HP OMEN 17 -K0039NF: Best price, technical and news sheet-PC laptops-Frandroid, HP Omen 17: A (trans) Gamer that gives almost the best for a rather affordable price

HP Omen 17 test: a (trans) gaming portable that almost gives the best for a rather affordable price

We will bring some downsides to this keyboard. First of all, it will be noted that with such a footprint, almost as large as a student apartment in Paris, we are almost surprised not to see a dedicated digital pavement. This is not necessarily a defect – unless you like to rub a few Excel tables between two parts. Especially since for players, you will have the four traditional directional arrows, well separated from the rest of the keys.

HP Omen 17 -k0039nf

The HP Omen 17 -ck0039nf is a laptop equipped with Windows 11 intended for players and players. We find a CPU Intel Core i7-11800h, a dedicated GPU Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 (8 GB), an SSD of 1 TB, 32 GB of GDDR 6200 MHz RAM, as well as a 17.3-inch screen equipped with An IPS LCD slab at 144 Hz. On the side of connectors, it is very complete with a HDMI 2.1, 3 USB 3 ports 3.2 Gen 1, 1 Port Thunderbolt 4, 1 Ethernet port, an SD slot, a helmet / micro combo port and even 1 mini display port for video. The adjustable RGB keyboard, obviously.

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In addition to a Dragonfly Pro addressed to workers, HP presents to these 2023 a new laptop addressed to players and players. Here is the Omen 17, a large format laptop with its 17.3 inches of IPS screen.

For this diagonal size, various configurations are available to you: QHD in 240 or 165 Hz, with 3 ms of response time, or FHD 144 Hz with 7 ms of latency. All configurations advance up to 300 cd/m² of brightness on a slab with anti -reflective treatment.

Core i9 and NVIDIA RTX 4000 on the program

Who says pc gaming says of course power to resell. On the processor side, Intel by hand and you can go up to an Intel Core i9-13900hx (up to 5.4 GHz, 36 Mb L3, 8+16c/32T) and Intel Core i7-13700hx (up to 5 , 0 GHz, 30 Mb L3, 8+8c/24t). For graphic power, HP draws from the new Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 Mobiles. Everything is cooled with the help of owner Tempest Technology.

As often in the world of PC, various configurations rub shoulders. Here are the details for the RAM:

  • DDR5-5600 Double canal (Intel Core i9)
    • 32 GB (2x16go) 5600 Hz DDR5 SODIMM;
    • 16 GB (2x8GB) 5600 Hz DDR5 SODIMM.
    • 32 GB (2×16 GB) 4800 Hz DDR5 SODIMM;
    • 16 GB (2×8 GB) 4800 Hz DDR5 SODIMM.

    Likewise for storage:

    • 2 to PCIe NVME TLC (4×4) SSD;
    • 1 to PCIe NVME TLC (4×4) SSD;
    • 512 GB PCIe NVME TLC (4×4) SSD;
    • 2×512 go pcie nvme tlc m.2 SSD (4×4).

    For the battery, it’s simpler, only one configuration exists. HP equips its OMEN with a 6-cell pack of 83 Wh. The 330 W adapter allows you to recover 50 % autonomy in 30 minutes.

    Keyboard, sound and peripherals

    The OMEN 17 is equipped with a mechanical keyboard (without digital steaks) with RGB backlight and optical mechanical keys, supposed to be 25 times faster than the traditional keys.

    He should do the case for teleworking also thanks to his 720p webcam as well as his two speakers worked by Bang & Olufsen. DTS support: X Ultra is also in order, as well as the HP Audio Boost 2.0. Wi-Fi 6th is integrated, as well as Bluetooth 5.3.

    For connection, you can count on a Thunderbolt 4 in USB-C (40 GB/S), a Thunderbolt 3 (40 GB/S), three USB type A (5 GB/S), one of which supported the load and HP Sleep. You will also find an RJ 45, a micro jack port, an input for the power supply, a mini displayport and an HDM 2.1.

    Available in January

    The HP Omen 17 should be available in January at the start of 1699.99 dollars.

    HP Omen 17 test: a (trans) gaming portable that almost gives the best for a rather affordable price

    With its OMEN 17-CK0039NF, HP succeeds in a sober but efficient machine capable of holding the load in the face of most recent titles, without flinching, but by ventilating. Bulky and heavy, it is a good gaming trans-portable which becomes very affordable.

