Netflix Subscription Price 2022: which Netflix subscription to choose?, Netflix gradually removes its cheapest advertising subscription

Netflix gradually removes its cheapest advertising subscription

With the Netflix subscription, we have access to all its catalog unlimited. This catalog is made up of all genres: romantic films, horror films, thrillers, action films, comedies, dramas, documentaries or the content intended for the youngest. In addition, the real asset of Netflix is ​​the creation of its own content.

Netflix Price: How to choose the best Netflix subscription ?

How to choose the Netflix subscription that best suits you between the essential, standard and premium package ? Several parameters must be taken into account, starting with your consumption mode and your budget. Discover the characteristics and prices of each Netflix subscription formula.

You are looking for an internet offer available with Netflix ?

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  • The essential
  • Netflix offers 3 subscriptions : essential package, standard package and premium package.
  • A Netflix subscription is available from € 8.99/month.
  • It is possible to subscribe to your Netflix subscription to Internet and Mobile operators.
  • Netflix subscription is without engagement.
Netflix subscription price with an internet box: offers valid on March 3, 2023

Bouygues Free Orange SFR
from € 16.99/month
+ Netflix Subscription
from € 19.99/month
+ Netflix Subscription
(Included with the Freebox Delta)
from € 23.99/month
+ Netflix Subscription (included with Livebox Up and Max)
from € 19.99/month
+ Netflix Subscription
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How much is a Netflix subscription ?

Netflix currently offers 4 different packages : THE Netflix essential package with pub (€ 5.99/month), the Netflix essential package (€ 8.99/month), the Standard Netflix package (€ 13.49/month) and the Netflix Premium Package (€ 17.99/month). All these packages are available without engagement. It is therefore possible to terminate them at any time. Netflix subscriptions differentiate according to the content included such as the number of screens available simultaneously or image quality.

Netflix increases its prices in France to make investments profitable and maintain its position on the SVOD market, Netflix has set up a New pricing grid. The price of its 3 historical subscription formulas has increased as follows: the essential price is currently available for € 8.99/month (instead of € 7.99/month) and the standard rate goes from € 11.99/month to € 13.49/month. Finally, the premium rate increases by € 15.99/month to € 17.99/month. The essential package with ads also constitutes a novelty.

Netflix subscription price valid on March 3, 2023

Netflix Price essential subscription Netflix Standard subscription price Netflix Price Premium subscription
With advertising: € 5.99/month
without advertising: € 8.99/month
€ 13.49/month € 17.99/month

Essential Netflix subscription at € 8.99/month

THE Essential price gives subscribers access to all films and series unlimited. This content is available on all compatible devices, that is to say on your smartphone, tablet, computer or on TV and Smart TV.

This Netflix subscription allows you to take advantage of the platform only on 1 simultaneous screen. It is therefore ideal for people who do not wish to share their account. Programs are accessible as standard image quality. The price of this package is € 8.99/month.

Since the end of the year, this package has been available at entry -level advertising, at a rate of € 5.99/month. Justice of this advantageous rate you have to be ready to accept 5 minutes of advertising per hour.

Standard Netflix subscription at € 13.49/month

With the Standard rate, You have the possibility of looking at all the exclusive Netflix content on 2 simultaneous screens. It is a package adapted to the needs of a small family, a couple or a roommate of two people because it is possible to look at two different titles on two different screens. You can choose between your smartphone, tablet, computer or television. The Netflix Standard subscription is available in HD (1280p x 720p), at the price of € 13.49/month.

Netflix Premium subscription at € 17.99/month

The latest Netflix subscription, the most expensive but the most complete, is the Premium price. Like all other subscriptions, the premium rate gives access to all Netflix titles, on all types of compatible devices. It is available at the price of € 17.99/month, However, it includes image quality in HD (1280p x 720p) and ultra HD, also called 4K (3840p x 2160p).

With Netflix Premium, the subscriber can enjoy until 4 simultaneous screens. This subscription is therefore highly recommended for large families or for groups of friends for which Netflix account sharing would be more advantageous and economical.

Netflix subscription Price 2023: comparison

Netflix subscription price: offers valid on March 3, 2023

Netflix Subscription Netflix Essential Netflix Standard Netflix Premium
Unlimited catalog
Image quality standard Hd Ultra HD = 4K
Number of screens available 1 simultaneous screen 2 simultaneous screens 4 simultaneous screens
Subscription without commitment
Netflix Subscription Price With advertising: € 5.99/month
without advertising: € 8.99/month
€ 13.49/month € 17.99/month

How to subscribe to Netflix ?

Subscribe a Netflix offer is simple and quick. How to do ? Here, the procedures necessary to Subscribe to Netflix and create Netflix my subscription account.

How to contact Netflix for free ?

