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At CLC, more than Language and cultural stays, We offer real life experiences. Everything is done so that each stay turns into an imperishable memory, so that each participant returns to grow and with the desire to leave. We are also aware that everyone has different expectations when it comes to a linguistic stay ::

Specialist in language and cultural stays for 50 years !

CLC has been the specialist in language and cultural stays for children and adolescents on many destinations for 50 years.

Our selection of linguistic and cultural stays

The All Saints Holidays are approaching and we have prepared exciting adventures for your children and adolescents. This year, we offer unforgettable destinations for enrich their linguistic knowledge And discover new cultures.

Send your child to England, where he can dive into the excitement of London, soak up the picturesque atmosphere of Westgate, explore the magnificent region of Torquay or live a Summer Camp in Liddington. Our linguistic stays in England offer an exceptional opportunity to perfect English While immersing yourself in emblematic places.

Your child wishes to extend the summer by favoring sunny destinations ? Our language travel in Malta and Spain are perfect for combining relaxation and learning ! In Malta, he will be able to take advantage of a sunny Mediterranean island while improving his linguistic skills in English. In Madrid, lively capital of Spain, he will plunge into a rich cultural atmosphere while perfecting his Spanish.

In addition to our language travel traditional, we also offer “Discovery / City Break” stays In Malta and London. These formulas without language courses allow your young explorers to fully benefit from tourist sites, thrilling activities and the vibrant atmosphere of these destinations.

Do not wait any longer to offer your child an unforgettable experience during the All Saints holidays ! Book her now her linguistic stay Or Discovery / City Break, And give him the opportunity to live enriching moments while having fun and forging memories that will last a lifetime.

English lessons and tour of Torquay

Special preparation coupon toussaint internship in Oxford 1 week

Summer Camp in Liddington

Spanish in a group of 4 in Madrid

St Paul Cathedral linguistic London stay

Original English lessons and London visit

MARGATE Linguistic STAY PORT beach

Westgate on Sea – England

English lessons and visits to Westgate-on-Sea

October, February, April

For our 50th birthday,
Let us celebrate our curiosity to learn together

In 2023, CLC celebrates its 50th birthday ! 50 years already school trips, of language travel, memorable experiences through many destinations. Hundreds of thousands of children made their first linguistic stay with CLC, more than 2,000 schools per year, which entrust the organization of their school trip to CLC. But the quest for CLC To travel the greatest majority does not stop there ! Today with his 50 -year experience in the organization of linguistic stay and school trip, CLC Develops a new range of stays: cultural stays !

Visual cultural stays

A trip during school holidays, no longer linguistic but 100% cultural, accompanied and for young people aged 14 to 17 wishing to live a rich experience, between culinary workshops, cultural visits, unusual activities and many other surprises.

The benefits of these stays are multiple: openness to the world, discovery of new cultures, new civilizations, friendships and memories for life.

Linguistic stay Or cultural stay : The choice now belongs to you. Summer is fast approaching: book without waiting for your unforgettable experience !

CLC, specialist in linguistic and cultural stays

It has been 50 years that Club Langues & Civilizations has enabled young people of all ages (children and adolescents) to perform language travel in many destinations ! This half-century of experience and know-how makes us the French leader of linguistic stay.

CLC offers formulas adapted to all profiles: children’s linguistic stays, your choice, in intensive or Language stays discovery for beginners or Student linguistic stays To improve in language, prepare an exam or update before the start of the school year.

Opening on the world is a value expensive to CLC, This is why we also design Cultural stays for children and adolescents, Without lessons, where the emphasis is placed on the discovery of a country, between cultural visits, playful and unusual activities !

CLC 50 years D


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CLC NF AFNOR Certification Oragnating stays and linguistic internships

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(excluding France’s stays)

CLC labeled a national union national union of linguistic educational stays and language training

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They lived it !

Discover the testimonies of our customers and our teams. Everyone will tell you about their experience of linguistic stay.

I have been working in CLC for over 20 years. I always have so much fun advising parents whether it is for a first departure or for improvement. Your favorite stay ? The stay in Brighton which combines quality lessons in a renowned school while enjoying the beach. The secret of a successful stay ? Invest as much as possible for lessons and be ready to discover a new culture. Take advantage of your stay that you will remember all your life.