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    HP Omen 17 -k0039nf

    • + The sober and well -finished design
    • + The slightly scalable configuration
    • + Complete connection
    • + The pleasant screen to play ..
    • – … but who suffers from small leaks of light and a slightly fair contrast
    • – Brick that serves as food
    • – He blows hard
    • – The autonomy as good or bad that one could expect

    Writing note

    Note published on 02/17/2022

    Technical sheet

    HP Omen 17 -k0039nf

    Processor Intel Core i7-11800h
    RAM 32 GB
    Main storage capacity 1000 GB
    Screen size 17.3 “
    Graphic chip NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop

    See the full file

    Like a visual signature, the gaming PC must have conquering shapes, an extraterrestrial design, aggressive edges, lights that flash everything, and a name that requires them. And then there is the HP Omen 17 -ck0039nf (yes, this is a reference …), colossal laptop of 17 inch.

    Presentation: there are a lot more, I still put it to you ?

    39.71 cm wide, 26.2 cm deep and high of an impressive 2.7 cm, it imposes it in a backpack, and will certainly be an appreciable partner for your sheathing or weightlifting sessions. It weighs no less than 2.79 kg. Almost light, finally, given its general measurements, but it must be said that HP found a little tip to lighten its PC, accompany it with an external diet (330 W, all the same) colossal, also. It measures about 15 cm side, for about 4 cm thick – yes, it feels like having a mini mac next to the 17 -inch Omen … but the best is to come, its weight. Count about 1.26 kg with the required cables. In other words, the HP Omen 17 2021 weighs approximately 4 kg. It is heavy.

    It must be said that the case is solid, well finished, and gives an appreciable impression of sustainability, with its mixture of quality plastic and aluminum. We will not go so far as to say that it is beautiful, more likely that it is discreet, and sufficiently passout so as not to shock your sense of aesthetics. In a world where everything flashes, it is ultimately rather pleasant.

    Side configuration, HP is also in the solid. The American giant indeed offers a Core i7-11800h, an 11th generation chip, therefore, which has eight hyperthreaded cores, and can push its operating frequency to 4.6 GHz in Turbo Boost. We will come back. For RAM, HP has not skimped, with 32 GB – the processor can manage up to 128 GB of RAM, and it is easy to exchange the Sodimm bars, which are not welded. This promises a good scalability.

    The graphic part is entrusted to Nvidia, and to its excellent GeForce RTX 3070 (with 8 GB of GDDR6). It accompanies all this with an SSD of 1 TB, an honest basic capacity, which gives time to see coming, and the NVME TLC storage in M2 format is extremely fast according to our tests. It’s even the fastest that we’ve seen in a gaming laptop lately, with around 4.2 GB/s in writing and 5.4 GB/s in reading…

    Another very good news in the field, HP has provided a second location easily accessible (under a heat pipe) to add a second storage module. This is the business of a few screwdrivers, and a helping hand to play the plastic legs.

    Overall, we would like to say that the Omen 17 takes the best, but it would be a bit false. For what ? Because Intel has since released its 12th generation core, and Nvidia introduced its RTX 3070 Ti, available on laptops from these at the start of the year. The 17-inch Omen is therefore what we could expect better in 2021 … But is it serious ? Not necessarily.

    When we go around the beast, we see that the Omen offers a wide variety of connectors. Count a Thunderbolt 4/USB 4 type-4 port, three USB type-A superspeed ports, in other words USB 3.2 Gen1 (two are to the right of the case and are the only ones to elect home), a mini-DisplayPort port, an HDMI 2 port.1, a gigabit ethernet port, and of course the essential mini-jack socket, which combines headphone and microphone entrance. More surprising, there is even an SD card reader on the left side of the device.

    Ergonomics: an offer without history

    HP has managed to rather intelligently place its ports, so that right -handers are not embarrassed by the connection of the mouse, or a screen output. Same thing for the vents that expel hot air. The one on the right side is narrow enough not to bother or burn the player’s hand. It may seem obvious, but all manufacturers don’t always think about it.

