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Online bank: the comparison of offers in 2023


The Visa Classic offer:

Online Bank France

We are not commissioned

We are reachable in less than 5 ringtones

We offer solutions without hidden fees

We support you in all your projects

Current accounts without income condition and without hidden expenses

Right now, Up to 80 € offered Whatever your account (1)

2 € /month
Effective to have the essentials of a bank
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3 € /month
Complete to manage everyday life
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6 € /month
Insurance and reduced costs to travel
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9 € /month
Limitless operations for more freedom
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Online visa

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Account with
Visa Classic

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Premier visa

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Platinum visa

Visual card

  • A map Visa Classic included.
  • A Discovered authorized (2) guaranteed to open the account.
  • Change current account When you want and at nochy.

Discover our offers

Our new eco -responsible visa cards and always without income condition

Right now, 40 € offered with a first or platinum visa card (1)

No fees if you don’t use your card.

Monabanq undertakes to limit its impact on the environment.

A notch to accompany the visually impaired in the use of their card.

Monabanq is part of a large banking group

Realize your current operations free from ATMs for Crédit Mutuel and CIC ::

  • Modification of the bank card code.
  • Check deposits and species.
  • Get a rib ..

A human behind each contact and each decision

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Calls replicated are stoned in less than 5 ringtones or 20 seconds
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of the cat response
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Because our commitment is to place people before money

  • Our advisers are based in France and reachable of Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m (except Sunday and holidays).
  • Our expert advisers are available in 24 hours by appointment To support you in your projects: real estate, wealth, succession, retirement.
  • “Elected customer service of the year” for the 6th consecutive year, in the online banking category.

What our customers think of us

A full range for all your projects

Right now, 5% gross for 3 months For the opening of a Monabanq Savings Booklet (1)

Auto, work, renewable, real estate.
Sustainable and solidarity development booklet,
A booklet.
Home, automobile, health, death.
Life insurance, securities account, PEA

Legal Notice

*Online banking category – BVA study – Viséo CI – More info on ESCDA.Fr.

(1) Welcome offer valid from September 4, 2023 for any first request to open a current account (excluding youth, Pratiqpro offers, right to account and alternative offer):
– Up to € 80 offered for any first opening of a current account with or without visa card.
This premium is divided into 8 monthly payments of 10 euros, and is conditioned on the observation of a minimum of 10 debit operations (CB and/or Samples and/or Payment Checks) per month during the first 8 months after opening the opening account. This monthly bonus of 10 euros will be paid for the first 8 months following the opening no later than the 16th of the month following the observation of the conditions, provided that the current account is always open on the date of the payment.
– A bonus of 40 € for any subscription to a contractor contract for Visa Premier or Platinum and after activation of the card.
This premium will be paid on the 16th of the month following the activation of your Visa Premier or Platinum card and at the latest on October 31, 2023. Take advantage of the time savings offer
Open a Monabanq savings book at the same time as your current account with a Visa Classic, Premier or Platinum card and subscribe to the “Card that spare” option.
Annual gross annual nominal rate (excluding social and tax levies) of 5% applicable for 3 months following the opening of your Monabanq savings booklet within the limit of 100,000 euros in deposits, for any first opening between 04/09/2023 and 12/31/2023.
Beyond 100,000 euros in savings, deposits are remunerated at the annual gross nominal rate (excluding social and tax levies) of 1% susceptible to variation according to the general conditions of banking.
The first payment on your booklet must be made from your Monabanq bank account before 01/15/2024.
Offer limited to a single opening of a Monabanq savings booklet by customer.
This booklet is part of the deposit guarantee. • Offer applicable only once per account.
• Offer exclusively reserved for adults not holding any other current account beforehand at Monabanq.
• The offer will not apply if the applicant already holds a PratiqPro account.
• As part of a request to open a joint account, the offer will not apply if one of the co-holders is already a monabanq customer.
• Offer valid subject to the acceptance of the file by Monabanq and all the necessary documents requested. Monabanq reserves the right at any time to modify, suspend or end this offer subject to the dissemination of information on the site
The final opening of the account and the granting of payment means are subject to acceptance by Monabanq.
You have a legal 14 -day withdrawal period. (2) Discovered authorized = cash facility. When opening a current account, Monabanq offers you a “cash facility” accessible to all. Your bank account cannot be a debtor more than 30 consecutive days. (3) Your checks can be given free of charge thanks to a digital slip according to the conditions and terms set out in the general conditions of the account. Your cash deposits can be put back to your account thanks to Crédit Mutuel CIC distributors according to the conditions and terms set out in the general conditions of the account. The conditions and prices of the services are exposed in the price brochure in force. This pricing is subject to variation in compliance with the general banking conditions. (4) Damage collective insurance contract subscribed by Monabanq to Allianz Iard, a company governed by the insurance code. (5) Insurance contract subscribed by Monabanq to Serenis Assurances, a company governed by the insurance code. (6) Service accessible to holders of a Visa Classic, Premier and Platinum card. Monabanq, public limited company with board of directors with a capital of € 34,000,000 – Headquarters located at 61 avenue Halley, Parc de la Haute Borne, 59650 Villeneuve d’Ascq – RCS Lille Métropole 341 792 448. Insurance intermediary registered with the ORIAS under number 07028164 (www.orias.Fr).

