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The sound of artists

A sound bar allows you to obtain a much better quality audio rendering on your TV: the voices are clearer, the sound better balanced and ..

Musical streaming

Musical streaming

Musical streaming is now anchored in the daily life of consumers. Apple Music, Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify … All platforms allow access to millions of titles, albums, playlists, in an unlimited way. In this folder, discover the prices and terms of the different offers, the operation of streaming and compatible devices (smartphone, computer, wireless speaker, etc.).

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Qobuz offers you the largest hi-res music catalog streaming and download. Safety your thirst for discovery with our big angles, chronicles, original selections and exclusive interviews.

How to stream in high resolution ?

Hi-Res streaming is within everyone’s reach ! All our applications are compatible with this quality. For more information on the 24-bit hi-res configurations, go to our dedicated page.

Is the trial really free for the streaming service ?

The trial period is free and without obligation. A valid means of payment is required to benefit from it, but you will in no case be debited before the end of this period. You can cancel your subscription at any time, even during the trial period.

What is the download ?

Qobuz offers a streaming offer and a download store. The download store allows you to buy albums or tracks permanently to obtain the property of audio files on its device. Once an album has been purchased, you can download it in different formats to listen to it on the equipment of your choice and enjoy it forever.

Do you need a subscription to download ?

There is no need to have a subscription to download music. However, the sublime subscription allows you to benefit from advantageous prices on hi-res products while enjoying the streaming service

Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube. Which musical streaming platform to choose ?

Musical streaming is part of the daily life of French and music lovers. More than 16 million French people are now listening to music via a paid streaming platform. Europeans Deezer and Spotify launched fashion, soon joined by the American digital giants.

Several musical streaming platforms exist on the market

Maxime Blondet – Modified on 09/19/2023 at 4:26 p.m. Summary

  1. Deezer: the favorite music streaming platform of the French
  2. Spotify: the Green Giant, world leader in streaming music
  3. Apple Music: the challenger that aims for the leader’s place
  4. Amazon Music, advantageous for the faithful of Amazon Prime
  5. YouTube Music to rebatte Musical Streaming Cards
  6. Musical streaming platforms: which to choose ?

Appeared in France a little over 10 years ago, musical streaming has become a social phenomenon. France now has more than 16 million paying subscribers to a streaming music service.

The offer is bloated, it has never been so important and, you will see it, they offer almost all the same features at equivalent prices. Here is an inventory of the main forces involved to help you make a choice.

Deezer: the favorite music streaming platform of the French

cock-a-doodle Doo. The first legal musical streaming service in the world was born in France. His name is Deezer. The musical streaming platform belongs today to the American industrial group Access Industries. Deezer is 10.4 million users worldwide, a presence in 180 countries, an indisputable leader in the French market, A catalog of more than 56 million titles And more than 100 million playlists.

Deezer, it’s first of all A free version, in 2007. The platform appeals to a large number of users even if you have to accept advertising cuts and it is impossible to access the musical streaming platform without internet connection.

In 2010, Deezer launched his premium offer. She is at the rate of € 10.99/month. For this price, goodbye advertising and hello off-connections mode which allows access to the platform without the Internet. The same year, Deezer signed a partnership with Orange to integrate the premium offer in certain packages, which gives additional momentum to the platform. Deezer has since launched an offer for families and students.

But today it stands out from competition with its offer Deezer Hifi, which allows purists to listen to music with impeccable CD quality or even Flow function, A tool that makes a personalized selection of songs as close to your musical tastes. Subscriptions to seduce the widest possible public.

Spotify: the Green Giant, world leader in streaming music

Spotify is to musical streaming what Netflix to video streaming: the undisputed world leader in its category. A green giant that is not American but Swedish. Created in 2008, a year after Deezer, Spotify today claims more 70 million paid subscribers and more than 162.4 million users in the world. A success that she owes largely to her complete catalog, significantly the same as Deezer, but especially to the Ease of use of its interface.

For the rest, nothing very surprising. After years of reluctance, Spotify has resolved to offer a free version of its platform. And, with the exception of an offer with optimal listening quality for purists who are lacking, the Subpify subscriptions are substantially the same and at the same price as Deezer. Ah yes, to penetrate the French market well and try to get back behind Deezer in France, Spotify signed an agreement with Bouygues Telecom.

Apple Music: the challenger that aims for the leader’s place

Apple Music is one of the last players to have invested the music for streaming music market. It was in 2015. But, in a short time, the Apple streaming music platform has established itself as the second force in the presence, with more than 78.5 million subscribers. A tour de force carried out thanks to an aggressive trade policy.

At Apple Music, no free version but A month of free subscription to decide. After, if we want to take out a paying subscription, the offer is almost the same as that of Deezer and Spotify, with three different subscriptions: the student subscription at € 5.99/month, the individual subscription at € 10.99 /month and the family subscription at € 14.99/month. As for the content of the platform, it does not differ too much from Deezer and Spotify, with Over 50 million titles, without No advertising interruption And with or without internet connection. Only difference, the sound is in AAC format instead of the MP3 and with a lower quality that most of its competitors .

Amazon Music, advantageous for the faithful of Amazon Prime

The musical streaming service of the e-commerce giant arrived in France in September 2017. With a catalog of 50 million titles, Functions which are exactly the same as those of its competitors, an individual subscription at € 10.99/month and a family subscription at € 17.99/month, Amazon Music does nothing to stand out from competition. Nothing very original, rather classic. At first glance only.

Because, to look at it, the offer from Amazon Music is very attractive, on one condition: the individual subscription is € 109/year, that is two months offered, For Amazon Prime subscribers. Interesting even if you must already be subscribed to Amazon Prime and therefore pay € 5.99/month. For people who do not wish to pay more than their subscription to Amazon Prime, Amazon Music is free within the limit of 40 hours of listening per month without advertising in a small catalog of two million songs. With largely more than 100 million subscribers in Amazon Prime, Amazon Music has a substantial potential customer reservoir to compete with Spotify around the world.

YouTube Music Premium to reshuffle musical streaming cards

It is the small revolution that is underway in the world of musical streaming. YouTube was already the most used service to listen to music on the internet. And now one of the most visited websites in the world has just launched its musical streaming platform. The free version already existed with the YouTube website. Two paid subscriptions are now offered. And guess what, they are the consistent copy of what is already done.

By means of a Google account and € 9.99/month, The subscription to YouTube Music Premium has the same features as the others: Creation of playlists, Off-connections listening And lack of advertising cuts. YouTube Music also offers a Family subscription at € 14.99/month. Cherry on the cake, listening in the background to pass on another application without cutting music or a function that allows Go from audio mode to video mode and vice versa, without cuts. Appreciable. It is a little worse for sound quality, in AAC format and a lower flow than most of its main competitors.

Deezer, Spotify and others can tremble. Because, YouTube is no less than 44 million monthly visitors just in France and the objective is to retain them with a paid offer. In addition, YouTube Music, a branch of Google, should absorb Google Play Music.

Musical streaming platforms: which to choose ?

Comparison of the best musical streaming offers
Deezer Spotify Apple Music Amazon Music YouTube Music
Number of songs 53 million 50 millions 50 millions 50 millions 50 millions
Free version Yes Yes No Yes No
Individual subscription € 10.99 € 10.99 € 10.99 € 10.99 € 9.99
Family subscription € 17.99 € 17.99 € 16.99 € 17.99 € 14.99
Student € 5.99 € 5.99 € 5.99 X X
Sound quality 160 kb/s, 320 kb/s, flac 96 kb/s, 160 kb/s, 320kb/s 256 kb/s 320 kb/s 256 kb/s