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Practical life on site Morocco

Morocco now lives all year round at the same time. No lag with France in winter. On the other hand, in summer, the gap is 1 hour: it is 11 a.m. in Morocco when it is 12 hours in France. And during Ramadan (from April 12 to May 13 in 2021), the country is still shifting by an additional 1 hour (it is therefore, during this month, 2 hours earlier than at home). At the end of Ramadan, we come back at normal time.


Morocco is equipped with 220 V with European standard sheets. No adapter to provide therefore.
In some rural areas on the other hand, the remote villages (especially in certain valleys of the Atlas) are fueled by collective generators managed by the Villagers community. There may be risks of overvoltage for your electrical devices, mainly when you recharge them.
Also think that you will have to wait until night to do it, when the groups work.


Exchange offices: In principle, they are open every day (except sometimes Sunday afternoon) and their opening hours are very wide.

The banks : They are open Monday to Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.-6 p.m. (9:15 a.m. to 2 p.m. or 2:30 p.m. during Ramadan), sometimes with a break during Friday prayer.

The stores : Medinas stalls open in the middle of the morning, and you can do your shopping there until single hours. Friday, they remain closed or open in the morning, then at the end of the afternoon. The other stores have no fixed schedules, but they also close either Friday or Saturday, and always Sunday.
In tourist centers, stores for tourists are open every day and close late in the evening. The department stores follow a schedule equivalent to that of France.

Souk Maroc store

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The main post offices are open from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. (service reduced on Friday during the big prayer); From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. during Ramadan and sometimes on Saturday (8 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.).


Arabic: We distinguish classical Arabic, the language of the Koran (literary), language of education, administration and the media, dialect Arabic, spoken language which varies according to the regions and according to social classes. Moroccan dialect Arabic directly takes up French many modern names or current expressions.

Amazigh (or Berber): Practiced in many regions of Morocco, Berber, like Arabic, is a language of the Chamito-Sémitic family (Hebrew belongs to the same group). For the Berbers, Arabic is a foreign language.

French : In many companies employing university level staff, French is the daily language language, including Moroccans. The majority of Moroccans who have attended school speak our language. For others, French is taught as a foreign language. In remote regions, especially as we go down to the south, French is far from being always spoken.

Spanish: Another vestige of colonization. Language is spoken mainly in the North.


Plan 1 week for a postcard arrives safely.
There are many yellow -colored letters.


Of the France, Belgium or Switzerland to Morocco: 00 + 212 (country’s indicative) + 9 -digit call number (from the new numbering) without the initial 0.
From Morocco to France :: 00 + 33 + 9 -digit correspondent number (without the initial 0).
From Morocco to Belgium: 00 + 32 + 8 -digit correspondent number (without the initial 0).
From Morocco to Switzerland: 00 + 41 + Correspondent number to 8 or 9 digits (without the initial 0).
From Morocco to Canada : 00 (tone) + 1 + City indicative + Correspondent number (without the initial 0).

Numbering in Morocco

The phone numbers have 10 digits and appear in the same way as French numbers. Confusion is even easier with laptop numbers, which start in both countries with “06”. It gets complicated when some owners in Morocco indicate contact details. In France.
For all the others (the vast majority), the indicative of the country “212” esy to compose, of course, only if we call from abroad), followed by the cell phone starting with (0) 6. We recall that the “0” is to be composed when we are already in the country but is deleted from abroad.

If the numbers do not work, do not hesitate to contact the Moroccan telephone information (such. : 160). They are effective. In France, for the international intelligence department ofOrange, For example, you have to compose 118-700.

Public phones

– Like everywhere, there are almost no telephone cabins.

– Otherwise, Morocco Telecom always maintains a network of telebout (blue brand, open every day), with rooms or cards. For those who would not have a laptop.

Mobile phone in Morocco

You can use your own mobile phone in Morocco with the “international” option.

Roaming or homelessness: It is a system of international agreements between operators. Concretely, this means that when you arrive in a country, the new local network is automatically displayed. You quickly receive an SMS from your operator who offers a more or less advantageous passenger pack, including a limited package of telephone consumption and internet connection. It always costs pretty expensive.

Buy a SIM/Puce card on site: If you plan to make local calls (to fixed lines or laptops), this is the option to favor. Just buy a prepaid local SIM card on arrival (around 20 DH with a small credit) from one of the 3 Moroccan operators (Morocco Telecom, Orange And Inwi)). There are resellers everywhere.
We assign you a local phone number. Before signing the contract and paying, however, try the seller’s SIM card in your phone – previously unlocked – to check if it is compatible.
Then, buy back communication (from 10 or 20 DH) in any telebout.
Very interesting international packages are also offered.

