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Internet offers and mobile à la carte packages

The 3 advantages of an internet offer + mobile package

Save money

You combine the Internet offer and a mobile package of your choice at Orange. And hop, we make you benefit from an open discount of 3 to 15 €/month on the mobile plan of your choice.

Please your loved ones

And that’s not all, the open delivery also applies to additional mobile plans: up to 4 packages at reduced prices for your loved ones. You will make people happy !

Do what you like

You want to change your mobile plan by keeping your internet or vice versa offer ? We invite you to modify, terminate, personalize each of your offers as you want. It’s simple.

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Offer conditions

Livebox offers until 04/10/2023:
Offers subject to conditions with commitment 12 months valid in mainland France subject to eligibility and coverage, with compatible equipment. Activation fees: 40 € TV decoder (WiFi repeater, Airbox 20GB, second TV decoder, TV key: € 10 each). Theoretical flows with cables, network card and compatible computers. In the event of use on several equipment the flow is shared. Multi-screen recorder, max replay, second TV or TV key, options with necessary activations. Orange TV on mobile and tablet: access to the Basic bouquet. List of TV channels liable to evolution. Mobile Internet Package. Are not included in the Basic bouquet: the services and paid and sports contents live. UHD 4K: with TV and compatible content. Construction costs for ADSL/VDSL connection, in the event of a necessary technician trip (diagnosed at the time of subscription): € 119. Termination fees: € 50. Very high speed mobile 4G: in deployed areas. Network

Discount for a Fiber Livebox offer (Livebox Up Fiber, Livebox Max Fiber) not cumulative with the Orange Internet customer advantage:
For new Internet customers subscribing from Orange.FR: discount of -8 €/month for 12 months.
For an identified orange mobile client subscribing from orange.FR: discount of -10 €/month for 12 months.

Discount for an adsl livebox offer (Livebox Up, Livebox Max) not cumulative with the Orange Internet customer advantage:
For new Internet customers subscribing from Orange.FR: discount of -9 €/month for 12 months.
For an identified orange mobile client subscribing from orange.FR: discount of -11 €/month for 12 months.

Discount the fiber of -5 €/month for 12 months for any first subscription to a fiber offer.

Internet operator change reimbursement offer : reimbursement of € 5/month for 12 months on livebox offers if you change operator.
See details on refund offers.

Open discount: From € 3 to 15 €/month depending on the mobile package chosen, reserved for individuals within the limit of 4 additional mobile plans by Livebox Internet eligible offer. Not combinable. Loss of discount in the event of: change of offer, termination, request for deletion by the Internet customer.

Livebox + Mobile discount for new Internet customers (fixed offline and Mobicarte): Valid for 12 months in the event of simultaneous subscription of a livebox offer and an eligible mobile offer, or an eligible livebox offer for holders of an eligible mobile offer. Discount between 8 and 11 €/month depending on the Livebox Offer subscribed. Loss of the discount in the event of termination of the offer or request to delete the discount by the Internet Customer.

WiFi 6th : With compatible equipment. Details on Orange.Fr

Livebox 6 : Incompatible with HD phones and connected objects using the DECT-leather standard (detectors, smart plugs, bulbs and switch). Details on Orange.Fr

WiFi 6 repeater : Repeaters remain the property of Orange. The number of repeaters required depends on the size of your accommodation. The repeater allows you to extend the WiFi coverage of your Livebox in Wi-Fi 6 or replace Wi-Fi 5 of the Livebox with Wi-Fi 6 (with compatible equipment). Wi-Fi connection with compatible decoder: 4K UHD TV and TV 4. The 1st rehearsal is accessible on request on for the UP and Max offers, and the 2 additional repeaters on max are separately accessible each 72 hours after the previous request. Access to repeaters cannot be combined with rehearsal accessible via other offers.

WiFi specialists : Telephone support by appointment taken on Depending on availability or via customer service from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The waiting time before putting in touch with an advisor is free from orange networks. The service is free and the call is the price of normal communication depending on the offer held, or counting the mobile package.

Airbox 20GB : for mobility uses in mainland France and Europe, DOM, Switzerland/Andorra areas. Provision of an airbox 4G and a SIM card. Reduced flow beyond. Not cumulative with another Airbox provision by Orange or Data allocation on the customer’s mobile terminal. Sessions limited to 12 p.m.

