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It is important to emphasize that experience can vary from one subscriber to another. This is why, the comments left on Cdiscount Mobile give only a partial vision of reality.

Cdiscount mobile review: Find out what users say in 2023

Cdiscount Mobile is a virtual operator that offers attractive and competitive offers on the mobile telephony market. Network coverage, quality of customer service, diversity of packages: what are the positive feedback and any points of improvement of this operator ? To have an overview of the user experience offered by Cdiscount Mobile in 2023, find on this guide customer reviews as well as the editorial opinion.

  • Cdiscount mobile review: the summary
  • Which is the Cdiscount mobile operator ?
  • Our opinion on Cdiscount Mobile packages
  • Mobile Cdiscount 4G Internet box
  • Cdiscount Mobile Notice: Operator’s network coverage
  • Cdiscount mobile operator has quality customer service ?
  • The subscription to a Cdiscount mobile plan
  • The Cdiscount Mobile termination procedure
  • Returns of experience and customer reviews Cdiscount Mobile in 2023
  • Our opinion on Cdiscount Mobile in 2023

Cdiscount mobile review: the summary

Advantages :

  • Bouygues Telecom mobile network
  • Range of 4G and 5G packages without obligation
  • Ultra-competitive prices

The inconvenients :

  • Inconsistency between Cdiscount Mobile and NRJ Mobile
  • Customer assistance

Which is the Cdiscount mobile operator ?

Launched on the mobile telephony market in 2011 by the Euro Info Telecom group, Cdiscount Mobile is a virtual mobile network operator.For several years, this MVNO relied on the network infrastructure of Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR operators to offer its mobile offers.

Cdiscount Mobile has always offered non -binding packages at very competitive prices. In 2016, this operator notably launched its mobile package at 2 euros per month.

In 2020, the EI Telecom group which also had other alternative operators (NRJ Mobile, Auchan Telecom, CIC Mobile and Crédit Mutuel Mobile) was bought by Bouygues Telecom Business Distribution.

Today, Cdiscount Mobile therefore benefits from the mobile network of the Bouygues Telecom operator.

Our opinion on Cdiscount Mobile packages

Our opinion on the Cdiscount Mobile offer is undoubtedly positive. Indeed, on the telephony market, the Cdiscount Mobile plans are very attractive in terms of prices and services offered. With this operator, consumers can enjoy a cheap package.

Another advantage is, for the most part, without obligation packages. Users are therefore free to terminate their offer, at any time, without having to pay termination fees.

Finally, Cdiscount’s mobile offer is diversified. Different mobile data envelopes are available to meet consumer needs, from the most connected to the less delicious. It is even possible to benefit from a low price mobile plan to take advantage of the power of the latest generation mobile network.

Mobile Cdiscount 4G Internet box

In partnership with NRJ Mobile, the Cdiscount Mobile operator offers a 4G box.

Recall that this type of box allows you to benefit from an internet connection at home via the 4G mobile network. An ideal solution if your ADSL Internet connection is slow and your residential area has not yet been connected to optical fiber.

With the Cdiscount 4G box offer, you have a WiFi router to connect up to 32 simultaneous devices. And you benefit from 250 GB of Internet every month in 4G. This 4G box is offered at a price of € 29.99/month with a 12 -month commitment.

Another specific advantage, you have 30 days to try this 4G box offer. Concretely, during this period, if you are not satisfied, you can terminate the subscription at no cost.

Cdiscount Mobile Notice: Operator’s network coverage

The quality of the Cdiscount Mobile network is an essential element to examine on this test. To offer its services, this low-cost operator is based on the antennas of the historic network of Bouygues Telecom.

For information, in terms of 4G coverage, the Bouygues Telecom network covers more than 99% of the French population. Regarding 5G, operator Bouygues continues its deployment throughout France. To date, this technology already covers nearly 12,000 municipalities in the territory.

To check the cover and quality of the networks in your city, ARCEP has made a site available to the public, Monreseaumobile.arcep.Fr.

Cdiscount mobile operator has quality customer service ?

