Netflix termination: how to unsubscribe from Netflix?, Leave Netflix: the steps to follow to unsubscribe

How to terminate Netflix

With SFR it is possible to terminate the Netflix offer from the Netflix site by following the procedures below or via theSFR customer area.

How to terminate Netflix ?

You have a Netflix subscription but you want to terminate it ? You have toured all your favorite series and you prefer to go to competition ? Whatever the reason for your termination, we reveal all the steps necessary to terminate Netflix quickly and free from your Netflix account or to an operator.

  • The essential
  • The steps for terminate Netflix are easy and quick to do.
  • Netflix termination is possible at any time, free of charge.
  • Disabling the application is not enough to terminate a Netflix subscription.
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You wish to subscribe Disney+ ?

Netflix termination: easy and quick !


The Netflix subscription is a monthly subscription, that is to say that it is renewed each month, until the request of termination. When can we terminate it ? Since it is a subscription without engagement, It is possible to terminate at any time, no additional cost.

If the termination request is made before billing matters, the subscriber can continue to take advantage of Netflix until the next invoicing date. It is only after its Netflix account will be automatically closed.

How to terminate a Netflix account ? The approach is very simple and will only take you a few minutes, regardless of the platform from which you use the SVOD Netflix platform:

  1. Launch the Netflix application and select the main user.
  2. Go to your profile through the main menu.
  3. Select the “Account” section to be redirected to the settings of your Netflix account.
  4. By scrolling the page, the “Cancel subscription” option will be offered to you.
  5. Click on the “Cancel the subscription” button. A new page will open.
  6. To confirm the Netflix termination, Just press the “Complete the cancellation” button
  7. Netflix cancellation is completed. A termination confirmation email will be communicated to you.

A simple deactivation or deletion of the Netflix application does not allow you to end your Netflix subscription.

At the time of Netflix termination, two important information will be communicated to you:

  • there cancellation date of your Netflix account and at the same time the end date of the billing period,
  • the possibility of reactivate Your Netflix account with all its reading details and preferences within 10 months.

Satisfied or refunded you have just subscribed to the services of Netflix but you are not satisfied ? In this case, be aware that you have 7 days to request refund from Netflix. This unsubscription requires the same termination procedures, however, the first month invoiced will be reimbursed to you.

How to terminate Netflix with its operator ?

Netflix is ​​also available from large operators. You can therefore take out an internet offer at the same time as the Netflix service. Operators offer it either as a paid option (Orange, SFR, Bouygues), either integrated directly in their internet offer (free). However, how to terminate Netflix when you have subscribed to an operator ?

Terminate Netflix Orange

For terminate Netflix Orange, It is necessary to carry out the procedures directly on the official Netflix website.

  1. Go to the Netflix website and identify yourself.
  2. Access the “Account” section.
  3. Press the “Cancel the subscription” button in the “Subscription and invoicing” part.
  4. Netflix termination is taken into account.

Netflix termination from Orange is free and available at any time.

Terminate Netflix SFR

How terminate Netflix SFR ? The subscriber who benefits from this service at SFR has two options in the event of termination:

  1. Terminate Netflix directly from your SFR customer area.
  2. Carry out the official website of Netflix (and follow the procedures mentioned in the first part of our article). If the termination is carried out on the Netflix site, the service may remain present on your monthly invoice, without being billed. In this case, to remove the option of your subscription, it is necessary to contact SFR customer service.

In both cases, the service will be terminated at the time of the monthly renewal of the Netflix subscription.

Remove Netflix Bouygues

With Bouygues, the subscriber can Remove Netflix Bouygues from its customer area. To do this, the following actions must be carried out:

  1. At first, go to the Bouygues customer area.
  2. Then connect and select “My offer and my options”.
  3. Afterwards, go to the “My owned options” part and choose the “Netflix” option.
  4. Press “Try”.
  5. Click on “Confirm” to finalize the Netflix termination.
  6. Your termination will be taken into account.

Terminate Netflix Free

With Free, it is possible to take advantage of Netflix in two different ways. It is the only operator who offers Netflix not only as a paid option but which also includes it directly in one of its Internet offers:

  • Netflix as a paid option is available with the Freebox Mini 4K, the Freebox Revolution and the Freebox Pop. To terminate this form of subscription, it’s easy. This is a simple option without obligation. The subscriber can therefore terminate his subscription by identifying on the official Netflix website.
  • Free includes Netflix service only in its Internet offer La Freebox Delta. This means that the essential price Netflix does not represent No additional cost on your bill. Thus, even if you do not want to benefit from Netflix, the service remains included in the entire Freebox Delta offer.

How to unsubscribe from Netflix via iTunes ?

You went through the App Store to benefit from Netflix on your Apple tablet or computer ? In this case, the Netflix termination will take place on iTunes.

How to cancel your Netflix subscription from the computer ?

