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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft 365

The reference of word processing software, allowing to write and format your various documents.

The ideal spreadsheet for your calculations, your graphic representations, as well as your data and programming analyzes.

The essential tool in order to structure your professional presentations and make your speech more impactful.

The most popular customer on the market for your professional messaging, facilitating access to your emails, calendars and contacts.

The digital notepad that easily organizes your ideas, combining texts, photos, videos and audio files.

An intuitive tool to create professional quality visual supports, via a wide choice of models.

The optimal solution to design your database applications (only with Microsoft 365 Apps).

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Mac or PC compatible licenses

Administer up to 300 licenses with Microsoft 365 Apps for Business. This number is unlimited with the Microsoft 365 apps offer.

With a single license, a user can benefit from Microsoft 365 on 5 pc or Mac, as well as on 5 tablets or smartphones.

Microsoft 365-ATTOR OVHCLOUD


With Microsoft 365, consolidate the development of your business and optimize your working methods.

  • A monthly pricing, in order to control your budget.
  • Software installed locally, for more performance and reliability.
  • Guaranteed mobility, with Mac, PC applications, tablets and smartphones.
  • Reinforced security, via the automatic update of all tools.
  • Flexible licenses, covering 5 computers and 5 mobile devices per user.

In addition to your offer


From € 4.99 excl. Tax/month/account i.e. € 5.99 including tax/month/account

1 TB of sharing space
100 GB OneDrive account
Data hosted at OVHCLOUD in France

Hosted Exchange

From € 2.99 excl. Tax/month/account i.e. € 3.59 including tax/month/account

Data hosted in Europe
50 or 300 GB/account
Standard Exchange Account
Availability 99.99%

The questions you ask yourself

What is Microsoft 365 and Office 365 ?

Microsoft 365 is the new name for the Office 365 suite. This solution guarantees that you always have the best office tools developed by Microsoft. It thus includes the latest versions of office software that you already know, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You also take advantage of other applications to gain productivity and strengthen collaboration in your teams, such as Outlook, OneNote and Publisher.

What difference is there between Microsoft 365 OVHCLOUD offers and those offered by Microsoft ?

By choosing the Microsoft 365 solutions of OVHCLOUD (previously named Office 365), all your data is hosted in our datacenters in France. They are therefore not subject to foreign laws and remain your property. You benefit from all Microsoft 365 services, with the exception of OneDrive storage which is disabled. Our teams therefore work to offer you an additional storage space, also hosted in our French data centers.

What are the advantages, for a customer, to order Microsoft 365 at OVHCLOUD ?

With OVHCloud, you benefit from a monthly and predictable invoicing. This allows you to keep a total control of your costs. In addition, you take advantage of constant updates to always work online with the latest version of the Office Pack.

Microsoft 365 hosted at OVHCloud is also the ideal complement to our SharePoint and Exchange solutions. Together, they improve the operation of your office automation, facilitate the management of your business and encourage collaborative work.

How to install the Microsoft 365 suite ?

From your OVHCloud customer area, you just need to create one or more users, then assign them licenses in the web/microsoft/office section. You will receive on your contact email email address connection identifiers at the Microsoft/Office portal, to start the installation of your Microsoft 365 suite. For more details, discover our guide on the management of a Microsoft/Office 365 license group.

You have the Microsoft 365 Pro Plus offer (formerly Office 365 Pro Plus) ? Know that you can also install a license on a shared desktop, via remote office services (RDS). To find out more, we invite you to consult our guide on the use of a remote desktop with Microsoft/Office 365.

How to migrate to Microsoft 365 ?

You already use Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint ? Migration will be simple and transparent for your business. In a few minutes, you can create users and assign them a license from your OVHCloud customer area. They will immediately benefit from all the advantages of Microsoft 365.

You use an alternative office solution ? Easily install the Microsoft 365 suite on each device of your business (Mac, PC, tablets and smartphones). Your users will benefit from the extensive features of Office Applications, as well as their careful ergonomics. In addition, this software supports the majority of document formats on the market, for a simple and fast transition.

