Is it possible to learn to play the piano without music theory? Digital, how to learn the piano quickly when you are an adult?

How to learn the piano quickly when you are an adult

Very well known thanks to the soundtrack of the film The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain, released in 2001, this piece of Yann Tiersen is still as appreciated by beginners or not pianists. The rhythm of this three -step waltz and its sweet and catchy melody make a rhyme of another summer, a perfect song to learn the piano alone. Popular and very pretty, this waltz will accompany you without problem on your first steps as a pianist.

Is it possible to learn to play the piano without music theory ?

In order not to make the suspense last longer, let us immediately answer the question: is it possible to learn to play the piano without music theory lessons ? Yes, it is possible to learn the piano in self -taught, without music theory and even without a piano teacher … But … because there is a “but” … it is important to equip yourself with a piano and a good learning software to help you progress.

Unless you are a genius like Mozart, learning the piano in self -taught and without having notions in music theory is possible but it is not an easy task. To help you, many software and mobile applications are available on the market for this so -called “imitation” learning technique. Some are free, other paid. Some use the playful method of video games and others adopt a more educational approach with a learning system adapted to the level and pace of the user.

It is with this in mind that we have chosen to present the software and mobile application to you: Flowkey. Rather, it is positioned in the last category, with learning in educational imitation and adapted to the user. It also offers the possibility of learning to play on the musical songs that we love.

You can download and install Flowkey on your smartphone or your Android, iPhone and iPad tablet, but you also have the option of using it on any PC, thanks to its online service. The interface of the musical application is available in several languages ​​including French.

Why use Flowkey ?

Flowkey is software and free application that guides you step by step in learning the piano. Whatever your age and level, Flowkey is aimed at all audiences. From beginner to more experienced musician, he adapts to each user, and above all it allows you to overcome music theory and compulsory reading of musical score.

Indeed, Flowkey is based on the principle of imitation. For each song, the user can see the piano keys coloring as they activate, so as to reproduce the same note on your piano, because yes, to learn to play the piano with Flowkey, You need a piano or a synthesizer. Here, no learning with a virtual piano, you need a real piano or keyboard to exercise you. Using the microphone of your computer or your mobile device, the application “listen” to the notes you play. It is also possible to connect your MIDI keyboard. When the partition scrolls, the hands of the pianist are also visible and allow you to better locate the touches played.

The other particularity of Flowkey is its large catalog of songs. It thus allows each user to find music adapted to their level and, which in addition, appeal to it. From Charles Aznavour to Claude Debussy via Hallelujah by Léonard Cohen, there is something for everyone and learning thus becomes a real pleasure. Several levels of difficulty are offered for training adapted to the rhythm of the user.

The service incorporates in addition to advanced features and specific adjustments that facilitate the assimilation of songs by giving itself the mission of always adapting to the rhythm of the user.

To start well with Flowkey

From your first use, it is important to create an account. Via a synchronization system, you will be able to find all your settings on all the use platforms: PC, smartphone or tablet, laptop, etc. And resume your lessons where you stopped, for example.

Flowkey seeks to find out more about you and your learning level. He asks you first if you are a beginner or if you have already learned to play the piano, if you have a piano or not and if so, if it is an acoustic piano or a digital. If you are a beginner, Flowkey invites you to first go through a few lessons before going to practice, although this is in no way a prerequisite.

The first stages of theoretical learning proposed by Flowkey begin with the basics of the instrument and in particular the posture of the body and the position of the hands. The first videos also explain the black keys, the DO position and the basic position. Then come interactive exercises where your microphone must be activated (or your instrument connected to your device via a MIDI/USB cable) so that the software “checks” that the notes played are the right.

On the other hand, Flowkey is not resistant to music theory and musical reading. On the contrary, among the courses given (with premium subscription), there are lessons in partition deciphering, courses on the value of the notes and on the pace and many others. These technical skills can be useful in a second step, when you feel comfortable with the first agreements.

