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Insurance for your Tesla

On the web or in agency, it’s up to you to determine how you want to subscribe to car insurance . To satisfy you and agree with its time, Allianz offers innovative services to its insured.

Tesla car insurance: how to choose the best offer ?

It is not always easy for drivers to define what will be the auto insurance offer best suited to their car, especially when the motorized vehicle in which they circulate is a tesla. Indeed, ensuring a Tesla will not have the same cost as to ensure most vehicles, electric or not, other brands, due in particular to the specificities of Tesla.

How much does the auto insurance cost for the most popular Tesla models at Ornikar Insurance ?

Vehicles sold by the same car manufacturer do not all benefit from the same popularity and electric cars sold by the Tesla manufacturer are no exception to the rule. Here are examples of auto insurance rates offered by Ornikar Insurance for the most popular Tesla models, that are the Tesla Model 3, the Tesla Model Y as well as the Tesla Model S.

The cost to ensure a Tesla Model 3 at Ornikar Insurance

You are the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3* and you want to know how much it would cost you to ensure your Tesla Model 3 at Ornikar Insurance ? You can ensure your Tesla Model 3 from:

  • € 25.20 per month as part of the subscription of auto insurance to third party
  • € 31.41 per month if you choose to subscribe a Intermediary car insurance
  • € 35.79 per month if you prefer to cover your car thanks to a All risks

The cost to ensure a Tesla Model y at Ornikar Insurance

You have a Tesla Model Y ** and you want to know how much it would cost you to make it insure at Ornikar. So be aware that you can ensure your model from:

  • € 25.47 per month if you subscribe to an offer ofThird -party car insurance
  • € 31.02 per month as part of the subscription to intermediary car insurance
  • € 34.80 per month if you are looking for a Back to back insurance For your Tesla Model Y

The cost to ensure a Tesla Model S at Ornikar Insurance

If you are the proud owner of a Tesla Model S *** and you want to discover the amount of car insurance at Ornikar Insurance for your car, know that you can benefit from covers for your Tesla from:

  • € 23.59 per month if you turn to the subscription of a Third -party car insurance For your Tesla Model S
  • € 29.80 per month for motorists who choose a Intermediary car insurance
  • € 33.66 per month to benefit your vehicle from all risks

Discover the various insurance guarantees offered by Ornikar

All about the history of the Tesla car manufacturer

Tesla Motors has been Founded in 2003 by two American entrepreneurs: Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. The founder of Paypal, Elon Musk, participates in the first fundraising of the company and entered the Tesla Motors administrative council in 2004.

Tesla Motors markets From 2008 His first vehicle: the Roadster. This electric car made of carbon fiber was then able to travel up to 394 kilometers in a single load, a real record for the time. Rivising with certain sports cars about its acceleration capacity, the car was offered on the American market at $ 109,000, making it a luxury vehicle.

That same year, the two founders of the company, Ebehard and Tarpenning left Tesla Motors and Elon Musk becomes CEO. Two years later, Tesla entered the stock exchange and raised $ 226 million.

In 2012, Tesla stops producing her roadster to focus on her new car, the Tesla Model S. La Model S then becomes the best-selling electric car in 2015 and 2016, with no less than 50,000 vehicles sold that year.

It was also in 2012 that Tesla had the installation of First Superchargers charging stations in the United States and Europe.

THE October 9, 2014, Tesla offers its semi-autonomous driving device for the first time Autopilot In Tesla Model S.

It’s in 2015 that Tesla unveils a new electric car: a crossover named Tesla Model X. The vehicle, which is noted in particular by its wallets with vertical opening called in “falcon wings”, is capable of transporting up to 7 passengers and traveling up to 475 kilometers in a single load. 100,000 Tesla Model X will find lessee, mainly in the United States.

A year later, in March 2016, Tesla Motors reveals the Tesla Model 3, a four -door sedan, which will be pre -ordered to 325,000 copies the first week. The marketing of Model 3, which begins in the month of July 2017, is marked by significant delays, who force Tesla to increase its production capacities to be able to meet demand. Nevertheless the success is there and 146,000 Model 3 will be sold throughout 2018. It was also in 2017 that Tesla Motors changed its name and became Tesla inc. in order to show the desire to diversify the firm, which entered the solar energy market, in particular by buying the manufacturer of photovoltaic panels Solarcity in 2016.

The beginning of the year 2019 sees the launch of the Model 3 Standard Range, offered from 35,000 euros which makes it significantly more accessible. The Tesla Model y is revealed in March.

