5 The most expensive game pc – immersive power is an excellent investment, the most expensive computer in the world

The most expensive computer in the world

The device, made in noble materials (walnut brake, platinum, white gold, silver) combines “high technology” and “intelligent gadgets” as well as “functional precious stone buttons”, including a diamond start button. It also incorporates a 17-inch LED screen, a 128 GB hard drive and a Blu-ray player. Luvaglio still continues its range of computers, for prices ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 500,000, depending on the degree of personalization.

5 The most expensive game pc – immersive power is an excellent investment

Let’s talk about the most expensive game pc is like having a sports car inside your garage – it will give you prestige because people will be impressed that you have something that few people or players can buy. Because when we talk about an expensive article, it is not something that can cost about $ 500 or even $ 1000. We are talking about a little more expensive than these figures.

But for those who include value and quality, spending money on a game platform you want is an equivalent exchange. Because power is money. And when you plan to have great power, it means an investment that involves large sums of money, especially at this time when a graphics card can cost more than your overall budget. game construction. It’s … really crazy how people can build this game platform that can be considered the most expensive game PC in the world, but I know why. Only one word, Stimulate.

To keep it short, here I am with another compilation of 5 pc of play that you can consider as the most expensive in the world for your money. As always, this list here is my personal preference, if you have yours you mean, always put it in the comment below ! Let’s go.



most expensive gaming pc

Nowadays, players have only one mission: reaching FPS raised in a 4K resolution. What do they need to get this ? A nasty machine that was released from the Terminator film… I’m kidding ��

Karways presents MSI AEGIS TI5. The futuristic playing PC with the power to put your HD graph to the maximum right, thanks to the specifications inside this body.

I’m talking about the Intel Core i10-9K processor of 10,900th generation with a processor speed of around 3.7 GHz with 32 GB of DDR2 Double Canal 4x, but can be upgraded up to 128 GB. Graphics cards use the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GDDR6X 10 GB of MSI, two types of storage locations – PCIe M.2 for your SSD NVME and the SATA location with the two customizable.

most expensive gaming pc

All these components are provided by the 750W 80 Plus Gold Power Certified which delivers powers without any concern. And the price range ? Well, it reaches around 3,500 $ XNUMX and you can certainly buy it, to help you reach the optimal performance of your game.

Alien Aurora R13 – 5,200 XNUMX $

most expensive gaming pc

The Alien came across Earth here after having traveled for 200 light years and ended up helping us with his technology … It’s just my invented story. Do not take it seriously ��

But of course, Dell’s Alienware Aurora R13 is definitely an extraordinary play PC. With a design that looks like an extraterrestrial obelisk with the Alienware logo on the front and glass on the side, with two different colors that you can choose – the dark side of the moon (apparently, looks like a matt black) or the light lunar (it’s like a light gray or a little darker white).

Speaking of organ, Alienware Aurora has all the power to boost your games. I’m talking about the Intel Core i12-9KF processor of 12,900th generation with a power of 3.20 GHz which can be increased up to 5.20 GHz with Turbo, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 GDDR6X 24 GB and 4×32 GB of RAM DDR5. On the memory side, you have an SSD M.2 NVME of 2 TB as well as SATA 2 GB/S storage from 7200 TB to 6 rpm.

most expensive gaming pc

All these packages cost approximately 5,200 $ XNUMX, but you will get a liquid -cooled game pc and a style that you cannot ignore.

HP Omen 40L – 5,500 XNUMX $

most expensive gaming pc

HP recently launched with his first -rate game article. Their portable like the OMEN and the recent entry -level HP Victus has shown that the company is definitely capable of posting the limits of the game specifications to another. In addition, now they come with a really special hp omen 40L, the game office which reaches the title of Beast Machine.

HP Omen 40L is a pre-personalized PC with the room you want. The custom itself looks like the Need for Speed-Heat because you must match all the parts to complete your installation.