    When we are interested in the keyboard, we see that the keys have a rather long, soft and discreet race. The night owl will not wake up the household. We appreciate this keyboard, rather comfortable and responsive, both to play and to type a text, like this article. It is obviously backlit, and gives way RGB LEDs since it is possible to personalize the backlight of the keys via the Omen Light Studio. The keyboard is divided into four zones, three large main bands that cut all the touches into vertical zones, and a fourth for the ZQSD keys. Essential quartet which is used for the character’s movements in most games if you neglect the controller, and which is visually emerging thanks to this color difference.

    By default, the Omen Light Studio gives access to a dozen effects (wave, static, flashing, colors cycle, etc.)). Once again, we would be rather supporters of simplicity, which avoids being decentralized in play, but everyone will do as they will see.

    We will bring some downsides to this keyboard. First of all, it will be noted that with such a footprint, almost as large as a student apartment in Paris, we are almost surprised not to see a dedicated digital pavement. This is not necessarily a defect – unless you like to rub a few Excel tables between two parts. Especially since for players, you will have the four traditional directional arrows, well separated from the rest of the keys.

    On the other hand, we regret that it is necessary to go through the function key to access the volume setting, for example. It is not necessarily practical to lower the sound quickly, when you do not play in helmet. The speakers, stamped Bang & Olufsen, indeed produce a fairly powerful sound, which however lacks a hair of relief and bass.

    On the other hand, we can easily deactivate the trackpad via the keyboard, which will avoid unfortunate movements of the mouse when we play, even if it did not happen to us during our game sessions.

    The trackpad, let’s talk about it quickly. You may have forgotten your mouse to play. It is a good size for office uses, but a little too small to be really pleasant in play, even when you play a title that does not take too much movements. His precision is honest, even if that of his click sometimes leaves something to be desired. Really, don’t forget your mouse.

    Finally, let’s talk about webcam quickly. She’s there, it’s already good news. On the other hand, 720p in 2022 (or even in 2021), this is not possible. The quality is poor, even in broad daylight. She will help, but don’t hope too much. It also does not allow your daily life to make it easy thanks to Windows Hello. No facial recognition in this Omen, no more than fingerprint reader. You have an interest in having a good memory to hold your password.

    Screen: 17.3, 324, 1094, and the complementary number, 144

    Now let’s go to the screen. The LCD IPS, non -tactile, 17.3 -inch slab displays a Full HD definition (1920 x 1080 pixels, therefore) and a cooling rate of 144 Hz. The choice of Full HD is not stupid, and allows RTX 3070 to be comfortable at all times.

    With a brightness measurement of 324 cd/m 2, and a contrast rate of 1094: 1, the slab does not clearly register as one of the luminous on the market and the best contrasting, even if its light is slightly higher than The average of games of gamers tested in the past twelve months.

    More embarrassing, especially for those who intended to use it to make a little multimedia creation after a frag session, the color of this slab is rather bad. With a Delta E2000 measured at 4.49, it is almost 70 % less good than the average of its direct competitors.

    Our test model also suffers from some light leaks in the upper corners, nothing unacceptable, however. In use, however, when we play, we rather appreciate the service offered by this screen which brings a beautiful display surface, and a nice fluidity to the action.

    Performances: Fourte, with ventilation

    The Omen 17 household space for vents on both sides and on a huge surface of the lower part of its shell. No wonder since it is necessary to dispel the heat produced by the processor (with a TDP which oscillates between 35 and 45 W, there is something to do) and the graphics card (its TGP can vary depending on the choice of the manufacturer from 80 to 125 W). It is 5.6% warmer than the average gaming PCs that we tested, and our measurements noted a 56.7 ° C to its warmest point. Better to avoid putting it on your knees. Better also worth playing headphones if you push the fans thoroughly, we have raised a nice 43.3 dB.

    Nevertheless, this effort of dissipation has positive effects. Omen 17 performance is 11.3% more stable than those of its competitors. The Core i7 and RTX 3070 couple can therefore give voice.

    We decided to compare it to some of its competitors, such as Dell Alienware X15 R1, or the Acer Predator Helios 300. The three machines have many common points, they all all of them have an RTX 3070, coupled with a Full HD slab – 15.6 inch for the two competitors of the Omen. Alienware has a core i9-11900h, more efficient than that embedded in the Omen 17, and associated with 32 GB of RAM. While the ACER is based on a Core i7-10750h (tenth generation therefore), and only embarks 16 GB of RAM, and only 512 GB of SSD storage.

