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Learn to draw – Online drawing lessons

On the occasion of the release of my training “Adult Coloring”, I wanted to talk to you about coloring in colored pencil ! A lot

Start when you start in drawing

Learn to draw: awareness

You have always wanted to take more time to draw. And lately, you made the decision to get a little more seriously. Or you are completely new and you have wondered How to learn to draw. Finished the scribbles, finished staying in his corner. It is therefore acted; You finally took your courage in both hands. You are ready to go up a gear.

What may have always slowed you down is that somewhere you never believed. You may have always said that the talent is innate. That it is favored by genetics, that it is reserved for others. (yes you know, your little comrades that you watched draw with envy in college or high school). Maybe you think you don’t have No talent and that the drawing is reserved for the elite?

And if your subconscious and lack of confidence had blocked you for all this time ? Well, anyway no concern, Uncle Pit is now there to guide you!

Hesitant character between several paths to learn to draw

Innate talent … others

Learn to draw: a question of talent or practice ?

First, take the question in itself. Why most beginners Are they asking the question? For my part, the answer is clear. In the world of modern humans, where we are always looking for the small magic pill that allows us to do everything easily and quickly, it can be for some an excuse so as not to start. For others of an inferiority complex and a lack of self -confidence.

So even if you have a predisposition in a field, if you Don’t work regularly, You will not happen (except to discourage you). Draw 10 minutes a day is the minimum recommended. And when I say drawing, it is not necessarily by holding the pencil. But by practicing the specific exercises that I will reveal to you as articles and videos. For example, this can be a moment of observation. But also a work of mental construction, an exercise of imagination … I will now reveal to you one of the greatest secrets that the general public ignores.

Tips and tricks to learn to draw

Who learns to draw ?

I can teach a child to make pretty very clear and rights features. It does not mean that he can draw me a character. Conversely, I can teach this same child to draw a character, without the lines are perfect. What I mean by that is that:

It’s your mind that drives your hand. Without prior reflection, you will make childish drawings.

So the best advice that I can give you now is:

Take the time to think before you look at your sheet and draw.

Differences between beginner designers and experts

Obviously, you have already been able to see on YouTube Professional designers who catch their pencil and who draw you a character super well done in less than five minutes. Or during a comic book festival, you have noticed how your bédéka preferred to dedicate your album to you in two-time-three-movements . In the end, you may now have understood what makes the difference between a beginner and one expert… No? always not?

Ultimately, the 3 differences major who distinguish the beginner of the expert are:

  • The faster we will build mentally The forms, the faster we will draw.
  • Better we will visualize objects in space, and more our drawings will be successful.
  • The more time we spend lead “His hand”, and less our features will be trembling.

Character learning to draw

Learning to draw is learning yourself


However, if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to the discipline, it is so much the better ! For what ? Because the brain saturate very quickly when it comes to thinking about something new. It’s like trying a new sport: we get tired quickly, and the next day, it’s the insured aches .

Don’t do too much at first: it will avoid you to discourage. Or to disgust yourself if you think your progress is not made quickly enough. The important thing at first is still:

  • do pleasure
  • accomplish something of staff
  • communicate Ideas and emotions. To help you find ideas, do not hesitate to use generator of ideas. This can inspire you by finding a theme for you in the darkest moments.
  • relax (you have heard of the art therapy?))
  • take self-confidence And open up to others by sharing
  • be proud of its progress, even minimal
  • learn has observe the world in a different way
  • to understand things you would never have doubted
  • learn to be patient
  • learn has respect his work and that of others

Learn to draw, a healthy activity


Without going too far in the journey (otherwise you will take me for a madman), I think the drawing is a rich activity, playful And unique in its kind. It is neither a waste of time, nor a “Dreamers” activity. Do not leave people around you (even close people) discourage you. If I had listened to my parents, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Listen to the little voice in you, the one that motivates you.

Also, Learn, it is learning to receive criticism. When someone you critical, Take his comment with open arms especially if he is constructive (ie thoughtful and justified)). Indeed, the opinion of others is important to make evolve its level of drawing.

In fact, it is the failures that make the most to grow. THE achievements are simply there for motivate even more. Kiss failure and criticism, these are your best allies.

Learn to accept criticism, and learn from a constructive commentary.