Register on Netflix

You wish to subscribe Netflix ? You have two options: perform theNetflix registration since the Netflix home page or do it thanks to his application. Your device may (your smartphone, tablet or TV) already has the Netflix application. If this is not the case, just download it either on App Store if you use Apple or on Play Store, if you use Android. Downloading and installing the application only take a few seconds.

To subscribe Netflix, go to its official website or open its application. Once you are connected, enter your email address in the dedicated field and click “Try” to confirm the creation of your Netflix account.

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Choice of a Netflix subscription

You already know the set of packages available with Netflix. It is therefore enough to choose one, best suits your expectations and needs, depending on the content included. Choose between Netflix Essential (€ 8.99/month), Netflix Standard (€ 13.49/month) or Netflix Premium (€ 17.99/month). Then confirm your choice with a single click on the “Continue” button.

Once the Netflix rate is chosen, you will have to create and enter your password in the dedicated fields to start your Netflix subscription. This is the same password that you will use as your identifier to connect to the platform in the future.

Netflix Payment

The creation of your Netflix account also requires entering your payment method. 3 types of payment will be offered to you:

  • payment by credit card,
  • Paypal payment by account,
  • Payment by a Netflix gift card (by entering the gift code).

Once the payment method is validated, you will receive a confirmation message in your mailbox and a monthly direct debit will be set up.

Personalization of your Netflix subscription

After activating your account, it is possible to personalize your Netflix subscription. How ?

  • Creation of profiles : you have several to use a single Netflix account ? Do not hesitate to create different profiles. Thus, each user can customize their profile. Netflix allows its subscribers to create up to 5 different profiles.
  • Content suggestion : choose your favorite titles so that Netflix can analyze your choice and offer you the content that might interest you.
  • Compatible devices : To look at Netflix on several devices, simply check all the options you want to use (smartphone, tablet, computer, console, TV. ))

Netflix subscription with an operator

You wish to take out a Netflix subscription with an operator ? It is also possible ! Just choose one of their Triple play offers (Internet + fixed telephony + television). The operators offer their subscribers two options:

It is possible to take out a Netflix subscription as a paid option. This service is available from all major operators: Orange, Bouygues, SFR or Free. The subscriber must therefore pay a monthly internet subscription + her Netflix subscription, available from € 8.99/month.

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Operators can also offer an internet box with the subscription Netflix included. Currently, there are 2 operators who integrate the Netflix subscription directly into one of their offers. This is Free who offers Netflix Subscription Included in its offer the freebox delta, and orange with the livebox up and max.

Netflix CANAL Subscription: How to take advantage of it ?

Netflix subscription is also available with canal+. The subscriber can choose between several bouquets. Currently, Netflix is ​​included in two Canal+ offers:

  • THE Ciné Series Pack : the bouquet intended for fans of cinema and series which includes Canal+, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Docs, Canal+ Kids, Canal+ quirky, Disney+, Netflix, OCS, Starzplay, Canal+ Cinéam, Ciné+.
  • THE Pack Friends and Family : This bouquet offers several genres (cinema, series, sport, kids, docs) thanks to channels Canal+, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Doc, Canal+ Kids, Canal+ quirky, Infosport+ and Disney+ platforms, Netflix, Starzplay, OCS.
Netflix Canal Plus Subscription: Offers valid on March 3, 2023

Channel Without engagement 24 -month commitment
Cinema Pack Series € 40.99/month € 34.99/month for 12 months then € 40.99/month
Friends and Family € 79.99/month € 64.99/month for 12 months then € 79.99/month

Take advantage of a promotion -50% ! You are under 26 years old ? You can subscribe to the Series Ciné Canal offer with a 50% discount ! The subscription is therefore available at the price of € 20.49/month. In addition, it is accessible without obligation.

What the Netflix subscription includes ?

With the Netflix subscription, we have access to all its catalog unlimited. This catalog is made up of all genres: romantic films, horror films, thrillers, action films, comedies, dramas, documentaries or the content intended for the youngest. In addition, the real asset of Netflix is ​​the creation of its own content.

Among the biggest successes of Netflix’s original production, there are series like: 13 Reasons Why, Narcos, The New Adventures of Sabrina, Umbrella Academy, Lupine, La Chronicle des Bridgerton, The Witcher, Le Game de la Lady, Dark, Orange is the New Black, Sex Education, Unorthodox, Elite, Lucifer, The Last Dance, Stanger Things, The Hauting of Hill House, The Crown, Black Mirror, La Casa de Papel, Making A Murder, You, Maid, Emily in Paris, Squid Game.

With Netlix, you also have access to best series from the moment ! Discover for example the new American mini-series (Comedy-Thriller) The woman who lived in front of the girl at the window With Kristen Bell, the second season of the series Dark desire or the new documentary based on a true story – Tinder’s scammer.