Internet connection in Morocco

Connect to wifi Abroad is the only way to have access to the web for free if your package does not include calls in the country.

The wisest is deactivate the connection “Data abroad” (in “cellular network”). We can also put the laptop in airplane mode “ and then activate wifi. Please note, the “plane” mode prevents receiving calls and messages.

Almost all hotels and more and more restaurants have a network, free for customers.

– Once connected to WiFi, you have access to all services in Internet telephony, from free applications: WhatsApp, Messenger (messaging of Facebook)), Viber And Skype. Calls, messages, sending photos and videos are then free. These apps automatically detect in your contact list those that use the same app.

  • More info on the mobile phone while traveling


CAUTION Piracy ! Public WiFi have become real stores ! It is very easy, even for a beginner, to enter a network.
The only truly reliable parade is frequent only “certified” sites. They start with ” https: // “And often display a small padlock next to the address. In this case, your transmissions are encrypted and therefore secure. The most sensitive and popular sites, such as banks, all have a certified connection.

Finally, if you use a self-service computer, avoid, as far as possible,pass your password or any sensitive information !

Avoid using a self-service computer. A phenomenal quantity of these positions is infected with “strike recorders”, which can transmit your data to a malicious recipient. And if you do, remember to log out well and not click on the option “Save my password”.

Mobile phones

Jumia Festival offer

Itel S23 – 6.6 ” – 8GB (4 + 4GB) – 128GB – 50MP – Starry Black

Jumia Festival offer

Samsung Galaxy A04E Black 3+32GB 6.5 ”HD+ PLS LCD 5,000 mAh

offers from

Jumia Festival offer

Itel P40 6.6 ” – 8 GB RAM + 128 GB ROM – Blue

Jumia Festival offer

Samsung Galaxy A04 – 6.5 ” – 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM – 50MP – Black

Jumia Festival offer

Samsung Galaxy A04E Light Blue 3+32GB 6.5 ”HD+ PLS LCD 5,000 mAh

Jumia Festival offer


Xiaomi Xiaomi Redmi A2+ 3GB/64GB Noir

Samsung Galaxy A04E – 6.5 ”HD+ PLS LCD – 32GB – 3 GB RAM – COPPER

Jumia Festival offer

Itel P40 6.6 ” – 8 GB RAM + 128 GB ROM – Black

Jumia Festival offer

Wiko 10 – 6.75 ” – 6GB RAM + 128G ROM – Black

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 – 6.67 ” – 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM – 48MP – Onyx Gray

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 – 6.67 ” – 6GB + 128GB – 48MP – Mint Green

Jumia Festival offer

Samsung Galaxy A04 – 6.5 ” – 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM – 50MP – COPPER

Jumia Festival offer

ITEL A60S 6.6 “HD+ 8GB RAM (4+ 4) 128GB ROM – Shadow Black

Jumia Festival offer

Itel A49 – 6.6 ” – 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM – 5MP – Blue

Jumia Festival offer

Itel A49 – 6.6 ” – 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM – 5MP – Black

Xiaomi Xiaomi Redmi A2+ 3GB/64GB Blue

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 – 6.67 “(6gb- 128gb) – Ice Blue

Samsung Galaxy A04E – 6.5 ”HD+ PLS LCD – 64B – 3 GB RAM – COPPER

Samsung Galaxy A04S – 6.5 ” – 4GB + 64GB – 50MP – Cooper

Wiko 10 – 6.75 ” – 6GB RAM + 128G ROM – Blue

Samsung Galaxy A14 6.6 ” LTE 4+128GB 50 MPX Black

Samsung Galaxy A04S – 6.5 ” – 4GB + 64GB – 50MP – White

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G 6.6 ” – 8GB + 128GB – Awesome Silver

Apple iPhone 14 128GB Blue 6.1 “Blue A15 IOS ACTION & SOS 6GB RAM SIRI GUARANTEE

Oppo A78 – 8GB+ 256GB – 6.43 “FHD+ 5000MAH – MIST Black+ Wireless Helper

Samsung Galaxy A04E Light Blue 3+64GB 6.5 ”HD+ PLS LCD 5,000 mAh

Samsung Galaxy A14 6.6 ” LTE 4+128GB 50 MPX Silver

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G 6.6 ” – 8GB + 128GB – Awesome Graphite

