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Fixed telephony Bouygues: including destinations, prices, services, options

For a customer Box or mobile package Bouygues Telecom, Contact it 1064 From a fixed or a mobile. If you are not Bouygues customer, make up the 3106.

Bbox phone

Titice74 new registered Messages: 1 Save: August 03, 2022, 21:27 My offer : Bbox fiber Connection : Fiber

After 11 months of waiting, I finally had my connection yesterday.
Real part of ping-pong between Bouygues, the connection provider and the building operator.

In short, we will say that everything is good that ends well.

I have a connection problem.
My Bbox Ultym is installed in the IT room.
In this room I have a brewing bay containing a 28 -port switch which feeds each of the rooms of my home.
I connected the RJ45 socket from the BBOX to port 28 of my Switch and after test, all the networks receive the signal.

The problem arises for the fixed phone.
I do not see myself installing it in the computer premises because the time to get there to win (when it will be understood to ring, the call will have already been interrupted).
I saw that there were RJ11 adapters to RJ45.
So I would like to leave my telephone handset in the living room and use this adapter to connect to one of the networks.
My question is how to connect the phone port (blue) from my Bbox to the switch and ensure the continuity of the signal until the living room is taken.

Thank you in advance for your lights.

Tofoo93 Messages: 7302 Save: 09 Jul. 2013, 19:36

Answers: 30
My offer : Bbox fiber Connection : Fiber Location : St Denis

Nice patience and perseverance, but sometimes we have no choice on the installation

For telephony for me the solution he gives to you is having a dect base connected to the box and a complementary dect handset in the living room.

For example on the Amazon store: two DECT handsets

If other members have more relevant ideas without having to spend that they share

And the switch if I am not mistaken has only the RJ45 connection that you plugged into one of the ETH ports of the box via your bay and nothing is connected to the RJ11 of the TA Box to return the signal.

Boujouman registered member Messages: 17 Save: 08 Oct. 2022, 21:06 My offer : Bbox fiber Connection : Total unbundling

I did it at home and it works.
Phone in the living room and Bbox in the basement.
Fixed telephone what is most classic -> RJ11 adapter to RJ45 -> Salon socket -> Arrival in the Baie de Bressage -> RJ45 adapter to RJ11 -> Bbox.

Fixed telephony Bouygues: including destinations, prices, services, options

You want to have a bouygues fixed line ? By subscribing to a Bouygues Telecom Internet offer, it is quite possible ! The operator, like many of its competitors, offers various Bbox telephone subscriptions to allow you to call in France, but also abroad. Find out right away what are the prices and services included in a Bouygues fixed phone subscription !

  • The essential
  • Bouygues fixed phone subscription : 3 Internet offers currently include telephone services.
  • With a Bbox phone, join all the fixed and/or mobiles of France and 110 unlimited countries.
  • Only the Bbox Must and the Bbox Ultym also call the Mobiles of France.
  • If you are having a problem with your Bouygues fixed line, You can contact customer service.

Bbox phone: Bouygues’ telephony service contains ?

As part of a Bouygues Internet box subscription, you are able to also benefit from a landline. Thanks to this service, as an assault, you can then join your loved ones throughout France, but also abroad.

To make you, as the operator’s customer, can contact others, Bouygues employs the technique of Voice Over IP similar to that used by Skype software, among other things. For this reason, your fixed position will be Connected directly to your Bbox, and not on a conventional telephone socket.

Indeed, it is the internet line that is used here to make calls. Your Bbox phone number will usually start with the indicative 09.

Bouygues Box Telephone: Details of the Services

fixed station

Currently, the telecom operator markets Three different offers To take advantage of an internet connection at home and a bouygues fixed line. These are Bbox Fit, Must and Ultym packages.

Unlike TV services, fixed telephony is included in each of these Bouygues subscriptions, even that of entry -level.

Only the number of destinations to which Bouygues calls are free varies. All Bbox phone packages include a year of engagement and are offered both in ADSL and fiber optics version.

