the model Essence 1.2 Dualjet 83 hp Advantage whose price is 14,890 €.

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8- Peugeot 108

Peugeot 108

There Peugeot 108 is a mini-city developed by the French manufacturer for quality urban journeys. Equipped with several connected equipment, it exists in a sedan version or in discoverable according to your preferences. Finishing Essence 1.2 VTI 72 hp like is the cheapest since it only costs € 13,400.

7- Mitsubishi Space Star

Space Star

Another mini-taradin that will delight small scholarships. There Mitsubishi Space Star has an engine Essence 1.2 bikes 71 which gives flexibility and comfort to the vehicle. It is more equipped with the system Start & Stop which cuts the engine when the vehicle is stopped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If you opt for the Space Star, you will only have to pay € 12,990.

6- Citroën C1

Citroen C1

There Citroën C1 is a city car renowned for its great handling. Thanks to its small size, the C1 is perfect for use in town and sneaks in all the alleys and parking spaces. To take advantage of this vehicle at the best price, it is recommended to opt for the finish Essence 1.2 VTI 72 hp live at the price of € 12,950. The Citroën C1 also has the advantage of being one of the cars that consume the least fuel.

5- Dacia Spring Electric

Dacia Spring Elc-Ectric

The first 100% electric vehicle in this ranking is a Dacia manufacturer’s SUV. With an electrical autonomy of 305 kilometers in town, the Dacia Spring Electric recharges once a week on average. You can recharge it at home or via a charging station for loading in less than 5 hours. After applying the bonus for the purchase of an electric vehicle, this SUV comes back to you € 12,913.

4- Fiat Panda

Fiat Panda

There Fiat Panda is an elegant, comfortable and spacious mini-city. With all driving aid equipment, the Fiat Panda is undoubtedly one of the cars with the best value for money. The Panda range is available in several vehicles including the Fiat Panda City Life or the City Cross. If you want to take advantage of the cheapest price, opt for the finish Essence 1.0 70 CH City at a cost of € 12,900.

3- Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10

There Hyundai i10 is surely the perfect example of what is called a mini cityadin. Indeed, with a length of 3.67 meters for a width of 1.68 meters, this car is capable of slipping everywhere in the city. With her, you will never have any problems to park in town. Hyundai i10 Essence 1.0 67 hp initiative is at a price of 12,240 €, which makes it one of the three cheapest cars on the market !

2- Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto

There Kia Picanto is a city car well known to consumers. Indeed, it is very popular among young drivers, but also among retirees. It benefits from a sporting aspect, a large loading capacity and especially the 7 -year warranty of the manufacturer Kia. The Picanto Essence 1.0i 67 ch motion will cost you 12,090 €.

1- Dacia Sandero

Dacia Sandero

To finish this classification of the cheapest cars in 2022, we return to the manufacturer Dacia to examine the Dacia Sandero. Designated as a “Versatile city car”, The Sandero has an interior design and storage that makes it comfortable and practical. It is therefore perfect for town trips, but also for family family getaway. And in addition, the Dacia Sandero Essence 1.0 SCE 65 CH ESSENTIES only costs 10,490 €. The cheapest car is she !

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How to buy the vehicle of your dreams at the best price ?

Find a cheap new car Maybe a challenge, but is still possible. There are different ways to find new vehicles at low prices, especially in comparing prices, By looking for special offers and knowing how models to turn to.

Where to buy a new car cheaper ?

To buy your new car at the best price, you can turn to Different distributors, physical or online.

Automotive agents

Auto agents are intermediaries who are responsible for Negotiate the lowest price with the dealerships for the vehicle you are looking for.

Sales or destocking sites

Since the health crisis, the Sale of cars online has developed considerably, including new or reconditioned cars. Some players have specialized in this type of distribution, and can make you pay less, because they do not have a point of sale to maintain. Note that manufacturers also allow you to configure your vehicle online, and more and more to buy it.

Auto dealerships

Dealers can also help you buy a cheap new vehicle. These points of sale regularly organize commercial operations, Like open days, to allow you to buy a cheaper new car.


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List of cheapest new cars

Here is a list of the cheapest new cars with their The lowest price noted in early 2023.

