Mini secondary financing: leasing, LOA, credit and LLD, long -term rental LLD Mini – Compare offer leasing & loa mini

Long -term mini and LOA rental without contribution

Customer’s refund will take place by bank transfer within 30 (thirty) days from the return of the vehicle. In the event of financing the vehicle, the reimbursement will take place within 45 (forty-five) days from the return of the vehicle.

Finance the purchase of your mini, with or without contribution

In order to respect your desires, your needs and your financial means, we offer you 3 financing methods for the purchase or rental of your second -hand mini. You will have the choice between a car loan with or without contribution or long -term rental solutions (LLD) or rental with purchase option (LOA). Our automotive distributor job implies that our advisers are regularly trained to support you in your choice with the transparency and simplicity guideline as a guideline.

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Find the mini new or used vehicle suitable for your budget

3 solutions to finance your used car.

Discover the 3 financing solutions for your mini occasion. With or without personal contribution, they allow you to adapt your automotive project and why not by adding the recovery of your old vehicle.

If you wish to acquire your mini opportunity immediately and master the calendar of its possible replacement, Auto credit remains the most relevant solution. You take the difference between the amount of the car, interest (as well as possibly various insurances and services) and your personal contribution, if you wish to provide a. This credit is reimbursed by monthly payments, the amount of which does not vary.

If you prefer to benefit from a mini used car without having the owner and thus have the possibility of regularly changing your car without worrying about its resale, you will find satisfaction with Long -term rental or LLD. It allows you, without contribution, to take advantage of your mini for a period of 24 to 60 months in exchange for fixed monthly payments which can include various services such as maintenance or insurance. The LOA or rental with purchase option is based on the same principle. Except that this leasing formula offers you the possibility of becoming a definitive owner of the vehicle once due to the payment of a remaining remaining defined in the contract.

All our mini models available in funding

Mini occasion

Mini occasion

Mini occasion

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Guarantee satisfied or reimbursed: 30 days and 1,000 km

This guarantee is to allow an individual (the customer) to return his used vehicle (the vehicle) within thirty (30) days of his delivery provided that he has traveled less than 1,000 kilometers since his delivery.

It applies exclusively:
• to the customer who bought his vehicle from a concession of the Autosphere network
• to the customer who bought his vehicle remotely on the site https: // This customer benefits, in addition to the legal withdrawal period of 14 days provided for in article L 221-18 of the Consumer Code, of an additional period of 16 days to return his vehicle, a total period of thirty (30 days.

For any restitution request, the customer must, within the maximum period of 30 days from delivery, fill out the form accessible on the site https: // www.Autosphere.en or establish a declaration devoid of ambiguity expressing its decision to return the vehicle

This form or declaration must be sent/discount:
• For the customer having bought his vehicle in dealership: handed over directly to the concession of the Autosphere network from which he acquired the vehicle
• For the customer who bought his vehicle remotely on the site https: // by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt sent to COFIA 12 boulevard René Descartes CS 30090 86961 FUTUROoscope CEDEX

Once his request for restitution formalized, the Customer must return his vehicle either from the concession from which he acquired the second -hand vehicle or, as part of a remote purchase, from the concession belonging to the Autosphere network closest to his home. The restitution must imperatively be operated within the maximum period of 30 calendar days from the delivery of the vehicle. The vehicle return costs to the designated dealership are the responsibility of the customer.

The vehicle must be returned to the original state in which it has been delivered, with all the documents and accessories accompanying the vehicle purchased (in particular key and double of the keys, maintenance booklet, technical notice, registration certificate , autosphere safety kit).

During restitution, the concession will verify the number of kilometers traveled since the delivery of the vehicle and will carry out its contradictory examination, which will give rise to the establishment a report for recovery. This examination will be based on documents relating to the state of the second-hand vehicle sent to the customer at the time of the order and on the basis of the delivery report.

Subject to the state of the returned vehicle, the customer will be refunded from the price of the vehicle appearing on his invoice as well as registration fees within the limit of four hundred (400) euros. The costs incurred during the initial sale such as file costs, delivery costs and registration fees exceeding 400 euros will not be reimbursed to the customer. Possible costs related to the cancellation of financing will not be reimbursed either.