Orange TV : TV on demand access to certain programs (excluding films) from the day after the broadcast (excluding Disney Channel programs available on Monday following the broadcast) for a period of 7 to 30 days (depending on the program)

Multi-screen TV recorder : with compatible decoder (offers subscribed after 04/10/2018) up to 140 recordable channels. Recordings kept 36 months.

Replay max : Accessible for 12 months on request within 3 months after subscription of the Livebox Max offer. With compatible decoder. Subscription on, the orange TV app or from the Orange TV store section.

Unlimited calls : Excluding cost of the special number service. Up to 250 different correspondents/month and 3 hours maximum/call. See the list of destinations on the price sheet in force.

Internet Start : Service valid in mainland France, subject to mobile coverage (details on, for new Internet customers, xDSL with appointment or fiber. Mobile Internet credit from 200GB/month valid until the Internet access is commissioned and at the latest up to 12 months after subscription.

Uses in mainland France, on networks and with compatible mobile. Offer subject to conditions valid in mainland France from 08/17/2023 to 04/10/2023. Orange offers are reserved for customers residing or being able to justify a stable link with metropolitan France, within the limits of non -abusive use.

* Mobile network n ° 1: According to the arcep survey of assessment of the quality of service of metropolitan mobile operators in October 2022, Orange is 1st or 1er out of 476 of the 505 criteria.
Find out more about the Orange network site>

(1) Flash configuration : Reserved for Orange and SOSH customers subject to the compatibility of the mobile to configure. € 9 per service (start -up service, use assistance services), a start -up service offered for customers of a package with 24 months commitment. The customer remains solely responsible for the creation, use and entry of identifiers and passwords necessary for configuration. Service provided by an Orange store advisor. Detailed conditions on Orange.Fr

(2) Bonus recovery offers more than packages : Within 31 days of subscription or re -engagement on an offer with 24 -month orange commitment buys your old terminal € 50 more than its estimated value. Recovery value to be deduced from the purchase of a new terminal from Orange or to be used in the form of a cash delivery or voucher valid two months in the issuing shop. Bonus not cumulative with other bonuses recovered. Reduction and conditions in store.

(3) Open discount : From € 3 to € 15 depending on the mobile package chosen reserved for individuals within the limit of 4 packages by eligible internet livebox offer. Not combinable. Loss of discount in the event of: change of offer, termination, request for deletion by the Internet customer. Engagement 12 months for livebox. Without or with 24 -month commitment according to the chosen package.

4G+ and 4G : With compatible equipment – only in deployed areas. Network and 4G+ accessible in the cities reported.

5g : With offer and terminal compatible only in deployed areas (5G network in the process of deployment). Variable flow depending on the frequencies used. Detailed and differentiated cover on

Calls, SMS, unlimited MMS Excluding cost of the service of special numbers and excluding cost of short and surcharged number, within the limit of 250 different correspondents per month, 3h max/call voice. The MMS service depends on the network, the characteristics of the mobiles used and the forms of supported content.

Europe : Europe area (Azores (Les), Aland (islands), Germany, Austria, Balearic, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canaries (islands), Cyprus, Corfu (island), Crete, Cyclades (Les), Croatie, Denmark, Spain, Estonia , Faroese (islands), Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Man (island of), Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Rhodes (Island of), Romania, United Kingdom, Saint-Marin, Sardinia, Sicily, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Vatican) + Swiss zone Andorra.

Specific absorption flow (Das local) quantifies user exposure to electromagnetic waves of the equipment concerned. The specific absorption rate (local DAS) quantifies the exposure of the user to the electromagnetic waves of the equipment concerned. The maximum authorized DAS is 2 W/kg for the head and the trunk and 4 W/kg for the members “. The das trunk measurement may have been calculated in relation to a certain distance from a simulated human organism. All our mobiles can only be used with an orange SIM card, in order to use it with the SIM card from another operator, find the methods on assistance.

Livebox pack + 10GB package


Maximum the theoretical downhill downs (or download) available with this offer. It corresponds to the speed of data reception by the Internet user.

Maximum theoretical amount (or upload) debit (or upload) available with this offer. It corresponds to the speed of data of data by the Internet user.

