LCL freezes its prices for 2023 – Agefi, LCL animal insurance: opinion, price and quote on this mutual

LCL animal insurance: opinion, price and quote on this mutual

9.50 euros per month

LCL freezes its prices for 2023

After BNP Paribas, Société Générale and Crédit Coopératif, LCL in turn announces that it will not increase its prices next year.

Posted on September 15, 2022 at 1:55 p.m

LCL Agency

After BNP Paribas on Wednesday, it is LCL’s turn to freeze bank rates for its 6 million individual customers until September 1, 2023. The announcement follows the meeting held Tuesday in Bercy. Convened by Bruno Le Maire, the French banks have committed to contain the increase in their prices next year below 2%. A commitment reaffirmed by the regional funds of Crédit Agricole in a press release Wednesday evening.

Some establishments have decided to go further and not increase their prices next year. This is the case of BNP Paribas and Crédit Coopératif, while Société Générale had announced from July 15 “global stability “ of his prices in 2023. A decision taken upstream of the meeting in Bercy. “”We are thinking in the summer of trade policy in the Société Générale et Crédit Northern networks in summer in order to have time to apply this decision and edit the prospectus. Given the context and the difficulties encountered by our customers in terms of purchasing power, we have made this decision “, Explain within the Red and Black Bank.

Another measure obtained by the Minister, French banks have undertaken to lower the rate from 3 euros to 1 euro per month for the offer dedicated to fragile customers. A decision already made this summer by Société Générale and Crédit Mutuel Alliance Federal. Like the mutualist group, LCL also decides to exempt this specific clientele for incident costs, until September 1, 2023.

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LCL animal insurance: opinion, price and quote on this mutual

The Mutual LCL is a dismemberment of the famous company LCL Banque et Assurance. A subsidiary of Crédit Lyonnais, the latter was created in 1863. Its head office is located in the city of Lyon. Since 2005, the Mutual LCL has had a branch entirely devoted to animal health insurance. It offers various formulas to financially cover the veterinary costs of dogs and cats. Itandi offers you this guide to better understand the LCL pet mutual.

LCL Animal Insurance

What are the guarantees offered by LCL animal insurance ?

In order to meet the requirements of all of its customers, the LCL company has acquired Several insurance formulas for dogs and cats. The guarantees proposed by this insurer therefore depend on the formula chosen, and this, according to your budget and your needs.

In general, the mutual insurance company compensates the costs linked to diseases and accidents which can occur during the life of the animal. Coverage includes the cost of consultations in the veterinarian, care, drugs, medical analyzes, radios and surgical operations.

Furthermore, theLCL animal insurance has a formula thanks to which the subscriber benefits from assistance for the custody of his animal. This warranty activates when the owner of the dog or cat is hospitalized.

��Attention : the LCL mutual insurance company only provides dogs and cats between 3 months and 7 years old, and identified by a tattoo or an electronic chip at the time of subscription.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of LCL animal insurance ?

There Subscription of animal health insurance with the LCL company allows you to benefit from several advantages.


The inconvenients

✅ A fixed monthly contribution to the 8th birthday for a dog and until the 11th anniversary for a cat

✅ A declaration of good health of the animal is sufficient to take out your insurance

✅The direct support for expenses in some cases

✅ A very advantageous reimbursement ceiling that can discharge you from all expenses

✅Onimony of costs is not imposed for expenses less than 140 euros (third -party payment)

✅Possibility to take out your animal insurance online from the company’s website

✅Possibility to opt for a tailor -made formula

✅Lacs to practical information (addresses of veterinarians, groomers, sanitary conditions abroad . ))

✅ A very short compensation period

✅ A simplified procedure (documents to be provided, formalities) for requests for reimbursements

✅ Support in all administrative or legal procedures linked to the interventions practiced on the insured animal

❌ A customer service sometimes difficult to reach

❌Manque of details concerning the formulas offered on the insurer’s website

��To know: there Mutual LCL One is one of the few insurance companies to offer full reimbursement of the health costs of the insured animals with her.

How much does LCL animal insurance cost ?

LCL did not display any starting prices on its website for its Dog and cat insurance offers. In general, the cost of your subscription will depend on the chosen formula and the additional options subscribed. More specifically, the age, sex and medical history of your pet will also be taken into account to calculate the price of insurance.

The following table presents the prices of animal health insurance obtained from a simulation*.



9.50 euros per month

14.95 euros per month

31.99 euros per month

*Methodology :: Simulation carried out on April 3, 2023 for a 3 -year -old Teckel breed dog, identified by chip and without any medical history.

Get an animal insurance quote at LCL

If you want Subscribe insurance for your dog and cat at LCL, You can request a quote on the company’s website. This is equipped with a simulator which allows you to estimate the amount of your animal insurance. The tool is based in particular on the formula for which you have opted, the breed of the animal and its sex.

By doing this, however, you will only obtain the estimate of the LCL animal mutual. However, insurance mutuals offer different offers from each other. It can therefore be interesting to use a tool to compare all of these offers in order to choose the offer that most corresponds to your finances.

To do this, you can use our Online insurance comparator and without any commitment. Our tool is very simple and easy to use. To compare the offers in terms of dog and cat insurance, you must fill out a single and simplified form. The latter includes a few questions you need to answer to allow the tool to list the best insurance quote for your pet.

From this moment, you will only have to choose the best offer and to fill the formalities required to subscribe.

LCL Animal Insurance Reviews

Our team is unanimous on the fact that the animal insurance offers offered by the Mutual LCL are very interesting. One of the company’s positive points is that it really helps dog and cat owners to manage exorbitant medical care costs. Concretely, if you bet on this mutual, it will cover vaccination costs, sterilization costs, hospital costs and many other expenses.

Thanks to the Mutual LCL animals, It is therefore possible to offer better care to your pet without having to worry about the bill to pay, whether it is an accident or illness. Finally, the subscription of LCL animal insurance is very simplified: no health document is required.

How to contact LCL ?

If you live in France, you can reach LCL customer service By phone on 09 69 36 30 30. This issue is not surcharged and is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday at the cost of a local call. From abroad, you must contact the +33 9 69 36 30 30 to discuss with Customer Advisor from LCL.

The insurance company has an accessibility service for deaf and hard of hearing. You wish to send a letter to LCL to request information or an insurance certificate ? Send your letter to this address:

LCL Bank and Insurance

20, avenue de Paris

94811 Villejuif cedex.


Why take out insurance for your pet ?

Your dog or cat is not immune to unhappy accidents or diseases, regardless of his age or race. However, the expenses required to cover animal health costs are generally very high. It is therefore essential to take out animal health insurance comprising several guarantees in order to benefit from a good care. Some insurers such as LCL 100 % compensate for compulsory vaccination, sterilization, laboratory analysis, drug, hospitalization and surgical intervention costs.

How to take out LCL animal health insurance ?

The procedure for the subscription of an insurance contract for dog and cat is extremely simplified by the Mutual LCL. To take out animal insurance with this company, go to agency or on the official website. You don’t need to provide health documents. A simple declaration of good health is enough to sign the insurance contract.

Does the LCL animal mutual insurance ?

L’Insurance offered by LCL is only reserved for dogs and cats between 3 months and 7 years old. In addition, the company does not provide animals that have genetic and hereditary flaws.

How does the termination of animal health insurance work LCL ?

For one reason or another, you can decide to terminate the insurance subscribed for your dog or cat. However, you must give a month’s notice to LCL and send a letter of termination to the postal address of the insurer.

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