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Bleue Banque Populaire

When the Customer Makes An Online Purchase, They Enter the Virtual Card Details Instread of Their Real Card Details. E-Carte Bleue Banque Populaire then Generates A One-Time-Uuse Code that confirms the transaction. The Customer is not charged any additional fees for using this service.

What is a blue e-card ?

E-Carte Bleue and nomadic access, what does it mean ? Is it better to favor online banks rather than traditional banking establishments ? How does this payment method work ? What must be downloaded to operate a blue e-card ? An e-blue nomad application is enough or should you find the corresponding software on your bank’s website ? All our answers and our ranking !

Which blue e-card to choose ? Our top 10

If more and more banks offer a nomadic blue e-card service, all of them are (yet) able to offer this advantage to their customers. We have therefore done our research and classified banking organizations according to the possibility-or not-to obtain a virtual card and according to the price of the nomadic e-card service.

2023 ranking of the best virtual blue cards:

Availability of the blue e-card Annual blue e-card service price
E Carte Bleue Fortuneo Yes Free
e Bred credit card Yes € 10.30
E Carte Bleue SOCIETE GENERALE Yes € 12 (free for infinite visa)
e Carte Bleue La Banque Postale Yes € 13 (free for Platinum and Infinite cards)
E Carte Bleue Banque Populaire Yes About € 13 (depending on the region of your agency)
Yes About 15 € (depending on the region of your agency)
e Credit Credit Mutuel Yes About 18 € (depending on the region of your agency)
e BNP Blue Carte Yes 52 €
e Carte Credit Agricole No No
e Boursorama credit card No No

Note that there is only one online bank with free blue e-card. This is fortuneo. It’s even the only free virtual virtual credit card.
It is possible to benefit from a blue e-card from a different online bank, but this service will be invoiced to you. For example, the Hello Bank virtual card is € 52 per year, when Boursorama does not even offer the nomadic bank card.

Most traditional banks are also able to offer you a virtual card, But this option will always pay off. Remember that it will be billed in addition to the initial cost of your bank card ! Other banking networks have preferred to stop this option, such as Crédit Lyonnais for example, which stopped its E Carte Bleue LCL service. Indeed, the implementation of the latter as well as associated security systems cost relatively expensive to banking organizations.

What is a nomadic blue e-card ?

What is a blue e-card ? A blue e-card is simply a virtual version of your real bank card. This is why she is called e-card. E-CARD payment, what is ? We are talking about payment by e-card or e-payment when using the blue e-card service to make an online purchase.

Using a blue e-card is useful for securing even more your payments on the internet. Indeed, with each transaction request, will be automatically generated:

  • A single card number associated with the current purchase,
  • A unique safety cryptogram,
  • An expiration date that you define.

All these numbers are different from those indicated on your physical bank card (plastic that). You use it to pay for your purchase, but as soon as the payment made, they will no longer be valid. Thus, no risk that a merchant or a malicious individual recovers these figures without your knowledge and makes a fraudulent transaction !

If most banks offer this service, this is not the case for everyone … Find out if you can get a virtual bank card, and at what price ! Our banks comparator allows you to simulate prices and services according to the best banking establishments on the market.

Reasure me illustration

The best banking offer according to your needs and budget

It is only when paying by credit card on the internet that the E-CB service is useful. You can use your blue e-card service on all online sites, whether French or foreign.

Only purchases concerning transport titles or spectacle or cinema places, cannot be set by virtual card. Generally, they require to have a physical payment method at the counter or to fulfill some conditions, impossible to honor with an e-CB. It will not be possible either to make a payment in several times with a blue e-card, any more than to endorse a reservation by this means.

Blue e-card service: how it works ?

The Bante E-Carte service is provided by the publisher networks of the various cards, namely Visa, Mastercard, American Express .. Each bank then chooses to offer it or not to its customers, as well as the amount of the contribution to the Blue E-Carte Service.

  • Step 1: you can, if you wish, subscribe to the blue e-card service of your bank (if your banking organization allows it). You will receive an identifier and a password. This first step is only to be achieved once, it is simply a question of the service to the service.
  • Step 2: Depending on your bank, you will have to download blue e-card software Or, during each purchase, connect to the website or to the mobile application of your bank. This last method is called the nomadic access of an e card blue. The service, whether you go through a computer, phone or tablet, is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Step 3: Indicate the desired validity period andthe total amount of the transaction (no speed exceeding the amount indicated will be authorized). Depending on your bank, additional authentication can be requested to check your identity (sending a code to your phone, for example). A punctual card number as well as a unique CVV code is automatically generated.
  • Step 4: Copy virtual card and CVV numbers as well as the chosen validity date on the merchant’s website. As soon as you validate your operation, you are redirected to a page indicating that your transaction is done well. Once your purchase is made and / or the date of validity expired, the generated numbers will no longer be reused.

You have changed your mind and finally decided not to make your purchase ? You can completely delete an unused number in your blue e-card space.

What are the 4 advantages of a banking e-card ?