I am a commercial technico at the CLC individual stay service. Your favorite stay ? My favorite stay is the stay and discovery stay, because there are language lessons and the afternoons are devoted to activities or visits. The secret of a successful stay ? A good organization.

Thank you all for this beautiful trip, Pierre returned enchanted. Excellent organization, very friendly and competent supervisors. An extremely welcoming and dedicated hostess family. An efficient school with an excellent teacher who has created super cohesion. Really thank you all, I hope to be able to offer Pierre a new trip with your organization that I will highly recommend.

Laurence CLC reviews, Pierre’s mother

Hello, our cloé daughter returns from a linguistic stay in London. I wanted to inform you that it had been very well received by the family and that the courses had been constructive. We also want to highlight your professionalism (as an organization of language stays): followed by the file before departure, calls during the stay. Very serious. The professor also played his role very well: number of hours of respected lessons, the course of varied courses (test at the start / end of stay, presentation. ), visits to London widely carried out. In short, a flawless. We have called on your services by chance and we are delighted with your service. To renew.

Laurence’s opinion, Cloé’s mother on her stay

I started working for CLC in a 1st step following an internship request during my training for obtaining the Diploma in Travel Guide (which I obtained). I have always traveled in my life and I had at that time decided to share my passion through the accompaniment of groups. For many years now, I have continued to collaborate with CLC on many destinations: United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Malta, USA, Australia. Thanks to the accompaniment of all these young people who were able to realize their dreams during their trips, I was also able to realize some of mine: the discovery of the USA in depth, Australia. It is always a great pleasure to see these teenagers and young adults with sparkling eyes when they arrive on their dream destination. To have tears of joy or sadness (the heart tight to leave). That beautiful meetings for all these years with participants, collaborators abroad or even foster families, some of whom have become real friends.

I supervised my first long -haul stay in 1993 at the age of 25 and I have been working since 2003 with CLC. I like to support students to introduce them to other civilizations, other peoples, other habits and customs. I will never forget Sri Lanka and these great green and natural spaces, the United States with camping evenings, the meals that I prepare with young people and the discovery of large national parks listed as World Heritage … but also the Southern Africa with the discovery of free hippopotamia in the Okavango river where we sailed in small canoes with amazed participants. From Shanghai to Hanoi and from South Africa to Australia via Sri Lanka, I have always helped our participants not to leave their long trip. As Pierre Fillit said “to leave is to leave his cocoon, to open his wings and fly away. It is to realize that we are not the only ones on the planet, that we do not know everything as we thought. You become humble, more tolerant, a little smarter. Living for a few days in a society that is not ours is learning to look differently, learn to taste what is new, learn to listen and understand. Traveling is not just to change places to change places is first and foremost learning to change your idea and to see, essential basis to forge a good culture.

I have been a member of the Language and Civilization club for 10 years and head of the “Spanish -speaking country” sector for 5 years now.Toute-à-all and curious of nature, I like to travel as much and practice foreign languages ​​as I invest in different associations (in particular sports) his favorite stay ? Any stay in Andalusia, for the legendary authenticity and the warm welcome of its inhabitants, as well as its climate and its unique monuments ! The secret of a successful stay ? Prepare the stay in close collaboration and with confidence with his/his advisor who, thanks to his experience, has all the cards to accompany you effectively and guarantee the success of the stay !

Hello, I wanted to thank CLC for this great linguistic stay which our Enzo son was enjoyed in Plymouth. He came back very happy and his head filled with memories. A special mention for the MR and Mrs. Peerlness family with whom it was received and where it was very well received, a very good exchange. Thank you very much for the serious follow -up of the administrative teams, supervising and on site, I can only recommend your organization. If we can, we will return to you .

Corinne’s opinion, mother of Enzo

Very nice welcome from the family in Plymouth: very warm, a lot of attention, is available for constructive exchanges. To recommend. The activities offered in the afternoon are very interesting but often carried out a bit “at the run”.

Benoît tells us about the CLC of Charlotte her daughter

Hello, a big thank you for your support in booking my stay. I come back delighted with this experience. The principle of your organization is really great, being able to mix vacation and learning is great. The foster family was very kind, at the beginning it is true that they seemed a little severe;) but with the days that passed I found it adorable she guided me well on my stay on The things I could visit. I found them very endearing. The school is really superb, the staff adorable. A big thank you for your kindness.