With the Open 10GB Orange Fiber Pack, the flow rate is 400Mbit/s, both in downward speed (data reception of data) and in amount speed (data inmate).

Network and data volume

Technology: FTTH fiber

  • ADSL / ADSL2+ / VDSL2: Copper network, which most often provides an internet connection broadband (or even very high speed for VDSL2)
  • FTTH: Fiber Optical Network, which provides an internet connection very high speed Still being deployed.
  • FTTLA: Optical fiber network whose final connection is made of coaxial cable. It provides an internet connection very high speed
  • satellite / wimax / wifimax / 4G: alternative networks, which provide an internet connection to accommodation located in “White areas” (where copper and fiber optic networks are not available)

Eligibility area: Multiple

  • Backfilling area: in ADSL / ADSL2+ / VDSL2, the unbundling corresponds to a technical operation where an alternative operator connects a telephone central to its own equipment. As a historic operator, Orange is not concerned. In total unbundling, the alternative operator uses its own network. In partial unbundling, he uses his own network to provide part of his services, but an Orange telephone subscription remains necessary. In non -unbundled zone, the alternative operator uses the orange network, and the services are then more limited.
  • Extended area: when an operator uses the network of a partner operator to provide his services, he can speak of “extended zone”. This most often involves an additional cost for the subscriber.
  • Geographic area: offers are most often available throughout metropolitan France, depending on the technical eligibility for housing. Nevertheless, certain offers are only marketed in certain geographic areas (municipalities or departments, depending on the case).

Network (operator): Orange

Data volume: unlimited

The open fiber offer uses the Orange FTTH fiber optic network. To find out if you can benefit from the Orange fiber, An eligibility test must be carried out with the address of the accommodation.

There FTTH optical fiber, or fiber to the home, is a very high speed internet access technology. Still being deployed in France, it brings fiber optics to the subscriber’s housing. For more information, see our guide on fiber optic technology.

Home phone

Calls to France

Towards fixed:

To mobiles:

Calls abroad

To fixed

118 Included destinations

To mobiles

4 destinations included

On the world map below, the destinations included are indicated in blue. The not included destinations are in gray. Under the card, you can modify the service taken into account: to fixed, or to mobiles. For more information on the destinations included in the package and prices for destinations not included, click on the country of your choice or look for it using the field of research. The country information will then appear after the card (if the information is available).

Destinable update date: 10/10/2019

Telephone line

The open fiber offer includes a fixed telephony service. This allows you to call unlimited towards fixed in France and to more than 100 international destinations. Apart from the services included, each call is billed in addition to the subscription, at the rate in force in the Orange tariff guide.

The fixed telephony service works in VoIP. To be able to make calls, you must have a fixed phone and connect it to the box.

Terms of use

To be able to make calls, you must be equipped with a compatible fixed phone. Calls are deducted to the second from the first second. The prices are detailed in the orange tariff brochure.

For calls included in unlimited, communications are limited to 250 different correspondents not month and 3 hours maximum per call.


TV bouquet included

Either : 140 channels

Date of update of channels: 04/10/2018

The open fiber offer allows you to receive the Orange TV. The Orange TV bouquet includes TNT channels as well as a selection of thematic channels: information, youth, entertainment, sport, young adults, music, local, international.

Mobile telephony

Calls & SMS/MMS

Unlimited calls

Unlimited SMS

Unlimited MMS

The open 10GB fiber package includes unlimited calls and SMS/MMS from metropolitan France to fixed and mobiles in France.

Consumption is limited to 3 hours per call, and 250 different correspondents per month. Beyond that, communications are billed in offset. Calls in France are deducted to the second from the first second (unlike international calls).

Mobile internet

10 2 Data

Reduced flow beyond

4G (Orange)

The Open 10GB Fiber pack includes 10GB of mobile internet usable in mainland France. Once the package has been exhausted, you can continue to use the mobile internet, but the flow is reduced (operation also called “fair-use”).

This package is compatible with modem mode.

Orange uses its own mobile network. The best mobile network in France according to the 2018 Arcep Observatory. The operator has a wide 4G coverage, and already covers several 4G cities+. Depending on the zone network coverage, the open 10GB fiber package allows you to surf the internet on your mobile in 4G+, 4G, or on a lower network. Find out more about mobile networks (4G, 4G+, etc.).