  • Advantage 1-You can use your bank e-card in the vast majority of online merchants, in France as abroad.
  • Advantage 2 – Your transaction numbers change at each expense : Thus, your “real” card numbers are not accessible for a computer hacker. In addition, you choose their validity duration yourself.
  • Advantage 3 – The virtual credit card is simply an extension of your real card, The same ceilings and management rules apply. You also have the same assistance, insurance and guarantees provided for in your contract, including those concerning the delivery of your online purchase.
  • Advantage 4-The use of the E-CB service is simple. Your online purchases are immediately debited on the account associated with your bank card. Expenses made thanks to your virtual card can be viewed on your account statement, as for a purchase made with a conventional means of payment.

Is reimbursement on blue e-card possible ?

We have seen that a virtual credit card was useful when paying on the internet. And in this case, it often happens that there is a problem with the product or a delay in delivery, for example. So reimbursement of an online order is possible if you have set your purchase with your blue e-card ? Yes !

To summarize, your e-card being only a virtual extension of your physical card, all the conditions and methods applying to your real card also worth for your blue e-card. Thus, in the event of reimbursement, the amount will be donated directly to your bank account, as if you had paid classically.

To request a refund following a purchase via your blue e-card service, No need to contact the latter ! All you have to do is, as for a classic purchase purchase, to contact the merchant site concerned.

The reimbursement period with a blue e-card is the same as if you had made your purchase with your physical card. Its duration will depend on the online site on which you ordered your items … You should find this information in the “Refund” category of the merchant site.

Blue e-card payment problems: what to do ?

Possibility n ° 1: your account is debtor, you exceed the ceilings or you have opposed. The first thing to do is check that you have the blue e-card service, and that your software is downloaded or that your application is open. Then, your bank account must be creditor so that payment is validated. If you are in deficit, the transaction cannot succeed !

The problem can be linked to your ceilings, which are the same as those applied to your actual card: you may have exceeded the total amount authorized per month for online operations. If this is the case, you just need to ask your advisor to increase them. You can also check the due date of your physical bank card. Finally, if you have opposed your real bank card, your blue e-card service is then automatically blocked. It will only be re-opened when you have received your new card.

Possibility n ° 2: This is a punctual problem linked to the merchant site or your bank.
If you cannot pay a purchase with your blue e-card, then it may be the shopping site that does not allow the transaction, often for the sake of security. This is increasingly rare, but in this case, you will need to use your “real” bank card or use another payment method. Do not worry, payment by bank card by entering its card numbers is also very secure, in particular thanks to the 3D Secure system. The problem can finally arise from your bank. It is possible that an update of your e Carte Bleue is in progress, preventing the service from working properly for a short time.

Your access to the blue e-card service is temporarily blocked ? If the situation persists during other purchases, then contact your bank advisor, who will certainly be able to provide you with.

What about fraud to the blue e-card ?

Despite the Secure 3D systems set up by banking organizations, many people hesitate to enter their bank card numbers on merchant sites. Indeed, they could be recovered and then used for fraudulent payments. To compensate for the risk of hacking these numbers, banks have created the virtual bank card. Thanks to it, each transaction, a unique and temporary card number is generated. Being associated with the purchase concerned, people who can have access to these numbers will not be able to use them ! Remote payments thanks to the virtual card are therefore sure.

In addition, some banks strengthen the security of online payments By asking, in addition, an authentication of 3D Secure type (that is to say a single-use security code that you receive by SMS then that you must enter to validate your purchase).

In the event of loss or theft of your physical bank card or your phone, Or if you no longer trust the security linked to your virtual card, it is very easy to delete the service. You just have to send a letter of termination of the blue e-card service or an email e card blue to your bank advisor by asking him to cancel this option.

Bleue Banque Populaire

Bleue Banque Populaire

E-Carte Bleue Banque Populaire is a Secure Virtual Credit Card That Enables Customers of Banque Populaire to Make Online Purchases Without Revealing Their Actual Credit Card Information. The E-Carte Bleue Banque Populaire Works as follows: The Customer Downloads the Application from the Bank’s Website, and Creates a Virtual Card with a unique number, expiration date and cvv code.

When the Customer Makes An Online Purchase, They Enter the Virtual Card Details Instread of Their Real Card Details. E-Carte Bleue Banque Populaire then Generates A One-Time-Uuse Code that confirms the transaction. The Customer is not charged any additional fees for using this service.

Not Only does this solution offered High-Level Security, It also Makes Online Shopping More Convenient for Customers. Additionally, e-card blue Banque Populaire can be used to make purchases on all website that accepted visa cards.

Customers Can Create Up to Three Virtual Cards at Time, and Each Card is valid for one month. After the Card Expire, it Becomes Unusable Unless Renewed by the Customer.

E-Carte Bleue Banque Populaire Saves Customers The Hassle of Cancelling Their Credit Card If they Suspect fraudulent Activity. Overall, this is an ideal solution for customers who shop frequently online While Prioritizing Security and Convenience.


E-Carte Bleue Banque Populaire is Shareware software in the various category developed by E-Carte Bleue Banque Populaire.

The latest version of E-Carte Bleue Banque Populaire is currently unknown. At the start, it was added to our database on 30/10/2007.

E-Carte Bleue Banque Populaire runs on the following operating systems: iOS/Windows.

Users of blue e-card Banque Populaire gave a rating of 4 in 5 stars.

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