Anna’s opinion who traveled with CLC

Language stays created to bring a unique and enriching experience to life

Choose your ideal stay Among our 9 experiences !

  • Take lessons all day long and practice intensely for rapid progress
  • Take language lessons and participate in activities. While practicing language !
  • Follow language course And discover the cultural heritage of the destination
  • Participate in a cultural trip combining visits to the heritage of a foreign country and various activities
  • Take lessons in international language schools and meet people from around the world
  • Participate in a preparation class internship
  • Prepare a foreign examination (TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge exams. ))
  • Follow tailor -made private lessons combined with full immersion with family
  • Find an internship/a job abroad

Linguistic stay England

At CLC, more than Language and cultural stays, We offer real life experiences. Everything is done so that each stay turns into an imperishable memory, so that each participant returns to grow and with the desire to leave. We are also aware that everyone has different expectations when it comes to a linguistic stay ::

  • You want to focus on learning language ?
  • You prefer to combine fun, cultural and language course activities ?
  • You favor a 100% discovery stay, without lessons ?

Each of our 9 experiences is distinguished by the intensity of the courses, the frequency in which you will practice the language, age or even the level of the one participating in it.

Each experience can be lived in different countries. If our Language stays England are acclaimed because historically conducive to learning English, we also offer stays in Spain, Ireland, Germany, Malta or more unusual destinations !


All of our language travel , in France as abroad, are distributed in these different categories. These are developed for all levels, for all ages and needs of each. Our very diverse offer is one of our many advantages: at Club Languages ​​et Civilizations each stay is different !

You want to prepare a competition ? You want learn a language By having fun, more intensively or thanks to a full immersion ? You want to attach learning to the practice of a sporting or cultural activity ? You are looking for an internship abroad ? You want to take lessons directly from the teacher ?

Linguistic stays CLC

Progress in a language:

  • Find a German linguistic stay
  • Go with an English linguistic stay
  • Spanish linguistic stay
  • Italian linguistic stay
  • Portuguese linguistic stays

Read more

You want to participate in a 100% discovery stay, without language course ? It is possible thanks to our New range of fun and cultural stays where the opening to the world is the key word !

Children, adolescents or students, All age groups are represented in our range of Language and cultural stays. The fun, sporting and cultural activities as the level of language courses are adapted to the expectations of each of the participants. The latter also express a satisfaction rate of 96% !

You will necessarily find your happiness among the diversity of language travel that we offer at Club Languages ​​& Civilizations. Here is 50 years that we allow many young people to open up to the world around them. This half-century of experience makes us the specialist in linguistic stay.

  • English linguistic stay
  • Linguistic stay England
  • London linguistic stay
  • Linguistic stay Ireland
  • Malta linguistic stay
  • Spanish linguistic stay
  • Barcelona linguistic stay
  • Germany linguistic stay
  • Linguistic stay France

LCL Notice

Several non -honored appointments LCL Bellevue Saint Etienne Loire so several not recorded trips impossible to reach them on the phone. One wonders who works in this bank ? Inadmissible it is the hospital that makes fun of charity. I plan to change banks.

Date of experience: September 20, 2023

Our 2022 transparency report is available

Mediocre is weak

Client for over 10 years and on the leave before the end of the year.
I do not count the number of advisers and incompetent. Over 10 years I had 3 in 10 good.
The current one is not a part of it despite the assistant. The position does not do everything .
Bank for the rich, costs at all costs, no compromise we are there to pay that’s all .
Communication and mediocre services, whether of the advisor or the staff, everything is sent to leave the strict minimum.
A great disappointment, I do not advise in any case, the service has deteriorated well

Date of experience: September 22, 2023

Total incompetence !

I join my opinions to the previous comments and confirm, bank to flee ! It’s been more than 4 months that I asked for a transfer of financial products for another bank, but nothing was done despite my many reminders ! It’s scandalous !

Date of experience: September 16, 2023

Appalling service

Terrible service from the first day. When creating my account, my advisor forgot my apartment number on my address, which made my card arrived for more than a month. No one at LCL never wanted to check the address until I insist, or I see that they had not even included the apartment number (I lived in a large residence). During this delay which was entirely their fault, I was forced to withdraw money directly from my agency. If you don’t make the queue outside before opening, you cannot access the money on your account. The delivery of a card to withdraw your money from your account is necessary, however the daily allowance of these cards could not be greater than 10, because if you arrived an hour after the opening was left more. When there are no more of these cards you cannot withdraw your money that day, without exception. It’s absurd! It must be deliberated on their part to limit the daily withdrawal of money. It’s been 3 years now and my card is about to expire at the end of the month. No LCL contact as promised 3 months then 1 month before and no sign of card arrival. Online assistance to send a message to your advisor does not work. This bank cannot even provide a service for the most basic requests, I would never take out a loan from it for example, and I hope to change the bank as soon as possible.

