Mobile package blocked 2h -100mo – without commitment – Orange, the 6 best packages blocked

Blocked package comparator

With blocked package option at 1 €/month

2h 100mo package

Go to the next page https: // select “Change package”. You will access the list of eligible mobile plans that you can compare to your current package.

This new package will not re -engage you and you can enjoy it the day after your order, unless it placed after 10 p.m. It will then be effective within 48 hours. Your mobile number and your various passwords remain unchanged.

Nevertheless, if you want to change your mobile package in the year following the purchase of a phone, you can be submitted at costs. To find out the amount of these possible costs, see online assistance.

Good to know: your customer area allows you to consult at any time the list of your offers and options in a simple and fast way. To access it, select from the customer area, the “your contracts” tab and then the “your offer” section.

How to choose the best mobile plan ?

It all depends on your expectations ! To be sure of Choose a package Compatible with your needs, check that 4G is sufficient for you and if not, prefer a 5G package. You will feel a clear difference . And if you have a home box, it may be interesting to Gather mobile and internet package.

I have a promo code. How to use it ?

1. Select the mobile package concerned from the Orange mobile packages.
2. Enter the promo code on the “your order” page.
Learn more>
3. Take advantage of your new reduced price package !

How to take advantage of the 5g of orange ?

  • 5G: With offer and terminal compatible only in deployed areas (5G network in the process of deployment). Variable flow depending on the frequencies used. Detailed and differentiated cover on
  • Deployment of Orange 5G: Gradually achieved all over France, like what was achieved for 3G and 4G. It is prioritized in areas where 4G is widely used. The site and the Arcep site allow you to know the 5G network coverage.

Recommended hands -free kit

Uses in mainland France, on networks and with compatible mobile. Offer subject to conditions valid in mainland France from 17/08/2023 to 04/10/2023. Orange offers are reserved for customers residing or being able to justify a stable link with metropolitan France, within the limits of non -abusive use.

* Mobile network n ° 1 : According to the arcep survey of the quality of service for metropolitan mobile operators in October 2022, Orange is 1st or 1er out of 476 of the 505 criteria.

4G+ and 4G: With compatible equipment – only in deployed areas. Network and 4G+ accessible in the cities reported.

5g : With offer and terminal compatible only in deployed areas (5G network in the process of deployment). Variable flow depending on the frequencies used. Detailed and differentiated cover on

Calls, SMS, unlimited MMS Excluding cost of the service of special numbers and excluding cost of short and surcharged number, within the limit of 250 different correspondents per month, 3h max/call voice. The MMS service depends on the network, the characteristics of the mobiles used and the forms of supported content.

Europe : Europe area (Azores (Les), Aland (islands), Germany, Austria, Balearic, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canaries (islands), Cyprus, Corfu (island), Crete, Cyclades (Les), Croatie, Denmark, Spain, Estonia , Faroese (islands), Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Man (island of), Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Rhodes (Island of), Romania, United Kingdom, Saint-Marin, Sardinia, Sicily, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Vatican) + Swiss zone Andorra.

Mobile internet : Rechargeable blocked mobile internet. Usable in Europe, DOM, Switzerland/Andorra areas.

Specific absorption flow (Das) local quantifies user exposure to electromagnetic waves of the equipment concerned. The maximum authorized DAS is 2 W/kg for the head and the trunk and 4 W/kg for the members “. The das trunk measurement may have been calculated in relation to a certain distance from a simulated human organism.

Why buy online

Comparator of caped allowance

Blocked packages make it possible to avoid any overtaking in “out-of-comfer” which are often billed at a high price by operators.

Our comparator brings together all the blocked packages offered by operators. Note that blocked packages are now presented in the form of a “blocable” option and that you can deactivate later if you wish. When this option is chargeable, we integrate it into the price displayed on each card.

Updated September 25, 2023
0 MB 10 GB 100 GB 200 GB
70 GB 8 GB in Europe

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS

Use the network SFR

SIM card : 5 €

Non -binding package see the offer
80 GB 13 GB in Europe

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS

With blocked package option at 1 €/month

Use the network Bouygues Telecom

SIM card : 1 € only

Non -binding package see the offer
250 GB 5G 35 GB in Europe

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS

Included United States, Canada, Switzerland

Access to application Free Ligue 1

Package € 9.99/month For Freebox Pop or € 15.99/month For other subscribers to a freebox

SIM card : 10 €

Non -binding package see the offer
2 h ⋅ 100 MB SMS/MMS Unlimited
2 € /month
During 6 months

Package 0 €/month For subscribers to a Bbox

SIM card : 5 €

Commitment on 12 months See the offer
100 GB 10 GB in Europe

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS

Use the network SFR

SIM card : 5 €

Non -binding package see the offer
Until October 4
2 h ⋅ 100 MB SMS/MMS Unlimited
2 € 99 /month
During 12 months

Package 0 €/month For livebox subscribers

SIM card : 10 €

Non -binding package see the offer
6/17 displayed packages
Show more packages help me choose →
Updated September 25, 2023

What is a blocked package ?

A package includes a certain communications quota (for example 2 hours of calls and 1 GigaCtet de Data). Beyond these included communications, the operator will charge you out package.

These off-forming communications can sometimes explode your invoice-this is the particular case of communications from abroad, the call of surcharged numbers, or in the event of a strong exceeding the volume included in the package.

To avoid this problem you can subscribe to a blocked plan which will prevent you from doing off-forming communications, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises on the invoices at the end of the month.

Do you have to choose a blocked package ?

If the blocked packages had their golden age when the packages only inclined an hour or two of calls with prices excluding prohibitive packages in the event of overtaking, they have largely lost their superb with the democratization of unlimited packages.

