Inshot – Video & Photo assembly in the App Store, Top 16 video editing applications for iPhone and Android in 2023 (free and paid)

Top 16 video editing applications in 2023 (free and paid)

The best video editing applications offer you limited capacity, but can help you edit and create subtle videos when traveling. Some of the best free video editing applications you can try are: Imovie, Quikapp, Splice, etc.

Inshot – Video & Photo Montage 4+

It has a lot of cool features, Thanks alot. Subscription is not exensive at all, it just needs an option to be able to resize the video preview and have more space to see keyframes. After an Hour Editing My Eyes Hurt A Little. I also recommend adding an option to rotate app with screen when i use the phone horizontally, would make make a huge difference. As well as being able to select multiple clips to add to Saturday

Best wallpapers in the world, 08/06/2021

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This is an amazing app, it has been everhything to Edit Your Photos & Videos Exception for Adding Videos or Videos Parts’ While You Are Making You Videos Montage and I Wish You Add This Feature To This Amazing App Finallly, I Wish you all the Best and Keep it up ��

Top 16 video editing applications in 2023 (free and paid)

You are looking for the best full video editing applications for iPhone and Android ? We have selected the 16 best video editing applications for 2023.

The best video editing applications for 2023:

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

Invideo (Filmr): Video editor

Platform: Canvas, iOS, and Android

Invideo (Filmr) is the simplest, fastest and flexible way to create videos on Android, iOS and the web. Even if you have no prior experience in video editing, the creation of a video is an easy task with Invideo. Intuitive drag and drop interface. Whether you want to create a striking video advertising, a product video or attractive videos that make you viral on social networks, all this can be done in a few minutes.

Required configuration:

Requires iOS 14.0 or later version and 342 MB of storage space and for Android devices, requires version 5.0 or higher, with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage for a fluid video editing.

Invideo (Filmr) is the only application you need for your end -to -end video creation needs. Film with the 4K 60 IPS integrated camera, easily change with a super intuitive interface and share on all social media platforms, all from a single application. In the editor, you can cut and align your clips in a few clicks, add text and a trendy background track, and add fluid transitions between the clips. You can still progress with animations, offenders and advanced colored calibration features.


Free version available with an invido watermark, paid plans start from $ 15 per month

Benefits Disadvantages
Easy to use the interface Limited video resolution options
Large range of publishing tools Some features require integrated purchases
Offer music and text options Lack of advanced color correction tools
Can export in several formats Can be slow to export large videos

Transform your ideas into attractive videos in a few minutes, anywhere and anytime with Invideo (Filmr).

3. iMovie

Videoshop - Video Publisher

Platform: Android and iOS

Videoshop is an excellent friendly application. It allows you to personalize your videos and share them with all your friends. You can easily cut the videos, merge them into one or slow down clips in this single application. It offers a range of sound effects like animal noises, explosions and more. You can also add text and soundtrack to your videos and choose from several filters inspired by Instagram. Animated titles and transitions can also be added to improve your video and make it more catchy. This video editing application for Android and iOS is ideal for quick assembly, adding filters and sound effects, and much more. You can save in the application and share your creations on social networks, youtube and by e-mail.

Required configuration:

Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Android 8.0 or later with at least 3 GB of RAM and 200 MB of free storage space.

Its best feature is its ability to merge several clips into one. There is no need to have prior editing experience to use this application. The application will guide you through the steps which generally last a few clicks. The application focuses on speed and ease of use.


Free with integrated purchases (upgrade plans start from 3.$ 99/month, you can delete all filigranes at 2.$ 99)

BENEFITS Inconveniences
Quick and easy edition Monthly subscription required
Special effects, sounds, filters, transitions Limited features compared to other applications
Combine clips of several videos No 4K support for videos
Save video clips in the application No desktop version available

14. Vivavideo

Platform: iOS and Android

Vivavideo is a very popular and complete video editing application that comes with a range of mounting tools to make your videos and cool photos. It is an easy to use but powerful video editor with which you can transform your daily moments into works of art. Using a storyboarding style, the clips can be loaded, edited, cut, cropped, duplicated and merged.

Required configuration:

Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Android version 5.0 with at least 2 GB of RAM

You can also use the slideshow function to transform your simple photos into a film and create textual illustrations, animated texts and best photo application for iPhone using the application. You can use various video editing effects such as video speed adjustment, background blur, GIF, animated texts and fonts, Giphy video stickers, Enchaîné and the Music Publisher.