The conditions and prices of the services are exposed in the price brochure in force.
This pricing is subject to variation in compliance with the general banking conditions. This account is part of the deposit guarantee.

Consult the Visa Classic card assistance and insurance information instructions.
Consult the Visa Premier Visa Card assistance and insurance information instructions.
Consult the Visa Platinum Assistance and Insurance Information Notices.

Mona Banq, online bank

Online bank account, booklets and insurance

Monabanq is the online bank that places people before money: open an online bank account from € 2 per month and enjoy savings and investment booklets (Sustainable and Solidarity Development Booklet, Booklet A, Booklet savings, growth booklet, life insurance) to constitute a heritage. Protect your family or property with our insurance (home, health, loss of jobs, disability or death).
Entering the Monabanq family is simple: with our free banking mobility service, has never changed the bank has been so easy and quick.

Monabanq, the Bank of Auto-Entrepreneurs

Monabanq offers you the self-entrepreneur bank account, dedicated to your activity. With or without a bank card, find the formula adapted to your needs.

A bank of Crédit Mutuel Federal Alliance

Online bank: the comparison of offers in 2023

An online bank allows you to manage your bank accounts on the Internet simply and quickly especially on mobile. The strong competition between these establishments in 2023 allows customers to take advantage of interesting promotions. Benefit from a bonus when opening the account, a boosted rate booklet, a free bank card … �� This simple and free comparison makes it possible to distinguish the best offers in force in force!

Free Gold Master Cardon Provide income or savings
Hello one with free credit card without income condition and hello prime at € 1/month for 6 months

Offer with CB without condition from € 3/month and the first visa +€ 3/month.
Welcom and Ultim offer with free CB without income condition
Sobrio package with card to choose from
Free visa card or free classic under income or savings condition
✅ 80 € offered / GSPFSE sponsor code
Free spirit package
✅ 80 € offered + 1 year free to offer the offer
5 banking formulas

While France has nearly 150 banks, including international banks, traditional banks, mutual banks, online banks and more recently neobanques, even with a good comparator it becomes difficult to choose! The online banking market is made up of 5 major players: Boursorama Banque, Fortuneo, Hello Bank!, Monabanq, and Bforbank. These establishments are clearly cheaper than traditional banks and offer similar services.

The best offers from online banks

If banking offers are alike, our online banks comparison Allows you to see more clearly to choose the establishment according to your profile. Also to refine your choice, do not hesitate to consult the dedicated sheet to each pure player. We have carried out a complete analysis of the main players to specify the conditions of access and the welcome bonus. In this increasingly competitive context the online bank Do not allow yourself to be done and imagine new services for its customers.

The reactive and innovative online bank

Detail of the Hello Bank offer: BNP Paribas online bank is natively mobile, very responsive, with the free bank card without condition as part of the Hello One offer. Even more services with Hello Prime for € 5 per month with the first 6 months at only € 1 and subject to income (€ 1000/month).

What are the Hello Bank offers ?

The Hello One offer:

  • Free CB without income or savings
  • Invoicing 3 €/month in case of non -use

The Hello Prime offer:

  • Premium MasterCard card at 5 €/month
  • Without income or savings
  • Premium insurance and assistance
  • Free payments and withdrawals around the world
  • Immediate or delayed speed card

Duo offers for families:

  • HELLO ONE DUO offer free = 2 cards on a joint account
  • HELLO PRIME DUO offer at € 8/month = 2 cards on a joint account

Why choose Hello Bank ?

Hello Bank! works its notoriety by organizing events like Hello Run. This is a solidarity race in favor of an association. Also she wishes to be more responsive and responds to her customers on Messenger, an ideal solution to attract young people. Finally with its hello world magazine, Hello Bank! Takes the mobility and management of your personal finances.

A banking offer at only € 3 per month

Detail of the Monabanq offer: an offer ♥ without condition income or savings, with the first visa accessible for 3 € more ! The Bank won the “ELU customer service of the year 2023” price and focuses on humans to stand out. From the customer area we can donate to the association SOS Children’s villages.

What are the monabanq offers ?

The Pratiq+ offer for 3 €/month:

  • Visa card included
  • Possible check deposit
  • Authorized discovered possible
  • 4 species deposit per year

The UNIQ offer at € 6/month:

  • 25 off -zone with free euros area
  • 50 payment excluding free euros area
  • Means payment insurance & telephone

The UNIQ+ offer for 9 €/month:

  • 12 cash deposits per year
  • Unlimited international use
  • Lack of exchange committee
  • Free current operations by advisers
  • Means payment insurance & telephone

Premier visa card accessible for 3 € more per month !