In 2020, Tesla tests her long range 647 kilometers in a single load. Year 2021 allows Tesla, which has become the Fifth world market capitalization, to present record profits of $ 5.5 billion. Tesla then decides to focus on the manufacture of vehicles currently in production and Pushing certain outings to 2023, like that of Cybertruck, presented in November 2019, of the Model 2 or even Tesla semi, An electric semi-trailer presented in 2017.

What are the different roles of auto insurance guarantees

Quick definition: what is auto insurance ?

Auto insurance is a contract signed between a road user and an insurer to take out a Set of guarantees aimed at protecting a motorized vehicle, whether it is a car or other type of vehicle, in order to compensate any victims in the event of a responsible accident, but also to possibly take care of the damage noted on vehicles and bodily damage suffered by the responsible driver according to the guarantees subscribed.

Reminder of the obligation to have his Tesla insure

Subscribe to the minimum of auto insurance at third party is compulsory for all road users in order to circulate behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle legally. Whether they are the owners of a motorized two-wheeler, a utility vehicle or a Tesla car, all motorized vehicles must all be covered by civil liability, included in all different insurance formulas car. It is civil liability that makes it possible to compensate the damage caused to other users by the responsible motorist.

How much is car insurance for another Tesla model ?

You are the owner of a Tesla model different from those presented previously ? Know that you can also have insurely assured:

* Price observed According to the chosen formula For an experienced driver, without a history of insurance, living in Guéret in the 23rd, with a bonus 50 for a Tesla Model 3 Performance vehicle 3 years old, parked in a private box.

** Price observed According to the chosen formula For an experienced driver, without a history of insurance, living in Guéret in the 23rd, with a bonus 50 for a Tesla Model vehicle Y Grande Autonomy 1 year old, parked in a private box.

*** Price noted According to the chosen formula For an experienced driver, without a history of insurance, living in Guéret in the 23rd, with a bonus 50 for a Tesla Model S 60 kWh vehicle 8 years old, parked in a private box.

Tesla insurance

cheap tesla car insurance

Insurance for your Tesla

The advantages of Allianz auto insurance

Subscribe by phone or agency with an advisor.

Get a gray card quickly With the help of your Allianz agent and your partner Cartaplac.

No fee of fees is not requested in the event of a break in ice.
Tesla Model 3 insurance

Thanks to a competitive and innovative range, you will appreciate the Auto Formulas d’Allianz, for Ensure your Tesla Model 3.

On the web or in agency, it’s up to you to determine how you want to subscribe to car insurance . To satisfy you and agree with its time, Allianz offers innovative services to its insured.

Auto insurance for Tesla: how much does it cost ?

Because you are concerned with the future of the planet, you have decided to drive an electric and clean vehicle, and we congratulate you ! Specialist in the electric car, Tesla is distinguished by its high -end models, just as attractive in terms of ecology as performance and safety. As proof, the family sedan Model S de Tesla is currently displaying the fastest acceleration in the world on the electric vehicle segment.

So, whether you want to ensure a Tesla car already in your possession, or plan to acquire one soon, we invite you to make a quote for free online, in less than a minute, to find car insurance that meets your needs.

Carry out an online car insurance quote with Allianz is simple and quick. You just need to provide some information about your Tesla as well as your driver profile and you get all of our possible insurance and their services included.

In less than a minute, you can compare each car warranty included in our fully customizable car formulas.

Cheap car insurance quote

Because each driver is unique, we offer a Tesla car insurance tailor-made that resembles you and that meets your needs in terms of protection options and of course budget.

Choose a Tesla car insurance with :

  • A wide choice of guarantees
  • Innovative services
  • The possibility of subscribing in agency

Choose one of our three auto formulas for your Tesla

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Third party formula

Intermediate formula

All Risks Formula

Classic insurance

Public liability

You hit a car and injure its occupants ? You are covered ! The liability guarantee covers the damage you are centered by others. The damage of the struck car is reimbursed and the injuries of its occupants are compensated. This warranty also applies if you overthrow a pedestrian.

Defense of your interests following an accident

You are a victim or responsible for an accident ? We help you in all amicable or judicial steps to defend your rights.

Driver warranty up to 500.000 €

You are injured in an accident, driving your car ? Thanks to the driver’s protection warranty, you are compensated for bodily injury that you have undergone whether you are responsible for the accident or not.

This guarantee can be extended to 1.000.000 € via the option below.

Assistance 25 km in the event of a breakdown

One of your windows is damaged (by a gravel, a branch, etc.) ? With the Greeting of the Ice Ice your window is repaired or replaced. This guarantee also covers the windshield, the transparent sunroof, etc.