Blocked packages nevertheless remain to be recommended for children who are likely to call surcharged numbers, to exceed their volume of calls or data included. They are also useful to avoid communications outside the unexpected plans as when connecting roaming on a foreign network when you are near a border. But during a trip to Europe we will prefer a package with a large data envelope in Europe.

Discover the best blocked packages

Bouygues Telecom logo

For various reasons, you want to go to the subscription of a blocked package. The latter has many advantages and increasingly appeals to consumers. Indeed, it allows to keep an eye on its use and to master your budget. Choose an offer with or without commitment ? To whom they are addressed in particular ? Is it possible to keep your phone number by changing operator ? Why rely on a package comparator ? Get all the answers to your questions in this practical guide and let yourself be guided in the subscription of your new package.

Mobile Post logo

Blocked 2 hours 100MB

Bouygues Telecom logo

Bouygues Telecom scalable 1 to 20 GB

24 -month commitment

For 12 months

Orange logo

Orange Blocked 2h 20GB

For 12 months + 3 unlimited numbers

Bouygues Telecom logo

Bouygues Telecom blocked 5GB

24 -month commitment

For 12 months

Orange logo

Orange blocked 2 hours 100MB

For 12 months

Sosh logo

Blocked 2 hour 100MB package

Mobile operators have only one desire: that users subscribe to their subscriptions. For this, they diversify and offer very different offers in order to please the greatest number. Some offers are more successful than others. Among those who have conquered the hearts of consumers we find the offers without commitment or those at low prices. But one last happens to be of great use: blocked packages. To have a good vision of all available offers, our comparator will prove to be your best ally.

How the package comparator works ?

The package comparator is a specially designed tool for you. It brings together all the offers of operators currently available on the market. To obtain a tailor -made package that meets all your expectations, you just have to fulfill the criteria on which you do not wish to make a concession: your budget, your data envelope or if the package must be unlimited or blocked.

Once these fields have been selected, you will get a list of packages that are most able to satisfy you on a daily basis. The last step belongs to you freely: find the best package and subscribe to it when you wish.

This tool is simple and intuitive to help you best in your search for a new mobile package.

Blocked packages: an ideal solution

Blocked packages have been able to conquer the hearts of consumers because they keep an eye on the expenses and the use made of the smartphone. It is not possible to exceed the number of calls or SMS which is included in the package. The same goes for data: navigation is limited to the number of GOs which is indicated in the offer subscribed. To be able to exceed these limitations, it is compulsory to pay additional costs.

This is the ideal solution to be sure of what you spend and how you spend it.

Why opt for a blocked package ?

The blocked package can be a very good alternative for several reasons:

– For a first package: your child has just received his first smartphone and you want to frame his use in order to avoid overconsumption or drifts. Blocked packages can be a very good solution to start. You know what he uses and in what proportion.
– For low use: you use your smartphone for primary needs (calls and SMS) or punctually ? A blocked package is entirely sufficient. You know that you will not exceed it and that it will meet all of your needs.
– To benefit from small prices: blocked packages are often at more affordable prices. As it is not possible to use the services more than the package has it, you are sure not to pay additional costs and keep an affordable invoice.

Blocked packages are therefore ideal for monitoring consumption but also your monthly budget.

Contrary to what it is possible to believe, the packages do not offer a single offer. On the contrary, operators multiply the possibilities in order to meet the expectations of all. Thus, you are not obliged to subscribe to the lowest package which will not comply with the use that will be made of it. You have the possibility to choose the number of data from which your package must have. Some operators even offer very supplied envelopes, up to 100 GB of data. Likewise, you can choose a blocked package but including unlimited calls or SMS. It only depends on the expectations you have.

If you have used all of your credits available in your blocked package, you can still stay reachable. Your contacts may continue to call you or send you messages. You can answer calls, but not SMS.

Blocked packages: subscribe to an offer with or without commitment ?

As with conventional packages, blocked packages are available with or without commitment. They each have their advantages and disadvantages.

When a consumer decides to subscribe to a non -binding offer, this allows him to be able to change his offer or operator at any time. It is not bound by an end of engagement and pay additional fees in the event of a breach of contract.

On the offer side with commitment, the user will have to choose a subscription ranging from 12 months to 24 months. However, it often benefits from the purchase of a new smartphone at the same time as the package subscription. This type of reduction is often offered by historic operators, such as SFR, Orange or Bouygues. Sometimes it is best to buy the phone at its real price, without benefiting from promotion. Indeed, in the long term, it can be less expensive for the buyer.

Before making your choice between these two types of blocked packages, you must ask yourself several questions: do you want to get involved for several years with your operator ? Are you going to buy a new smartphone ? What is the offer that best meets your expectations ? Once these questions are answered and your criteria well defined, you will be able to make a serene choice and in line with your personal expectations.

In the choice of your blocked package, several solutions are available to you. The comparator will be able to guide you and accompany you. You will be able to subscribe to a package that suits you and which you will make full use.

Can I keep my phone number by changing operator ?

You have found a new phone package that fully meets your criteria, but you need to change operator … This can ask the question of preserving your number. Using a new phone number, this implies several changes: preventing your contacts, doing all administrative procedures and many others. It is not necessarily pleasant or practical.

In order to avoid all these inconveniences, you can keep your number while changing operator. To do this, simply get your operator identity statement, also called “code rio”, and indicate it to your new operator. By dialing the 3179, a number compatible with all operators, you can know it.

All offers of mobile packages have been selected and validated by Clic2Shop, partner of Lenumeriques.

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