Once the first lessons are assimilated, go to the song menu where you can have fun with the catalog bringing together more than 1,500 classic, pop, popular, jazz, romantic, etc. You can be taken by the different recommendations and categories available or search directly for a particular song to exercise you. Four difficulty levels are available to make a first sorting of the pieces. To easily identify the level required for each song, a color code is set up: green for the easiest songs, to purple for the most complex. Note that some music is available in version for each level. This is particularly the case for the ode to the joy of Beethoven or the music of the Legend of Zelda from Koji Kondo.

By clicking on the miniature image, you can listen to the entire chosen song without launching learning mode. If you like the music, just click on the heart icon to add it to your favorites, then accessible in the my song menu. It is also in this tab that you will find a history of music learned previously.

How Flowkey works ?

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter and learn to play piano with Flowkey.

Once you have found the song that makes you want to learn the piano, click the Orange button to start learning.

The tutorial then launches and you will notice that the screen is divided into 2 parts. The upper part displays the piano keys which will color as the music progresses, as well as the notes played. The lower part welcomes the scrolling partition.

Several features are available to learn to play the piano at your own pace.

Play with one hand

If you are a beginner and you do not yet manage to play with both hands, Flowkey offers you progressive learning, by clicking at first on the central icons representing the left hand or the right hand. The music and all the notes will be played in their entirety, but only the keys of the selected hand will be colorful. When you feel ready, activate both hands by just clicking on it. Note that if you pause music, control controls appear. If you modify them, the new settings will be automatically applied and you will not be forced to resume the song from the start.

Slowdown or waiting mode

By clicking on the icons of the hands, you will have noticed the deployment of 3 additional modes of settings.

The 50 % speed and 75 % speed modes reduce the speed of scrolling music in order to give the pianist time to spot the keys and the notes in order to better assimilate them.

The waiting mode is also widely used by novices and for learning new songs. Again, the microphone of your computer or mobile device is requested since this functionality follows the rhythm of the song, but waits for you to play the right note to continue.

The loop

If a passage turns out to be more delicate, the loop mode allows you to select part of the partition and play it on the loop until it is assimilated.

To do this, click on the icon in the center of the partition and slide the right and left arrows until selecting all the notes to work in particular. To delete your selection, just click on the cross.


Learning the piano by imitation is therefore possible provided you have good educational software. Having the freedom to get rid of music theory for a more fun approach with songs that we love, is the goal that Flowkey has set. The use of software on different platforms with the synchronization system makes it possible to continue the lessons anywhere, and constitutes a positive point to emphasize.

Flowkey is available for free for smartphones and tablets and accessible online on computer. This free version limits the number of lessons to 3 chapters and offers a selection of free songs, without duration of duration. To take advantage of the entire catalog, several premium subscription formulas are offered.

How to learn the piano quickly when you are an adult ?

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How to learn the piano quickly when you are an adult ? .

You have always dreamed of knowing how to play the piano as a great virtuoso, but you had never had the opportunity before ? Today, you want to get into musical training, however you fear the length and difficulty of learning ? The piano is a musical instrument that requires patience, however it is quite possible to quickly be able to play its first songs ! In this article, discover all our advice to quickly learn to piano when we lead a busy adult life !

Learn the piano as an adult

Learn to play the piano for an adult can sometimes take more time than for a child. Indeed, as an adult, it is not always easy to succeed in getting out of time between a job taking, family life and daily life to manage. Some are starting to learn, but not feeling progressing, can be discouraged quickly. However, progressing in piano quickly is possible even with a busy schedule. To do this, it is enough to have a good organization and to have an effective learning method. You will see that by step by step you will quickly play your favorite piano piece !

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Choose the right goals to learn the piano quickly

The first step in fast learning is to Determine realistic and accessible objectives. There are a thousand ways of learning to play the piano. Ask yourself first What you want to know how to play, What style of music you want to work, if you want Start with a rather classic or more modern learning. Having a precise idea of ​​the knowledge you want to acquire will save you from dispersing and wasting time on musical styles that do not interest you. For example, if your goal is to accompany you to singing only by placing a few chords and playing some arpeggios on the keyboard, no need to revisit the whole repertoire of Mozart ! When you define your goal, also think about the time you can devote to piano practice. Give yourself an estimate so as to have an idea of ​​the speed of progression that you can hope.