Here is the detail in the table below:

  • Home phone With unlimited calls in mainland France
  • Unlimited calls to the fixed more than 110 destinations
  • Debit up to 400Mbit/s in sending and download
  • Home phone and mobile with unlimited calls in mainland France
  • Unlimited calls to the fixed more than 110 destinations
  • Flow rate up to 1gbit/s in download, 700Mbit/s in sending
  • Bbox 4k TV decoder
  • TV services with more than 180 channels and 100 hours of registration included
  • Home phone and mobile with unlimited calls in France, EU and Switzerland
  • Unlimited calls to the fixed more than 110 destinations
  • Flow rate up to 2gbit/s in download, 900MBIT/S sending
  • Bbox 4K HDR TV decoder
  • TV services with more than 180 channels and 100 hours of registration included
  • Access to Disney+ included for 6 months then € 8.99/month
  • Mini 4G 50GB box offered on request

As you can see, only the Bbox Fit does not allow calls to the mobiles of France. On the other hand, the Fit, Must and Ultym boxes authorize you to communicate towards more than 110 countries.

These last two subscriptions include TV services thanks to BBOX 4K decoder To access nearly 200 channels, among which we find all those of the Free TNT, RTL9, Gulli Max or Canal+ Kids, BeIN Sports, OCS or Paramount Channel, Sky News…

Bouygues box telephone and number of positions know that you are able to have multiple fixed posts In your home, for example upstairs and on the ground floor.

What are the destinations included with a bouygues fixed line ?

When you hold a Box Bouygues Telecom subscription, you can reach more than one hundred international destinations, And this, unlimitedly ! An excellent solution if you have family or friends based abroad.

Regardless of your Bouygues fiber eligibility at ADSL, you can call all these countries without spending one more penny:

Bouygues call free to fixes

Destination Detail
European continent The Azores, the Aland, Germany, Andorra, England, Austria, Balearic, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary, Cyprus, Corfu, Crete, Croatia, Cyclades, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, Estonia, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Gibraltar , Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Isle of Man, Norway, Netherlands, Wales, Poland, Portugal, Republic Czech, island of Rhodes, Romania, Saint-Marin, Sardinia, Sicily, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Vatican
Overseas departments Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Reunion, Martinique, Mayotte, St-Martin, St-Pierre-et-Miquelon
In the rest of the world South Africa, Alaska, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belize, Bermudes, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, China, Colombia, South Korea, Costa Rica, United States, Grenade, Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Aland Islands, Cayman Islands, Christmian Islands, Cocos Islands, Faroe Islands, Man Islands, Easter Islands, Wight Island, Northern Mariannes Islands, Pitcairn Islands, Rhodes Islands, US Virgin Islands, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Macao, Malaysia, Morocco (except numbers in 212526, 212527, 212533, 212534, 212540, 212546, 212547, 212550, 212553), Mongolia, New Zealand, Russia, Panama, Paraguay, Pérou, Porto Rico, Saipan American Samoa, Singapore, Taiwan, Tasmania, Thailand, Tinian, Trinity and Tobago, Turkey, Venezuela

This information was updated on March 23, 2023.

You are completely free to make an appeal to a country that does not appear in this table. On the other hand, The cost of each communication varies Depending on the destination. Better to consult the List of Bouygues Prices in force before telephoning.

You want to take out an internet box with fixed telephony ?

The list of countries with free call Bouygues Mobile

By subscribing to a Bouygues fixed phone subscription, You can also attach unlimited portable lines. Only if you opt for the Bbox must or ultym, because the Bbox Fit does not include mobile telephony.

So if you subscribe to The Bbox Must offer, You can join the mobiles of:

  • France and DOM
  • United States and Hawaii, Alaska and US virgin islands, Canada
  • China and South Korea
  • Singapore

Bouygues Telecom’s high-end internet subscription, it includes in addition to the countries mentioned above, others European territories, But not necessarily members of the European Union:

Services included with a bouygues fixed line

Fixed answer

Being able to join any corresponds without being limited in communication time is significant, but benefiting from additional services is even more so.

