Medadom | A doctor on video in the App Store, an application for doctor with your DRSANTé software

Drsanté: Take advantage of our doctor application

IPhone compatibility requires iOS 13.0 or later. iPod touch requires iOS 13.0 or later.

Medadom | A doctor on video 4+

If you cannot consult your doctor on site and you cannot move, then the application will do you a great service. At least for most small common consultations in order to have a very fast first opinion. This will not replace real physical consultation. I had to consult at home for my back blocked at the level of the lumbar and it saved me from having to make an appointment with my doctor, having to take my car, wait in a waiting room … I saved a lot of time. The doctor was really attentive and professional. No complaints. Better than my own doctor who because he has known me for many years, tends to minimize my symptoms and rheumatism.

Fast and effective

After launching the teleconsultation process, and an expectation of less than 5 minutes, I was put in contact with a very attentive doctor, it was fast and my prescription was transmitted directly after the end of the consultation.
Honestly, when I see that my companion’s doctor could not take us for more than a week when we are subject to a probable case of listeriosis … It reassures me that Medadom exists with doctors present and listening.

I do not throw stone into our general practitioners, they are completely overloaded with work, and there are fewer and less MG in our villages, which is a disaster.
So much the better than solutions like Medadom can exist given these situations.

Topaze5415, 12/13/2022

1000 thank you !

First connection for me and really very satisfied. Unfortunately impossible to get an appointment, I forced myself to go through this and I thank Dr. Agostino for his time and listening;)
I know how to do from now !
And finally I think that € 7.50 is not expensive for work, the consultation should be at the same price as in the office !
Thank you very much ��

Developer response ,

Hello and 10,000 thanks for your opinion which makes us very happy. The price of teleconsultation is the same as a physical consultation. By entering the social security number (as you have conscientiously done), we do not ask to argue that the party repaid by your mutual is 7.€ 5 during conventional hours. You will therefore be fully reimbursed. Take care of yourself.

Confidentiality of the app

The developer Synapse SAS indicated that the processing of data as described below could be among the practices of the app in terms of confidentiality. To find out more, consult the developer’s privacy policy.

Data establishing a link with you

  • Health and physical activity
  • financial informations
  • Contact details
  • Identifiers

Data not establishing any link with you

The following data can be collected, but it is not linked to your identity:

Confidentiality practices may vary, in particular depending on the features you use or your age. Learn more


IPhone compatibility requires iOS 13.0 or later. iPod touch requires iOS 13.0 or later.

Drsanté: Take advantage of our doctor application

The DRSANTÉ doctor app improves your office management

Drsanté, is basically medical management software to centralize all patient data On a single platform. A solution which therefore makes it possible to avoid wasting time juggling between different software and which gives you a precious time to give to your patients. Drsanté offers you a doctor application to Manage the main features of your software office.

A new user experience

A new use of use, a simple and modern logic and as an option a use suitable for touch screens.

A mobile application

Your mobile phone opens up to new professional uses: photos, dictaphone, agenda, patient file.

An open solution

A solution that interacts with other players in the health ecosystem: Doctolib, Mondoctor, Vidal,, bioseter, honestica, etc.

Paying for the doctor, free for assistants. Great transparency of prices and quality assistance. € 624 including tax per year and per doctor, regardless of the number of positions.

Additional features

We advocate the use of this doctor application in order to Facilitate certain daily tasks Like the oral reports via your dictaphone, adding photos to your patients or direct access to your updated agenda in time.
We have developed this doctor’s application in line with office software. That is, all the information you publish in the software or directly on your application will be synchronized in order to promote optimal centralization.

A complete, accessible and open module

At any time consult and change your agenda directly on your mobile . Benefit from a reminder system that displays the following patient identity and schedule. If this is an outside visit, you can geolocate the meeting place and generate a route.

Your photos at hand

You can take a photo with your mobile and join your written or vocal comments while staying with the patient. No need to connect your camera to your computer or send the photo by e-mail and download it to your computer. Synchronization with software is done automatically and instantaneously .

Save essential information

You can now save your reports on your mobile and automatically classify them in the patient folder so that the information is saved where you have to.

Measure and analyze your patient data

Note measures is now possible without abandoning your patient on the examination table. You can directly enter measures in the mobile application for an immediate classification of information in the patient’s file. You can also access the evolution curves of your data.

All your contacts at hand

Find all of your patients and their profile in the directory: contact details, date of birth, profession, attending physician, history, allergies and current treatments. In the event of an appointment with the patient, access his address and locate his home on a card.

Benefit from advantageous features thanks to the DRSANTÉ doctor application.

By taking a closer look at the features of our mobile application, we indeed find a Save time with the management of your agenda directly from your mobile. Our connector with Doctolib allows you to update your agenda with each new consultation request.
The Doctor’s application offers you access to a Complete and detailed interface your patients’ files. You can add data when the need will be felt and observe these files at any time of the day.

By developing this doctor application, we have thought of the confidentiality of your patients data. This centralization prevents you to disperse on several software and grants you optimal security of each of your data. Our website also offers you a Personalized support to facilitate the handling of the doctor’s application Drsanté.
You can now do a completely free test of our doctor application.

Additional functionalities on mobile

By developing the DRSANTÉ doctor application, we offer you the possibility of access certain features of our software solution, even when you are not at your workplace.