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Who are the best 17 -inch laptops in 2023

This is why this model is equipped with a processor AMD Ryzen R7-4800H, one of the most suitable for this kind of use. The graphics card is also there with an excellent NVIDIA GetForce GTX 1650 Ti. To be short and simple, this product is a real Video games factory.

What are the best 17 -inch laptops ? September 2023

Real characteristics jungle, the laptop computers market is complex. Very variable power, more or less compact dimensions, autonomy. There is a 17 -inch model for each use. To help you see more clearly, here is the selection of our favorites.

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Because we have been testing it since the launch of the site in 2014, we have seen hundreds of 17 -inch, large, powerful, which we have endured thousands of hours of speed of speed, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, screen quality.

Apple does not make a laptop equipped with a 17 -inch giant screen (43 cm). Those seduced by this very large format will necessarily turn to PCs, first for their great screen comfort, then because they are often enduring and powerful machines. In any case, here, manufacturers have the place of installing powerful components and implanting effective cooling systems.

17 -inch computers are also appreciated for their commonly generous batteries, ensuring beautiful autonomies. They are often endurance champions.
All this is paid twice. Machines can be expensive. They are also significantly heavier and bulky than computers of 15 “and less.

Other guides exist if you do not finally want a computer equipped with a 17 -inch screen: also find our selection of the best laptops all sizes combined, the best notebooks of 14 and 15 inch.

Who are the best 17 -inch laptops in 2023 ?

You need a laptop, but you want to enjoy a big screen ? Large format PCs, with their 17 -inch screen, are made for you. Discover our selection to choose your next 17 -inch laptop.

The top 3 of the best 17 -inch laptops in 2023

Lenovo Ideapad 3 (17alc6)

  • The Ryzen processor
  • Compact for a 17 inch
  • Good autonomy
  • Average screen

Dell XPS 17 (9720)

  • Its beautiful 17 -inch screen
  • Very good autonomy
  • A good cooling system
  • No USB-A

LG Gram 17 (2022)

  • Beautiful finishes
  • Comfortable autonomy
  • Particularly light
  • Slightly flexible keyboard

Formerly very popular, the good old “multimedia PC” has lost its superb in favor of more compact laptops, the “ultraportables” of 13 or 14 inch. However, not everyone needs a small and nomadic laptop. If your laptop travels mainly from one room to another, a large screen will be a real more daily, whether to work or enjoy videos comfortably. In addition, we are witnessing a massive arrival of 16 -inch screens on the laptops. Thanks to the increasingly fine borders, they allow you to have a large screen in a more compact chassis. They can thus constitute an interesting option.

You want a big screen ? That’s good, we have chosen the best 17 -inch laptops on you on you, for all budgets.

To have a more global view, take a look at our guide to the best laptops.

Most of the products chosen here are well endowed in terms of connection, but you might still need more ports: we can only recommend reading our guide dedicated to USB-C hubs.

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Dell XPS 17 (9720) The 17 -inch top

Dell XPS 17 (9720)

  • Its beautiful 17 -inch screen
  • Very good autonomy
  • A good cooling system
  • No USB-A

With this PC, Dell updates its XPS 17 with this 2022 cuvée. We were able to test the 2021 version of this model (9710), which was already excellent. That of this year still seems to be improved, even if the bases as well as the chassis are the same. The price takes the opportunity to climb further (!)).

If with its large diagonal, it is not the most discreet, it is excellent for content creators and those who have adopted telework. The 17-inch screen is in 16:10 format: it will be, depending on the configuration chosen, in FHD+ or in UHD+ and will be in this case tactile.

The aluminum chassis has not evolved, the finishes are still as good, the keyboard and the touchpad, excellent. No complaints on this point, Dell remains on his line of premium sobriety. If the computer is fine and rather compact thanks to slimber screen edges, on the scale, the Dell XPS 17 still weighs 2.5 kg. In construction, the PC has 4 USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports and a 3.5 mm jack.

Dell has this year integrated the latest generation of CPU Intel Alder Lake (the powerful i7-12700h), coupled with a RTX 3050 (or 3060, of your choice). A perfect combination for content and creative creators such as photographers, but also players. In operation, the machine is silent enough not to disturb you. The new XPS 17 clearly gains in performance and is placed as one of the most powerful laptops on the market.

There is a good progression on autonomy, which progresses by an hour. We therefore reach approximately 9 hours (on the model with the UHD+screen), which is really good for a PC with such a slab.

Its basic price at 3,200 euros with the FHD+screen, and 3,500 euros with the UHD+version, is undoubtedly the only obstacle to the purchase of this PC.

You can find our XPS 17 (9710) test from last year to get an idea. Note that the latter is no longer available for sale, because it is fully replaced by the 9720.

Where to buy the
Dell XPS 17 (9720) at the best price ?

There are no offers at the moment

LG Gram 17 (2022) the lightest

LG Gram 17 (2022)

  • Beautiful finishes
  • Comfortable autonomy
  • Particularly light
  • Slightly flexible keyboard

LG is not the basis not specially known for its laptops; And yet the manufacturer delivers a balanced product. The LG Gram 17 has a big advantage for it: its lightness. With its 1.35 kg, it makes the same weight as some 13 -inch ultraportables, a feat. However, this is a laptop pc with a 17 -inch slab and a beautiful definition of 2560 × 1600 pixels. If the slab is excellent, we will nevertheless regret that it benefits from a maximum refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is a little light for a machine at this price in 2022.

