How to send a phone back to Back Market?, Backmarket: Contact – Return and refund.

Backmarket: Contact – Return and refund

? Connect your smartphone to the terminal and let yourself be guided. ? The terminal examines your device and immediately offers you the best price. No personal data is recorded. ? You accept the offer (well, if you want) and receive a good purchase good to use in store directly.

How to send a phone back to Back Market ?

If you ordered a device on back market less than 30 days ago and want to return your product, log into your customer account and click “Get help” on the order in question. Then select “I want to cancel my order or retract” and let yourself be guided.

How to contact the Sav Back Market ?

To do this, connect to your back market account (if you have not already done so) and click on “get help” next to the corresponding command. You will then be directed to our online messaging platform where the seller will be delighted to chat with you.

How to send your iPhone to Back Market ?

Choose the prepaid sending kit: this kit will be sent to you within two days. You will only have to pack the product in the secure shipping kit. Do not choose the secure shipping kit: you will have to take a suitable package and think about paddling it so that your iPhone is not damaged during delivery.

How to return a product ?

The withdrawal must be served within 14 days after receipt of the order. The customer must share his decision in writing or by phone. The product must be returned within 14 days. The law stipulates that the return costs are borne by the buyer.

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How to have the return label ?

If your package contains a return voucher, follow the indications provided on it. Otherwise, go to the contact form made available to him to request a return label from the partner seller. The return costs are your responsibility, unless otherwise stated with the partner seller.

Where to find the return label ?

You download the return label from the sender’s online store and print it at home; Some original sender gives you the possibility of print the return label to the post office or post office where you return your package.

Is Back Market a reliable site ?

Can we trust Backmarket ? To put it simply, yes ! Backmarket selects its sellers by imposing significant specifications for them and offers high-tech products with quality new at a super attractive price. So you can go there without hesitation.

How is the recovery of a phone going ?

The principle is simple, it is possible to give a second life to your smartphone by taking advantage of this telephone recovery service. The operators collect the old phone and according to its condition and the model, they then decide to recycle it or put it back on the market of used phones.

How to send an email to Back Market ?

The following email address gives you the possibility of submitting all your criticisms and suggestions to Back Market customer service. : [Email Protected]. It is also possible for you to send your request in detailed form via the back market contact form.

How to cancel a sale on back market ?

Choose your order, click on “get help”, then click “Declare a new problem”, finally, click on “I want to cancel my order”, validate your cancellation request by clicking on the “Confirm the” ‘cancelation”.

How to get into the Black Market ?

The best tool for navigating anonymously and securing on the Darknet is the VPN. This software, very simple and quick to install and use, allows you to encrypt your data (to make it illegible to any external actor) and to change your IP address (so that yours is no longer visible).

How to return a package in relay point ?

  1. Select your brand. To make your feedback safely, select your brand by first checking the conditions of returns on their website.
  2. Complete the form. .
  3. Print the label. .
  4. Place your package in a relay point ®

How to make a return of a package ?

Find out the return address stipulated by customer service. 1 – La Poste: To return light products with La Poste: 1 – Free at home: Free your package online on the post office. 2 – Print the label: Print the carrier’s label.

Or make your phone ?

Where to recycle your old mobile phone ?

  • First solution: recycling your mobile on the Internet. .
  • Second solution: in your post office or in store. .
  • Third solution: donation and collection point. .
  • Some basic rules.

Where to get your phone back ?

If you want to resell your old mobile phone, you can do it on against cash. Selling your mobile phone on the Internet is easy thanks to Rebuy.Fr.

How does Back Market terminals work ?

? Connect your smartphone to the terminal and let yourself be guided. ? The terminal examines your device and immediately offers you the best price. No personal data is recorded. ? You accept the offer (well, if you want) and receive a good purchase good to use in store directly.

What are the best reconditioners Back Market ?

AlloCCaz is the reference mark of reconditioned mobiles of quality of REMARP Group, pioneer and European leader in the second mobile life. Resume and reconditioning expert, REMARD Group gives mobiles a second life thanks to innovative techniques and technologies.

What is the best condition on Back Market ?

The case may have slight micro-scratches, invisible at a distance of 20 inch (about the length of an arm) or more. For products with screen, the screen will not present any scratches. Technical state: very good.

Is it good to buy reconditioned ?

There are many advantages to buy a reconditioned mobile. More advantageous prices: Buying reconditioned allows you to find new phones at reduced prices while enjoying a warranty. Depending on the model chosen and its grade, it is possible to make in 20% and 70% saving.

Is it paying to send a package ?

Which must cover the return costs ? The law is also very strict: the return costs are borne by the customer. Also, in the event that a customer requests the return of the package for withdrawal, the shopping site is in no way obliged to offer a transport label.

How to return a package without a return label ?

Where to place your shipment ? The Chronopost network includes many proximity points in which you can return without printing or paste label before your package. The large hourly amplitude of Pickup relay, open on average 6 days a week, facilitates your package returns.

Return ?

Return ? The delivery slip: this is a document drawn up by the supplier and given to the customer indicating the quantity and nature of the goods received by it. The return voucher: this is a document established by the customer attesting to the return to the supplier of the goods.

Backmarket: Contact – Return and refund

Our telephone information service puts you in touch with the requested service. Our advisers are available by phone at the number below.

Phone number to be put in contact:

* The 118 707 is a telephone connection service independent of brands. Price conditions are available on and on www.number-118.Fr.

Back Market is a French electronic commerce company born in 2014. Its concept is based on the sale of electrical and electronic products refurbished.

The environmental cause increasingly growing, Back Market has imposed itself and becoming a very popular business. His shop is not Available only online, So here are the steps to follow to return your items.

The reimbursement procedure at Back Market

If your product does not suit you and you want to return it, this is possible. You have the right to change your mind and return your product according to the right of withdrawal imposing a 30 days After receiving your order. After that you will not be able to separate if you make the warranty work.

To be reimbursed, you have to direct go through the seller which reconditions the product. To do this, you have to go to online after -sales service, connect to your account and go to the “get help” tab. Then click on the command that poses you problem.

Backmarket customer account

You can either benefit:
– a full refund of your order. In the form of a transfer to your bank account.
-or partial refund, these are made on the website of the Back Market Customer Account.

It is then up to you to make the transfer to your account if you wish. To do this, you must not forget to inform your IBAN code that is found on the RIB of your bank account.
The transfers can put up to 72 hours worked to reach your account.
As soon as your product is received by the “reconditioner”, it has until 5 days To make a refund.

Backmarket assistance

What procedure to exchange your product back market?

If the product is defective and it must be exchanged, it must be declared to the seller as quickly as possible. In the 72h max after reception. To prove you must send a message and photos and/or videos in support.

THE steps of the procedure:

  • Sign into your account
  • Go to the “My Orders” tab and select the order concerned
  • Then direct yourself on the “get help” tab
  • Fill in your problem by checking the corresponding box
  • Write a message specifying your problem
  • In the “attach a file” tab select the photos proving that your product is defective

After receiving your message, Back Market undertakes to answer within 24 hours.
If your article corresponds to an exchange, the seller will send you a right of return explaining the rest of the procedure. If your product is no longer available on e-commerce, you will receive a total refund.
You can also Contact your merchant directly On the back market website.

Problem with the backmarket product

How to contact Back Market ?

Different means are available to reach them. First, you can go through the’Messaging interface Back Market. But you can also contact the sellers directly on the site so that they answer your questions (always through the “get help” button).