Why choose Monabanq ?

Monabanq has developed a new program aimed at supporting their customers in budget management. The online bank of Crédit Mutuel gives a multitude of advice to Internet users with its program & you by Monabanq. Just answer a few questions to obtain personalized support according to your income, your work, your age, your needs.

+ 100 € Vouchers

Recognized for its life insurance investments

Detail of the Fortuneo offer: this is the online bank of Crédit Mutuel Arkea with high-performance life insurance and the free bank card +100 € offered in vouchers for the transfer of an account via the Neochange service. The Fosfo card accessible without any income or savings condition.

What are the Fortuneo offers ?

  • Free CB without income or savings
  • Invoicing 3 €/month in case of non -use
  • Payment and withdrawals at no cost abroad
  • Discovered authorized possible on study

The Gold Mastercard offer:

  • Free MasterCar Gold Master Card Private (€ 1,800/month) or savings (€ 10,000).
  • Invoicing 9 €/month in the event of non -use
  • All Gold card insurance and assistance
  • Payment ceilings and higher withdrawals
  • Immediate or delayed speed card

The World Elite offer:

  • Free World Elite card under conditions
  • Accessible for € 4,000/month of income to be paid to the account
  • Billing € 50/quarter in the event of non -payment
  • WORLD Elite insurance and assistance, concierge service

Why choose Fortuneo ?

Fortuneo Banque is recognized for his placements in life insurance. Now online bank also offers mortgage to its customers and non-clients. A good approach to prospect more in this low rate period because generally the mortgage bank becomes the main bank of the customer.

GSPF sponsor code

Online savings specialist

Detail of the BforBank offer: the online savings specialist bank offers the Visa Classic card from 1,200 euros in monthly net income or free visa card from 1600 euros in income.

What are the BforBank offers ?

The Visa Classic offer:

  • Free CB from 1200 € of monthly income
  • Invoicing 6 €/quarter in the event of non -use

The first visa offer:

  • Free CB from 1600 € in monthly income
  • Invoicing 9 €/quarter in the event of non -use
  • Immediate or delayed speed card
  • Discovered banking possible on study
  • Insurance and assistance of the first visa

The Infinite Visa offer:

  • Very high -end bank card for 200 €/year
  • Bed to income condition> € 4000/month
  • Infinite insurance, assistance and concierge

Why choose Bforbank ?

Long Bforbank has remained online banking specialist in savings, before offering the online current account. Since 2017, online bank has been offering mortgage to its customers. Also the heritage will find simulation tools to optimize their taxation as well as an interesting news blog.

An online agency to accompany you

Direct Agency of Société Générale: Without account holding costs and without obligation, the SG offer is compatible with the latest technologies: Dynamic Crypto Card, Apple Pay ..

What are the offers of Société Générale ?

Sobrio offers:

  • CB included from € 7.2/month
  • Also available in first visa at € 14.90/month
  • Discovered authorized possible on study
  • Price reductions according to age
  • CB included from 2 €/ month
  • Cashback included

Why choose Société Générale ?

Société Générale offers its connected customers to manage their bank accounts directly online. Its agency network gives you access to experts for your savings, your projects, your assets.

A 100% personalized relationship

BNP Paribas’ online offer: an agency near you to support you in your projects and an efficient mobile application. 1 year of free to discover the bank of a changing world ..

What are the offers of BNP Paribas ?

Free discovery spirit:

  • CB included, free for minors

Free spirit initiative:

  • CB included from € 1.95/month for 18/25 year olds
  • Available in first visa from € 7.10/month
  • Discovered authorized possible on study

Free Spirit Reference:

  • CB included from € 6.46/month for> 25 years
  • Available in first visa from € 14.99/month
  • Discovered authorized possible on study

Why choose BNP Paribas ?

The BNP Paribas account allows customers to benefit from a 100% online or physical agency relationship, it is you who decide on your bank relationship! So discover the offer of this direct bank.

Innovative products and an efficient financial portal

Detail of the Boursorama Bank offer: Welcome and Ultim bank cards are free without income or savings condition. The metal offer is accessible for € 9.9/month. She is regularly elected the cheapest bank in France.

What are the Boursorama Banque offers ?

  • Free visa card under use condition
  • Billing 5 €/month in the event of non -use
  • Authorized discovered possible (€ 1000)
  • 1 free abroad withdrawals per month
  • Free unlimited payments abroad
  • Free visa card under use condition
  • Invoicing 9 €/month in the event of non -use
  • Authorized discovered possible (€ 2,300)
  • 3 Foreign abroad free per month
  • Free unlimited payments abroad
  • Premier visa insurance
  • Metal card for € 9.90/month
  • International unlimited payments/withdrawals
  • Authorized discovered possible (€ 1000)
  • Premier visa insurance
  • Means payment insurance & telephone

Why choose Boursorama Banque ?