With a Bbox phone, several features are included to simplify your life. Discover the following services:

  • Function double call
  • The presentation of the number
  • THE dismissal and call transfer
  • The three -number teleconference option
  • And finally the recall of the last caller

To consult your voice messages, you will only have to compose the 661 From your bouygues fixed line. Know that you have the possibility of hide your number If you want to make anonymous calls.

All these features can be deactivated by your online care and in a few clicks (they are active from the moment when your bouygues fixed subscription takes effect).

Bouygues Box Telephone: How to benefit from it ?

If you want to subscribe to an internet offer to have a phone with a bbox, it is very simple. The procedure is similar to that of a box subscription and can be done online.

Then, depending on the selected subscription, your fixed and/or mobile telephone services are immediately activated. You don’t need to wait for the line implementation or anything else.

Over time, you realize that your Bouygues fixed line number Don’t suit yourself and want to change it ? The operator allows it, but under certain conditions.

You will first need to have no payment delays and, of course, be subscribed to a Bbox Fit, Must or Ultym.

The change of identifier is then random and billed 18 euros if you change it in full. To change only Last 4 figures, The process costs 25 euros.

This is again a manipulation that you can do yourself online from the section ” My offer »».

Are there options to improve your Bbox phone ?


Yes, Bouygues Telecom offers options to communicate more internationally as soon as you are a Bbox package customer.

In particular, you can subscribe to the option 1 hour of appeal to the Maghreb With your Bouygues fixed position, for 9 euros per month. This service includes, in terms of destinations, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. Special numbers are not affected.

You should call from a landline only, but can join the Maghreb fixed and mobiles. If you want to continue to join these countries beyond the option, prices differ depending on the destinations:

  • For a call to Algeria: 0.15 € TTC by communication + € 1.05 TTC the minute.
  • For a call to Morocco: 0.15 € TTC by communication + 0.63 € TTC the minute.
  • For a call to Tunisia: 0.15 € TTC by communication + € 1.05 TTC the minute.

You want to take out a Bouygues box with fixed telephony ?

If you are looking to reach a fixed line, the costs will be:

  • For a call to Algeria: 0.15 € TTC by communication + 0.26 € TTC the minute.
  • For a call to Morocco: communication is free.
  • For a call to Tunisia: 0.15 € TTC by communication + € 1.05 TTC the minute.

Another fixed option is available at Bouygues Telecom. It is 6 hours of appeal to fixed posts in Algeria. This is billed 9.99 euros per month and operates when communications are initiated from France.

The indicative to be informed to make a call from France to Algeria is the 213.

Personalize your bouygues fixed line All these options can be easily taken out or terminated from your Bouygues customer area, on a computer, tablet or smartphone via the Bouygues Telecom mobile application.

What to do in the event of a Bouygues Telecom fixed phone problem ?

It can happen that dysfunctions or technical incidents are to be deplored on your fixed telephony line. Fortunately, it is possible to consider different solutions to solve the problem quickly.

First, check that your internet box is properly connected to a power outlet and connected to the ADSL or fiber network, then your fixed station is connected to the BBOX.

Your fixed line must be connected to the green -colored of your modem, designated by the appellation such or such 1.

You want to take out an internet box to call abroad ?

You cannot connect the phone directly to your Bbox ? In this case, try to follow these instructions:

  1. Get a Bbox telephone adapter and connect it to your post.
  2. Connect the other end of the adapter to your Internet box.
  3. Finally, connect the fixed position to a power outlet.

The problem persists ? For personalized assistance, you can also contact Bouygues Telecom customer service by making up the 1064 From a fixed line (or 614 from your smartphone).

You will maintain with an advisor will allow it to make a Diagnosis of your Bbox To identify the source of the problem and help you restore the optimal operation of your services.