The quality of Cdiscount Mobile services also involves its customer service. To meet the requests of his subscribers, this operator provides several channels.

You can, first of all, access the Cdiscount mobile customer assistance online. The customer area allows many procedures in total autonomy. It is possible, for example, to configure your mobile, to activate a line, to act in the event of loss or theft of your phone, to unlock your SIM card, to consult your invoices.

Note however, that when you want to connect to your customer area as a Cdiscount Mobile, you are automatically redirected to the customer area of ​​the NRJ Mobile operator.

Cdiscount, also puts at your disposal, many aid sections as well as guides and tricks to answer your questions, via the Assistance-Mobile

Finally, to further improve customer satisfaction, this MVNO has telephone customer service. Cdiscount Mobile customer service can be reached by phone on 09 69 39 03 11 (price of a normal call), Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The subscription to a Cdiscount mobile plan

To have an overview of the user experience offered by Cdiscount Mobile in 2023, it is essential to know the different subscription stages to a mobile offer:

  1. First, to subscribe to Cdiscount Mobile package, you must go to the operator’s official website.
  2. You must then select the package of your choice by clicking on the “I subscribe” button. Once the package is added to your basket, you can continue the different subscription steps.
  3. You must enter your personal and banking contact details. If you want to keep your current mobile number, you must also indicate your RIO (operator identity statement). To get your RIO, simply dial 3179 from the mobile line concerned (free call).
  4. Once the Cdiscount mobile order has been validated and the SIM card paid, all you have to do is sign your contract electronically and return the necessary documents requested. You will receive your new SIM card within 48 hours after validation of your file.

The Cdiscount Mobile termination procedure

One of the Cdiscount Mobile advantages is to offer packages without a minimum commitment period. This means that customers can terminate their mobile offer at any time at no cost.

It is possible to terminate a mobile cdiscount by carrying out the number of the number with another operator. To do this, the subscriber must simply communicate his Rio to the new operator when subscribing. The new operator will then take care of the transfer of the number but also for the termination of the contract to Cdiscount Mobile.

For users who do not wish to keep their mobile number, you must send a letter of termination with acknowledgment of receipt. The termination of the Cdiscount mobile line will be effective within 10 days, from the date of receipt of the mail.

Returns of experience and customer reviews Cdiscount Mobile in 2023

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cdiscount Mobile ? To find out, we present to you positive feedback but also the negative points left by customers on opinions accessible via different specialized sites.

It is important to emphasize that experience can vary from one subscriber to another. This is why, the comments left on Cdiscount Mobile give only a partial vision of reality.

The notes obtained by Cdiscount Mobile:

  • On the IGRAAL platform, this mobile operator obtains a score of 4.5 out of 5 with 74 reviews left, in June 2023.
  • On the Specialized Site Voice Verified, Cdiscount Mobile displays a note of 3.8 out of 5 out of 3375 obtained over the last 12 months.

Positive opinions on Cdiscount Mobile

In positive opinions on Cdiscount Mobile, the operator’s customers are satisfied with the prices applied by the latter.

Numerous consumption opinions on Cdiscount Mobile underline, in fact, particularly competitive prices on the telephony market.

Recall that this MVNO very regularly offers very aggressive limited series. A great way for consumers to enter a package with data at low prices.

Other assets often put forward in Cdiscount mobile opinions, the simplicity to subscribe to a mobile plan and the speed of reception of the SIM card.

Among the CDiscount Mobile customer satisfactions, we also find the quality of the network and the mobile coverage of this operator.

Cdiscount Mobile negative opinions

Among the negative opinions on Cdiscount Mobile, several subscribers have noticed inconsistencies concerning the various communications of the operator.

Indeed, some information does not come from a mobile cdiscount but from the operator NRJ mobile. For example, the Cdiscount customer area refers in particular to the NRJ Mobile website. Recall that Cdiscount Mobile, like NRJ Mobile, is a brand of the Bouygues Telecom group.

