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Sosh portability

NB: You want to keep your mobile, don’t forget to unlock it with your current operator before portability is effective.

Keep my mobile number. How is the transfer of my line ?

You wish to subscribe to a package while keeping your number.

  • Bring your operator identity statement (RIO): a 12-digit and/or letters number, essential for transferring your number.
  • To get your RIO, dial 3179 (free number from your mobile).
  • If you do not accept this service, you will have to contact your customer service to recover the Rio code.

When ordering online, indicate:

  • The desired portability date (respecting a minimum of 3 working days from your order).
  • Your current mobile number
  • Your Rio number received by SMS and continue your order

Once your order is treated, your portability request is validated.

NB: You want to keep your mobile, don’t forget to unlock it with your current operator before portability is effective.

You will receive within 6 days maximum your new SIM card which will only be used on the date of portability taken into account.

Sosh portability

The portability of the Sosh number to Free Mobile is very simple ! This is changing telephone operator while keeping your current SOSH phone number. It is possible thanks to the Rio Sosh number which will allow you to change for free mobile without changing the phone number !

What is the Rio Sosh number ?

The Rio Sosh code or number means operator identity statement, it is a unique identifier for all SOSH mobile phone numbers composed of 12 characters. It allows your new Free Mobile operator to know your current supplier (SOSH), if you are an individual or a professional and your current contract number (as well as an automatically generated code to avoid falsification).
Without Rio Sosh Code No number portability at Free Mobile, it also allows you to choose the transfer date (between 3 days minimum and more) which will also be the date of your start of engagement with your new operator.

How to get your Rio Sosh number ?

It’s very simple, just follow the above steps and call for free green number to recover it ! This free green number is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
Be careful, you must absolutely call the phone/SOSH SIM card of which you want to ensure the number of the number to obtain the RIO SOSH code required.

What are the steps to change Sosh mobile operator to Free Mobile?

You can change operator in 10 days and without special formalities.
– Choose a Free Mobile offer (for example using the comparator comparator comparatel.Fr
– Recover your Rio Sosh number on our NUMERO-ROI site.en as well as the possible end date of your commitment period
– Subscribe to your new Free Mobile mobile operator by indicating the Rio Sosh provided number
– You have no other approach to follow, it is your new Free Mobile operator who is responsible for terminating your old Sosh subscription and carrying out the portability of your number
– If you were still linked to Sosh for a certain period, your ‘balance of any account’ will take it into account as well as the possible early starting penalty
– You will receive your new SIM card by mail within 2/3 days following your subscription
– Between 7 and 10 days after your subscription (taking into account the withdrawal deadlines), you will be able to remove your old SOSH SIM card to insert the new Free Mobile SIM card
– And it’s over 🙂 In the end it will have taken you in everything and for all 10 to 15 minutes

Do you have to terminate your old Sosh package ?

You can change operator and go to Free Mobile if you are no longer contractually engaged with Sosh. In this case there is no need to terminate your SOSH package, your new free mobile mobile operator will take care of it for you !
If you are still engaged with Sosh, it is still possible to terminate in advance thanks to the Chatel law. The Chatel law specifies that you can terminate in an early manner once your first 12 months of engagement (for example on a package with 24 months of engagement) are exceeded on the condition that you regulated 25% of the remaining monthly payments due to Sosh.
For example, if you are engaged over 24 months with a monthly package at € 20 at Sosh, and you have reached the first 12 months of this commitment, you can change operator by paying € 60 ((20 € x 12 months remaining / 4).
If you are only engaged over 12 months, the Chatel law cannot apply and if you decide to leave anyway, you will be liable for the sums provided for in the Sosh contract on the remaining duration.
Some operators may pay for these penalties, pay attention to this kind of promotions if you are in this case.