Keyboard and touchpad are pleasant, and, thanks to the 17-inch format, the connection is complete: an HDMI port, two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, a Jack port, two USB A 3.2 Gen2 ports as well as a microSD port.

On the performance side, nothing to say, the 12th generation Intel processor (an i7-1260p on our test configuration) is doing very well, coupled with 16 GB of RAM LPDDR5. We will salute the perfectly controlled heating, so that your thighs and your wrists remain protected from heat. Good point also on autonomy, of ten hours in the use of conventional work. If the budget is there, it will be a good machine for a student who wants a large screen.

To find out more, we invite you to consult our detailed test of the LG Gram 17.

The 15 best 17 -inch laptops 2023

In an increasingly connected world, we mostly have at least one computer at home, portable or not. If you are not yet equipped in the matter or if you want to change your 17 inch laptops, you are in the right place since this is exactly the subject of our comparison. In this article you will find a description of the different types of products as well as our selection of the best articles of the year after the reviews and tests of users. If this is a subject that interests you, continue reading to discover more.

17 -inch laptop PC List of the best products 2023

17 -inch laptop PC List of the best products 2023

Last update: 03.09.2023

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What is a 17-inch laptop ?

When we see them developments in the field of computer science in the past two decades, We are entitled to ask ourselves what the computers of the future will look like. But in the meantime, we focus here on the 17 -inch laptop PC, A laptop offering a large screen for greater comfort in the smallest models.

But in view of the different types of products that are found for sale, making your choice is not necessarily easy. To help you, we have prepared this comparison with all the explanations you need. By continuing your reading, you will know more about the best laptops, their features and utility.

Advantages & Application Domains

In this part of our comparison, we explain in detail the various products available for purchase and their specificities. You will know more precisely what you need.

What types of 17-inch laptops do they exist ?

Classic 17 inch laptops

A 17 -inch laptop is an essential house

Whether for lA office automation, work or storage and consultation of multimedia files, Classic models are real Passepartouts. Equipped with a simple keyboard (with tactile pad for the mouse) and screen, These models are designed to be easily transportable in a bag, a case or other.

However, this category of products do not have a lot of power and will not be efficient enough to run games or software that is too greedy in resources.

  • Passepartout and versatile.
  • Easy to find.
  • Lack of power for resource -gourmet software.

The hybrid 17 inch laptops

At the crossroads between the tablet and the laptop, This type of product offers great versatility. You can here Detach the keyboard screen to use it as a touch pad. You have office work to do ? No problem: just replace the tablet on the keyboard to transform it into a computer. These models present the advantage of working under Windows and not under Android, less suitable for office automation. The weight of the tablet is quite substantial, because most of the computer components are there, since it is the detachable part that works independently.

  • Offers the advantages of the tablet and the computer.
  • Operates under Windows, more suitable for office automation.
  • The weight of the tablet / screen fairly substantial.

Gaming 17 -inch laptops 17 inch

This last category of products offers a more efficient system to run all kinds of software and games. They are generallyQuipped of a powerful graphics card, an HD or 4K screen, an advanced processor as well as several GOs of RAM.

  • Pure power.
  • Allows you to run the most demanding software in terms of resources.
  • Visual quality with superb screens.
  • The most expensive models.

Product evaluation examples

Customer opinions that tested the products have spoken. You will find in this part of the comparison the best articles of the year to guide you in your choice.

Asus Vivobook S S712FA-AU531T PLP 17.3

This 17 -inch laptop is reminiscent of a certain MacBook

To open this comparison, customer opinions and tests attracted our attention to this 17 -inch laptop PC Asus. Behind its sober design hides a real war machine Equipped with a powerful processor Intel Core i5.

With its 8 GB of RAM, This PC is able to run most software and games, except perhaps the most recent. Her Full HD 1080p screen In addition, an excellent visual quality, both for office automation and for games.

Operating under Windows 10, The computer is here equipped with a 256 GB SSD hard drive. It also has 4 USB ports, allowing you to connect all kinds of devices, from the USB key to the external hard drive, including the various USB devices that you can have at home.

In summary, associating power, design, visual quality and a correct price, This 17 -inch laptop is without difficulty among the best of the year. It is in addition Guaranteed for two years by the manufacturer.

  • The Full HD 1080p screen.
  • The 4 USB ports.
  • The 8 GB of Ram.
  • The 2 year warranty.
  • Tests complain about the quality of WiFi.

Dell Inspiron 17 2-in-1 7791

The 17 inch laptop of Dell is convertible

When we talk about computer science, the brand Dell remains a quality reference. This is why we are not surprised to find one of these products among the best in user reviews and tests.

This model is here convertible, Which means you can tilt the 360 ​​° touch screen. For the machine itself, this device is equipped with the very powerful processor Intel Core i7 10th generation with 1.8 GHz, can be pushed to 4.9 GHz thanks to the turbo. Associate with that 16 GB of RAM and an Graphic card NVIDA GetForce MX250, And you are ready for good times.