Flight / Fire / Nature Forces

Your car has been stolen or set on fire ? You are covered, we compensate you according to the value determined by the expert. And if your vehicle is damaged following a hail drop or a thunderstorm, for example, damage is supported thanks to the Force of Nature Guarantee.

Damage to all accidents

You are responsible for an accident and your car is damaged ? Do not worry the damage warranty all accidents covers all the damage that your vehicle can undergo. It also applies if you hit a tree, if you find your degraded car or your striped door.

Natural disasters

Your car is flooded ? Thanks to the natural disaster guarantee, the damage to your car is supported.

Technological disasters

You only have a few points on your driving license ? We organize and take care of a voluntary permit point recovery internship, thanks to the Prevention Prevention Guarantee for you.

À la carte option available by Formula² Formula

Troubleshooting 0 km
You are down ? We help you down at home.
Driver’s warranty up to 1.000.000 € ³

You are injured in an accident, driving your car ? Thanks to the driver’s protection warranty, you are compensated for bodily injury that you have undergone whether you are responsible for the accident or not.

Classic mobility pack Allianz⁴

Your vehicle is unusable and you can therefore no longer work ? We help you at the bottom of your home and you have a replacement vehicle (4) up to 8 days in the event of a breakdown, 15 days in the event of an accident, fire or attempted flight and 30 days in the event of a flight of your vehicle.

More Allianz value pack

Your new car is damaged, stolen or set on fire ? We cover your vehicle at its purchasing value during its first 2 or 3 years. In the following years, it is covered at its value to be said to be increased by 20 to 40%. In any case, you are guaranteed to receive a minimum of 3.000 €.

Mobility Pack Plus Allianz
Automotive legal protection

A problem as part of the purchase, sale or repair of your car ? We support you in your legal procedures.

You transport professional equipment ? The goods and the professional equipment that you transport are covered up to 3.000 € in the event of theft, fire or accident.

You have set up your vehicle according to the needs of your activity ? We guarantee up to 30.000 € all the professional adjustments of your utility vehicle in the event of theft, fire or accident.

(1) Guarantee reserved and automatically granted to liberal professions, craftsmen, traders and business leaders.

(2) under the conditions, limits and exclusions of the insurance contract

(3) Subject to the subscription to the cited option, this warranty benefits from a possible adjustment on the 3 formulas

(4) Equivalent category vehicle (D maximum) for a passenger car and up to 12m 3 for a utility vehicle.

(5) The content and equipment options are accessible to platforms and agents

The various auto insurance formulas offered by Allianz

For ensure correctly Your Tesla, In accordance with your needs and expectations, we offer several types of guarantees and contracts:

  • Our third -party auto insurance formulas only integrate fundamental guarantees and are more suitable for vehicles whose kilometer wear state is already advanced. The latter cover all the damage caused to others, while being accessible to the smallest budgets.
  • Our formulas ofIntermediaries Auto Insurance Add other guarantees to this to cover your vehicle in the event of a breakdown or accident, as well as passengers on board at the time of the loss.
  • Our formulas of All risks are the most complete. They assure you perfectly as a driver, while protecting your Tesla, as well as the damage caused to third parties.

cheap tesla insurance

The elements likely to vary the cost of your car insurance

Several elements come into account to define the amount of your auto insurance premium.

This is why we recommend establishing an online quote, to get a price/Tesla car rate precise and fast.

The cost of auto insurance depends on the Tesla model you have, the power of its engine or its year of circulation.

Currently, there are 4 models that are marketed by Tesla: Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3.

Moreover, if we ensure its different models You’re here And all drivers profiles, this is an element directly impacting the price of the insurance premium. In other words, the price of your car insurance and your automobile guarantees will not be the same if you are a young driver, an already unknown or terminated motorist, a professional or a small roller.

To meet your expectations, our auto insurance formulas for your Tesla Model 3 are fully customizable:

  • If you drive less than 7000 km per year, we advise you to opt for insurance per kilometer;
  • As Tesla cars are clean vehicles, we make you benefit from a promotional offer;
  • If your vehicle is semi-autonomous, that is to say that it has embedded driving assistance technologies, this also reduces the cost of your insurance;
  • For always more savings, you can also install our mobile application, which records your driving data. If the elements harvested show that you have responsible driving, you benefit from reductions of up to 30 %.

For any information, and to help you create a Personalized auto insurance for your Tesla Model 3, We invite you to contact our service by phone, or meet our advisers directly in our agencies.