Having the heart of AMD Ryzen cores 9 5900x 12 to the power of 3.7 GHz which can be increased up to 4.8 GHz, liquid cooled with RGB lighting. 4x 16 GB of RAM DDR4, 2 TB of SSD WD Black PCIe NVME with additional storage of the SATA 7200RPM hard disk of 2 TB, and the most important is the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 24 GB of dedicated graphics cards, Realtek Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth 5.2. All are powered by the 800W 80 Plus Gold certified ATX power supply.

most expensive gaming pc in the world

All of these specifications can be purchased at around 5,500 $ XNUMX on the HP website. Okay, to be honest, I’m still surprised if HP can make this magnificent beast. Well done, HP !

Digital storm – Aventum X – 25,000 XNUMX $ +

If you are looking for a beast with the power to reach RPM raised in a 4K screen without breaking the sweat of your PC tower, then undoubtedly, it is perfect for you. Reach the top three of our most expensive game pc compilation.

most expensive gaming pc in the world

Created from the Digital Storm lab with a total black color color and a thunder -shaped logo that emits an RGB color as well as fans, the internal side of the PC, everywhere. Inside its beautiful but simple case are the organs in high -tech materials that can boost everything you do. From game to video editing. Even playing Microsoft Flight Simulator is no longer a big task.

I’m talking about the AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro W64-Core with a power of up to 4.5 GHz, the most than shelter from 512 GB DDR4 3200 MHz from RAM Digital Storm Performance Series, the Trusted Platform Module – The hard drive of your protection, three different storage sets – 1x m.2 nvme ssd 2 to, 2x m.2 NVME SSD 8 GB and 4X SATA HDD, 1x GeForce RTX 3090 TI 24 GB Performance Edition, Creative Sound Blaster Sound Card, and connected by 1500W 80 Plus Power in gold.

All this powers are a masterpiece created by digital storm and are available for you in a price range of around 25,500 xnumx $. But the right thing is that this PC is customizable so you can have everything you need inside your metal skin.

8Pack Orionx2 – The most expensive game PC at 43,000 XNUMX $

most expensive gaming pc in the world

Coming from Great Britain, with a power equal to the Aston Martin de Bond, it is the PC which cost you half of the hypercar of the agent 007. Previously famous for having released the flagship from the company, Orion X, has not returned with an even crazier PC tower with reversed specifications to achieve advanced performance. Please welcome, 8Pack Orionx2!

Delivered in a full -size pc tower with a cool look covered with a matt black and silver inside and glass -soaked glass on the other side showing its strong organs which will make people look and will say “Waw!””.

We haven’t finished yet. Inside, the 8Pack Orionx2 combined not only 1, but two different PCs merged inside the oversized PC case. The main system received the latest Intel Core i9-10980Xe processor to 18 cores which was overclockd to reach the base of 4.6 GHz. Coupled with 3 NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ampère 24 GB and 4×32 Go Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro. On the memory side, it is an SSD Intel 2 Evo M.2 NVME 970X 2 TO and a Seagate Ironwolf Pro hard drive with 14 GB of storage. To accommodate all this, Orionx2 uses Asus Rampage VI Extreme still Edition e-ATX, a full-size motherboard to accommodate all the breathtaking power.

Under the full-size e-ATX of the main system, is the second with the size of a mini-ITX. Packed with another Intel Core i7-10700K breathtaking processor which is overclocking to reach the level of 5.0 GHz. Packed with 2×16 GB of RAM DDR8 Team Group 4Pack Edition and the same NVIDIA RTX 3090 24 GB – the same as the main system. On memory is 2x m.2 nvme ssd samsung 970 evo with 2 to storage and 14 to seagate iron wolf hdd.

The two systems are supplied by the 8Pack Edition Super Flower Leadex edition which generates around 2000 Watts of power via the 80Plus Platinum Puture Block Certification. To ensure that delivery of the head is well managed, each system, including the processor and the graphics cards, is also equipped with a liquid cooled tank located on the side of the Motherboard. You will see it because it’s so attractive.