To terminate Netflix from the computer, it is necessary to carry out the following procedures:

  1. Download the iTunes app.
  2. Select “Account”, then “see my account” to connect with your Apple identifiers.
  3. In the “Account data” part, access the “Settings” section.
  4. Press “Manage”.
  5. In the “Subscription (s)” part, click “Manage”.
  6. Choose the Netflix subscription and click “Modify”.
  7. At the bottom of the screen, choose “Cancel subscription”.
  8. Then click “Confirm”.
  9. Your termination request is taken into account and your subscription will be canceled.

How to cancel Netflix from its iPhone, iPad or iPod ?

To cancel the Netflix subscription from the iPhone, iPad or iPod, the steps are a bit different:

  1. Access the “settings” part from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  2. Write your name and click on “App Store” and “iTunes Store”.
  3. Enter your Apple identifiers.
  4. Click on “Subscriptions” and choose “Netflix”.
  5. Select the “Cancel subscription” option and press “Confirm”.
  6. Netflix termination is completed.

Terminate Netflix to take out a competing offer

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You wish terminate the Netflix subscription And discover another SVOD platform or a TV bouquet ? To choose well, we offer a comparison of the biggest competitors Netflix: Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO (OCS) and Canal+.

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How to terminate Netflix ?

Netflix is ​​the best -known streaming video platform in France and the world. If you are already one of the subscribers, read our guide to find out how to unsubscribe.

Netflix is ​​a streaming platform that offers many films and series of all kinds. You hold a Netflix subscription And you want to leave the platform ? You have toured the films and series offered or you just don’t want to pay a subscription anymore ?

If on the other hand, you want to take advantage of it, you must subscribe to a subscription according to the number of screens on which you can access it simultaneously. Our SVOD Comparison article allows you to discover the other available platforms (Canalplay, OCS, Amazon Video, etc.) in order to compare them and choose the one that suits you the most (bouquet of channels, prices, subscription conditions, etc.).

Discover the steps for leave Netflix From your computer, from the Netflix application or via the iTunes service.

Also find out how Delete a Netflix profile While keeping your subscription in progress.

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What offers Netflix ?


The Netflix platform has been accessible from many devices.

  • from a computer,
  • on a smartphone,
  • on a tablet,
  • via a PlayStation 4 type game console,
  • Thanks to your Internet box,
  • From a smart TV,
  • on a streaming reader, etc.

Good to know How to subscribe to Netflix via its supplier ? It is possible to take out a Netflix subscription thanks to its Internet access provider, whether in the form of a paid option or via a internet which includes the VOD service (video on demand). To find out which operators offer Netflix with their offers, you can consult our online internet comparator.

Customer area

You can access your space by connecting from the device of your choice, online on the Netflix website or through theNetflix mobile application.

You can download the application on iOS, on Android or Windows 10.

How to unsubscribe from Netflix via the website ?

Whatever the device you have access to the platform, unsubscribe from Netflix is a very simple procedure that will only take you a few minutes.

Indeed, a Netflix subscription is without commitment or contract, you just need to follow these few steps:

  1. Start by connecting to your space, as you do to access your profile and the various content offered by the streaming platform.
  2. Click on your profile at the top right of your screen or at the bottom right if you want to unsubscribe Netflix from the application.
  3. Select the section “Account”.
  4. Then click on the tab “Subscription and billing”. Here you can update your personal data or your payment information.
  5. At the bottom of this section, now choose the option “Cancel”the subscription.
  6. On your screen, you will be able to see a new Internet page displayed with the Netflix confirmation request unsubscribe.
  7. Click one last time on “Complete the cancellation” to validate.

The possibility of trying before subscribing

If you are not sure that you like the Netflix service, know that Netflix offers a 30 -day free trial so that you can test the platform and the streaming service before subscribing.

You can also do a Netflix Reviews to get the opinion of several users.

If after 30 days you want to extend your subscription, you have nothing to do.

You can continue to use the streaming -on -demand video platform and your account will be debited between € 7.99 and € 15.99 per month depending on the offer selected.

On the other hand, if you no longer want to take advantage of the service, just end it.

For Stop your free trial At the end of the month offered, follow exactly the same cancellation steps subscription.

Your account will not be debited and you will no longer have access to Netflix.

Once your Netflix cancellation or termination is confirmed, you can continue to use the streaming video service until the end of the month started, regardless of the date you cancel your subscription.

Unsuboring from Netflix automatically leads to the fence of your account.

However, the latter can be reactivated within 10 months of your Netflix termination.

This allows you to keep your profiles, your preferences in terms of movies and series as well as your personalized lists.

Beyond this period, your account will be definitively disabled And you will have to take out again to take advantage of it if you wish.