Updated on 03/28/2023

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Numbers to reach Bouygues by phone

Bouygues Telecom numbers

You are a customer at Bouygues Telecom and want help ? You want to take out a Bouygues subscription ? You can reach the operator by Internet, but it is often easier to call. Find here all Bouygues Telecom numbers you may need.

Summary: The Bouygues numbers:

For customer service Dial 1064 if you are a customer or 1061 if you are not.
For customer service from abroad Compose the +33 660 614 614.
For a mobile flight Dial 0 800 29 10 00.
For a technical problem Compose the 614.
For professionals Compose the 3100.

For more simplicity and speed,
Contact our advisers directly !

For more simplicity and speed,
Contact our advisers directly !

You are interested in a 4G Bouygues, fiber, ADSL box offer, or a B & YOU package from the Bouygues Telecom operator ? You are looking for Bouygues number ? You can contact Bouygues Télécom by phone to ask the questions you want on your Bbox. The Bouygues sales department is available by phone to test your fiber optic eligibility and support you in your subscription procedures.

What is the Bouygues Telecom customer service number ?

What is the Bouygues number to compose for my request ?

For a customer Box or mobile package Bouygues Telecom, Contact it 1064 From a fixed or a mobile. If you are not Bouygues customer, make up the 3106.

There are therefore several phone numbers available to reach Bouygues customer service. These numbers can be reached at extended hours: between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., every day of the week. You can call :

  • THE 1064, Customer service number for an internet or mobile box customer, free if you are a bouygues subscriber; THE +33 6 60 61 46 14 is available if you are abroad
  • THE 3106 To reach the Bouygues sales department if you are not a customer and you want to find out or take out an offer (free number)

Bouygues customer service is the service to be called in case of:

  • Request information on bbox or mobile offers Bouygues
  • Request of invoicing information
  • Technical problem on your Bbox Bouygues or on your package
  • Access problem to your “my account” customer area
  • Monitoring of your order and the arrival of your equipment
  • Move (to request the transfer/termination of your current line)
  • Termination of your contract, whether it concerns your box or your mobile package

THE 680 is the bouygues number to compose for the consumption monitoring of your package.

When to call Bouygues Telecom customer service ?

If you wish to contact Bouygues Telecom by phone, then it is better to favor certain hours. Depending on the day and the beaches, the waiting time is likely to vary according to the number of customers who wish to reach Bouygues Telecom. In order to avoid too long waiting on the phone, the following table indicates the schedules to favor to call Bouygues customer service:

The schedules to be favored to contact customer service (September 2023):

Schedules Monday Tuesday Wednesday THURSDAY Friday SATURDAY
10: 00-13: 00 To avoid AVERAGE AVERAGE AVERAGE Preferred AVERAGE
13: 00-14: 30 AVERAGE Preferred Preferred Preferred Preferred Preferred
14: 30-16: 00 To avoid AVERAGE AVERAGE AVERAGE Preferred Preferred
16: 00-20: 00 AVERAGE Preferred Preferred Preferred Preferred Preferred

Do not hesitate to use the reminder offered by the operator. If you wish to contact Bouygues for a advice to answer your questions, you can leave your phone number to be recalled shortly after. This solution has the advantage of not wasting time since you don’t need to wait until an advisor takes your call.

In the event of theft or loss of your mobile, if you want to block the line, call Bouygues by composing the non -surcharged number 0 800 29 10 00 from France. The call is free from a fixed or at the cost of a metropolitan communication (excluding package from a mobile). From abroad, make up this issue using the prefix 00 33 (at the cost of a communication to France).

Which Bouygues customer service number to report a technical problem ?

In the event of dysfunction on your BBOX, network failure or other technical problem on your equipment, the technical service can be reached every day of the week from 8 hours to 20 hours at 1064 From a mobile or a bouygues telecom fixed to help customers. Before composing the technical service number, you can try to solve the problem by making free online diagnosis of your Bbox from the Bouygues site.

What is the Bouygues customer service number to contact in an emergency ?