On the side of Boursorama Banque, the lights are green because it is online bank that has experienced the strongest growth in recent years. To the point of exceeding the threshold of 4 million customers. Boursorama Banque has nothing to prove because its offer is complete and competitive.

The neobank of the telecom operator

Detail of the Orange Bank offer: the choice of an account with premium card or premium pack, without income or savings condition. Exclusive offers for Orange operator customers. Orange Bank’s planned closure for the benefit of Hello Bank!

What are the Orange Bank offers ?

  • Free CB without income or savings
  • Billing 2 €/month in case of non -use
  • Premium MasterCard card at € 7.99/month
  • Without income or savings
  • Premium insurance and assistance
  • Free payments and withdrawals around the world
  • Immediate or delayed speed card
  • Priority access to customer service

The premium pack for families:

  • Group offer at € 12.99 without any income or savings condition
  • 2 Premium cards for parents and 2 accounts
  • Up to 5 accounts and cards for children
  • All the advantages of premium cards

Why choose Orange Bank ?

Orange Bank relies on a complete offer, its modern mobile application allows you to display the balance of the account live after each operation ! It is also the best digital according to the D-Rract rating agency.

What is an online bank or a neobank ?

An online bank is a credit institution which benefits from approval from the European Central Bank (ECB) on the proposal of thePrudential control and resolution authority (ACPR). A “neobank” means “new bank”, it is a generic term to identify new banking players compared to historic banks. Banks, online banks and neobancs are subject to the same regulations.

An online bank does not have a bank agency to accommodate customers. Online advisers work in open spaces (often in the Paris region) to respond to thousands of customers. This operation allows establishments to save real estate and by payroll. Tele-advisers are there to guide the customer in his efforts that he will have to carry out online independently. This is also why the opening of an online account is mainly aimed at an informed clientele, comfortable with the Internet or his mobile.

Are online banks safe ?

The question of solvency of the establishment is a reassuring criterion to choose your online bank. Good news, our French banks are doing well and you benefit from the deposit guarantee by the deposit guarantee fund and resolution up to 100.Euros.

Online banks all belong to large solvent banking groups, so you can trust their reliability and the security of your personal data. This question of attachment to a group is also important for the deposit of your checks. Some online banks like Monabanq or Hello Bank! Authorize the deposit of checks or species in complete safety in their respective agencies of the Crédit Mutuel and BNP Paribas group.

What groups belong to online banks ?

  • ING: ING group
  • Boursorama Bank: Société Générale
  • Fortuneo: Crédit Mutuel Arkea
  • Monabanq: Crédit Mutuel – CIC
  • Hello Bank! : BNP Paribas
  • Bforbank: Crédit Agricole
  • Orange Bank: Orange
  • Nickel: BNP Paribas

Some neobancs are independent:

How to use an online bank safely ?

Certain conditions must be met by the customer to ensure total data security especially when opening the account or connection to the customer area. Thus, you will need to change your password regularly, disconnect your account before leaving the Internet page, never access your accounts via an external link received by email and make sure you are always on a site starting with “https” , not “http”.

To further secure the use of online banking, a strong authentication system applies for access to the account and sensitive operations. This strong authentication is materialized by entering access codes or biometric imprints on your mobile application. A single -use code can be sent to you by SMS to secure a transfer or online payment.

What is the best online bank ?

If we take into account the number of customers in France, the best bank is Boursorama Banque with more than 4.3 million customers. If we take into account the price, fortuneo as interesting as the leader. Each year Culturebanque studies and compares all offers from online banks in order to offer you the latest online banking ranking and thus help you choose. The choice of the best bank will obviously depend on your customer profile.

What is the list of online banks ?

According to the classification carried out by Culturebanque, Boursorama Banque is the leader with more than 4.3 million customers in 2023. The Direct Bank ING was bought by Boursorama and had nearly 1 million customers. It’s hello bank! which holds 2nd place in the ranking with more than 680,000 customers according to the latest press release. Fortuneo in 3rd place in this “top customers” with 500,000 customers according to our estimates. Followed by Monabanq and its 320,000 customers, although the establishment has not updated this information for a long time. Bforbank closes the march of this list with 240,000 customers.

Online bank: which bank card to choose ?

The free bank card is a real call product for online banking. Bank cards are included and free in the majority of online banks. To have a free bank card, just use it regularly. Monabanq is nevertheless distinguished by an offer at € 3 per month and Bforbank by a level of income or savings to respect.

Hello One

Free without condition of use
Without income condition

Boursorama Ultim Card

Welcome or Ultim cards
Free if 1 payment / month
Without income condition

Orange Bank card

Free if 1 payment / month
Without income condition

Monabanq card

Pratiq+ offer for 3 € / month
Useful condition
Without income condition

Fosfo Fortuneo card

Free if 1 payment / month
Without income condition

BFORBANK bank card

Free if 3 payments / quarter
Bed condition> € 1,200 / month

Monabanq allows you to modify the secret card code from a Crédit Mutuel group’s ticket distributor at any time !