This application allows the user to export stories to his gallery at any time. And it can be shared on their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, YouTube and more directly from their phone. What distinguishes the application is that it has more than 200 video filters. In addition, due to its ability to create professional quality video stories in a few clicks, Vivavideo was elected “best free video editing applications” by Android bloggers in 2019.


Free with integrated purchases (upgrade plans start from 4.$ 99/month, you can delete all filigranes at 1.$ 99)

BENEFITS Inconveniences
Rich editing tools available Casual bugs and planting
Intuitive editor by drag and drop Limited resolution options
Add music, transitions, effects, etc. Small effects and filters library
Filigrane videos and free images Ads in the free version

15. Magisto

Magisto video editor – Our video application choice

Platform: iOS, Android & Internet

Magisto is an intuitive application using AI (artificial intelligence) to transform videos and photos into refined short films. It helps to create photomontages quickly and in a very simple way. The features include models, a multimedia library, a text superposition, drag and drop, a customizable brand image, confidentiality options, a text in video and a social sharing. Filters can give your video a superimposed appearance.

Required configuration:

Requires iOS 13.0 or later. For Android Android 5 devices.0 or later

Using AI, this intuitive application will automatically publish and create your video, saving you a lot of time. This application is particularly suitable for fast publications on Instagram. The ease you can create a good quality video is simply staggering. Its impressive automatic editing capacity is its best feature. It is easy to use, a hassle -free application for video montages, which saves you a lot of time but removes part of your creative control over your video.

The free trial is only to test the waters. Since the monthly subscription costs are raised, this will only be worth it if you use the program daily. One of its drawbacks is that small changes can be boring because you must have a story in mind before downloading it.


Free with integrated purchases (upgrade plans start from 4.$ 99/month)

BENEFITS Inconveniences
Intuitive and easy to use Dear
High quality videos Small impression in the contract
Publishing tools Limited personalization options
artificial intelligence No refund

16. Picplaypost

Picplaypost video editing application

Platform: Android, iOS

Picplaypost is an intuitive and simple iOS and Android application to edit videos that transforms your photos and videos into incredible stories. It is a quick and easy to use video editor that can quickly create epic movies or memories that you will be delighted to share with your friends.

Required configuration:

Requires iOS 12.4 or later. For Android Android 5 devices.0 or later

This application allows users to create 30 -minute videos by combining up to 365 videos, live photos, photos and gif. You can also create up to 9 photo and video collages for Instagram Stories. These collages can be personalized and stylized using free patterns and backgrounds. You can also add shared screen transitions to your slideshow, add several Giphy stickers, add several soundtracks, add several text zones; Reverse, accelerate, slow down the videos and share the final product in 108p and 4k (4K on iPhone XS and iPad Pro and higher). One of the best features of this application is its video collage function and it is better suitable for social media influencers with a skill to share via a video collage.

However, to access its best features, you must upgrade. The subscriptions are charged monthly according to the subscription plan. Alternatively, a single payment is also available.


Free with integrated purchases (upgrade plans start from 6.$ 99, you can delete all the filigranes at 4.$ 99)

BENEFITS Inconveniences
User -friendly user interface Small library of transitions and effects
Includes a selection of music Limited sharing options
Many models to choose No text editing function
Adjustable size and position Ads in the free version


It is not so difficult to choose the best application to edit videos if you know all the parameters to assess before buying one. Most of these applications are delivered with a free version so that you can test them before investing. Whether you are an amateur or professional, your choice will be determined by the set of features you may need. We hope this article will help you find the perfect application that suits you best.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best free video editing application ?

The best video editing applications offer you limited capacity, but can help you edit and create subtle videos when traveling. Some of the best free video editing applications you can try are: Imovie, Quikapp, Splice, etc.

Is there a best video editor than Imovie ?

Imovie is one of the best free video editing applications for iOS users. If you are specifically looking for alternatives to Imovie, try Kdenlive, Shotcut, Avidemux, etc., which are also free and open source.

How to edit videos for free on Android ?

Google Photos offers basic editing features such as cropping and additional filters to improve video aesthetics. If you want to do more with your videos, you can use Adobe Premiere Rush, Imovie, Movavi Clips, Quik App, Power Director, etc.