In the event of loss or theft, the Bouygues emergency customer number to contact the line is the 0 800 291,000 From France (free call from a fixed or mobile position in France) and the +33 8 00 29 10 00 from abroad.

Easily subscribe to a Bouygues Telecom offer.

Did you know ?

Orange operator has concluded a partnership for a period of 15 years with Engie. The electricity supplier will then be responsible for passing the infrastructures of the historic operator to the whole renewable.

What are the other Bouygues numbers to know ?

You are looking for a number but not necessarily to contact Bouygues customer service ?
You will find below:

  1. The numbers of answering machine : type the 660 mobile, 661 with a fixed, and +33 6 60 66 00 01 internationally
  2. The number to recover your Rio Bouygues : call it 3179 And wait for its code reception by SMS
  3. The number for order After purchase: +33 9 81 66 26 66
  4. The number for follow consumption of its mobile plan: +33 6 60 68 06 80

What is the Bouygues number if you are not yet a customer ?

What is the bouygues number to compose ?

The non -subscribers will call the 3106, The ISP Commercial Service Number.

You have made an order ? To follow the progress of your request (sending your equipment, connection to fiber optics, etc.), you can call Bouygues Telecom on 09 81 66 26 66.

What is the B & YOU number ?

For subscribers to one of the mobile packages in the B & YOU range, the subscription, management and termination of contracts are only online. Since the end of 2014, B & YOU customers can contact the operator by contacting the 1064 customer service number, such as any Bouygues customer.

What is the Bouygues Télécom number for professionals ?

Customers subscribers Bouygues holding a Bbox offer or a mobile package for their business can call the dedicated service in the event of a technical problem by making up the 1064, The Bouygues number for professionals (free call from a fixed or mobile position in France).

If you want be new customer Bouygues Télécom Pro, you can contact the 3100 To get in touch with an advisor who will help you discover and take out an offer according to your needs.

There are other numbers that you can use to contact Bouygues Pro customer service as a professional according to your needs (services open between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Monday to Saturday):

  • THE 08 00 29 10 00 in France or the + 33 9 81 66 40 83 From the international: to report a loss or a flight (free in France, but price varying internationally depending on the operator)
  • THE 1067 in France or the +33 9 81 66 40 33 Abroad: for technical assistance for SMEs (the service is free in France but not abroad)
  • THE 617 where the +33 9 81 66 40 53 From another country: for assistance linked to your mobile (15 cts/minutes + price of a call)

How to contact Bouygues Telecom assistance online ?

If you do not want to call the Bouygues Telecom number you can also contact the online operator. This will allow you not to wait on the phone that an advisor takes your call.

How to contact Bouygues by email ?

To ask Bouygues Télécom electronically, log into your customer area. From there, all you have to do is enter the contact form with your contact details, your name and first name and, obviously, the nature of your request. Otherwise, you can write to [email protected] Although Bouygues advisers say on the Bouygues forums that the operator no longer makes an email address.

How to contact Bouygues via the cat ?

You can chat with a Bouygues Telecom advisor on the chat of the Bouygues Telecom website. You will have the answer to all your questions quickly and efficiently. The cat window appears after a few moments in the lower straight part of your screen.

It may be useful to take a look at the FAQ present on the Bouygues website. Maybe some of your questions have already been answered. You don’t lose anything to go see the FAQ, and you will save time if the answer to your question is on the website.

The supplier’s website also offers a forum, where customers can ask their questions. The forum is divided into several categories: my order, my phone, my offer, my bill … by choosing a category you will have the opportunity to see the questions that have already been asked, in relation to the theme. You can also ask your questions on the forum, and answer questions that have remained unanswered.

How to contact Bouygues on social networks ?

Now suppliers are increasingly using social networks to exchange with their customers. If none of the solutions offered below suits you, you can always challenge a Bouygues advisor on social networks such as Twitter for example. You will be able to ask your questions and have an answer quickly.

A Boutique-Box-Internet help you choose an offer according to your needs !

Bouygues Télécom news

Bouygues Télécom News