How to pay with your contactless mobile phone?, Pay with your phone: mobile payment applications

Pay with your phone: mobile payment applications

Mobile payment works thanks to NFC technology.

How to pay with your contactless mobile phone ?

Paylib is a bank card payment solution, in partnership with your bank. Whatever your French bank today, thanks to Paylib, you no longer need to enter your bank data for your transactions. So, how to pay with your contactless mobile phone, without a bank card, and with the Paylib service ?

Paylib: how to pay without contact

First of all, you should know that what allows you to pay with your mobile phone is the NFC functionality, contactless technology.

In fact, NFC (Near Field Communication) or CCP technology in French (communication in near fields) is a technology that allows two very close terminals to send data very quickly. In the case of Paylib, we use the NFC, for contactless mobile payment. So, to pay without contact, thanks to your mobile, you can use Paylib on your Android smartphone. In a few clicks and safely, you access the NFC and the advantages of Paylib.

Paylib: pay with your contactless mobile phone

To use contactless mobile payment, you must first activate Paylib in the mobile application of your bank.

After activating Paylib, thanks to this service which uses contactless payment technologies, you will be able to pay your purchases in all the shops with a very small busy and which accept contactless payments.

These mobile transactions are covered by protective measures similar to those of your usual contactless bank card. In addition, the mobile payment application, supplied by your bank, generally allows you to master the activation, on demand, of the NFC payment function of your phone, which limits the risk of use without your knowledge.

Paylib: NFC and Paylib to pay without contact

Above all, to adjust your purchases in the blink of an eye, make sure that your NFC feature is activated on your smartphone. You just have to unlock the screen of your smartphone, then approach the back of it near the payment terminal. If your purchase is greater than € 30, Paylib will ask you to validate the transaction by entering your security code or using your biometric footprint.

After a short time, you will hear a “beep” indicating the success of the payment and the merchant will give you a classic bank card ticket … it’s as simple as that ! Thanks to your mobile phone as contactless payment means, you will no longer buy the same way !

According to the latest data from January to May 2019, on transactions made thanks to Paylib, 53 % concerns amounts of less than 20 €.

If you too decide to opt for a simple and safe payment with your mobile phone and thanks to contactless technologies and services, and if you have any questions about the Paylib service, do not hesitate to contact our teams !

Pay with your phone: mobile payment applications

Today, the smartphone is used for multiple uses: call, take photos and videos, surf the internet, order online, and more and more: pay for your purchases without a bank card. How does mobile payment work ? What are the available applications ? And which bank to choose to be able to pay with your phone ? All the answers in this dedicated guide.

Apple Pay Google Pay Samsung Pay
Technology used NFC NFC NFC
Payment ceiling No ceiling No ceiling No ceiling
Benefits Large number of compatible banks
Usable with Apple Watch
Payment between possible individuals
High payment ceilings
Compatible with all types of payment terminal
Where to download it ? Apple Store Google Play Store Google Play Store
Galaxy Store

�� How does mobile payment work ?

Mobile payment works thanks to NFC technology.

NFC technology (for Near Field Communication, which can be translated by “near field communication”) designates a communication system between two terminals equipped with this technology, short -range, and contactless.

To operate, the NFC is based on two terminals, one “interrogator”, the other “transponder” which ensures the exchange of information. The two terminals can be two phones, a smartphone and a speaker or a smartphone and a payment terminal.

Good to know if Bluetooth technology allows an exchange of information between two smartphones for example, the two devices must first have paired. This is not the case with the NFC: no apparently is necessary to be able to exchange data between two compatible terminals.

�� How to pay by bank card with your phone ?

For pay by bank card with a phone It’s very simple: just Unlock your smartphone and approach it from the payment terminal. And that’s all.

Pay contact with no contact with your phone has several advantages compared to contactless payments with a credit card:

  • Smartphone more accessible than a credit card;
  • Always available payment;
  • Very secure mobile payment thanks to the compulsory unlocking of the smartphone;
  • Practicality of being able to take only to take your smartphone to make a contactless payment;
  • Carte Bleue is more easily lost than a smartphone;
  • No ceiling for mobile payments.

✔️ More and more banks offer mobile payment
✔️ Practitioner of transactions
✔️ Application safety
✔️ no ceiling (compared to payment by contactless card)

❌ Solution still marginal
❌ Still many concerns about data security on the user side
❌ strong competition from payment by contactless card

��‍ iPhone or Android: what are the applications to pay with your mobile ?

It exists Different applications to be able to make a smartphone payment. The app adapted to your needs will mainly depend on your phone model and your bank.

Google Pay or Samsung Pay for its Android ?

If you are equipped with an Android phone, you then have the possibility of Download the Google Pay app To make your purchases directly from your smartphone.

If you have a phone from the Samsung brand, a fairly recent and compatible model, you can instead of Google Pay Install the mobile payment application developed by Samsung: Samsung Pay (or Samsung wallet). On some samsung models, the application is preinstalled and you don’t even have to download it, or install it yourself.

Apple Pay, the application to pay with its iPhone

If you have an iPhone, The mobile payment application available for you from the Apple Store is called “Apple Pay” (or “Apple Wallet”), it was specifically designed to operate under the iOS system.

To use Apple Pay, it’s very simple, just:

  • Go to the application from your smartphone;
  • Click on “+” to add a card;
  • Scan the card to add;
  • Follow the instructions ;
  • Click on “Next” to validate the addition.