Fortuneo offers an atypical paid option to customize the visual of your bank card when ordering.

Is the bank card completely free ?

If basic banking operations are completely free, some operations are billed. For example in the event of renewal of a bank card before its expiration date, for the reissue of the confidential code, the overrun of the overdraft … Also you must be active, if you do not use your card for a month or a quarter Online bank can pay you fees. This remains cheaper than a traditional bank that will not hesitate to sell you a package of banking services at 8 or 10 euros per month and the payment card at 45 euros/year or the high -end card at 135 euros/year.

Can you use your bank card abroad ?

Online banks apply a very attractive price for payments and withdrawals abroad. To satisfy passenger customers, each online bank offers a specific offer for the use of the bank card abroad, that is to say outside the European Union (single payment space in euros – single Euro Payments Area).

Boursorama and Fortuneo are the most saying online banks for the costs of using the bank card abroad. Their Ultim and Fosfo offers allow you to pay and withdraw species at no cost abroad.

What a mobile application with your online bank ?

For online bank, mobile is a full -fledged channel. The creation of applications is part of the bank provision of the bank to all customers, whatever their mobile equipment. It is a question of allowing all users to consult their accounts on mobile and to remain in contact with the bank, wherever they are and whatever their equipment.

Therefore online banks develop a specific application for each device, available for free in the dedicated blind. For each mobile application, the bank retains identity and uses (in particular its access and hyper simple use, as well as a sleek design), while adapting to the codes of each device (iPhone, iPad, Samsung with Google Play …).

Online banking

Can we use your bank online on smartphone ?

It is possible to use your bank online on your smartphone with the different mobile applications to download from Apple Store or Google Play.

Also, some establishments have specifically developed a mobile website to fully use all the same possibilities offered by a mobile application: particular ergonomics, navigation, security.

Can we pay with your smartphone ?

Online banks have all adopted mobile payment, in particular with Apple Pay technology. The health crisis that we have encountered has considerably transformed our consumption habits. Like all sectors, the financial environment has been directly impacted by the phenomenon. In this case, consumers have changed their consumption habits, notably by favoring remote consumption methods and the use of dematerialized payment systems. In order to meet the expectations of users, online bank has accelerated the deployment of its offer, in order to allow them to pay more secure and private, directly from their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Can we deposit a check or species in an online bank ?

Online banks all accept the checking of checks. Generally just indicate the account number on the check, sign it, join a digital slip and send it all by mail. Hello Bank and Monabanq offer a different option because it is possible to file your checks directly in the agencies of the BNP Paribas and Crédit Mutuel group.

The majority of online banks do not offer to take charge of the species deposit. Hello Bank and Monabanq are the only online banks that allow the deposit of species in the automatic ticket distributors of their parent company.

Check deposit: BNP mail or agency
Species: yes in a BNP dab
Check deposit: mail
Check deposit: mail
Check deposit: CM-CIC CAM or agency
Species deposit: yes in a dab cm-cic
Check deposit: mail
Check deposit: mail

A DAB is an automatic ticket distributor.

How to change for an online bank ?

You want to change bank, and if you were looking on the internet? There is cheaper on the internet: online bank. No need to move or make an appointment, it is available at expanded hours, offers attractive offers and intuitive mobile applications. What make your main bank online bank! By consulting this page you will find a guide for your procedures to change bank in just 3 steps:

  1. Open an account in your new online bank
  2. Transfer your transfers and samples (mobility)
  3. Close the old bank account if necessary

Why change for an online bank ?

Because in recent years the pricing of banks has increased which irritates customers, 1 in 5 French people wish to change banks for an online bank (source: Opinionway), moreover 7% of French people are already customers of a bank in line. Since 2017, banking mobility has been encouraged by Macron law which requires banks to carry out the procedures for their customers for their customers.

How to open an online account ?

Opening an account in an online bank is ultra fast, just enter and take a picture of your supporting documents. A teleoperator will check your supporting documents for identity, income and domicile, The account is open in a few minutes And the bank card arrives in your mailbox 2 or 3 days later. In summary, the following steps allows you to open an account:

  1. Access the 100% online opening form
  2. Check the amount of the welcome bonus
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Receive a confirmation email
  5. Fill your personal information
  6. Collect the supporting documents by scanner or in photo
  7. Choose your free or paid offer
  8. Sign and return your contract (electronics or paper)

The opening of an online account allows you to take advantage of the many advantages such as the welcome bonus, reduced pricing and the free bank card under certain conditions. You can also take advantage of a latest generation mobile application allowing greater autonomy and very available customer service.

What are the products and services offered online ?

Online banks are expanding their offer with savings, mortgage, consumer credit, insurance, life insurance, online scholarship.

What savings booklets are offered by online banks ?

In terms of savings, online banks offer attractive savings booklets. What is more, special operations make the remuneration of their booklets on average three times that of traditional savings accounts.

Each online bank offers their own account on a punctually boosted rate booklet.