Classification of cheapest thermal cars


New price (from)

Source: Autojournal.FR,, autoplanet.Fr

Classification of cheapest electric cars

Cars New price
Dacia Spring From 20,800 euros
Renault Twingo Electric from 25,250 euros
Volkswagen e-up from 27,040 euros
Smart Fortwo EQ from 28,351 euros
MG 4 from 29,990 euros
Fiat 500E From 30,400 euros
MG ZS EV from 33,990 euros
Peugeot E-208 from 34,800 euros

How to buy a new car dear ?

Buying a new car is a significant investment. This is why it is wise to seek the lowest price, and the most advantageous mode of financing.

How to buy a car with the minimum wage ?

Buying a new car is increasingly difficult for a minimum wage motorist due to the rise in vehicle prices. At the end of 2022, according to AAA Data, The average price of a new car was 32,600 euros. It is 24 times the monthly minimum wage of 2023 (1,353 euros).

In the absence of savings, a person in the minimum wage will therefore have to go through a car credit. With a maximum authorized debt rate of 33 %, maximum monthly payment is 445 euros. This allows you to buy an entry -level vehicle (11,000 euros) in 24 months, i.e two years. But beware, this monthly payment does not take into account other expenses that enter the debt rate: rent, other current credits, alimony, etc.

What financing solution is the cheapest ?

For your new car to cost you as cheaper as possible, you often wonder what financing solution is the most advantageous:

  • Auto credit: everything will depend on the interest rate offered to you and your other monthly expenses.
  • Leasing: Rental with purchase option (LOA) is increasingly acclaimed, because it does not require any contribution and that monthly payments are generally lower than with classic car credit. At the end of the rental lease, You can buy the vehicle at a lower price.

Tips to lower the price of a new car


  • Buy a car in end of series : to sell stocks before the new version of a model arrives, end -of -series cars can be ended by dealerships.
  • Buy a in stock : store a vehicle is expensive for distributors. Asking for a vehicle in stock rather than ordering it can make you benefit from a reduction.
  • Wait for one commercial operation : dealers will benefit from discounts during special operations, such as open days.
  • Buy abroad : some new vehicles can display a lower price in a neighboring country. Be careful, however, to take into account what it will cost you to import it into France.
  • Buy at the end of the year : concession sellers often affect bonuses according to the number of vehicles sold out. You can negotiate a downward price to allow them to achieve their sales objectives at the end of the year.
  • Reduce the overall cost to Save on insurance : if the price of the model of your choice remains too high in your eyes, you can save on other expenses of your car budget, such as car insurance.

What a bonus for the purchase of a new car ?

In 2023, it is also possible to benefit from the premium or aid to lower the price of his new car, provided she Don’t get too much CO2.

  • The conversion bonus or “Casse premium”: the principle is simple. You give up your polluting vehicle (petrol before 2006 or diesel before 2011) and get a premium to buy a less polluting vehicle (electric, hydrogen or cris’Air1)

Tax income

Electric and/or hydrogen vehicle

Vehicle Crit’Air 1

Good to know: the premium is always limited to 80 % of the vehicle purchase price. And the new vehicle cannot be sold in the year following its purchase.

  • The ecological bonus : in the case of the purchase of a new vehicle, it is up to the seller to apply the reduction on the price of the car.
New car New van
Individuals € 5,000 € 6,000
Professionals € 3,000 € 4,000

Good to know: the bonus can reach € 7,000 for a new car, for people whose reference tax income is less than or equal to € 14,089.

Faq car new not expensive

What is the cheapest car on the market right now ?

Right now, the cheapest new car on the market is Dacia Sandero, in its petrol version 1.0 SCE 65 CH ESSENTIAL.

What cheap and reliable vehicle ?

In the list of cheapest vehicles on the market, there are two brands recognized for their reliability: Hyundai, with its i10 or i20, and Kia, With his picanto.

What is the first price for a new car ?

Currently, the first prize for a new car is to 11,500 euros (Dacia Sandero).

Which vehicle to buy in 2022 cheap ?

In 2022, the cheapest private vehicles on the market were:

What a new car for 5,000 euros ?

There is not currently on the new vehicle market for 5,000 euros. With this budget, you have to turn to the second -hand market.

What is the cheapest car brand ?

The cheapest car brand on the French market is currently Dacia, A Romanian automaker, a subsidiary of the French group Renault since 1999.

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