The PAYLIB application developed by banks

21 French banks have come together to develop their own mobile payment application: Paylib.

The application offers 3 main features:

  • Paylib with friends: thanks to Paylib, a simple phone number is enough to reimburse a loved one or a friend. The beneficiary is informed by SMS and receives the money directly on his bank account;
  • Group expenditure: you want to manage group expenditure ? The Paylib application allows you to create a group and declare everyone’s expenses;
  • Paylib in store: you want to pay for your shopping in stores with your smartphone ? Thanks to the Paylib application, it is possible, if you are a customer of one of the 21 partner banks paylib.

The Paylib application is only available if you are a customer of one of the 21 partner banks such as BNP Paribas, BRED, Savings Fund, Banque Populaire, Crédit Agricole, Monabanq, Société Générale or even Crédit Mutuel. Find the full list directly on the Paylib website

Good to know if you have an iPhone, you can use Paylib in the context of payment with friends but you will not be able to use mobile payment in contactless stores, given Apple’s policy in this area.

Garmin Pay: contactless payment from a connected watch

Garmin Pay is a contactless payment solution that allows you to set your purchases directly from your Garmin brand connected watch.

Banks compatible with the Garmin Pay payment solution are:

  • Advanzia;
  • Adyen;
  • Arkéa Private Banking;
  • Aumax for me;
  • BNP Paribas ;
  • Bungeorama Banque;
  • Crédit Mutuel (Arkéa, Brittany, Massif Central, Sud-Ouest);
  • Curve;
  • Fortunéo;
  • Genome;
  • Hello Bank! ;
  • Max;
  • Pcs;
  • Prepaid Financial Serivces LTD;
  • Revolut;
  • Wirecard Card Solutions Limited;
  • Wise;
  • Zero card.

Generally, Garmin Pay can be used in any store that accepts contactless payment; but also in several major public transport systems. This allows you to pay your journeys, directly with your Garmin connected watch, without credit card or smartphone.

Fitbit Pay: payment from a watch or a connected bracelet (E)

Fitbit has established itself as a reference mark in the world of Wearables, in particular with regard to connected watches and bracelets.

To provide additional service to its users, Fitbit has developed his own contactless payment solution: Fitbit Pay. Thanks to Fitbit Pay, owners of a bracelet or a Fitibit watch can pay their purchases directly from their connected object, without the need for a bank card, or even a smartphone.

�� Which banks to choose to pay with your mobile ?

You should know that all banks do not offer card payment via mobile phone, and all banks that offer payment by smartphone are not necessarily compatible with all mobile payment applications. here is our Top 6 best banks to pay without contact with your phone.

�� Learn more

�� Learn more

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�� FAQ on mobile payment applications

❌ It seems that another app is blocking access to Google Pay ?

When you try to install an application from the Google Play store and that an error message appears indicating that another application installed on your smartphone blocks Google Pay (a screen recording application for example), it You have to go to the settings of your phone in order to Disable the responsible application that is superimposed on Google Pay.

Go then in the settings of your smartphone, then in “Applications”> “Special Access” (or “Special Access of Apps”)> “In the foreground” (or “Superposition on other apps”)> ” Disable”.

�� Where can you pay with your mobile ?

You can use mobile payment In any store or trader equipped with a payment terminal that supports “contactless”.

�� Do we need wifi to make a mobile payment ?

No, it is not necessary to have a wifi network to pay by phone. WiFi is a wireless connection that allows you to connect a device (smartphone, computer) to the Internet. A payment with phone works thanks to NFC technology, a kind of improved Bluetooth which allows two very close terminals to exchange data between them, such as your smartphone and a payment terminal for example.

�� Is there additional costs by paying with his laptop ?

Absolutely not. Contactless mobile payment using your smartphone does not generate any additional costs, In accordance with all banks that offer this payment method.

�� In the event of theft or loss of your smartphone, what if my bank card is on my phone ?

The mobile payment system is generally completely secure: a payment can only be made to unlock the phone.

If however you are flying your smartphone (or you lose it), It is better to take certain precautions In order to avoid unpleasant surprises:

  • Contact your mobile operator and have your line block;
  • Inform your bank of the flight or loss of your smartphone, the advisor can deactivate the remote contactless payment application;
  • In the event of a flight: file a complaint at the nearest police station.

�� How to pay without credit card ?

If you want to pay your purchases without credit card or credit card, Opt for payment by contactless smartphone : All you need to do is add your credit card directly to your phone (if your bank is compatible with mobile payment), and you can then pay your purchases in store directly thanks to your phone.

�� Can I remove money with my smartphone ?

Yes, you can completely remove money from a ticket distributor (DAB) thanks to your smartphone.

To do this, simply go to the mobile application of your bank, to enter the amount you need by following the application instructions. Once the amount is accused, you receive an SMS code to be informed of the DAB to withdraw the sum in question.

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Start using Google Pay today

You don’t need to add money on Google Pay to pay. Just add a payment method such as a credit card. Use Google Pay in the same way as your card.

Where to use Google Pay
Where can I use Google Pay ?

You can use Google Pay in an increasing number of stores, applications and websites. Here’s how to know if Google Pay is accepted.

In shops
You don’t need to see the Google Pay logo to use this store functionality. If the store accepts contactless payment, you can pay with your phone. You can also search for one of the following symbols:

In applications and on websites
You can pay with Google Pay as soon as you see these logos.

Is this feature available in my country ?
Discover in which Google Pay countries is available

How to use Google Pay ?

  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. Hold your phone’s back against the terminal for a few seconds.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Pay in applications and on websites

  1. During the payment, click on the “Google Pay” button. If you are invited, select a payment method and enter your delivery address.
  2. Confirm your order.