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The first step is to download the Lime application to your phone. Once your account has been created, simply locate a vehicle nearby via the application card, scan the QR code of the vehicle to unlock it. You just have to roll !

The electric bike

Even if we say that “the bike does not forget”, you may need a small reminder. In this case, do not hesitate to consult our video “Roll with Lime” and discover everything about the operation of our electric bikes Gen4.

Equipment designed to last

The success of our vehicles is explained, among other things, by the use for their manufacture of innovative materials which gives them easy handling, great autonomy and proven reliability.


How to use a Lime vehicle ?

The first step is to download the Lime application to your phone. Once your account has been created, simply locate a vehicle nearby via the application card, scan the QR code of the vehicle to unlock it. You just have to roll !

How to download the app?

To download the Lime application, just click here and you will be automatically redirected to the appropriate download page to your smartphone. You can also search for “lime” directly in the app store or google play. Store and Google Play.

How to find a vehicle around me?

To find a vehicle near you, open the lime app on your phone. Locate a Lime vehicle available thanks to the application integrated into the application or simply in the street. If you can’t find any vehicle, do not hesitate to search for a wider area.

Should I wear a helmet?

We always recommend that you wear a helmet when you drive file vehicles. In some cities, the helmet is even compulsory.

Are there speed limitations?

Our vehicles have their limited speed and will not allow you to go fast. It is however important to respect the highway code and pay attention to pedestrians and other vehicles. Always try to drive on the cycle paths when they are available, or on the road.

How much does it cost ?

The price of journeys on our electric scooters and bikes varies according to the city. To find out the price in your city, download the Lime application. Downloading the application is free you will only be charged from the race once the trip is over.

Lime Access Low-Cost Electric Scooter Solution Launch in Paris

Lime Access Has Launched in Paris, Giving Eligible Participants The Opportunity to Save 50% or More On Every Lime Electric Scooter Ride Throughout The City.

Originally introduced in select markets last year, the company’s flagship equity program was creating to help the promise of “Mobility for all.”In Paris, that means participating riders will pay (€ 0.00) to unlock an electric scooter and a flat rate of € 0.10 per min to ride.

“Eating Access to Personal Mobility CAN HAVE A DRAMATIC IMPACT NOT ONLY ON ONE’s Professional Career, But on One’s Quality of Life As Well,” Said Arthur-Louis Jacquier, General Manager of Lime in Paris. “After a successful launch in the us, we’re thrulled to be able to extend the lime access program to our friends and neighbors here in Paris as well.»

Enrollment in lime access is available to:

  1. Low incomes Persons Currently Eligible for Social Minimums
  2. Anyone Currently Eligible for Île-de-France Mobility (IDFM) Social Pricing

To help Facilitate the Application Process, Lime has created a Community Impact Page Explaining Pricing and Documentation Specific to Paris. Interestred Persons Who Are Ready To Proceeds With An Inquiry Can Submit Their Information Directly Via The Lime Access Application Form.

The Paris Lime Access Launch Comes One Day After the Announcement that Automobile Traffic in Nearby Lyon, France has dropped dramatically in 2019-Just as e-scooters have passed a record 4 million rides in the city.

To Learn More About Micromobility Equity Programs Lime Access, Subscribe to 2nd Street, or download the Lime App to Take An Electric Scooter Ride in Paris TODAY.


Lime has launched its “Lime Access” program in Paris, in order to offer eligible participants the possibility of saving 50% or more on each Lime electric scooter route.

First tested in the United States for a few months, the company’s social program was created to keep the promise of “mobility for all”. In Paris, the beneficiaries will not pay anything (€ 0.00) to unlock an electric scooter and a plan € 0.10 per minute to ride. This program will also be available in Lyon in the coming months.

“Facilitating access to individual mobility can have a significant impact in everyone’s life courses, not only on professional career, but also on the quality of life in general,” said Arthur-Louis Jacquier, Managing Director of Lime in Paris. “After a successful launch in the United States, we are delighted to be able to extend the Lime Access program in Paris.””

The Lime Access program is available for:

  1. Any low -income person currently eligible for social minima
  2. Anyone currently eligible for the social pricing of Île-de-France Mobility (IDFM)

To facilitate the application process, Lime has created a special form page indicating prices and documents to provide to finalize its registration.

The launch of the Lime Access in Paris one day comes after the announcement of the spectacular drop in automotive traffic in the neighboring city of Lyon. In Lyon, in 2019, electric scooters exceeded the record figure of 4 million trips.

To find out more about equity programs such as Lime Access, subscribe to 2nd Street, or download the Lime application to take a ride in electric scooter in Paris now.