Samsung Galaxy A03 (4GB RAM – 64GB ROM) – Red

Nokia 105 Dual Sim Black

Samsung Galaxy M13 – 6.6 ” – 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM – 50MPX – Orange COPPER

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 PRO 4G (8GB, 256GB) – Snapdragon 732g – NFC -108 Mp- Bleu

Samsung Galaxy A14 6.6 ” Lte 4+64gb 50 Mpx Silver

Samsung Galaxy M13 – 6.6 ” – 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM – 50MPX – Deep Green

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G – 6.7 ” – 8 RAM + 256 ROM – 108MPX – Gray

Infinix Hot 30 (8GB RAM / 128GB) -Helio G88 Gaming -50 MP -Dual SIM -5000 MAH-

Xiaomi Redmi 12C (4GB -128GB) Mediatek G 85 -5000 MAH -50 MP- NFC -Gray

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 AMOLED 6.67 ″ (4GB, 64GB) Snapdragon 680 – 50MP/8 MP- NFC – GREY

Accent tank p18 gsm 2in1 5000 mAh 1.8 ″ camera, FM radio, torch-Led

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Morocco mobile phone: an abundant and varied offer, from the bottom of the range to premium models

THE cellphone is undoubtedly the subject of the 2010s. Little by little, he went from smart mobile to a real nomadic entertainment center in our digital life. Calls, SMS, Full HD video, Ultra HD display, 2 screens 2.5D, 4G LTE network, fingerprint, facial recognition, user user interface, accessible multimedia content, high resolution selfie camera, mobile payment. By dint of evolving, the one we present as the perfect Swiss knife has become essential. The smart mobile market is relentless and has more than 150 active brands, even if two behemoths, Samsung and Apple, engage in a merciless battle for the vast majority of the market. The arrival of Asian brands which now combine quality and aggressive price are not unrelated to these permanent explosions of the offer of inexpensive phones as Bluboo, UMIDIGI, Innjoo, Cubot And Leagoo.

Cheap mobile phone

The Jumia Maroc online sales site comes with the best cheap mobile phones from the moment. Models that will be suitable for the greatest number, models at the best value for money, large 6 -inch screens and high performance terminals. The majority will be oriented towards Infinix phones including Infinix Hot 5 Or Zero 5 for their enhanced configuration while others will prefer the Elephone phones where the Tecno phones at cheaper. There are also accent phones Or Zatec made in Morocco which promise users a long lifespan. Lenovo embarks on the race of smartphones based on his great experience in electronics to give rise to Lenovo phones high performance marked by its sober & authentic design. In mobiles at low prices, you will also find the Hotwav phones which seduce you from the first glance by their refined design and their trendy colors.

High -end 2019 mobile phone

Whether ultra compact or in phablet format, high -end phones benefit from the latest technologies and offer the best performance. In the ranking, Samsung phones occupy a preponderant place with, in the top 5, its Galaxy S8 And NOTE 8, closely monitored by the series Galaxy J & Galaxy has. THE Huawei phones are not outdone with P10 and especially his Mate 10 podium. Between these telephony behemoths come to slip some models like Xiaomi Note 7, Oppo F9 Or Sony Xperia XA1 compact. The year 2019 also experienced the return of theiphone With l’iPhone X and theiPhone 8 Plus which take place among the best devices on the market. You are looking for Best 2019 phone who is really worth the detour ? Without further ado, enter to discover a list of the latest technologies with the Sony phones, Oppo or Xiaomi. Their high -end models benefit from the latest technological advances and a recent version of the system that animates them, or even the very last. Their batteries are generally high capacity, giving mobile autonomy beyond a day. Also take advantage of the biggest promotions of phones and tablets which is Mobile weekend and have fun.

Resistant & unbreakable mobile phones

At the bottom of the range, we also find low -cost phones for features which are mainly used to pass and receive phone calls or send SMS. These kinds of basic terminals make many amateurs, especially with the release of Nokia 3310 which has made a large volume of sales all over the world. Another trend started with unbreakable and waterproof phones. Their main asset is prolonged autonomy which can last from two days to five days, which makes them ideal for travel outside the city. Despite their low price, their usefulness is important, especially in difficult circumstances. You will therefore find at Jumia Maroc SQ phones, Doogee Or Land Rover equipped with a torch to grant you more night visibility. Stay plug into the Jumia Maroc site and prepare yourself for the Mega-Deals of the Mobile weekend. An opportunity not to be missed to order the smartphone of your dreams at an unexpected price.