Good to know it is recommended to Delete personal data (Name, postal address, email address, etc.) and its bank details registered on the Netflix website when unsubscribing Netflix. You can request it in writing by email, from the Netflix customer service, at the following address: [Email Protected]. In this email, you can also ask your account to be deactivated before the end of the 10 months if you find this time too long and you are sure not to withdraw yourself.

How to terminate Netflix with its operator ?

If you have subscribed to your Netflix offer via an operator it is also possible to terminate this offer ! It is sometimes possible to go through the operator’s customer area or otherwise you have to connect to the Netflix site to be able to terminate.

Terminate a Netflix Orange offer

To stop Netflix Orange, it is necessary to go through the official Netflix website:

  1. Connect to the Netflix website with your identifiers.
  2. Click on the “Account” section.
  3. And finally select the “Cancel the subscription” section in the “Subscription and invoicing” part.

Terminate the Netflix SFR subscription

With SFR it is possible to terminate the Netflix offer from the Netflix site by following the procedures below or via theSFR customer area.

Note that if you terminate your account on the Netflix website, the option may remain present on your SFR invoice (even if it is not billed).

Terminate a Netflix Bouygues Telecom offer

With Bouygues, the subscriber can also terminate its Netflix offer from its customer area by following the following steps:

  1. Connect to your Bouygues customer area.
  2. Select the “My offer and my options” tab.
  3. Click on the “My owned options” tab and choose the “Netflix” option.
  4. Press “Try”.
  5. And finally on “Confirm” in order to finalize the Netflix termination.

Terminate the Netflix Free subscription

Free is the only operator who offers Netflix not only as a paid option but which also includes it directly in one of its Internet offers.

If Netflix Free has been subscribed as a paid option, you must go to the Free website.

On the other hand, if the Netflix Free subscription was included in your offer as is the case for the Freebox Delta for example, it is possible to unsubscribe via your free customer area.

Stop Netflix: how to delete a Netflix account profile ?

As a customer of a Netflix account, you can create several profiles different, especially if many of you use the same account.

If the basic service is € 7.99 per month, the platform can be used simultaneously on two screens from € 11.99 per month and on four screens for € 15.99 per month.

You can therefore connect to two at the same time, hence the advantage of being able to create several profiles.

The profiles allow you to resume exactly where you stopped your viewing and offer you movies and series according to your preferences.

Having your own Netflix profile allows you to use more personalized.

Here is the procedure to follow for delete a profile without unsubscribing from Netflix:

  1. Connect to your Netflix account using your identifiers (email address and password that you yourself chose when registering.
  2. Select the Netflix profile you want to delete.
  3. Click on the section “Account”.
  4. In the tab “My profile”, Select the option “Manage profiles”, right of your screen.
  5. Click on the box “DELETE” In front of the profile in question.

Deleting a profile does not lead to termination of your Netflix account, so you can always access it to watch movies and series, from another profile.

Good to know to recognize or manage your Netflix profiles, go to the section “Account” Then “My profile” and select “Manage profiles”. For example, you can customize each profile, including adding a photo. You can also create a youth profile, with programs more suited to children such as Peppa Pig, Boss Boss, Paddington and many other cartoons and youth films. The strong point of this profile is that he does not offer any inappropriate content so that your child can sail without you being concerned.

Leave Netflix: how to terminate via iTunes ?

Netflix is ​​a subscription to which you can have access via iTunes, from your iPhone, your iPad, your Mac or your Apple TV.

Follow these few steps to find out how to unsubscribe from Netflix from iTunes via your computer:

  1. Open iTunes from your computer.
  2. Connect using your iTunes identifiers and click on “Account” In the menu, at the top of your screen.
  3. In category “Information on the account”, Select the one called “Settings”.
  4. Then in the tab “Subscriptions”, click on “Manage” Then select Netflix.
  5. Click on “Unsubscribe” then on “Confirm”.

If you prefer to terminate Netflix from your iPhone or iPad, here is the procedure:

  1. Go to the settings of your mobile device.
  2. Click on the iTunes application.
  3. Select your Apple identifier then click on “Show the Apple identifier”.
  4. In category “Subscriptions”, Choose the Netflix service.
  5. Click on “Cancel subscription” At the bottom of your screen then click again on “Confirm”.

Finally, to unsubscribe from Netflix from its Apple TV, you just have to do as follows:

  1. From the home page of your Apple TV, go to the tab “Settings”.
  2. Click on the section “Accounts”.
  3. Select the tab “Subscriptions” then click on “Manage subscriptions”.
  4. Choose the Netflix service.
  5. Click on “Unsubscribe” then on “Confirm” To validate your cancellation request.

In the event of a problem with your subscription or to terminate Netflix, you can contact customer service at +1-800-585-7265.

The service is available continuously, every day of the week, for Netflix customers.

Simply enter the code communicated by phone in your Netflix account then click on “US contact” And “Call Us”, at the bottom of your screen.

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