Free Netflix subscription: it’s possible ?

Previously, the platform offered its subscribers a month of Netflix free subscription. However, this option is no longer available. How then to take advantage of free Netflix ?

It is possible to :

  • Share your Netflix account,
  • Subscribe an internet offer including the Netflix subscription for free,
  • Take advantage of the Netflix gift card.

How to cancel your Netflix subscription ?

You no longer want to take advantage of a Netflix subscription ? Remember that this is a subscription without engagement, It is therefore possible to terminate at any time. How then to stop the Netflix subscription ?

  • Launch the application or go to the official Netflix website.
  • Connect to your account and then click on the main user.
  • Access the “Account” section through the main menu.
  • You will be redirected to the settings of your Netflix account where the option “unsubscribe“will be offered to you.
  • Press the “Cancel the subscription” button. A new page indicating the cancellation date and the end date of the billing period will open.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking on the “Complete the cancellation” button.
  • The cancellation of your subscription is completed and a termination confirmation email will be communicated to you.

You wish to subscribe to another SVOD service cheaper ? Opt for one of the Netflix competitors ! The offer is large and you can choose between Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+, HBO or the French Salto platform.

What is the essential Netflix package with pub ?

Since November, Netflix has been offering a subscription “Essential Netflix with Pub“which takes up the characteristics of the essential subscription with the difference that it does not allow downloads and, above all, that it imposes on the spectator two beaches of advertisements at the start and in the middle of the programs.

This constraint lowers the cost of the subscription, which goes to € 5.99/month.

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Updated on 06/09/2023

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Netflix gradually removes its cheapest advertising subscription

The essential subscription is now hidden on the French site of Netflix, while it is deleted on its main markets abroad.

Access Netflix without advertising will it soon cost at least 13.49 euros? After deleting it in Canada, Netflix removes its “basic” offer in the United States and the United Kingdom. In France, this offer is called “essential” and is billed at 8.99 euros per month.

It allows access to the catalog (from a single screen), without advertising. Since the beginning of the year, it has been hidden by the platform, in order to redirect French customers to the standard offer (13.49 euros), or the standard offer with pub (5.99 euros).

+50% to access over-line content

The end of the “essential” offer abroad could suggest an similar disappearance in Europe, and therefore in France. Contacted by Tech & Co, Netflix France claims not to have any information to communicate on this subject.

For users, the end of the “essential” offer would mark a major development. In addition to displaying advertising, the “standard with ad” offer (recently renamed after being presented under the name “essential with pub”) prevents customers from accessing the contents of line, through a download on a smartphone or tablet. What the “essential” offer currently allows.

By looking a little, we end up falling on the essential offer

In fact, a Netflix client wishing to access their movies and series without internet connection should switch to the standard offer. An additional cost of 4.50 euros and an increase of 50% of the sum to be paid each month.

Under pressure after a difficult 2022 year, Netflix has multiplied initiatives to gain profitability. Starting at the end of the account sharing, to prevent customers from offering their access to relatives. A strategy that seems to be paying: Netflix won 6 million new subscribers in the second quarter 2023. By pushing users to more expensive plans, the company could now also increase its margins.

Netflix removes the “essential” formula in the United States and the United Kingdom, when France ?

Netflix Essential

Netflix Sharing Accounts

How long will Netflix’s “essential” formula be in France ? The question arises, while this subscription has been deleted from the price levels of the streaming service in Canada, and now in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The “essential” formula, offered at 8.99 euros in France, is in suspended. Netflix deleted it in Canada in June, and now It is the UK and the United States to be deprived of it ! In these three countries, the streaming service only offers three price levels: “standard with pub”, “standard” and “premium”.

Pub, it reports

Essential customers can keep their subscription until they cancel it or change their offer. New customers and those who return to Netflix do not can more subscribe to this formula. The company obviously seeks to “sell” their subscription with advertising which certainly is cheaper than the “essential” (5.99 euros per month in France), but which is more profitable for Netflix with the display of advertisements impossible to pass.

Success was not long overdue for the subscription funded by advertising. Netflix announced in mid-May that 5 million eyes of eyes had chosen this formula launched last November.

The “Standard with Pub” offer offers access to almost the entire Netflix catalog, in 1080p and on two screens at the same time. The “standard” subscription to 13.49 euros offers the same options, with the download of content and, of course, zero advertising. The price difference between these two formulas is significant and the disappearance of the “essential” intermediary could push many customers in the arms of the offer with pub.

Netflix has launched a new strategy for a few months aimed at make his subscriber base make, Whether with advertising or by hunting for account shared for free. Adding an additional subscriber now costs an additional € 5.99 per month (even if in fact, subscribers who continue to share their identifiers do not risk much at the moment).