    It is interesting to note that the Alienware is sold 3,350 euros, the Predator Helios at 1,800 euros, and the Omen 17 to 2,400 euros, officially. Why officially ? Because it is possible to find it online at 1,800 euros too, which makes it a good deal.

    Because, according to our synthetic tests carried out with PCMARK 10, the OMEN 17 systematically heads its competitor to 1,800 euros in Acer, and does better or almost as well as the Alienware X15 R1 in many measurements.

    Dell’s PC Gaming Gaming gives way to the overall score, but nevertheless logically wins the Content Creation part, since its Core i9 is more powerful.

    With a testing tool more turned towards graphic performance, as 3DMARK TIME SPY, We see that the Omen holds the same course and is ahead of its two competitors, even the Alienware computer, however more powerful on paper.

    A trend confirmed by another bench synthetic, superposition, which offers first place to the PC gaming hp.

    But obviously the synthetic tests give only an overview of what a player machine can do. To find out how she really behaves, you have to see her face games.

    To compare it to its opponents, we used our traditional Rise of the Tomb Raider And The Division (Ultra settings). Ultimately, we see that the three configurations are held in a pocket handkerchief, the alienware still prevails from a few images per second. It’s an undeniable fact. Few frame per second in addition they justify the price difference ? We would be tempted to answer no.

    Of course, we also wanted to see what the HP Omen 17 had in the belly. We therefore made benchings on more recent and more demanding games. Furthermore, since, like all its competitors, it offers different performance modes, we have repeated our benchmarks with the same settings. But by opting for balanced mode, performance mode, with the fans set to auto, and always performance mode, but with the ventilators pushed to the maximum.

    The first is the one we will advise, because it is much quieter. The second product, surprisingly, of the almost always lower results. No doubt because the configuration throttle a little, reduces the wing so as not to heat too much. This is the hypothesis that seems to us the most likely since the performance mode offers better … Performances when you let the fans how to yell.

    However, with regard to the displayed, rare and improper gains, we would be tempted to say that this performance mode has no great interest in the OMEN 17. So save your ears, your eardrums and your entourage will thank you.

    Beyond the relevance of this mode, which plays on electricity consumption, and therefore the rise in heating components, we will especially remember that gourmet games and Ray Tracing followers are of remarkable fluidity on this machine of players. Will play Red Dead Redemption II, all push to more than 90 images per second is a real pleasure. Watch Dogs Legion, The Ray Tracing Settings on Ultra, certainly blows the Omen 17, but is displayed at nearly 60 frames per second with a regularity of metronome.

    A title like Cyberpunk 2077, Who does not have the reputation of being a health walk for a player PC, has been systematically around (and even above) of the sacro-saints 60 frames per second when we played it, cheerfully and without bending From a calm street scene to a hectic fight with many opponents over our backups.

    So there is a certainty, the HP Omen 17 has it in the belly and still has what to see coming, even if it no longer embodies the best in terms of configuration. But, the machines equipped with a 12th generation Core and with a RTX 3070 Ti are not really there yet ..

    Autonomy: better than average, but obviously not crazy

    Let’s end our trip under the Omen pavilion with the question of autonomy. Unsurprisingly, he is not an endurance beast. However, with 5 h 30 of versatile autonomy, it is very slightly (3.6%) more enduring than the average of the player PCs that we have tested these last twelve months. In video autonomy, on the other hand, the trend is reversed, since it holds a little less than this same competition (3.4 % below the average) with only 4 h 30 of video streaming.

    You will understand, it is not an ultraportable, do not think of staying away from an electrical outlet for too long. Our traditional autonomy test at stake, with Left 4 Dead (Question, of course), where we play until the computer is left for dead, led us to 1h19 of autonomy. After that, the party was finished … but it is better than many gaming PCs that have passed us in the hands recently.

    If you wonder why we have chosen L4D, It’s just that it’s a game that we love, and that doesn’t ask the current machines too much, which allows it to turn even on battery.

    HP Test Omen 17 -k0039nf: The time to buy what was best in 2021

    It is not the lightest or the most compact… it is a 17 -inch laptop imposing. Nevertheless, this HP Omen 17 -ck0039nf offers a solid configuration with an Intel Core i7 Octo Core, a DGPU GeForcertx 3070, 1 TB of SSD and 32 GB of RAM. The set runs under Windows 11 with very complete connectors and a 144 Hz screen. Let’s look at what it takes closer.

