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The final version of MacOS 13.4 is online

The window Software update poster No update available ? This means that macOS and integrated applications are up to date on your device.

Mac OS update

You want to update or update your Mac but do not know how to proceed ? Do not worry !

Mac, Mac Book Pro, Mac Air or Mac Mini, our assistants will be able to guide you to update your device. Take confidences to our experts to resolve the update installation problems that you may face.

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How to update your Mac ?

That you wanted to perform a Mac OS update or a Operating system upgrade , The main thing is carried out from the interface of the update software integrated into your Mac. It allows you to search and install the latest updates and updates available for your device. To find out about the MacOS Ventura update, consult our full article.

The procedure to follow may vary depending on whether you perform a Update to the latest version of MacOS Or Towards a previous version . We explain everything to you in detail:

Update to the latest version of Mac OS

MacOS’s latest updated version is Monterey . If the latter is available for your device, you can search for and install it relatively simply. Follow the above steps to update your device:

  • Access the application System preferences in the Apple menu;
  • Navigate to the section Software update so that the system checks updates or updates available;
  • Then click on Update now Or Upgrade : the update option will allow you to update the current version of your macOS. As for the upgrade option, it will allow you to download and install a new major version compatible with your computer (Monterey for example);
  • Wait that the download ends and finally click on Install.

The window Software update poster No update available ? This means that macOS and integrated applications are up to date on your device.

Update to an old version of Mac OS

Your device is not compatible with the latest macOS version (Monterey) ? Know that you can still Update your mac manually to another previous version of the Mac OS operating system as Big on , Catalina , Mojave or High Sierra .

It is enough for Download and run the installation program for the old macOS version that you want to install on your Mac using Safari .

But before, some precautions must be observed:

  • You must above all Check compatibility with your device , that is to say that he has the Required material configuration To run the desired macOS version. Depending on your MAC model, you can update to MacOS Big on from Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra or Sierra in particular;
  • You can then back up before the system upgrade of your Mac. This is strongly recommended, because you can recover in the event of a macOS update problem.

A problem with the installation of Mac OS updates ? Make yourself assisted by our experts

If you are having a problem of Blocked Mac update , Mac update impossible Or Error message , do not worry. Problems can arise during the Mac update installation process for various reasons.

It can be a Internet connection problem For example. Indeed, the system needs the Internet to obtain the Mac update installation program and many other information specific to your device model. So start by checking your Internet connection if you are having a Mac update problem.

A Installation in safe mode can also help resolve errors and Mac update installation problems. You can also Install the update with macOS recovery feature .

If despite everything you still cannot update your Mac or prefer to entrust this task to experts, do not hesitate to request assistance. At Mac Support Assistance, our experts are available to help and guide you in this process.

The final version of MacOS 13.4 is online

In beta since the end of March, MacOS 13.4 is now available for everyone in final version ! This new version of Ventura (the last before MacOS 14 ?) does not contain a lot of new features except that it puts an end to the installation profiles of well -known beta of developers and testers. Now, just register in preferences and that’s.

MacOS 13.4 also brings a new section Sports In the News app, which is hardly interesting for us French (where the application is not available), as well as fixes. The slow connection bug of the keyboard in Bluetooth after a restart of the Mac should be of ancient history, as is a problem which prevented the connection following an automatic unlocking with the Apple Watch. Screen time should also operate and synchronize normally with other devices.

MacOS 13.4: version notes

  • The sports flow in the sidebar of Apple News makes it easier for you to access the articles, scores and rankings of the teams and leagues that you follow, and even more.
  • The scores and schedules of my sports sheets in Apple News redirect you directly to the match pages where you will find additional information on specific matches.
  • This version solves a problem that prevents automatic unlocking with Apple Watch from connecting to your Mac.
  • It corrects a problem related to Bluetooth which slows down the connection of keyboards after restarting the Mac.
  • It solves a problem related to navigation to web pages benchmarks with Voiceover.
  • It corrects a problem likely to reset screen time settings or prevent their synchronization with all devices.