Can I install a Microsoft 365 license on 5 different computers ?

Yes, you can install a Microsoft 365 license on 5 pc or mac, as long as it is used by the same user. Please note that in addition to computers, this license can also be activated on 5 tablets or smartphones.

Microsoft 365 offers adapted to all companies ?

Yes, Microsoft 365 Business (formerly Office 365 Business) is a solution perfectly suited to the needs of merchants, craftsmen and all VSEs/SMEs, with up to 300 licenses available. The Microsoft 365 PRO Plus offer (previously Office 365 Pro Plus) offers an unlimited number of licenses for your business. It therefore corresponds better to the expectations of ETIs and large accounts.

Is it easy to terminate a Microsoft 365 offer ?

The process is extremely simple. From your customer area, you can deactivate one or more Microsoft 365 licenses at any time. From the following month, this termination will be effective and you will no longer be charged.

Choosing the right collaborative suite

An efficient office suite simplifies how to control your business, thanks to modern, stable and complete tools. These must be available at any time, on all your devices, in order to strengthen the productivity of your teams and their collaboration spirit. Microsoft 365, successor to the Office 365 suite (also called “O365”), meets all of these criteria. Reference on the market, this premium solution brings together the best office applications, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook. These apps benefit from Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android updates regularly, which do not require an internet connection to operate. And to accompany you, you have the assistance and the many resources provided by OVHCloud.

Microsoft 365 and teleworking

In a situation of mobility as well as teleworking, Microsoft 365 of OVHCloud remains an asset for your organization. In a few clicks from your customer area, you get the number of licenses necessary for all of your employees (up to 300 with the Microsoft 365 Apps for Business offer and unlimitedly with the Microsoft 365 Apps solution). You have no concerns to have deployment and compatibility, because each of these licenses can be installed on 5 PCs or Mac (Desktop version), as well as on 5 tablets or smartphones (mobile version). Whatever their location and their devices, your teams are therefore able to collaborate quickly and effectively.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 - Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office 365 - Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office 365 - Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Easily share files between your devices.

Open the downloaded file

Launch the installation and follow the instructions

Alternatives to Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft Office 2021, the last license for life

Notepad ++

Source publisher with highlighting and formatting ..


Grammatical and linguistic correction of your texts

Samsung Notes

Create and modify notes from your mobile and your PC

Other Microsoft software

Use the most popular word processor in the world

Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft Office 2021, the last license for life

Microsoft Office 2016

The 2016 version of the Microsoft office suite.

Create and consult spreadsheets with Excel

Security software

  • Ccleaner
  • Free antivirus avast
  • Northern
  • Expressvpn
  • Cleanmymac
  • Intego (Mac Antivirus)
  • Splice – Video Editor & Maker
  • Floatm
  • Rely VPN
  • PC Protect
  • Eco fuel
  • Magiscan – Ai 3D scanner app

Updated software

  • Excel 2007
  • Windows Defender
  • Google Sketchup
  • Minecraft – Pocket Edition
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Tripadvisor

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    • Accounting
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    • Dictionaries and correctors / translators
    • text editor
    • Finance and management
    • Money management and invoicing
    • Collections management
    • Document readers
    • Organizers
    • Calculation tools and converters
    • Text police
    • Presentation
    • Office suite
    • Spreadsheet
    • Telephony and fax
    • Translator
    • Analysis and statistics
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    Use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. on the Web

    Computer screen displaying a C.V. being created in Word on the web

    Download the Office Mobile Application (Microsoft 365)*

    Access in any place

    Whether you are at the office or on the go, provide optimal work on your favorite browser.

    A familiar experience

    The Microsoft 365 experience, familiar and reliable, that you know: there is nothing new to learn.

    Work with whoever you want

    Share your documents with the people of your choice and work together in real time.

    Laptop screen displaying a Word document with several authors making changes to Word on the web

    Word for the web

    Create C.V., Information bulletins and attractive documents while inviting other users to consult and co-edit them in real time. Also access free Word models as well as formatting tools for APA, MLA and Chicago styles, and add features with free supplements.