Date of experience: September 19, 2023

Ms. Mylene BAZIR of the LCL 446 A… agency ..

Ms. Mylene BAZIR of the LCL 446 agency devoted (to the agency) to a time long enough to download the LCL application on my laptop and then explain its operation. She tried to solve my problem and agreed with an appointment to go further for a final solution to my
Malik, on the phone, was an excellent welcome and bothering to respond to my concerns. Thank you Malik.

Date of experience: September 19, 2023

After taking many costs ..

After taking many management fees from the account, when I decided to close my account from this bank, they hugged them in copiously. Yet the advisor had told me no costs would be levied. Bank to avoid

Date of experience: September 08, 2023

This bank is a disaster

This bank is a disaster, incompetent and unpleasant as possible, we are almost in the scam organized in white collar! We are currently in the case of a succession and my brother and I have been walked for almost two months, they nevertheless have all the documents in their possession.Good advice, avoid this banking establishment.

Date of experience: August 29, 2023

A disaster this bank

A disaster This bank, the succession service is lamentable, a document is still missing to close the succession and paid the balance to the heirs. Already 2 months of waiting, without anyone contacting us or facilitating our task in this is a difficult time, the same for the notary’s requests, no. Run away.

Date of experience: August 18, 2023

I advise you to go to LCL

I advise you to go to LCL

Fast advisor to answer
Customer service also

Very simple application and website

Is when you make a purchase it is displayed directly on the app or the LCL site

I advise you to open an account at LCL

Date of experience: September 23, 2023

My passage to LCL this morning

I was super well received by 2 young women who met my expectations immediately and quickly. What efficiency ! WELL DONE

Date of experience: September 21, 2023

LCL Pertuis

LCL Pertuis has been my agency for many years, first of all I got there by chance and not by choice, a mortgage accepted. Very quickly I understood the difference with other agencies and even other banks !!
In fact here we operate on a human scale, which unfortunately has been completely lost in many banking establishments !! Here we are listening, we are respectful of the customer that we consider, and above all responsive .
I had different advice and I think I was dealing with all the staff.
Well, well done for this professionalism, this dynamic and competent team, starting with its director still available.
I highly recommend this agency, and especially other banks should take an example.
Marc Migueres A delighted customer .

Date of experience: September 14, 2023

It becomes very abused and not ..

It becomes very abused and non -professional when your application has bugs, credit flex not available for several days especially since other banks have very advanced more options, very fluiiiiiiiide user experience. Especially your authentication your advisers require several things. (Yes I understand the weight of confidentiality and identity verification) but not with your 20 bogus questions, what is your last transfer, what date you received it lol and especially that the statement of the accounts is not in time real ! When I pay or I remove money I have to wait 1 days to have it displayed on the app it’s horrible

Date of experience: August 19, 2023

I recommend LCL

I thank my advisor for his responsiveness, for his work provided when I need information or other requests. It also saves me a lot of time thanks to the messaging that there is on the application. I don’t need to move every time and it’s very practical when working. He always answers me very quickly.
I am very satisfied.

Date of experience: September 11, 2023

Cyberattack reimbursement Niet

Victim of an important bank cyber attack: € 5,221 (or rather 9990 Bulgarian Lev since it is in this country that the money was transferred, a sum which corresponds to the card ceiling), the LCL Private Banking refuses to reimburse myself on the pretext that the operation was authenticated when I received no SMS.They actually have no evidence and the appeals will flower. But above all they have a cold tactical to refuse: to sit on your € 5,000 since it is you the manager.They have the greatness of giving me, for a year I suppose, the contribution of the crazy maps.It is obvious that I will leave this bank. I do not say that I will not be ripped off elsewhere but at least the costs will be lower .

