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You are looking for a mortgage to finance the future acquisition of a main or secondary residence, the purchase of land, the construction of a house or the renovation of your accommodation ?

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Published on 23-09-2023

I can put you in touch with LCL advisers directly and you can receive sponsorship advantages. I am also here to guide you to choose the bank most suited to your needs and your request. Good day& . Read more

Posted on 07-10-2022

Hello, Win a multi-Sensignes gift card worth € 35 to win for any LCL account opening. To make you sponsor at the LCL, do not hesitate to contact me so that I return the sponsorship form to you. THANKS . Read more

Posted on 07-10-2020

Hello everyone ! If you wish to become a LCL customer, do not hesitate to contact me. It’s my bank for over 20 years (but I only have 19 of course . )). And I’m happy. Perhaps a question of agency too. D . Read more

Published on 20-01-2020

15 euros in gift card for you for this I will need the information following name, first name, email address, postal address and telephone number in order to communicate them to LCL for the opening of your account. Send it to me by email to Garci . Read more

Published on 23-09-2019

You have your advantage and I pay you on Paypal or by Revolut (I also spare you on Revolut) 25% of my own bonus as soon as I touch it !! Do the calculation. and send me your email. Annèes of experiences. Please note, some sponsor . Read more

Posted on 07-09-2019

Hello, This sponsorship allows you to win a gift card of € 15 (which I offer you after having received the premium) as well as advantageous prices for the opening of a deposit account. 3 ways of proceeding are available to you: . Read more

Posted on 04-08-2019

Hello, I sponsor you for any opening of an account at LCL. Transmit me name, first name, postal address, and email to send you the sponsorship bulletin. . Read more

Posted on 10-03-2019

LCL client for 10 years, I am completely satisfied with this bank. Thanks to them I was able to buy my house. If you want to take advantage of the LCL advantages like me, I offer you sponsorship, it will make me win a gift card of € 35 that I will share with you. ( Self . Read more

Published on 07-03-2019

Hello, you are looking for a godfather for a personal or pro account opening. My wife, my 3 children and I are customers or LCL. We are very satisfied with it. Send me a message and I will tell you how to follow. Quick response.. I will take advantage of it for . Read more

Posted on 01-03-2019

Hello everyone,. To win a € 15 gift card as well as advantageous prices. To make you sponsor at the LCL, do not hesitate to contact me so that I return the sponsorship form to you. https: // individuals.LCL.FR/Resources/PDF/Bull . Read more

Terms of the promo offer

LCL, the online bank offers a wide range of financial products to manage your daily money, finance your projects or ensure your future.

Whether you are individual or professional and whatever your finance and savings needs, you are sure to find everything you need in a few clicks on the online platform.

Financing solutions, including savings products And retirement, insurance, current account, professional account, or payment solutions, LCL supports you for the placement of your savings, to manage your company account and to protect your goods.

Open your current account in a few minutes ! Discover a custom & modular solution to personalize your services ! With à la carte LCL, opt for the Bank card of your choice close to that offered by Bunq, Benefit from a dedicated advisor and manage your account from the application.

Control your budget to perfection by opting for the essential LCL current account ! Essential is an offer of Simple and practical online bank as at BforBank which includes a mono-turning deposit account, an international balance of balance control card, called inventive mastercard. Just like the LCL à la carte offer, you have managed your expenses from the application and take advantage of an agency or online advisor to answer all your questions and support you in your projects.

You are looking for a savings solution that will allow you to ensure your old days and shelter from the hard blows that you sometimes have lives in life ?

Life insurance undoubtedly remains the favorite savings product of the French ! It allows you to invest to carry out a project, for the future of your children, for your retirement, or to transmit capital to a person of your choice. So you save you intelligently and think of your loved ones !

You are looking for a mortgage to finance the future acquisition of a main or secondary residence, the purchase of land, the construction of a house or the renovation of your accommodation ?

LCL offers you in its financing range many products such as the zero rate loan, relay loan, housing savings loan, zero-rate eco-loan and social accession (not). Study your request with a bank advisor and opt for the solution you need !

You understand, with the LCL online bank, you manage your finances and you prepare your future with confidence !

Take advantage of the invitation to sponsorship LCL Banque through by contacting a godfather and specifying your email address, name, first name, address

It will then send you a sponsorship invitation.

To sponsor referrals, it is necessary to be a member on 1 – If you have not already done so, register in a few seconds (help guide).

You can then publish your sponsorship ad on LCL Bank via your sponsor space.

In your ad Assist your referral to send you their email address, name, first name, address so that you can send them a sponsorship invitation via your LCL BANK CUSTOMER SPACE

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Average of the Bank LCL notes: 9.8/10 via 12 notice

LCL sponsorship

Crédit Lyonnais, also known as LCL since 2005, is a French bank founded in Lyon in 1863.

A gift card of 35 €

Advantages god

The godson has a personalized relationship with an advisor and advantageous pricing in the event of subscription to LCL à la carte.

The LCL sponsorship offer seems suspended. Please contact us if you find that the offer has been reactivated.

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Damocles B

Average of grades: 4.3/5 via 3 godfather (s)

How to sponsor with LCL ?

Conditions for the godfather:

  • The godfather must be a member of the Avantage® LCL program.

Conditions for the godson:

  • The godson must be over 16 years old and open a first deposit account at LCL.

Walk to follow for the godfather:

  1. You fill the special sponsorship bulletin, also available in one of our LCL agencies, and you give it to your godson.

Follow -up for the godson:

  1. The godson will make an appointment with a particular advisor in the LCL agency of his choice and opens his first bank account at LCL. He then puts the particular sponsorship bulletin to his advisor.

As soon as the godson has finalized the opening formalities of his first bank account, the godfather is rewarded by the allocation of Avantage loyalty points, which he can transform as he pleases into rewards.

Our Super Sponsor Service is not directly affiliated with LCL. We simply allow sponsors and referrals to get in touch in the context of their sponsorship offer. The general conditions of this promotional offer are written by the company LCL and are available on its website at http: // www.LCL.Fr.
This offer can be modified or canceled at any time by simple message to our team.

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