To own this special game PC, you must have at least about 31.845,43,000 GBP or around $ 8 and this hyper stupid will be yours. You don’t have to worry about quality, because the person who has overclock the heart of the Dragon is Ian “XNUMXPack” Parry, the world of overclocking which has already obtained so many world records of overclocking overclocking. Without a doubt, xnumxpack Orionx the most expensive high -end PC your money can buy.

Final verdict

Speaking of a playing PC, the power is definitely everything, and to obtain it, you need a mixture of the right pieces to make it match. The reason why these PCs are so expensive is because of the effort dedicated to them to burst the power you need, oh my players. Also, a little overclocking will put your platform on the main power line.

What I can say is to get the game PC that suits you perfectly. Something that will keep your game activity in the right direction, it does not hold you to obtain victories. Live is good if you can play well, isn’t it ?

In the end, always play as you see fit !

The most expensive computer in the world


The most expensive computer in the world has found takers in the person of a wealthy Russian customer for. one million dollars.

“The computer at a million dollars” caught a stir when a completely unknown company, Luvaglio Laptop, unveiled this laptop in 2007. Besides, we don’t know much about The most expensive computer in the world, of which only one copy found takers in 2008 (a Russian buyer, said Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio, the founder and leader of Luvaglio). In 2010, the brand sold another for $ 750,000 to a client of the United Arab Emirates.


The device, made in noble materials (walnut brake, platinum, white gold, silver) combines “high technology” and “intelligent gadgets” as well as “functional precious stone buttons”, including a diamond start button. It also incorporates a 17-inch LED screen, a 128 GB hard drive and a Blu-ray player. Luvaglio still continues its range of computers, for prices ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 500,000, depending on the degree of personalization.

Luvaglio is not the only one on the niche of the billionaire computer. Tulip-e-go Diamond, whose shape is inspired by that of a handbag, costs $ 350,000 (around 315,000 euros). Its little brother, the Ego for Bentley, can acquire for $ 20,000 (almost 18,000 euros). Two computers manufactured by Ego Lifestyle, a Dutch company.

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Here is the most expensive pc in the world, try to guess its price

The English manufacturer dealer overclockers has just presented his latest computer and it is worth the price of more than 73 PlayStation 4 Pro ! Configuration level, it exceeds the manticore that we had presented to you last year. But what is inside this monster ?

An overpowered PC !

First of all, this computer is above all a demonstration of the manufacturer’s know-how, but it is quite possible to order it and those who can get their hands on it will have something to run all the latest games in 4K, but also the next to come. Now let’s move on to the configuration of the machine or rather of the dual machine, because it is made up of 2 computers in the same box.

The 8Pack Orionx has 2 Intel Core i7 processors. Core i7 6950x with 10 cores installed on a motherboard Asus x99 rampage v extreme edition 10 and the other core i7 7700 k on an Asus Rog Stix motherboard. They are accompanied by 64 gigabytes of RAM (RAM) Corsair Dominator Platinum of course in DDR4. The first system has 8 x 8 gigabytes and the second of 2 x 8 gigabytes.

In terms of storage space, there is something for gourmets. Indeed, it has 5 SSD discs which give it a rapid storage space of more than 4.2 teraoctets as well as 2 Seagate Barracuda hard drives of 10 teraoctets each, or 24.2 teraoctets. The whole is distributed between the two systems.

Where we wait for the Orionx, is on its graphic configuration. This computer does not have one, neither two, nor even three graphics cards, But four and it is a nvidia titan x Pascal quartet. Each of them has 12 gigabytes of memory dedicated to GDDR5. Besides, Nvidia had slowed down its sales by offering only 2 cards per customer, but the Orionx has 2 times more. Nevertheless, the first configuration has 3 and for the second in a single.

To cool this beast, 3 liquid cooling systems are installed to have an optimal temperature of the components.

The Little HIC is certainly its price, Since it is marketed at 24,999 pounds sterling, or around 29,520 euros.