Take piano lessons to start in good conditions

To start well, at least in the first months, we advise you to Take piano lessons with a private teacher. Following lessons will prevent you from spending long hours looking for tutorials and information that is not always clear when you have not yet been familiar with the world of music. During the first lessons, explain your project to your teacher so that you Prepare a tailor -made learning, in perfect adequacy with your expectations, and concocts you suitable practical exercises. Also share it of the time you have so that it can best optimize your rehearsals.

Quickly learn the piano with exercises

Your piano teacher will probably give you Several exercises to train your fingers, And so that you assimilate some Musical notions essential to play the piano (Names of notes, intervals, floor key, FA key, etc.). You will find many works offering a whole range of exercises, generally classified by difficulty level.

Work on exercises regularly you will allow you to soften your fingers and make them more agile on the keyboard. Others music theory exercises will familiarize you with reading notes, which is essential to be able to quickly decipher a song. Do not hesitate to do some additional exercises to work on times and rhythms ! Even if you are in a hurry to play your first songs, Know that the work of exercises will help you approach them with easier.

Define rehearsal slots to accelerate piano learning

Being well organized is essential for Find time to work on the piano outside of class hours. To progress quickly, Repeating regularly is the most effective way to get good results and quickly. The idea is to succeed in getting you at least 20 minutes per day. If this is difficult for you, prefer to work only 10 minutes a day rather than an hour a week. It will be more efficient and You will manage to assimilate what you learn. During your rehearsals, train yourself to do the exercises that your teacher gave you, and if you have time, take the opportunity to work on your weaknesses. For example, if you have trouble staying well in rhythm, Use a metronome and train to hold the pace ! With a little perseverance, you will transform your weaknesses into strong points.

Learn a piece of piano with the right method

To make learning an effective piece of piano, there are certain methods to know. Chain the rehearsals of your piece in a mechanical way is not productive. To learn to play a song quickly, you also have to do it in steps.

There first step is reading. Take a little time for Read notes and understand the structure of the song you will win afterwards. Also soak up the rhythm. You can for example hit the rhythm on a table In order to get it in mind once you go to the piano. The next step is to Start playing the separate hands. First play the right hand, then the left hand. Once You have acquired a certain fluidity with each of the two hands And that there are almost no false notes, you can get to the heart of the matter and Interpret the piece, both hands together. If you can’t do it right away, don’t worry. Independence from both hands is one of the main difficulties of the piano and this will gradually be accepted. Start by imposing a slow tempo. Speed ​​will come with training !


The first feeling that every pianist and apprentice pianist feels the piano is of course The pleasure of playing. However, to be able to have fun playing, you have to play just ! And To play a song as best as possible, you have to be a minimum require with yourself. Being a perfectionist is a quality with the apprentice pianist, because it is the one that will allow him to go as far as possible. When you play a song and make a false note or slow down on a few measurements, do not go beyond ! Stop and resume the passage that poses you problem. Play it several times in a row, first slowly, then more and more quickly until reaching the right tempo. You will find that what was a difficulty will quickly become an automation that will no longer ask you for the slightest effort.

Listen to music

It is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith and it is by playing music that one becomes a musician, but not only. Listening to music is an excellent preparatory exercise that does not require any particular effort and that you can do at any time of the day. Listen regularly music forms your ear to recognize the notes. Before you start to decipher a song, You can listen to it several times to have it in mind. When you read notes, notes will immediately make sense. If your musical ear is not yet fine enough and the sounds of the different instruments blur the piano part, listen to acoustic pieces, only played on the piano.

The final word

Learn to play the piano well takes a while, and requires rigor and regularity. However with a little patience and a good dose of motivation, You will quickly play your first sonatas and preludes, and improvise your first compositions in a very beautiful harmony !

Learn the piano alone: ​​is it really possible ?

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Learn the piano alone: ​​is it really possible ? .