The regulated booklets proposed are as follows:

Some establishments choose not to offer the entire range of savings products (young booklet, popular savings book, housing savings account, housing savings plan).

Can we open life insurance in an online bank ?

Life insurance contracts are available in online banks. They are also less expensive and therefore more profitable than in conventional banks. For example there are no payments for payments and the management fees are low. Some online banks are life insurance specialists and offer dozens of different supports, in euro funds or in account unit.

Do online banks make credits ?

The online bank no longer wants to be content to be the second bank of the French and wishes to become the main bank of its customers. Consumer mortgage and consumer credit are now offered by all online banks. The drop in rates and the renegotiation of credits allow web banks to position themselves as a major partner of your personal finances.

What bonuses to get with online banks ?

Welcome bonuses

Banks mainly offer a premium of Welcome for the opening of an account or a joint account ranging from 80 euros up to 200 euros exceptionally! This acquisition policy is very expensive, then generally online banks reserve these offers at certain periods of the year particularly dynamic for the banking sector.

Sponsorship premiums

The customer of an online bank can still benefit from several premiums during his digital experience. Distance banks offers premiums sponsorship To the customer playing the role of business provider. Customers can easily recommend their loved ones directly on Facebook or Twitter!

What is the quality of customer service for online banks ?

It is interesting to consult the various opinions on online banks before choosing. Do not forget to look at the operation of the mobile application either with a demonstration version, or with user reviews on Apple Store or Google Play. Remote banks also get prices each year to reward the quality of customer service, this is a good indicator to guide your final choice. The clarity of the website and pricing must also reassure you before you start!

A very available bank but not an official advisor

The online bank also allows you to manage your accounts at any time. Now everything has been done from the Internet and this is a significant advantage for a diligent and connected customer. Advisers can be reachable on a much wider schedule. On the other hand, it is very rare to have an online personal advisor. The relationship therefore appears more personalized in a physical establishment.

Online bank is available everywhere in France, but customer service can be in your region. For example Bretons will be sensitive to the Fortuneo account since its head office is in Brittany in Finistère. The French of the North will rather lean on the side of Monabanq whose customer service is based in Villeneuve-d’Ascq. The other online banks have their teams located in the Paris region. So you will choose the establishment closer to you geographically?

Online banks pricing

What is the real price of online banks ?

Overall, it is estimated that online banking costs are 1.6 to 3 times lower than those of traditional banks (source: latest study by the CLCV association). For a customer who wishes to take over his budget, the Internet bank is a good solution. For example, the average cost of a traditional bank is 228 euros per year (source: bankin) with the pricing of the bank card, account holding costs, insurance means of payment, etc. These online establishments have online did not not to bear the burden of physical agencies. Online banks thus offer free services invoiced on average € 40 in traditional banks. However, be vigilant: online banks do not appreciate inactive customers. So, if you do not use your bank card you can receive a monthly or quarterly invoicing.

Very competitive prices and considerably reduced costs

Choosing an online bank limit these costs. First by opening an internet account you can benefit from a welcome bonus of 50 euros to 120 euros depending on the establishment. Also the international payment card is offered and current management fees are absent. The concept has something to seduce, some customers nicknamed bonuse hunters open an account in all online banks!

In this little game, it is Boursorama Banque which displays the lowest pricing on the market each year. It is rewarded by comparators, in particular with its free card, do it limited even for debit operations and the low cost of currency transactions. But the difference sometimes plays a handful of euros so look at the pricing of the banks in detail before choosing.

The future of online banking

Is this the end of agencies and bank cards? The French move less and less to meet their advisor. The smartphone semples be the future of the bank, account management and payment are now going through mobile. Banks invest massively to improve their mobile applications.

They will shake the online banking sector

Your tobacconist:

Now it is possible to open an account directly in a tobacco office! THE Nickel account is accessible to everyone, even to banking prohibitions, without income condition. This bank without bank already has 2 million customers, the card costs 20 euros per year. The operation is simple, it is necessary to supply your account by transfer or by deposit with the tobacconist for a commission, then the customer can only spend the sum on the account (unauthorized discovered). An offer which is intended in particular to excluded from the banking sector, chronic debtors, or customers wishing to have an alternative payment method.


New finance players offer new customer experiences. The solutions are not always global, the fintechs are generally focused on a specialty such as your savings (Wesave), management of your account (Linxo), Participative credit (PRETUP), or Share of expenses (Lydia or Sharepay). But some fintechs come into frontal competition with online banking such as neobancs N26 or revolut or vivid.

Traditional banks:

The brick and mortar bank does not allow itself to be done, strong from its experience, extensive computer teams and solid budgets, It renews its products and services so as not to be overtaken. It is then possible to easily manage your accounts on a computer or smartphone. In addition, traditional banks buy some fintechs to appropriate the most promising new technologies. These players also innovate by offering new offers like my French Bank of the Postal Bank or EKO of Crédit Agricole or Prismea du Nord Crédit.