    We are in 2022, Intel unveiled the 12th generation of Core H while Nvidia announced its GeForce 3070 Ti for portable pc. In short, if we compare the technical sheet of this laptop to the announcements of these 2022, it is exceeded. Nevertheless, if we take into account the price of this machine with the service offered, you will see that it makes sense.

    Technical sheet of the OMEN 17 -K0039NF

    Model HP Omen 17 -k0039nf
    Dimensions 3.971 cm x 2.62 cm x 2.7 mm
    Definition 1920 x 1080 pixels
    Display technology Ips
    Touch screen Unknown
    Processor (CPU) Core i7-11800h
    Graphic chip (GPU) NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
    RAM (RAM) 32 GB
    Internal memory 1000 GB
    Bluetooth version 5.0
    Operating system (OS) Microsoft Windows 11
    Weight 1820 grams
    Product sheet

    The PC was loaned by HP and Nvidia for this test. Note that the PC is delivered with Windows 11 Home Pre-loaded.

    HP Omen 17

    An error -free design

    It is not the most compact of laptops, nor the most discreet. In a very black dress, we find ourselves faced with a gaming laptop with a configurable RGB keyboard. You can deactivate it all to make it more sober, in a professional setting, but that will decrease its dimensions or its weight (1.8 kilogram).

    In terms of building materials, this OMEN device has a plastic shell, while the base and the side panels of the chassis are made of aluminum. The laptop can be open to one hand, it is one of the current tests that show the right weight balance.

    The keyboard was designed for players because it does not have a digital pavement, but arrow keys of normal size, with a lot of free space around them. In fact, this is a great idea for people who will use this device mainly to play. Unfortunately, the others will probably regret the absence of the digital pavement.

    The keys are large and offer good grip during strike or games. In addition, the stroke of the keys is long enough to be pleasant. On the left side of the keyboard, you can spot six dedicated keys that can be used for macros.

    The keyboard is backlit RGB with 4 zones and there is an RGB backlight option by key. Everything is customizable via the Omen Gaming Hub application. With a stable and rigid base, it’s a good keyboard.

    The touchpad offers a large area large for comfortable use. On the other hand, its surface does not allow a smooth shift, while the precision is good, but not exceptional.

    Under the laptop, almost half of the lower shell is occupied by a large ventilation grid. The hot air is pushed from the back of the laptop as well as by the right side of the device. The speakers are placed on both sides of the lower part of the computer.

    We noted that there is a very good connection: most ports are on the left side with the load (owner), the RJ-45 connector, 1 USB type-3 port.2 (Gen. 1) With HP Sleep and Charge support, 1 mini DisplayPort 1.4, 1 HDMI 2.1, 1 USB Type-C / Thunderbolt 4, 1 Audio socket and 1 SD card location. The right side houses 2 USB type-A 3 ports.2 (Gen. 1).

    Unfortunately, if you decide to remove the lower shell, it will be a difficult: the withdrawal of the 8 PHILLIPS cruciform head screws is simple, but the inner clips of the lower shell are extremely rigid. Regarding memory, the device has two Sodimm locations which support the RAM DDR4 memory at 3200 MHz in bicanal mode. For storage, the device has two m locations.2, one of Gen4 type and the other of Gen3 type. Good news: everything is replaceable, nothing is united.

    The cooling solution used is massive. It has three caps – two of them are thicker for the CPU and the GPU, while the third is only dedicated to the graphics card. The two large metal plates are intended to evacuate the heat from memory fleas and tension regulators.

    An efficient IPS 144 Hz slab

    The laptop has a 16: 9 LED backlit screen with 17.3 -inch (43.9 centimeters) anti -reflective filter diagonal filter. In addition, the screen has a combination of a Full HD definition and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. The screen also has an input lag of 3 ms, which makes it possible to effectively avoid common image problems. Another thing should be mentioned: the HP Omen 17 (2021) screen not only supports CC gradation, but also passed certification Eyesafe Rheinland, which can effectively filter blue light and reduce eye fatigue.