If the vehicle is returned damaged or accidental or in a condition that does not comply with that of delivery (in particular state of cleanliness and maintenance), the costs of restoring the vehicle will be the exclusive responsibility of the customer. The sums due by the customer as such will be directly deducted from the reimbursement.

If within the restitution period of 30 calendar days, the number of kilometers traveled since the delivery exceeds a thousand (1,000) kilometers, the concession may:
• refuse to take over the vehicle
• or accept to take it back provided that the customer compensates him for each kilometer traveled beyond 1,000 kilometers up to one (1) Euro TTC per kilometer. The sums due by the customer for the excess kilometers traveled will be directly deducted from the reimbursement.

Customer’s refund will take place by bank transfer within 30 (thirty) days from the return of the vehicle. In the event of financing the vehicle, the reimbursement will take place within 45 (forty-five) days from the return of the vehicle.

The satisfied or reimbursed warranty is not applicable to legal persons as well as to natural persons who act within the framework of their commercial, industrial, craft, liberal or agricultural activity. It does not also apply to vehicles financed in LOA, leasing or leasing, except those financed through the Autosphere network.

Used vehicles sold within the Autosphere network are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from their delivery.

This guarantee does not concern vehicles:

  • Thermal over 12 years and/or having traveled more than 170.000 km
  • Hybrids or electrics over 10 years old and/or having traveled more than 100.000 km
  • Value to nine excluding more than 120 option.000 € TTC
  • Driving school – Taxi – VSL
  • Vehicles intended for the expensive transport of goods or people
  • PTAC greater than 3.5t.

It does not apply to legal persons as well as natural persons who act within the framework of their commercial, industrial, craft, liberal or agricultural activity.

The conditions of subscription and application of this guarantee can be viewed in dealerships and on the Autosphere website.

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// Long -term rental mini and LOA without contribution

Receive your long -lasting mini rental quote for free and quickly with our LLD simulator

Long -term rental – LLD Mini and Loa without contribution

It was in 1969 that Mini was born in Oxfort. Originally, Mini refers both to the name of the brand but also of its first model. Since 2000, Mini has been part of the German group Rolls-Royce. Manufacturers’ models are distinguished by its retro and elegant lines and their user facilities. The small size of these cars coupled with their agility quickly made a brand very popular with the general public. Find many models of Leasing Mini Available on our site. The LLD quote is free, fast and without commitment.

Private vehicles
Company vehicles
Commercial vehicles

Mini Clubman



Mini Countryman



Mini mini



Mini mini


Mini Cabrio

Mini mini


Mini coupé

Mini mini


Mini Roadster

Mini Paceman



*Examples of long -term rent rents lasting 60 months and 125,000 km maximum for a diesel vehicle (60,000 km for a petrol vehicle). 60 linear rents (1st non-major rent) excluding options, excluding optional insurance and excluding maintenance or additional services. Estimated rents calculated by, susceptible to development according to the rental organizations. Non -contractual visuals and indicative pricing and tax information.

?What are the mini models available in leasing & loa ?

You will find on note site some of the most famous models of the brand in LLD and Loa.
The Mini Clubman is distinguished by its iconic style and its four -door configuration with a divided tailgate. It offers a more spacious interior space compared to other mini models, which makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a mixture of style and functionality. The Clubman also offers personalization options and many advanced technological features, as well as an agile and funny driving experience typical of the Mini brand.
There Long -term rental mini Countryman is a compact crossover model offering increased versatility. With its daring and robust design, countryman is perfect for those looking for a more spacious vehicle capable of facing different types of land. It offers more space for passengers and luggage, as well as all -wheel drive options for better grip. Countryman also offers high -end characteristics, a refined interior and agile maneuverability for a pleasant driving experience.
There LLD Mini Coupé is a sporting and elegant model which is distinguished by its helmet -shaped roof and its daring lines. It offers a dynamic driving experience with excellent handling and sports performance. The coupe has a unique character, with a rated look and a sport suspension for tight turns and a lively driving. Inside, it offers a sports interior and high -end features for a resolutely sporting and exciting driving experience.