You have not had the opportunity to learn the piano during childhood but you hope to be able to get there now that you are an adult or the age of deciding for yourself ? Good idea ! It is possible to learn to play the piano at any age and you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it ! You wonder how to do it and if it is essential to take music lessons ? Unless it is possible to learn in self -taught ? Are there methods to learn the piano alone and to find them ? What are the errors to avoid absolutely ? What qualities you will have to show to become a pianist ? Some lessons with a piano teacher are essential ? Does self-learning make it possible to obtain a good level ? What is the best way to learn the piano ? Read this article quickly to know everything.


5 errors to avoid to learn the piano

When you start the piano alone, it is not uncommon to search for opinions and tutorials on the internet to find out if it is possible, not to mention the support of a teacher of music. Certainly learning the piano alone is almost free, but it is common to take bad habits and the latter may slow you down in your learning. This is why we advise you to avoid the following five things to become a good pianist:

Do not respect the fingers : these are the figures indicated below and above the notes to indicate with which finger the note should be played. The figures are similar for both hands. 1 from the thumb up to 5 with the little finger. If you learn to play a song with a partition, you need to use the correct fingers which are indicated on the first notes of the song. Many beginner and beginners pianists start the piano without respecting the recommended position for each finger. Nevertheless it is a size error since it is the indicated position which allows a good fluidity of your hands.
Take a bad posture : If you are starting the piano, the first thing you need to be careful is the position of your body during your training. A bad posture will involve back pain but also pain in the arms because of tensions in your shoulders, depending on if you are too high or too low compared to the keyboard. You wonder what is the best position to play piano ? Sit down right and put your feet parallel to each other. Imagine having to maintain an object in balance on top of your head ! Do not tense your shoulders, let your arms hang along your bust and simply raise the forearms to position your hands above the keys. You must be able to play without stretching your arms or lifting your shoulders and being far enough so that a cat can take its nap, comfortably installed on your lap !

Train too long: If you are in a hurry to become a pianist, you may be obstinate and motivated to the point of wanting to play for hours in a row without dosing ! But it’s not a good idea ! First, you risk developing cramps in the fingers and aches in shoulders and trapezius. There is nothing better than the pain to demotivate the most invested so do not have the eyes bigger than the belly and go little by little ! Sessions of 10 to 15 minutes here and there are sufficient to start, while your body gets used to taking a new posture.

Memorize rather than reading the partition: if some pieces can easily be memorized and replayed without partition, it is preferable for beginners to stick to reading the notes in order to focus on each detail of the melody. Even if reading the scores can be laborious at first, it is essential: do not ignore it !

Want to learn too difficult songs: Beginner and beginners instrumentalists always want to progress as quickly as possible and often seek to interpret songs that are not within their reach. It’s a bad idea ! There is no need to want to learn as quickly as possible, on the contrary, you have to pay particular attention to everything and for that you have to learn slowly but surely ! It is quite normal to want to learn your favorite songs but let yourself have time to master solid bases .

What are the essential qualities to learn piano in self -taught ?


Perseverance : If you plan to learn to play the piano without the help of a professional, you will have to motivate yourself alone to continue and overcome obstacles. You may want to learn the piano alone and immediately but don’t go too fast ! You can only count on you and you will have to be persevering because it is not said that you will be able to play overnight, you may need time but a flawless motivation will be your best asset to reach your aim. It is impossible to know how long to learn the piano alone.

The musical ear: Contrary to what you probably think, the musical ear is not always something innate. Yes, lucky people have the absolute ear that allows them to reproduce any music by ear ! But with regard to the musical ear, it is quite possible to train: start by listening to a maximum of musical songs every day to develop your sound sensitivity. Get some challenges to find the different instruments used in each song.

The regularity: You imagine that playing a few minutes from time to time will allow you to know how to play the piano quickly ? You are wrong ! You will have to train regularly, a little every day. We advise you to play for minimum 15 minutes a day and more if you have the possibility !

The organization: Taking piano lessons is to be able to count on the teaching and advice of a music teacher whose role is to guide his student during his apprenticeship. But starting the piano in self -taught involves only being able to count on yourself and therefore being able to organize properly to integrate training sessions regularly. Find the method that suits you the most and train yourself to position your fingers, use your hands together and separately, in short be organized so as not to be overwhelmed by procrastination.