Telecom operators:

Orange Bank launched in 2017 with the ambition to convince its millions of mobile customers and retain customers from Groupama Banque (a subsidiary bought in 2016). Orange Bank promises to revolutionize the banking sector with an almost graty offer, real-time management, the transfer of money by SMS, a virtual assistant … The telephone operator bank will gradually expand its current account offer with savings and credit. A banking offer that could inspire SFR (Altice) or Free for example.

Large distribution:

With his account C-ZAM, Carrefour Banque makes bank account accessible on its shelves of supermarkets and hypermarkets. Like online banks, the C-ZAM account relies on the speed of account opening and transparent pricing. But this concept did not work and the C-Zam account stopped for the benefit of Nickel. The Leclerc group also has its own bank account named Morning.


Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon could very well compete with banks online in the near future. Amazon already offers credit and a prepaid account in the United States. Google Create a payment solution on Android and even aims for the transfer of money using Google Home its virtual vocal assistant. Facebook also takes place in payment with Messenger. Finally Apple Also embarks on financial services with Apple Pay which transforms your iPhone into a means of payment and transfer of money with friends. The Cupertino firm also announces the gradual deployment of the Apple Card, a family banking offer.

What is the online banking strategy ?

The banking landscape is changing to adapt to the uses of the French, so traditional banks must adapt to the very aggressive commercial strategy of digital banks. The latter do not hesitate to make regular promotional offers and get out of the innovations of rupture. Also, online banks often constitute land conducive to innovation, as we can see with Apple Pay available quickly to Fortuneo or free instant transfer at Boursorama. In order for the online bank to be profitable, establishments seek to attract the best customer profiles: those with flows and savings! Such a strategy has drawn the attention of theACPR who conducted a study on this subject ! The clientele will then be less risky, but also more independent. The richest customers are also those who will be able to subscribe to remunerative savings products such as life insurance or obtain a credit.

4 trends for online banking

What competition with neobancs ?

Online banks are competed by fintechs and more specifically by neobancs. These new establishments stand out with latest generation mobile applications, low pricing, and great accessibility. In France we will especially remember Orange Bank, N26 and Revolut. These 3 neobancs have the ambition to become leaders on the remote bank market. For example, the N26 neobanque wishes to reach 100 million customers worldwide ! This competition benefits the consumer with the creation of innovative services and a lower pricing.

What are the online banks for professionals ?

Professional customers is the new target of online banks. Already three establishments are aimed at the pro: Boursorama Banque, Axa Banque and Monabanq. The offers are not free but still cheaper than traditional banks. ING As for it is confined to professional credit for the moment. The neobanques also embark on this niche, we note in particular Ibanfirst and qonto in France.

How traditional banks counterattack ?

Today online bank is considered to be an extension of the conventional banking relationship. The customer’s purchasing journey can start with an online information search, complement yourself with a advice or a recommendation on social networks, then materializes in a bank branch with the salesperson.

At the origin of the remote bank, some traditional banks could display a certain technological delay. Now most French banks have innovative applications for online account management. In addition, Crédit Agricole is launching a response to online banks with its low-cost offer called Eko. The EKO offer consists of a card, an application, an agency, for 2 euros per month. In addition, BNP Paribas bought the Fintech Nickel, a rising star of French Fintechs. The account Nickel markets in tobacco offices and builds thousands of customers. Finally the Caisse d’Epargne offers Enjoy To its customers, an offer at 2 euros per month to attract young people and reduce the attrition of its portfolio.

Is online bank really without condition ?

The latest online banking trend is to no longer impose conditions on opening the account and the granting of the bank card. Online banks changes his rifle, after addressing an elitist clientele, they open to a more popular clientele. The first to take a step in this sense is Monabanq, The bank is accessible unconditionally of income, savings or payment for 2 euros per month. Now ING no longer requires payment condition, on the other hand you have to pay 5 euros per month to take advantage of the Gold card. Finally at Boursorama Banque Bank Card is free and unconditionally, on the other hand the bank card with low ceilings of payments and withdrawals of withdrawals. This accessibility is also a response to neobanques who attract more young people without conditions of income, savings or payment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an online bank ?

What are the advantages of an online bank ?

  • First of all, interesting promotional offers for prospects and customers.
  • Significant time saving for the customer who himself educates data on the Internet and transactions.
  • Also online banking websites generally have the banking offer in a simple way.
  • Pure players improve web and mobile accessibility, among other things, with innovative applications.
  • The availability of advisers is extended given the wider opening hours of call-centers.
  • More interactivity thanks to online forums, fairs with dynamic questions, chats, blogs ..
  • These banks are also the cheapest because the processing of operations by Internet has a lower cost than the work of an agency or telephone advisor (less labor).

What are the disadvantages of an online bank ?