No destination included

The open 10GB fiber package includes calls/SMS/MMS to DOM . Communications to other destinations are billed out of package according to the rate in force. See detailed conditions in the Orange price guide.

From abroad

265 destinations included

The package includes homelessness in Europe/DOM (including Switzerland/Andorra): calls and SMS/MMS received or issued, and mobile internet, are deducted from the package. In the event of abusive use, additional costs can be applied. It is also possible to use the package from foreigners outside Europe/DOM: these international communications (issued/received) are billed in the offset according to the price in force. See detailed conditions in the Orange price guide.

On the world map below, the destinations included are indicated in blue. The not included destinations are in gray. Under the card, you can modify the service taken into account: to fixed, or to mobiles. For more information on the destinations included in the package and prices for destinations not included, click on the country of your choice or look for it using the field of research. The country information will then appear after the card (if the information is available).

Destinable update date: 10/10/2019

Internet/TV equipment

3 equipment

Guarantee deposit: None

Box rental: included

To access the Internet, Orange provides a Livebox Play, as well as an optical fiber box, which connects between the box and the optical socket. The rental of the equipment is included in the total cost of the subscription. For TV services included in the offer, Orange also provides a UHD TV decoder. In the event of termination, the equipment must be returned to the operator.

No security deposit is requested.

  • The Livebox Play allows you to connect to the Internet in Ethernet or WiFi. It is compatible with adsl, vdsl and fiber.
  • It incorporates a WPS button to connect easily.
  • The “My Livebox” application allows you to control the Livebox Play from your smartphone: parental control, guest WiFi, WiFi planner to optimize energy consumption.
Detailed characteristics
  • Dimensions of the case: 2.3 x 1.85 x 4 cm
  • Supplier: SAGEMCOM
  • Screen: 128 × 32 OLED monochrome
  • Processor: Ikanos Vox185
  • IPV4 and IPv6 compatible
  • Wifi: Dual Band, 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n, 5 GHz 802.11 a/n
  • Wi-Fi wireless security by encryption key (WEP or WPA, or WPA2)
  • 4 Gigaethernet ports in Full Routed mode
  • 2 USB 2 ports.0
  • FXS Port for phone by Internet. Cat-IQ 2 integrated base.0
  • Media Player: Samba, Media Player Upnp2.0, dlna1.5

Detailed characteristics

  • The Orange “TV4 decoder”) of Orange (also called “TV4 decoder” is compatible with ultra HD technologies (for image quality), and Dolby Atmos (for sound quality).
  • It provides access to the various Orange TV services, including Netflix (subject to subscription), VOD and replay.
  • This is the most recent decoder model in Orange.
Detailed characteristics
  • Ultra HD compatible and Dolby Atmos
  • Compatible with the UHD TV recorder (included or supplement depending on the offer)
  • Orange remote control, with a direct access button to VOD
  • Contains recycled plastic

Detailed characteristics

Other services

  • “Internet access” service: The open offer includes 6GB on the Orange Personal Pages Service, 10 10GB mail boxes, an anti-spam messaging, parental control, as well as payment solutions on the orange invoice.
  • Guaranteed 24h Service: In the event of a problem on Internet connection, Orange undertakes to find a solution within 24 hours. See the conditions on the Orange website.
  • Cinéday: Each week, Orange offers 2 cinema places for 2 seats purchased (within the limits of available places). See Conditions on the Orange website.
  • Refund of termination fees: If you subscribe to the open offer as part of a supplier change, Orange reimburses your termination costs up to € 150.
  • Orange wifi hotspots: This offer provides access to the Orange WiFi hotspot network.
  • MoDem / Connection Sharing: This package is compatible with the modem functionality, which allows you to share the mobile internet connection of your phone with other devices (computer, tablet, mobile).
  • Other mobile services: This package includes in particular visual voicemail, and remote backup of mobile contacts.
  • Izneo family by Fnac: The Izneo family by Fnac service is included in the Livebox Fiber offer, up to 05/02/2020.


