Netflix for Android – Download APK from uptodown, we are the French Netflix of Art! “Explain Marc Perrey and Ciprian Melian

We are the French Netflix of Art! “Explain Marc Perrey and Ciprian Melian

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All films and Netflix series now on Android

Last version

8.88.0 build 6 50512

Netflix is ​​the official application of this popular film and series streaming service. Thanks to her, you can see all the contents of your account on your Android device. Of course, you should have a user account and have subscribed to one of the subscriptions.

From the Netflix application, you can have access to all the content in your region. This includes all films, documentaries and of course the series. You will find everything, television classics, such as prison break or the i.T. Crowd, at the first exclusive of Netflix, like Orange is the New Black or The Witcher. In addition, all your devices will be perfectly synchronized. So if you stop an episode in progress from your TV, you can continue it from your Android device.

As usual, you can add your favorite content to your lists and indicate whether you liked it or not. In addition, Netflix will make you recommendations based on what you have already looked at, what of course, you can take into account or not. The important thing is that you will have a huge amount of audiovisual equipment that you can appreciate both in the original version subtitled and doubled.

The official Netflix application is a great way to take away where you want your favorite series and movies. Do not miss the next season of your favorite series simply because you are not at home.

Review by Merche Contreras translated by Uptododown Localization Team

Required conditions (latest version)

  • Requires Android 7.0 or more

frequently asked Questions

How many data consumes Netflixsur Android ?

Netflix consumes different amounts of data depending on the quality of the reading. Low quality: 0.3 GB per hour. Average quality: 0.7 GB per hour with SD resolution. High quality: 3 GB per hour in HD. Maximum quality: 7 GB per hour in 4K Ultra HD.

How can I change my Netflix package on Android ?

You can’t change your Netflix plan on Android. You can change your plan from the website by going in Profile> Account> Plan details> Change plan.

How can I activate subtitles on Netflix ?

To activate the subtitles on Netflix, open the content you want to watch and click audio, then find the option of subtitles you want.

How can I play Netflix Games on Android ?

To play games from Netflix on Android, click on the controller icon. Then choose a game to install it or download its APK for free on Uptododown.

Where can I see the upcoming outings on Netflix ?

To see the next outings on Netflix, click on Nouvelles> to come. There, you can see a list of outings to come on Netflix for the coming months.

How to download episodes on Netflix ?

To download episodes or movies on Netflix, search for the content you want, then click on the three -point icon. Select ‘Download the episode’] from the menu, then wait until the download ends.

How can I use Netflix for free ?

Netflix is ​​not available for the moment. You will need a subscription to one of his plans to take advantage of the content offered on this video platform on demand.

How to download the Netflix application ?

You can download the Netflix application on uptodown. By downloading the APK from our application or our official website, you can enjoy hundreds of movies and series directly on your Android TV or your smartphone.

More information

Package name com.Netflix.mediaclient
Licence Free
Operating system Android
Category Video
Language French


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