How to learn the piano alone ?

If you have decided to start the piano alone, you are probably looking for the magic formula to become a great pianist but, even if it means breaking your dreams it must be said: there is no magic formula ! But then what is the recipe to learn to play this fabulous instrument that allows so beautiful melodies ? Impossible to give you 5 lessons to learn the only easy piano for beginners. But there are, however, several ingredients which are essential and we have concocted a small list for you:

Warm up before playing: To avoid pain, remember to warm up your wrists, fingers, relax your neck and shoulders with small very simple warm -up exercises.

Train regularly: as for any new learning, the piano requires regular training and flawless motivation, but also qualities of qualities. Make yourself a little schedule so as not to miss your training sessions, otherwise it may well be that procrastination is there ..

Use a metronome: A beginner musician must have a metronome to get used to identifying the pace of a melody. It will allow the beginner ear to locate the precise place of each note and also keep a slow tempo to have time to discover the new scores.

Choose the right method: Find the method most suited to your state of mind and your character and follow it scrupulously ! The choice of method is essential to progress so do not decide without thinking !

Train your weak hand every day: You know your dominant hand ? Concentrate so that your second hand is so useful in your daily life ! Take the time to use it more often in everyday gestures in order to gain mobility and dexterity.

Work hands independence: There are a few very simple small exercises for that as a rhythm with the right hand while beating with a different rhythm with the left hand. You can also train by playing do, re, mi, fa, floor alternating the hands from one note to another or playing three notes with one and two notes with the other. Do not forget to also work on the independence of the phrasing and the independence of nuances which are essential to be a good pianist.

Is music theory a compulsory passage ?


You are one of the people who see music theory as a real torture ? Rest assured, learning musical theory is far from being as difficult as we imagine. This is not necessarily a tedious activity when you will have to fight to stay focused and motivated ! There are in fact many ways to start music theory to learn rhythms, simple and complex chords, the place of scope notes, that’s how you can read the scores of any song !

Music notes – Learn to read the notes: To learn the piano, it is essential to rely on fun exercises and this is what this application offers to progress quickly in reading the notes. It is easy to use and allows you to learn to read the notes as if you are learning to read. Available on Android and Apple.

Music Crab: It is an application accessible from an early age that allows the beginner musician and musician to discover music theory by progressing on ten levels.
Perfect Ear : This application will allow you to work on music theory exercises and to develop your hearing capacity in parallel !
Soil-fa : This application makes it possible to understand the basic concepts necessary to read partitions and will allow you to hear the notes played of your choice on piano, guitar, violin, double bass or other musical instrument among many instruments offered.

Applications to learn the piano without a music teacher


You wonder how to learn the piano alone and for free ? To learn the piano alone, as there are applications to learn music theory, it is obviously possible to rely on applications that offer exercises, videos and detailed and precious training for beginner and beginners pianists. At the time when everyone keeps their phone preciously in their pocket, it is an opportunity to learn to play piano wherever you are, in public transport or in the queues, whatever Your schedule, you will no longer be able to find any excuse to cancel a training session !

Piano – Learn the piano: This application offers educational videos in which a teacher delivers his advice to succeed in playing agreements and understanding concepts of music theory. The app will also be able to advise you to help you progress and offer you partitions adapted to your level.

Perfect Piano: With this application you can devote yourself fully to your new passion. You will have a virtual keyboard to personalize by adding the keys you want and by configuring the sound effects of the voices. Thus, you can revise a few agreements directly on your phone, chainments of notes or even do tests. The opportunity to train everywhere without waiting to be in front of your piano.

Musens – Look at and play partitions: If you want to learn to play the piano to reproduce your favorite songs, Musescores will be the ideal application for you since it will allow you to find the scores of the songs known in a list of more than a million partitions ! Suffice to say that you will have a choice ! You will be able to download the scores to always have them with you to revise them.