Date of experience: July 12, 2023

This bank is a disaster

This bank is a disaster, a retired client very modest 90 years and disabled, client for 40 years, has been the victim of a bank card scam: 34 operations in South America, exceeding the ceiling of his bank card: Result: Result: Crédit Lyonnais has not noticed anything abnormal, let these operations pass and refuses to reimburse it, in defiance of all its obligations . Advice to fraudsters; Attack customers from Crédit Lyonnais, the bank will let you act quietly

Date of experience: August 03, 2023

I would like to thank my advisor to

I would like to thank my advisor to. Yanis Rettab for his good services, he does his job very well, good continuation.

Date of experience: September 19, 2023

LCL is one of the best French bank

LCL is one of the best French bank
My advisor “Sylvie Tichoux” is really competent and very friendly for customers, Mr CEO of the LCL “Please increase the salary of Ms. Sylvie Tichoux” she deserves it.

Date of experience: September 13, 2023

Cagnes-sur-Mer LCL client since…

LCL client of Cagnes-sur-Mer for over a year, I have always been very well received and that continues . My current advisor Mr Kamel Dahmani is always smiling and pleasant, very attentive to his customers, available to solve any problem away or face -to -face . It takes the time necessary to find solutions together and provide conclusive and positive results .
No regrets for this bank that I highly recommend .

Date of experience: September 07, 2023

Well in general but incompetent service

The bank in general and well if you have no problem but as soon as you have a problem is chaos with LCL, lately I lost my card and I managed to have another 21 days later, and they wanted to charge me for € 2 to have the code of my news, we walk on the head.

Date of experience: August 28, 2023

Aggressive employees at Tel.

Aggressive employees at Tel.
They ask for details to authenticate, which is normal, but they ask too much (account number, bank ID, address, name, first name, ci, place of birth, last transfer made, tel number, . )).
And when I tell them that it is enough, they get angry immediately and threaten to hang up (which 2 employees made) without having even had an answer to my request by constantly repeating the same song on the importance of Authentify blabla . In short, the discourse we all know and that they constantly repeat.
These people are incapable and idiots !
I hope that telephone conversations have been recorded and will be analyzed by competent people.

Date of experience: July 26, 2023

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Crédit Lyonnais is a French bank founded in Lyon in 1863. Now the bank is owned by Crédit Agricole. There LCL Online Bank has a website www.LCL.Fr For individuals, professionals and businesses. In its version for Particular LCL customers, you have access to your bank accounts to carry out current operations and subscribe to bank, insurance, savings and credit products.

Access my LCL account online on www.LCL.Fr

On the LCL space my account of Crédit Lyonnais Particular, from the Customer Access section, you can consult your accounts and carry out current banking operations such as performing transfers, opposition to a bank card or a checkbook, program orders on.

To consult your LCL account, you must first go to the site www.LCL.Fr or directly on my space.LCL.Fr. Then just click on “Access your accounts” at the top left of the Internet page.

Access to my LCL Private online account -

Thus, we redirect you to a connection page to your customer area Lyonnais. Access to the connection space requires an identifier and an access code. The access code amounts to using a password that was communicated to you when opening your LCL account.

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Finally, you have the choice between different access sections:

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LCL Private: What to do in the event of a forgotten personal code ?

If you have lost or forgot your personal code to manage your accounts on the Internet, you can apply for renewal. Start by contacting your advisor to share your problem. Then a new code will be sent to you within 5 working days. Crédit Lyonnais will then send your new code by mail.

If you suspect a fraudulent use of your access to my LCL space, do not hesitate to change your personal code.

In general, we recommend that you change the access code regularly (for example, every 3-6 months). So you guarantee more secure access to your LCL space. Obviously, you should not use an old password. Indeed, it could be known by other people.

Contact LCL customer service for individuals

To contact customer service, you have several contact means:

  • If you are a customer ?
    • Make an appointment with your advisor directly from your customer area.
    • Also, you can make an LCL Visio appointment.
    • Otherwise, send an email to your agency from your Crédit Lyonnais customer area.
    • For the management of your accounts, call the voice service available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day at
    • For the management and subscription of your insurance contracts, call 09.69.325.326.
    • If you are not yet a customer ?
      • Contact LCL customer service at (call not surcharged) Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. to open a private LCL account.
      • Open an essential LCL, LCL à la carte or LCL Student account. When requesting online account opening, you will have to communicate some information:
        • The type of account: individual or joint,
        • The choice of means of payment,
        • Your personal information.