Prices, promotions & other costs

Monthly subscription

Package € 63.98/month
Box rental included
Fixed line included


Promotion (12 months) -€ 23.00/month
Total: € 40.98/month for 12 months, then 63.98€/month

Extra fees

Decoder activation fees € 40.00
Warranty None
SIM card € 10.00
TOTAL : € 50.00 for subscription
Total cost first year: € 541.76
Second year total cost: € 767.76

The price excluding promotion of the open 10GB fiber pack is € 59.99/month. It includes the box rental. Orange also requests activation fees of € 40 for the TV decoder, which are taken from the first bill.

Multilinear advantage

It is possible to save more by subscribing to other orange mobile packages. Indeed, Open Orange customers can benefit from monthly discounts from 3 to 15 € on additional orange mobile packages, up to 4 mobile packages per household.

Conditions of the Livebox Pack + 10GB package offer

Commitment & termination conditions

Duration of engagement: 12 months

Termination costs: none

With the Open 10GB Fiber pack, the duration of engagement is 12 months. This means that you cannot terminate the offer before the end of the commitment period. In practice, it remains possible to terminate the offer before the end of the 12 months. In this case, all the remaining monthly payments until the end of the commitment must be paid to the operator.

Once the engagement period is completed, you can terminate at any time, at no cost.

During termination, the equipment must be returned to Orange. In the event of non -restitution, incomplete restitution or damaged equipment, costs are billed:

  • € 100 for the Livebox
  • € 100 for the fiber optic case
  • 200 € for the decoder

To terminate the open 10GB fiber offer, you must send a request for termination by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the operator. It is advisable to contact the operator’s customer service before sending the termination letter. The termination takes effect 10 days after receiving the request by Orange (unless a later date has been specified for termination).

Depending on your situation, the termination of the open offer can be complete or partial:

Context Effect on the open subscription
You were solving the open pack directly from Orange The offer is terminated in full
You change the internet supplier, with fixed number portability or unbundling request The internet part of the offer is terminated. You keep an orange mobile offer.
You change mobile operator, with mobile number portability The mobile part of the offer is terminated. For the Internet, you benefit from the essential livebox offer, which you can refuse.

Connection costs & activation deadlines (Internet)

To benefit from the open 10GB fiber offer, the accommodation must be eligible for orange fiber. There is no connection fee.

Connection costs for a individual house and a building of less than 4 accommodation, the costs of access to the network of optical fiber amount to 49 € (with the exception of housing already connected).

It takes up to 10 weeks after subscription of the open fiber offer to benefit from internet access and associated services.

I can keep my number

During a change of operator, you can choose to keep your mobile or fixed phone number (excluding geographic numbers in the event of a zone change). This approach is free. To keep your number, simply indicate the Rio code of the telephone line concerned during your subscription.

The Rio corresponds to the operator identity statement. Composed of 32 characters, the Rio code makes it possible to precisely identify a telephone number (fixed or mobile), in order to keep it.

You want to change operator and keep your phone number ? Just compose the following number, from the line concerned:

If you want to keep your fixed number, you must dial the number from your fixed. If you want to keep your mobile number, you must compose the number from your mobile.

Your Rio code will be communicated to you directly by the voice server, and will be sent to you by SMS, email, or mail.

3179 is a free number accessible only from France.

Always committed ?

You want to change operators but you are still committed to your current operator ? If you are solving your package before the end of the engagement period, the operator will ask you for early termination fees. However, in some cases, the Châtel law provides for a reduction in costs.

In the event of early termination, the costs requested depend on the price of the subscription, the duration of initial engagement, and the remaining commitment duration.

  • Initial commitment of 12 months: you must pay all the remaining monthly payments until the end of the commitment.
  • Initial commitment of 24 months:
    • Termination during the 1st year: you must pay all the remaining monthly payments until the end of the first year, as well as 3 months of additional subscription.
    • Termination during the 2nd year: you must pay a quarter of the remaining monthly payments until the end of the commitment.

    Fixed termination costs can be added depending on your offer.

    We advise you to check with your operator how much are your termination costs.

    If the termination occurs as part of a “case of force majeure”, you may be given termination costs (anticipated or not). To find out more about these cases and the proof requested, you must contact the customer service of your current operator.

    You change the internet box ? Some Internet access providers may offer a refund of termination costs for your old offer.

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    Information based on the price brochure of the supplier of 5/09/2023

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