    This Full HD definition is the bare minimum with this screen size, with a pixel density of 127 ppi. When you are 70 centimeters from a distance (between your eyes and the screen), you should not notice the pixels (this corresponds to the Defle Devle definition). 70 centimeters being the classic distance for the use of a laptop.

    We measured a maximum brightness of 347 nits, which is rather average, while the color temperature was 7284k, it is a default (6500K). The colorimetric cover perfectly covers the SRGB space, with a 95 % measure; Adobe RGB coverage is displayed at 76.3 %. Note that we have obtained a correct contrast for an IPS panel, or 1023: 1.

    HP performance OMEN 17-CK0039NF

    On this PC, we benefit from the Intel Core i7-11800h. This is not the most recent HP processor since the 12th generation Alder Lake has just been presented. Nevertheless, it was a parish priest who signed Intel’s return to her competition against AMD (and Apple).

    The Intel Core i7-11800Htel Core i7-11800h at Architecture Tiger Lake-H is in the majority of gaming laptops, it is not the most powerful of the generation, because the Core i9-11980hk is reserved for machines extremely expensive. This Intel Core i7-11800h brings together eight cores hyperthred at 2.3 GHz with 4.6 GHz boost, all with a maximum TDP of 45 W.

    In our tests, we were able to observe the performance gains: the Core i7-11800h is at least 20 % more efficient than the Core i7-10875h, and above all, it is at the level of the AMD Ryzen 9 5800h.

    We thus note it under Cinebench R23, where our Core i7-11800h obtains a score of 1,447 single-core points, and a multi-corede score 12 241 points. For comparison, the Ryzen AMD 7 5800H culminates at 12,797 points. In short, the two CPUs are very close.

    This HP Omen comes with an active cooling module which uses two fans with 83 blades. In office automation mode, we do not hear the PC, one might almost think that it emits 0 dB. On the other hand, as soon as you launch a game (or a benchmark), the noise generated will depend on the mode selected in the HP Game Control Center software (Omen Gaming Hub). Suffice to say that with the maximum performance, you will need a good headphones.

    Equipped with an SSD NVME of 1 TB, the OMEN 17 benefits from very correct storage performance, The flows are among the best models on the market.

    With a 100 W TDP (with the Dynamic Boost 2.0), the GeForce RTX 3070 (8 GB) which equips this PC partly benefits from 3rd generation Max-q-Q technologies. It is thus resized-bar and Dynamic Boost 2.0, but the Whisper Mode 2.0 is not activated.

    To check if the modes and power of the DGPU, everything is in system information in the NVIDIA control application. You can check the power reserved for the graphic chip, but also the Nvidia options present.

    We have done several benchmarks and we have run classic AAA games (Apex Legends, Red Dead Redemption 2, Control or Watch Dogs Legion), RTX 3070 is doing very well in this definition. You can play above 60 FPS and enjoy the 144 Hz screen.

    In addition, the OMEN 15 manages the heating relatively well, but it is necessary to adjust the ventilation cursor to the maximum within the Omen Gaming Hub, something we highly recommend as soon as it will be Launch games or applications that strongly request the CPU. For conventional office use, the “self” mode is perfectly suited.

    HP OMEN 17-CK0039NF HP

    The 330 Watts sector adapter is the most impressive laptop charger that I have seen: it is imposing (like a tablet) and heavy (as heavy as an ultrabook). It is not a surprise when you know that he can deliver up to 330 watts… it’s 4 to 6 times more than an ultrabook charger. A full load takes 3 hours and 34 minutes.

    As for autonomy, this is not the fort of this OMEN 17 -K0039NF, it is average with 5,778 points with its 6-cell battery (83 WH). As a reminder, our autonomy test uses the PC Mark 10 “Modern Office” benchmark, dedicated to autonomy, has operated an integral load in just 4:43. Note that during this test, the brightness is adjusted around 150 cd/m² while the PC uses its “hybrid” mode, which therefore uses the dedicated graphics card as integrated according to situations. In practice, do not count having more than 5 hours and 30 minutes battery in mixed office use.

    Price and availability of HP Omen Laptop 17 -ck0039nf

    Initially sold at a price of 2400 euros, the OMEN 17 -K0039NF is 1800 euros in a configuration with 32 GB of RAM and 1 TB of SSD.

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    HP Omen 17 -k0039nf at the best price ?

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