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Free online online video editing software with professional features

You can get a whole series of free styles, models and templates for assembly. Some may also pay. Select the editing styles according to your preferences and your budget. You can also define the intensity of the effects. When good emotivity is there for your video clip, you can start choosing the right musical track.

6 best creators of automatic videos you need to know

If you don’t know how to edit a video, have you ever considered automatic video editing ? This article presents an amazing method of video editing – automatic video editing. Discover it !

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Porcuting social videos make users react, which is excellent news. However, many brands find it difficult to make themselves known to social media platforms. They do not have the skills necessary to produce high quality professional videos and, therefore, to make their brand shine on social platforms.

Given the availability of advanced technologies lately, the resources available to make the process of video mounting easy and manageable are numerous. A large number of small business owners often wonder if there are automatic video mounting tools, as they do not have skills in the field of video editing. Take a look at some of the automatic video editing tools that can help you in the editing process.

Best Automatic Video Editor – Filmora Business

If you want to easily make a business video, we strongly recommend that you call Filmora Business. Even with a limited budget, you can always quickly make a product/brand video. It supports the video with watermark and modifies the appearance report of the video in 1: 1, 16: 9, 9:16 or personalizes the video for social networks. You can also use visual/Images/Audio -free effects to perfect your video. Download it now and test it !

Wondershare Filmora, simple, free but powerful software to make video editing more efficient ! You can download and try Filmora for free via the following links:

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For macOS V 10.14 or later
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Automatic video editing

1. Rocketium

Rocketium is an automatic video creation tool that offers social media marketing specialists and small businesses a cloud -based platform, as well as automatic personalized solutions (API) to make large -scale videos. This automatic video editing software has integrated themes, artificial intelligence, personalization tools, an instant preview functionality and much more. Rocketium makes the experience of video editing pleasant and intends to provide a full video creation solution to users. Rocketium features are as follows-


  • It offers an integrated functionality of converting articles into videos
  • Save and download your own video by adding a voiceover
  • No need for technical knowledge or design experience to use rocketium
  • Is supplied with more than 200 models and themes
  • Offers a wide range of brand preferences with an option to import logo and a palette of colors, music, fonts, outros and intros
  • More than 2 billion in stock images, music tracks and free video clips, from Pixabay, Pexels, Storyblocks, Soundtripes, Wikimedia and Shutterstock
  • Allows the creation of videos in landscape, portrait and square orientation for mobiles, desktop computers and tabs
  • Automatic translation in more than 100 languages ​​and possibility of connecting with audiences around the world

Automatic video editing

2. Magisto

Magisto is an automatic video creation tool with an artificial intelligence that makes it an intelligent and efficient solution. This software was designed to be a creator of independent and reliable videos, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is renowned for its ability to make your process of video editing semi-automatic. It helps you effectively make engaging and unparalleled products of products and unrivaled marketing. The features of the creator of semi-automatic magisto videos include the following aspects-


  • Magisto offers many themes
  • Choose the mounting style and soundtrack from the magisto library
  • Semi-automatic video editing tool piloted by artificial intelligence
  • Add logos and legends
  • Change and reorganize the scenes
  • Unlimited HD movie downloads
  • Premium mounting styles
  • Create longer films in unique professional models
  • Commercial license music

Automatic video editing

3. Pond5

Pond5, the automatic video designer, is the largest global video content platform that helps creators, directors and producers to have all kinds of publishing and inspiration tools to enrich their videos. With revolutionary features such as visual research of videos and the integration of the main video mounting software, Pond5 is transformed every day, to make the functionality simpler. Among the features of Pond5, let us quote-


  • Offer infinite scrolls
  • Drag-drop features
  • Advanced search option
  • Many prefabricated Pond5 models and clips
  • Animated texts with your personalized fonts and colors
  • Perfect soundtracks to agree with the visuals
  • Place your logo directly in the video for unstraint -free valuation of your brand

Automatic video editing

4. Muvee

Muvee, the audio-video creator, is one of the best video editing software. It is a great tool for making videos and slideshow. It is also easy -to -use DVD creation software. The features of Muvee are as follows-


  • Remarkable shortcut at a discreet price to add music, movement and effects to videos and photos
  • Automatic editing of your video clips and settings music
  • Automatic cropping and zoom
  • Easy sharing of your video 10 different menu on menu

Automatic video editing

5. Life.MOVIE

Life.Film is a video creation tool that automatically captures the best moments of videos to create a short video clip. The features of this video mounting tool are-


  • He is an automatic video designer
  • Masterfully captures everyday life and converts it into video
  • Artificial intelligence to analyze the best moments of the clip and transform them into video
  • Just load the video of your visit or output and relax because the editor automatically changes a video to bring out the best moments
  • Create a film in 20-30 minutes and share it on a social network platform

Automatic video editing

6. Magix Fastcut

Magix Fastcut is easy -to -use video mounting software that offers automatic optimizations, striking mounting models and distinct effects. Magix Fastcut allows you to focus entirely on your trip without worrying about blurred images or any other video adjustment option.

Magix Fastcut – Create action videos ! Get the software in the Magix store for free !

The features of this automatic video editing tool are as follows-


  • Optimized sound and stabilized images
  • Many models and cinematographic effects
  • Easy to use idle functionality
  • Direct Videos transfer from software
  • Perfect options for sound adjustment
  • Easily fixed angle distortion

Automatic video editing

How to automatically edit a video thanks to Magisto

Among the most reliable software, Magisto allows you to edit videos automatically. But, do you know how to automatically edit a video using magisto ? Consult the steps to get there easily –

Step 1: Open it and register

First of all, register on Magisto in order to carry out the following steps. Just visit the Magisto page and register.

Step 2: Transfer an image or a video

This automatic video mounting tool allows you to transfer videos and images directly from the software. You can also download video files and images from the Drive and Google Photos. Once downloaded, you can start your editing process.

transfer l

Step 3: Choose the editing style

You can get a whole series of free styles, models and templates for assembly. Some may also pay. Select the editing styles according to your preferences and your budget. You can also define the intensity of the effects. When good emotivity is there for your video clip, you can start choosing the right musical track.

Choose style D

Step 4: Add music

Music and audio are the most essential elements without which a video may not be interesting. Download songs from the library of the magisto automatic video creator or choose yours. Music will be automatically synchronized with the published video. You can even define the tempo and the atmosphere of the song you want to use.

add music

Step 5: Add a title to the preview

Once your video clip is in the post-production phase with all the effects, transitions and music in place, add a title and share your story with the public.

add a title


Many automatic video editing tools are available, but you must choose the right one so that your video stands out from others and strengthens your brand identity thanks in particular to its video arsenal. Try using Filmora Business to easily create business videos.


Best video editing software for all creators

  • Cut, cut and merge videos easily without loss of quality.
  • Check the more flexible video speed, up to 100x fast and 0.01x slow.
  • Integrated effects library: 20,000+ effects at your disposal.
  • Automatically add rhythm markers to audio and music clips.
  • More functions including AI mounting, green background, shared screen, Pip, Panorama & Zoom, etc.
  • Export your videos up to 100 video tracks with high speed rendering.
  • Share your videos in 4K directly on YouTube and Vimeo.

For Win11/Win10/Win8/Win7 (SE 64Bit)
For macOS X 10.11 or later


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Free online online video editing software with professional features

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