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Orange mobile insurance

The best mobile insurance in 2023

Mobile insurance: how to protect your mobile equipment ?

Flight, breakage, degradation by oxidation … If you manage a fleet of several mobiles in your business, you are regularly confronted with this kind of incident. A source of stress that you would do well ! By ensuring your fleet, you also make sure to remain serene in all circumstances. Explanation.

Why ensure your mobile equipment ?

A employee has just let his professional smartphone escape, who broke on the ground. This scene speaks to you ? This is because it often happens, especially when you manage a fleet of mobiles in a company.

So it is better to anticipate and protect your equipment to deal with hard blows. At Orange Business, we have set up insurance that protects all smartphones and tablets, regardless of the type of terminal and its provenance.

For what types of incidents ?

Our mobile insurance cover you for these three types of incidents, regardless of the date of purchase of your mobile or tablet:

1. Flight (aggression, break -in, clandestine introduction, shooting, rescue)
2. Casse and oxidation accidental (by clumsiness or negligence)
3. Refund of fraudulent communications

Better still: you are covered even if you have not bought your mobile at Orange Business. Insurance will cover 2 claims per year and per line.

The bonus: if you do not declare any claim over 12 consecutive months, you benefit from one month of subscription offered.

How it works ?

An employee informs you of an incident with his mobile: You can declare the claim:

  • In your Business Customer Space on,
  • Via the Orange Business Lounge application: go to “mobile”> “broken or oxidized mobile”)
  • By calling your customer service to 706 Or 3901 From your Orange mobile (free call).

Upon receipt of the disaster management agreement, the terminal is replaced in 24 hours by an identical or equivalent model.

Your employee can recover his new terminal in the closest relay point of his workplace or his home (or to the address of your choice for € 25 in mainland France).

Ensuring your fleet of mobiles well, it is the assurance for you to keep your mind quiet in the event of an incident.

Insurance is a group insurance contract n ° 722 subscribed by Orange SA, anonymous company with capital of 10.640.226.396 € – Headquarters: 78 rue Olivier de Serres 75015 Paris – 380 129 866 RCS Paris, registered with ORIAS under No. 13001 387, as insurance intermediary agent, with Cardif Insurance Various Risks, S.HAS. With a capital of 16,875,840 € – 308,896 547 RCS Paris – Headquarters: 1 boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris – Company governed by the Insurance Code, through Orange Courtage, its capital of 38,125 €, whose Headquarters is located 78 rue Olivier de Serres 75015 Paris – 421.509.613 RCS Paris, registered with the ORIAS under the number 07022697, as insurance broker. The contract is distributed through Orange Courtage and presented by Orange SA or its network of partner companies acting independently under the Orange Business brand.

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Orange mobile insurance

When You buy material good, you want your investment to be as durable as possible. Between loss, breakage or theft, many risks may occur ! How to choose the best insurance for your property ? Return me to the mobile warranty of the Orange distributor here and give you its opinion and advice to make sure you.

Orange, the best mobile insurance ?

Compare Orange’s offer to other mobile insurance by simulating an immediate quote, You will get a comparison of all insurers with access to prices and guarantees that suit you.

Reasure me illustration

The best mobile insurance in 2023

As an insurance broker, our mission is to inform you and advise you on the insurance offers offered on the market. These advice sheets are intended to present the products of our partner insurers to you as those with whom we do not maintain links. These sheets give you our objective analysis on insurance contracts but also information on membership formalities.

Using our mobile insurance comparison will allow you to know precisely the price of Orange mobile insurance compared to its competitors. You can also find below the details of the care and compensation conditions.

Goods covered by orange insurance

Mobile insurance guarantees

Orange offers mobile insurance to compose according to your needs and the devices you want to cover. To give you an idea of ​​its content, here are in more detail the subscription and support methods:

The general conditions of Orange mobile insurance

The general conditions are provided to you when you take out your Orange mobile or multimedia insurance contract. They bring together all the conditions of coverage and compensation in the event of a claim. If you have lost them, you can download them below:

Our opinion on Orange mobile insurance

In our opinion, 24-hour mobile and multi-product insurances can be interesting to protect your devices, but have fairly restrictive access conditions: for example, devices other than phones must be “aged” under 3 years old at the moment disaster to be covered (generally 5 years in other insurers and operators). Telephones and tablets must use an orange line, and other devices must have been purchased to the brand. These conditions considerably reduce the interest of 24-hour multi-product insurance: it is indeed rare that all the nomadic devices of a household come from the same distributor. However, the interest of nomadic insurance is to protect all of your mobile electronic goods by one and the same contract.

The guarantees included are quite classic: oxidation, breakage and flight characterized. However, Orange is distinguished from its competitors by offering 4 different formulas with regard to the 24 -hour mobile contract, adapting to the value of the phone. The insured is thus certain not to pay more than he should. On the other hand, € 19.99 for multi-production insurance seem to us quite high. The 24/7 service is also appreciable and unusual on this type of product.

We must salute the ease of access to information concerning these two insurances. On the Orange site, the prices, the general conditions as well as the procedures are very easily found to take out a contract and report a claim.

To sum up ::

Orange mobile insurance and multipurfect insurance can be interesting if most of your electronic devices have been purchased or use a line of the brand. You can always subscribe at the time of purchasing your mobile or your connected object, and give up within 15 days if you find better elsewhere !

What is the price of Orange mobile insurance ?

The price of multimedia insurance is variable because it depends on several criteria:

  • The level of guarantees,
  • The purchase price of the property to be provided,
  • The duration of care,
  • The amount of the franchise.

Before taking out a contract, Do not hesitate to compare the different offers on the market because these insurances are often “à la carte”, they can offer very contrasting prices.

How to contact Orange mobile insurance ?

For all questions On your contracts or for any information on a warranty or on care, Orange experts are available by phone at 39,00 from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Here is their address:

Orange – Consumer service
78 Rue Olivier de Serres
75015 Paris