Skoove: This application offers courses for beginners and of intermediate level with an interactive approach that can be summed up in three words: listen, learn, play. It will allow you to quickly gain new skills including that of composing your songs by yourself ! A golden opportunity to learn online piano.

Methods to learn the piano in self -taught

Pexels-Gabriel-Lima-1895592 (1)

If you cannot take piano lessons, you will still need a method on which you will support to learn the piano in self -taught. Unless you are a music virtuoso and you have absolute ear, you will necessarily have to train a little before you can play and there are many books for this with a specific method that beginning can follow. Here are 4 pounds to learn the piano alone with a method to make you a big pianist without having to use a piano teacher.

The piano without teacher, of Roger Evans: Suitable for any big beginner, this method provides clear explanations that will allow you to quietly take your bearings and quickly learn the fingering and the bases of music theory. This method designed for beginners will be perfect for you but do not waste your time with if you are already initiated on the piano. Its purpose is to allow you to learn the basics of the piano at a low price (€ 19). It is undoubtedly the best book to learn the piano alone !

Beginner piano method of Charles Hervé and Jacqueline Pouillard : very educational method which makes it possible to climb little by little in difficulty with increasingly difficult exercises and pieces suitable for each level. The illustrations make it possible to well represent each passage of learning. A complete method that will allow you to learn practice at the same time as music theory, all for only 28.95 €

Piano method for adults, lessons, solos, technique and theory: Many methods are designed for children or adolescents, but it is specially designed for adults with much more stimulating pieces than nursery rhymes provided for small. Whether you start or resume the piano after a long period without playing, this method will be ideal and is accompanied by 2 cd. Solfège is also discussed throughout the method, in parallel with the technique.

The pianorama methodfor beginners : Pianorama is a method designed to progress in a quiet but nevertheless sustained manner allowing to assimilate new information every day. You will make the link between rigorous learning and the essential pleasure to learn the piano alone. You will even find small musical puzzles to test your knowledge.

What are the easy pieces to start on the piano ?

There are many pieces and easy scores to start the piano and here is a small list that could please you, concocted just for you !

Shallow – Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper (A Star is Born)

Film Any Bande A Star Is Born, the song Shallow is very well known and conquered the public although it differs from the usual style of Lady Gaga. The song played at the piano won the Oscar for the best original song and was praised by criticism. Although the original song is not necessarily accessible to beginner pianists, there are as for many other songs, simplified versions that can easily be played by musicians and beginning musicians. In addition, you can get the challenge of playing the original piece once you have progressed and you will have taken enough.

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

This song is no longer very young and yet it is always among the most listened to by the public ! Piece of recognized piano, it is often chosen by beginners and always fascinates as much ! Made famous by the world known Queen, this music will motivate you to progress ! With more than 1.6 billion listening on the different platforms, this song is a classic for beginner pianists and rather easy to learn. Do not hesitate to try, you will not be disappointed !

Una Mattina – Ludovico Einaudi (untouchables)

Una Mattina by Ludovico Einaudi was recorded in 2004 by the Italian composer but will have a real success thanks to his presence in the film Les Intouchables since he is in the soundtrack. This film with Omar Sy propels the musician to celebrity and makes his song one of the most played. It is a particularly easy and yet moving song that you will undoubtedly be delighted to count among your repertoire !

Nursery rhyme from another summer – Yann third (The fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain)

Very well known thanks to the soundtrack of the film The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain, released in 2001, this piece of Yann Tiersen is still as appreciated by beginners or not pianists. The rhythm of this three -step waltz and its sweet and catchy melody make a rhyme of another summer, a perfect song to learn the piano alone. Popular and very pretty, this waltz will accompany you without problem on your first steps as a pianist.

winner Mistral – Renaud

Released in 1986, winner Mistral Composed by Renaud is one of the most famous French variety songs and played on the country in the country. This incredibly touching piece both by the lyrics and by the sweetness of the melody is indisputably a song to know and to know how to play. Very easy and accessible for beginners, there is no reason why you could not learn so so get started !