Do not lock yourself too much in your family circle. Do not hesitate to request an external opinion when possible. It is always difficult to take a step back on his work. And remember:

Talent is above all a story of long -term motivation, no predisposition.

character who learns to draw and makes his self-portrait

Imitate others

Thus, from our birth we all started by imitating what surrounds us. Besides, our first models were often our parents. We imiations tirelessly what they did well (or less well). Without ever being able to reproduce perfectly what we observed.

It is the same for the drawing. Inasmuch as beginner, If we see a drawing that affects our sensitivity, our first reflex will be to reproduce. For my part, I had to reproduce whole albums of my favorite authors! Yet, Copy a drawing is not as effective as reproduce what we see in nature.

In addition, there are several reasons for this:

  • A drawing already constitutes a interpretation real. Copying a drawing amounts to copying the interpretation of someone else. This will not help you understand what has been drawn. And even less what the artist thought, even if it leads you to perceive 2D forms. Which is not useless in the medium term, but deleterious in the long term.
  • THE copy drawing will never make you a authentic artist.
  • will not help you in the search for your clean style.
  • you will frustrate more than anything else when you try to draw with imagination.
  • will not allow you to understand the steps of a original drawing.

At first, it is therefore always preferable toLearn the basics of drawing. With a good teacher who follows, it’s even better.

Wooden model to learn to draw

Tools, mediums and drawing equipment

Really essential tools

Haaaaaaaa! the tools.

How many times I had to wonder what was the technical of my favorite artists. What tools they used? What paper? Which table? At what room temperature they worked? What cereals they ate in the morning? What was the color of their black cat? blah blah blah blah. I now know something that I have been repeated often but that I did not want to hear for a very long time.

The tool does not make the artist.

It should be noted that a perfected tool in the hand of a beginner often turns out ineffective even or even frustrating.

A little sentence that says a lot. Believe me. On the contrary, you only need three simple tools to start your first drawing:

  • A HB pencil in wood (and its pencil waist).
  • a A4 paper sheet.
  • A spacious support, solid And comfortable.

If you buy a drawing box and expensive equipment, you will put yourself pressure for nothing. Or worse: you probably feel lost.

That’s why you have to keep this advice Consider for the next 2 years. If you really want tolearn to draw properly and without veiling your face, there is only that of real. Obviously, it is not very serious if sometimes You change the media during this period. The main thing is that you take pleasure in doing it. But keep in mind that the pencil is thefavorite tool For do in drawing.

Character learning to draw

Practical advice for drawing

First of all, during the first 2 years, it is preferable to draw 90% of his time with a HB pencil.

Then I already see some asking me: “And the eraser? “” “. I advise you not to use the eraser that if you pass a lot of time on a drawing. And simply for to erase some little ones details. Don’t erase your whole drawing. Rather take a new sheet And Repeat. Afterwards, I know what some will say to me: “We must think of our friends the trees”. However, it is all the more harmful for the environment to consume gums.

  • Prefer them thin leaves When you start.

Machine paper (printer sheet) will do the trick at the very beginning. (See my article Which paper to choose )). Then, regarding your drawing table: if it’s your office, make a maximum of space on it. Even more than it takes at first glance.

  • To be comfortable on your drawing table, Let yourself be a surface free corresponding to 8 A4 sheets, minimum. In this way, you will feel less limited in your movements.

Especially since this space should allow you to put your elbows and turn the leaf When you want. Without forgetting that the more we have place, And the more we are motivated to work (note that it is not only worth for the drawing).

The environment to draw


So if you’re at home, put in day before Your mobile phone. If you are not alone, Isolate yourself . Close the door. And if you are still at dad and mom, put a little sign: “Do not disturb please: I draw super stuff!». Or “Do not disturb please, an artist in training”, or all that you want .

In addition, it is better to have a maximum light: an office lamp (minimum 25W) + a ceiling lamp (minimum 100W). Moreover, turn Your desktop lamp so that it does not project the shadow of your hand on the drawing. That being said, the light color doesn’t matter if you draw in pencil. However, she will have more to use colors. Then, if you want to use the direct sunlight, Prefer to pass it through a white curtain to diffuse it slightly. For example, a white sheet will do the trick.

Finally, prefer to work with the Sun from opposite. Especially if you have nothing to broadcast it. If time is cloudy but luminous, It’s an ideal time for draw. No need to artificial light! Moreover, do not hesitate to invest in a good Roller office chair. We do not imagine the repercussions that it can have on our drawings. Hence the expression I invented:

Well installed buttocks, wealthy designer.

Character learning to draw long

That draw first?

What subjects represent first?