  • Impossible to deposit species in an online bank, on the other hand it is possible to pass through a traditional bank. The check deposit is then made by mail or in a partner network. It is still possible to place a check in the CIC network to credit it to a Monabanq account. Likewise for BNP Paribas agencies that accept checks to credit them to the online account Hello Bank!
  • No human contact live, moreover not always to advise dedicated to the customer.
  • Selective entry conditions: Indeed pure players often require a minimum income or savings level to open a account and have a free bank card.
  • An incomplete offer is the reverse of simplicity, the banking offer by Internet is not as fleshed out as that of traditional banks.
  • Lower accessibility for the elderly. Disabled customers can also experience difficulties (blind, visually impaired, physical, etc.). On this point, Monabanq is distinguished with improved accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing customers.

Opinion on each online bank

Writing opinion

Summary of the opinion

In general, online banks offer many benefits to their customers, which is worth them to be very popular. Before taking out a contract with one of them, we just have to define your needs to be sure that the establishment you choose offers the products you expect. Do not hesitate to compare the prices between the different online banks. Navigate their sites and make sure their ergonomics suit you. Consequently, if accessibility to your banking services counts more for you than a personalized relationship with your advisor, you would be wrong not to try this new experience.

Boursorama, Hello Bank!, ING, Fortuneo, Monabanq, Bforbank … You have necessarily heard of it, and for good reason ! Online banks are attracting more and more customers. Known for their accessibility, responsiveness and attractive prices, they keep talking about them. Moreover, according to a study carried out by the Better Bestbanque banking comparator at the start of the year, customers of online banks are more satisfied than those of traditional banks (88 % respectively against 79). So here our opinion On the question…

Online banking reviews: what are online banks ?

Fortuneo opinion

Fortuneo, the very trendy bank

The banking offer is diversified with a panel of cards: classic, first and elite. They are free on income or savings conditions. The Elite card is subject to a condition of monthly payments. The bank offers a basic overdraft of 200 euros but this amount is adjustable upwards if you domiciled your income.

Boursorama opinion

Boursorama, the star

Boursorama Banque is obvious when looking for an online bank. Already 4.3 million customers have opened a account motivated by the The lowest pricing of the French market. It is an online bank launched in the 2000s, it built its notoriety around its very competitive stock market. Like many online banks, Boursorama belongs to a large traditional banking group, in this case it is a subsidiary of Société Générale.

It regularly offers 80 euros for the opening of an online account. And sometimes the welcome offer can reach 130 euros during “Pink Weekends” (Flash sales). The conditions for obtaining the premium are indicated on the Boursorama Banque site.

She also offers you her Basic bank card without income or savings. Free is subject to the regular use of the card, but the withdrawal ceilings are limited to 200 €/7 days and payments to 600 € / 30 days. To access the Free Classic Visa Bank Card with higher uses, it will be necessary to justify € 1,000 in monthly income or have € 2,500 on an online booklet. To benefit from the Visa Premier card, its insurance and assistance free of charge, it is necessary to justify € 1,800 in income or € 5,000 in savings. Note that the authorized overdraft is set by default at € 200 but it is possible to modify it on request, and obviously according to your income.

For adolescents it is also possible to have a bank account with the Kador offer. For this you must be between 12 and 17 years old, the card with systematic authorization is then free. Finally professionals also have a dedicated offer without movement commissions.

We particularly appreciate:

  • The powerful stock market portal used by numerous scholars
  • The lowest pricing of the panel according to our comparator
  • The free bank check and sent to the address of your choice

ING Notice

ING the King (Lion) of the direct bank

ING is the pioneer and the historic leader of the remote bank in France and in Europe. Launched in the 2000s in France The bank at the lion is a subsidiary of the Dutch group ING.

Its offer is simple to understand, it takes 1,200 euros each month on the account to take advantage of the free gold card. In the absence of the free payment remains possible if you have 5000 euros of savings in the Orange bank. Otherwise the GOLD card is accessible at a rate of 5 euros per month. The wireless bank does not offer any other range of bank card.

You should know that the discovery of the account is set at 400 euros, but this amount is revisable on request to an online advisor. This remote bank is distinguished by a simple to use offer and clear pricing. This treatment provided to the user makes it possible to be more independent in the management of personal finances.

To top it all Ing offers 80 euros to these new customers. Even in October 2018 the bank at the lion roar the 160 euros for the opening of an account and the domiciliation of income. A extremely rare offer that some lucky people have obtained.


This is one of the last born of the panel, it was designed by the BNP Paribas group on a natively mobile concept. Hello Bank! Beneaded from the launch of various products and services such as account, consumer credit, mortgage and insurance. Also the direct bank takes advantage of a well -established communication on television and on the internet to be talked about!

It also offers 80 euros to new customers for the opening of an online account. The classic CB is free if you have at least 1000 euros income each month. The Visa Premier card is also offered from 1800 euros in monthly income. For the wealthy the infinite visa card will cost 240 euros per year. The pricing of Hello Bank! is not the weakest of our comparator, however, with the free card you make good savings. The overdraft is initially set at 250 euros but it is possible to increase it on request to a television.