The product of Dell also works on Windows 10, editing Home. It is also equipped with a 512 GB SSD hard drive, Either a very good storage space. Let us underline the Full HD touch screen quality which responds to the finger and the eye and 2 -year manufacturer’s warranty which add to the general quality of the product.

  • The 16 GB of Ram.
  • The ultra powerful processor with turbo.
  • The excellent graphics card included.
  • The many connectors.
  • Beware of the fragility of the screen that many tests tell us about.

Asus Vivobook S S712FB-AU300T

Another 17 -inch laptop of the Asus brand

Asus continues to draw its way among the best 17 -inch laptops. This model also appears frequently in opinions and tests on the Internet.

This model could be described as the upper range of the product of the same brand that we presented above. You will find here a more powerful processor (Intel Core 10th generation i7) as well as a greater capacity in RAM (16 GB) allowing to run most software and games, even the most gourmet.

We find once again a 256 GB SSD hard drive. Operation is done once again under Windows 10. With an in addition one high quality full HD screen, a 2 -year manufacturer’s warranty and 4 USB ports For connection, we can really say that this 17 -inch laptop covers all needs.

  • Very good graphics card.
  • The latest generation processor.
  • The finishes which apparently leaves something to be desired.


Asus presents its 17 -inch laptop for gamers

Let’s end this comparison with a 17 -inch laptop model model Specially designed for gamers. Here you have components and a mode of operation planned to run as best as possible video games.

This is why this model is equipped with a processor AMD Ryzen R7-4800H, one of the most suitable for this kind of use. The graphics card is also there with an excellent NVIDIA GetForce GTX 1650 Ti. To be short and simple, this product is a real Video games factory.

Note also that you have with this model of 8 GB of RAM. THE SSD hard drive included in the device has a capacity of 521 GB. The device is also equipped on the side of 4 USB ports To connect all your devices.

In addition to two years of manufacturer’s warranty offered by the manufacturer, the latter offers you a month subscription to Xbox Game Pass purchase.

  • A 17 -inch laptop specializing in video games.
  • The power of the processor and the graphics card.
  • The little more of the manufacturers.
  • A model that heats up a lot according to the tests.

The advantages and disadvantages described in customer comments

To carry out this article dedicated to 17 -inch laptops, we have read a lot of customer reviews that have tested the various products. It allowed us to take note about several advantages.

You can use your 17 -inch laptop to look at your photos

  • Versatile use for office automation, movies, photos and much more.
  • The power of the gamers’ models.
  • The many connectors included.
  • Portability.
  • Models convertible into even more practical tablets.
  • HD screens.
  • Suitable for work at home.
  • Fairly high prices, but just compared to the quality of the products.

Of course, tests do not hesitate to criticize the products when necessary. Seeing this, we were able to draw up a list of the main drawbacks that come back regularly.

  • Often fragile screens.
  • Touch screens that do not always answer very well.
  • Heating problems, even on the best models.
  • Models that slow down after a certain time of use.
  • Several tests tell us about worries about the wifi of devices.
  • Batteries with often very limited autonomy.
  • Sometimes misleading RAM capacities with a certain part actually used by the graphics card.
  • The sound of loudspeakers integrated into the ridiculous border on certain models.

The criteria for purchasing a 17 -inch laptops

Product type

It is your use that will determine the product typ you need. For simple office For example, a Classic model And cheap should do the trick. If you want to read on your computer, the hybrid products will certainly suit you better. Finally, for video games, nothing better than a gaming PC.

RAM memory

This information indicates roughly the number of actions that your computer can perform both. If you have planned to use gourmet software, for video or sound for example, you should turn to a product with more RAM.

Did you know ? French keyboards Azerty are unique. Most computers around the world are equipped with Qwerty keyboards, more suitable for typing in English.

The capacity in Go

Depending on your use, it may be interesting to look at the Going PC hard drive capacity. This value determines the storage space you have. If you do not have an external hard drive, it is better to turn to a PC with a more substantial hard drive.

Alternatives to a 17 -inch laptop

There are also laptops With smaller screens, and therefore cheaper. You can also be tempted by a Fixed PC, with a tower and a screen. Less mobile, these models are rather intended for use at home or at the office.

Additional links and sources

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Classic 17 inch laptops or gaming ?

The choice depends here on your use. For simple office automation, choose without hesitation a basic model. On the other hand, to use large software that requires more power or video games, games for gamers are more appropriate.

Where to buy your 17 -inch laptop pc ?

You can find these products in any computer and electronics store. But it is once again on the internet that you will have the most choice.

17 inch laptops or fixed computer?

Compared to fixed computers, laptops have the big advantage of being very easy to transport. So once again is a question of needs. Fixed computers do not necessarily offer more power, memory or RAM; It’s just a matter of comfort.

What price for a 17 -inch laptop PC?

The prices vary enormously from one model to another depending on the characteristics and components. For these products, you can find entry -level models around 400/500 euros. But the best models can climb to several thousand euros.