Faded – Alan Walker

Certainly it is an electro-house that differs a little from the rest of our list. However, it is to be known since it is composed by several composers of talents who have gathered to give birth. Thus, Anders Froen, Gunnar Greece Pattersen participated in this capacity, to the delight of the public ! Easy to learn, this song is ideal for starting the piano and you will be delighted to be able to play it in front of your loved ones ! With training and motivation, you may be able to interpret it in just a few days !

Conceived – John Lennon

Song of her eponymous album released in 1971, Imagine is one of John Lennon’s best known songs. The words advocate a fairer world, a little utopian, in which there would be no borders and where humans would support each other. With the help of his wife, John Lennon composes a pacifist song there that is unanimous among his fans. Easy to play for beginners, there are simplified versions if you do not feel able to learn the original song immediately ! But when one of the prettiest pieces of piano is accessible to beginners, why deprive it ?

Haller – Leonard Cohen

Recorded in 1984 on Leonard Cohen’s album, entitled Various positions, Haller has been taken up many times, especially by Jeff Buckley who holds the best known recovery ! The subjects discussed such as sex and religion arouse many debates in the United States. However, the song remains a classic to learn to play piano. A magnificent song that we never get tired of and which is perfectly accessible to beginners, you can therefore impress your loved ones by surprising them to master it perfection, with a little training of course of course !

Hello Adèle

From the third album of Adèle, published in 2015, Hello is the first single of this album, immediately praised by critics and the public. Regret and melancholy, two feelings with this piece with great depth. As soon as it was released in 2015, hello broke the record for youtube views in just 24 hours, taking the place of another singer recognized Taylor Swift. Like the other songs on our list, Hello is simple to play and accessible to beginners and beginners who would like to get started. There is no doubt that your loved ones will be touched by listening to you to play it ! Maybe even one of them could accompany you to singing ?

City of Stars – Justin Hurwitz (La la Land)

The musical La la Land released in 2016 with the talented Emma Stone and Ryan Goslin is a masterpiece as sweet as sad to watch. Among the magnificent songs is City of Stars, interpreted by the actress and her acolyte with great talent. The fans appreciated their voice, used to watching them play rather than singing, they were not disappointed by this beautiful surprise. You will have no trouble learning this adorable song that won the Golden Globe for the best original song so get started !

You can find other easy pieces to play in our dedicated article and there are many others so don’t wait to start the piano !

The advantages of taking piano lessons with a music teacher


If despite your goodwill and your efforts you fear not to succeed in progressing and becoming a self -taught pianist, you will always have the option of piano lessons with a music teacher ! Do not be disappointed not to be able to do without it, it is sometimes more judicious to recognize your own limits to go beyond them with serenely with help than to insist again and again at the risk of disgusting learning and the instrument. Many pianists call on a piano teacher to learn and there is nothing wrong with that, quite the contrary ! Admittedly, getting the challenge of getting there alone can be very stimulating and helping you gain insurance in the event of success. However, not everyone has the ability to self-generate and stay focused without good support and that does not in any way start the value of the work provided ! If you are the type to procrastinate and watch time spend, a good piano teacher will be the best way to counter your nature and overcome your difficulties ! Indeed, taking piano lessons has many advantages, it only remains to present to you which !

If you can find the essential agreements to know the piano easily on the internet there are elements that only a piano teacher can bring you. First, his professional gaze will allow you to more easily identify your weaknesses to work more. He will also be able to motivate you by finding solutions to overcome your blockages, your fears and by finding the right words to encourage you.

A music teacher will adapt his pedagogy according to your needs, your starting level but also according to your rate of progression ! Thus, it will help you decipher increasingly difficult pieces perhaps even following the 7 steps that we recommend.

By calling on a piano teacher you can also enjoy his musical culture, which can be very rewarding for your practice and you could well discover songs on which you would never have fallen ! Not to mention that with a home piano teacher you can enjoy quality education despite a limited budget ! Indeed, thanks to the deduction of taxes, you could benefit from half price courses since you could deduct 50% of the price of each course ! In addition, using a home piano teacher, you can choose to plan your training according to your schedule, avoid journeys and thus spend more time in your apprenticeship.