Finally, it happens that in the consumption opinions, customer service is pointed out. Several users notably share their dissatisfaction on this subject and denounce the ineffectiveness of customer service.

Our opinion on Cdiscount Mobile in 2023

Overall, our opinion on the Cdiscount Mobile operator is rather positive. This one is one of the cheapest operators in the sector with regular and ultra competitive promotional offers.

This MVNO meets the needs of different consumers with mini packages for less than 5 euros per month but also packages rich in mobile data for less than 10 euros per month, all without a commitment of duration. Cdiscount Mobile also makes it possible to go to 5G with a generous data envelope for an affordable price.

In addition, the reliability of Cdiscount Mobile is based on the fact that it is based on the infrastructure of the historic operator Bouygues Telecom.

However, a regrettable point raised by subscribers is the lack of clear information concerning the management of the offer and customer service by NRJ Mobile.

Despite this negative point, Cdiscount Mobile remains a very good virtual operator, which we recommend to users looking for a non -binding package at low prices.

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Telephone What is the offer of Cdiscount Mobile worth?

What is the offer of Cdiscount Mobile worth ?

With its first mobile telephony offer, Cdiscount seeks to seduce loans of cheap packages. But if the formula has assets, it also presents some shortcomings, at the forefront of which prices out of high package. Not to mention the bad reputation of Cybermarchand.

After meeting success in online sales, Cdiscount is embarking on mobile telephony with a package at only € 2. With this offer, Cdiscount does not hide his intention to walk on the flowerbeds of Free Mobile. It must be said that with 200 minutes of communication, 200 SMS and MMS and 200 MB of the Internet per month, the offer is more like. In particular, it can seduce smartphone users who want to surf the internet from time to time, consult their emails or see what’s going on on social networks, but who are ready to connect to free Wi-Fi that they have the opportunity. Cdiscount does not forget big consumers with an unlimited call/SMS/MMS option and another option 5 GB of Internet, each billed € 7 per month, Or an attractive price of € 16 per month for a complete offer.

To succeed in his bet, Cdiscount intends to take advantage of his millions of customers, all likely to be interested in this new “good plan” and many of whom go through Cdiscount to buy their phone (the merchant ensures that near one in two terminal )). Cdiscount is also based on a partner: Euro Information Telecom (EI Telecom), an operator who already manages the offers of NRJ Mobile, Auchan Telecom as well as those of the Cofidis Credit Company and CIC and Crédit Mutuel banks. EI Telecom also has the particularity of having signed agreements with the three main network operators. Result: depending on the case, a CDiscount mobile client will go either through the Orange network, or through the SFR network, or by that of Bouygues Telecom. The choice will be made by EI Telecom, at the time of subscription, without the customer being able to know in advance by which network will pass his communications. “The network will be awarded so that each customer benefits from the best possible coverage”, We assure Cdiscount. We hope. Nevertheless, nothing says that other criteria (financial, for example) could not be taken into account. What is more, not being able to choose your network could interfere with those who are used to moving in a place covered by a very specific operator or who seek to diversify the networks within the home so as to be certain to capture n ‘ whatever.

The black point of the off -package

An attractive offer, doubts on the network, but also some concerns, especially on overruns. Because the Cdiscount package is not blocked and, unlike that of Free Mobile, the off-package is expensive: 30 cents per call and 10 cents per SMS (see below). It is therefore better to take precautions because the invoices could quickly reach heights.

Finally, the last question point concerns the quality of service. Because the cybermarchand enjoys a particularly bad reputation at the UFC-Que Choisir, where it is known to be a big provider of disputes. In addition to problems related to vouchers or false promotions, is also regularly criticized for its delivery delays, its unprimevel customer service and its ineffective after-sales service. The merchant has also reached the last position of our Cybermarchands list. Not really enough to reassure those who could be tempted by its mobile telephony offer.

Cdiscount Mobile vs Free Mobile: the match

Because they target the same consumers, we have compared in detail the 2 € Cdiscount mobile and free mobile offers in detail. With each strong point (in green) but also some shortcomings.