So you don’t know what draw? And of course, you have a huge desire to start with complex objects To put the sight of it. Stop there! That’s a very bad idea.

Indeed, the best is to start with draw of the simple objects and in perspective. This is the basis of success in drawing. But you still have to know what a perspective is. Therefore:

Before drawing anything, you need to know how to draw a cube in perspective.

This is why understanding the basics of perspective comes back to know:

  • trace A horizon line (eye level line)
  • to place correctly your leakage point (s)
  • build A cube in diving and counter-clovers
  • to place a sphere in this cube (and any other simple geometric shape).
  • Know how to draw A curve on a plan in any perspective. This is the subject I deal with in my first guide: Free mini-guide to learn the perspective. You will receive it when you subscribe to the free blog newsletter.

It is by these steps that we must pass to Really learn to draw.

Learn to draw – Online drawing lessons

Everyone can learn to draw!

Do you have the basics of drawing?

Before discovering our first online drawing lesson, here is a quiz so that you can know if you have the basics of the drawing or not. Keep in mind that even if you have drawn for years, it does not mean that you have acquired the basics.

character who learns to draw and makes his self-portrait

Learn the basics of drawing 100 times faster than in copying

You think the drawing is reserved for geniuses?
In reality, this is a excuse that we give ourselves.
Our method has proven that an adult without predisposition could learn drawing in 5 weeks.
THE talent is not innate, He is acquired.
7259 of our beginners students have proven that it was possible to learn drawing without incident.

Our program drawing bases concentrate all knowledge and exercises in the same place. No more searching for amateur tutorials indefinitely on YouTube.
Come and taste the pedagogy of our pros team and accelerate your X100 learning.

– to listen videos careful
– to follow them progressive exercises
– practice regularly (30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 5 to 7 weeks, sufficient to acquire the basics)

Living model drawing

Student testimonies

The creator of drawing lessons

Hello, My name is Pit, I teach the Beginner drawing since 2012 and I have been the director of the AAD project (learning to draw).

I gave drawing lessons to more than 3 million Internet users, guided more than 150,000 subscribers and taught more than 7000 students All levels (amateurs, beginners, professional), whether through my drawing or mentoring lessons.

I know exactly which is problematic to beginners and to amateurs who have been stagnating for years without knowing why.

My team and I were able to unlock and Re-motivate thousands of designers thanks to the structure of our Drawing lesson online, our availability, our pedagogy and our positivity.

Here you will discover free beginners drawing lessons, but also complete training.
Our team of instructors is there to support you in your progress, if you wish. You will not be Never again alone face to your apprenticeship and your motivation decreases!

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Why learn to draw ?


THE drawing is a communication system much more evolved than spoken language.

Drawing, just like music, can touch humans beyond the barrier of languages, beyond the cultural barrier.

The drawing Brands Patience and contributes to serenity.

And if you are afraid that drawing is too time -consuming, learning to draw does not necessarily imply spending 10 hours on your sheet daily, you just have to think properly to your goals and target the exercises in an intelligent way. And if you are looking for tips to get to the point, my team and I will help you, because it is our job!

If you want to draw realistic portraits, comic strip characters, travel diaries, or use other techniques such as pastel, watercolor or painting, You are in the right place to progress!

Make dazzling progress in traditional drawing

Like my former student Lucas, the basics of drawing could propel you well beyond what you can imagine.
Our essential program consists of two fundamental courses::

In class drawing bases::
– You will learn to observe in 3D.
– You will understand the perspective system.
– You can decompose, build and draw all complex objects in volume.

In class living sketch::
– You will learn to find solutions to drastically improve your sketches.
– You will have insurance and speed.
– You can draw everything, especially faces without even learning anatomy.

Explore the digital possibilities

Digital Painting course

You can see my progress after learning the basics of drawing and Digital Painting.
I learned to draw on a graphic tablet and master photoshop in self -taught, but the teaching of a pro would have really accelerated the process. It’s discouraging to learn on your own.

Motivation is all you need at first.

You are lucky. today, not to go through the difficulties I have encountered in the past.
I created this online school, for people like you and me: who have not had the chance to go to art school, who no longer evolve, who only know the copy or who know not how to do it for Draw with imagination and find your style.


Learning to draw is above all giving yourself the chance to trust yourself: the rest, let it! You are in good hands.

Join the community right now! More the merrier, the merrier!
You can also ask your questions to our Océ assistant at the bottom right of the page.
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By wishing you a good learning of this exciting art!